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July 09, 2012

Things That Are Hot, Part I

I know it's wrong. I know it is. I know he's betraying Natalie. So that's my disclaimer.

But this?


Sam and John. Are. Hot.


Just hot. I can't help it.

You know what else is hot?


Disheveled, grieving, lying, lashing-out, in-denial Patrick Drake. Aiding in the hotness is Jason Thompson and his whole ridiculous talent thing which has officially gotten me preoccupied by a fantasy about devoting the rest of my playwriting career to writing roles just for him. Forever.


Is it not adorable that the more upset he gets, the more Canadian he sounds? Absurdly adorable.

Also hot?



Anna actually out in the field trying to solve crimes and doing some police commissioner-ing.

Not hot? Wondering why the police dogs had such a strong reaction to a shack in the middle of the woods, and then just accepting an officer's shrug-off that maybe transients stay there. That's total Mac Scorpio police work there, Devane! Don't be a Mac Scorpio!


Shh Louise don't worry about Nat.. She's actually searching for UnDead Jared who was being held by Mitch.. She really couldn't care less about who the McDouche is kissing.

Ooooh, I like that world. I'll take it! Jared/Natalie FOREVAH!

Sam and John are scorching, like, I'm searing from the 3rd degree burns coming through my tv! And Jason Thompson rules so hard. Gawd, the meth makes him FEEL better Lulu! Give him a break, he would never let Emma get it. I'm always on his side. And Anna was KILLING me today. That's just not like her, and really how the hell do you not hear the screaming and how come Luke didn't throw his chair/self on the floor and make waayyyy more racket? *sigh* Anyway, the show's been great lately so I won't complain too much.

Yes, Natalie is investigating the remains of Mitch's cult for undead Jared. With the help of Schuyler, who she got sprung from prison if he used his position as Mitch's son to help her infiltrate. #showinmyhead

John's a douche. I'm sorry, but this is his same pattern. Kissing one woman (Marty, Nat, Sam) while with another (Blair, Marty, Nat).

Jared and Natalie? Squeal! I hated that the show killed off not only Nash, but Jared in order to go with John/Natalie and eventually Jessica/deadrapistFord. Grrrr.

I am hoping that Patrick and Maxie end up getting really cozy and do the wild thing because their both miserable about Robin being dead. We find out that AZ was the one that killed Lisa and framed Matt, Robin escapes her kidnappers to come home just as Maxie takes a pregnancy test that shows positive. Go ahead, Ron, I dare you to write this story and bring back JC as Dr. Matt Hunter.

John is a big old fat cheater. He's always looking for his next girlfriend while holding onto the current one.

Sam was so fishing to see if John was about to dump Natalie and Liam to be with her.

I was irked beyond belief at the Patrick scenes. Even though he has a drug problem, I was so on his side simply because Lulu was involved. It irked me beyond belief that smug bitch Lulu was in his face trying to act like she was head bitch in charge. Because all while she was in Patty's face, I kept thinking to myself, 'has she even been around him before this one time at any time in 2012'. And all I can think of is 'where is it her place' because she's not his friend, she's not a close family friend, and she doesn't know anything about Patty or Patty/Robin relationship to try to have her version of an intervention. And yes, I know that Maxie asked her for help and in turn she was supposed to advise Maxie to talk to Anna or Mac. You know people that actually care about Patrick's well being, not someone that has nothing to do because Dante is out of town.

You know I didn't even care that Anna didn't check the shed. Yes, I knew it was like weird because anyone would, but a tied up gagged Luke is a alright with me. And if he's gagged for a few more days left on his own, even better.

I'm in the minority because I didn't think the John and Sam kiss or interaction was hot. What I was laughing at is how what Ladybug mentioned. Sam blatantly fishing for some confirmation that the kiss wasn't pointless. I also was laughing at how she tried to blame the kiss on being drunk when she is displaying no signs at all that alcohol has affected her. I did find it funny how she was that deep up in what John was going to do in concern with his relationship with Natalie but not one time did she bring up what she was going to do in terms of her relationship with Jason.

I love the 1999 mention of Elizabeth finding Jason in the snow. Reminding viewers of how far back their friendship goes. I like their talk on the bridge and the understanding they have with each other. I missed this aspect of their friendship that I was cheated out of when before they had them interacting with each other once every blue moon becaue for whatever reason, the PTB wanted to keep them apart.

I rolled my eyes on Todd threatening Johnny. I really did. Especially when he tried to give examples of how badass he was because all I could think about is...if he takes out Johnny, do we then have to look at him blubbering like a blithering idiot to Carly because of his guilt like he's doing with Sam. Because the way he's reacting with his 'guilt' with Sam just really makes me not even take him seriously with him threatening Johnny.

I so did not want to do this, but I do have to say this and I thought I wouldn't say this but....Starr and Mikey is kind of cute to me.

Sam and John are not hot, IMHO. They are a couple of cheaters. She is less awful because she's grieving and confused. But John...just ick, yuck, hate. Hey douchebag, remember Natalie, the woman you supposedly love and are committed to, and your beautiful little son Liam, who you love and you wept when you found out he was your son? Out of sight, out of mind I guess. He always, always does this going years back and it's gotten old. He is only attracted to damsels in distress, and as soon as they are stronger and not in danger, he loses interest. Always. He is too damn old to be this conflicted. It's time to grow up and man up.
Jason Thompson is a brilliant actor, and so cute. Just love him.
I dont give a rip about Luke anymore, I just dont. I used to love him, look forward to his scenes, but no more. There is no earthly reason that any sane woman would fight over him, not a one. Tracy deserves better,and has been reduced to sad and pathetic over him. Anna should be able to do better also.
I am liking the easy chemistry of Starr and Michael. She's much better when she's not hysterical. I like the way he looks at her. This might work!

I thought it was a great show. Didn't FF once. No Sonny. A muzzled Luke. Starr and Michael--so cute together. Could be the 1st time I didn't hate this Michael.

I used to be a Liz/Jason fan, but I want her to find new love. We all know Jason & Sam and "dead" baby will one day be reunited, and Liz deserves better. WAY better.

And I thought Lulu was fine--Maxie asked her there. But is Patrick's addiction over? Too easy, so can't be. And boy Jason Thompson continues to impress.

MCbam are not hot. They are lifeless and dull. Like watching paint dry.

Michael and Starr are being written like 13 yr olds instead of adults. Molly and TJ have more appeal

GH is ff material still

Aren't Sam and Jason basically broken up?

On one hand, I will admit even as a Jolie fan i think John and Sam are simply hot. Now get her away from Jason! He can wallow in his misery with equally annoying Elizabeth. A girl can dream right?

But... As Nancy said : "But John...just ick, yuck, hate. Hey douchebag, remember Natalie, the woman you supposedly love and are committed to, and your beautiful little son Liam, who you love and you wept when you found out he was your son? Out of sight, out of mind I guess." I am upset that they did this to Jolie after they kept us waiting through all that nonsense. Although thinking Nathalie finding Jared helps :-)

I am an old school L&L2 and Robin/Jason fan and never shipped either Jasam or Liason. I have never been a great Sam fan, and during the brief time I watched OLTL, John did not impress. But I found the McBam kiss superhot. Regardless of their previous storyline and what I might think of cheating (in my book, it's a soap, and cheating is bread and butter, but JMO), the actors have some serious chemistry.

Sorry, one more thing. Everything Lulu said to Patrick was the absolute truth. If Maxie was incapable of protecting Emma, then bravo to Lulu for doing it, no matter whether she's Patrick's close friend or not. Robin would have been cheering her on. And Robin was a close Spencer family friend -- Luke helped Stone back in the day. And I agree about JMB's acting in that scene, and of course JT superb as usual. Really good scene.

I miss Lucky :-(

I think McBam had waaaay more chemistry in that 5 minute exchange than I've seen in the whole relationship between Jason and Sam...ever. I don't understand for the life of me why people are STILL rooting for JaSam. They have run their course and are a total snoozefest. I think KM has way more onscreen chemistry with ME. I agree the cheating thing on McBain's part isn't exactly endearing, but let's face it this is a soap and they aren't bringing Natalie or some version of her on. I also think Jason actually is softer and SB does better work when he's on with Liz--though I want Liz to move on from Jason and find a new man! And of course, JT fantastic as usual. I also agree it was good that Lulu stepped in with Maxie, friend of Patty's or not! Someone's got to do it and Lulu had the strength and the DISTANCE since she isn't so emotionally tied to Patty to give it to him straight. Though we all know this isn't the end of the addiction! All in all, I am in agreement with others--no Sonny and a gagged Luke made for a good ep! LoL Also, must say, the chemistry between Starr and Mike is cute.

My General Hospital watching has been sporadic over the years but is that the same actor still playing Patrick? I ask because he looks like he had plastic surgery or too much Botox/fillers. It is distracting even though I think he is a phenomenal actor.

Love and always will love JT.
Please bring back Kirsten Storms.

They are HOT. I totally get why people don't agree - I stopped watching OLTL a long time ago, pre-Natalie, so I have no attachment to her character And I have never liked Jason and Sam together, or even Sam alone for that matter. But John and Sam? I really like it, even though it disturbs me how MUCH I like it since it's undoubtedly cheating. I don't care. I know it's not the endgame (Jasam forever, bleh), but I'm enjoying this while it lasts.

For the record, I'm also enjoying Michael and Starr. I think they're adorable.

I really HATE Patrick like this. He is a jerk and it is not the Patrick that I like and know. I know that he is grieving and hurting but there are better ways to show that to the audience than through a drug addiction storyline. I agree with some of the others Maxie should have gotten help from Anna or Mac or someone that loves and cares about Patrick and not LuLu. I know that Maxie and LuLu are friends but come on! What does LuLu really have to do with the Drakes?

Caleb and Livvie 4ever... Errr... I mean I agree Sam and John are HOT! :-)

Okay if Nat has undead Jared, and Jess gets Nash (I prefer to think she's got Nash's corpse: best.prop.ever.) then I need to make something clear to Sam right now: when John moves on she cannot have Brody, he's my (imaginary) bf! I will cut you, Sam! I think there's several half dressed Fords about Llanview that Sam can partake of when she's lonely. (As long as they do not appear in PC, I'd keep her with Jason rather than have the waters of PC thus polluted.)

Kermit...i was thinking the same thing about Lulu! Had she ever spoken to him before, ever? And she is there ms holier than thou? Huh? Ok, i guess they were all in the Markum islands together, but I honestly don't think they spoke to each other once. Ugh! But JT once again is kicking it out of the park. I now watch GH for Patrick, Todd, Heather, Anna and somehow Johnny has drawn me in. Thank goodness these characters are getting airtime!

Lisbeth, that's what was so glaring when it came to the Patrick scenes because throughout the whole thing, I kept wondering when was the last time Lulu even said two words to Patrick and came up a complete blank. And it was that which made her come off so abrasive to come into his house whether Maxie asked her or not to question him the way that she did. That's nice that Lulu knows about addiction even though I don't really remember her taking a huge hand in Lucky nor Luke's addiction but so does Elizabeth when it comes to Lucky's addiction and she actually knows Patrick. And yes, I know that Maxie doesn't like Elizabeth, but if they want to show growth with Maxie (which I think the whole point of this Patrick addiction is), it would have been better if they had showed Maxie getting over her dislike for Elizabeth and getting her involved with this or like I said earlier Anna or Mac. Someone on another website mentioned Epiphany and I would have been fine with that because the common denominator between Elizabeth, Piph, Mac, and Anna is that they know Patricck and know what Robin meant to him. But trying to show Lulu giving him 'tough love' was laughable with the key word being love which Lulu doesn't have for Patrick because she doesn't know him or anything about him.

Don't worry y'all- this is General Hospital. I'm sure there will be a scene where we find out that Natalie cheated on John and he's just trying to find comfort because of it.

Blech. Yes, run to Jared, Natalie. RUN.

Sorry, I don't give a rip about any of this except for Patrick. He's killing me. I get a little exhausted watching him but JT is so good, I have to watch.

JT is smokin hot & in NO way looks like he's had any plastic surgery - huh???? His face is scrunched up & he's crying.....and he still is beautiful. I would watch him sitting down reading the phone book.
Also, Sam & John have sizzling chemistry.

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