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August 27, 2012

How Happy Is This Girl??


I am the busiest person in the world at the moment and can't write the fourteen-paragraph festival of glee that I'd like to write right now, but I couldn't not stop by and mention this. Because today, General Hospital gave me a gift I've been waiting for for decades. Plural. It's big. 

Swiss Doctor Lady: I'm sorry. It must have been difficult for you, seeing Miss Devane struggle like that. I know how much you care for her.


Which is already great because you know at that moment every unspoiled viewer dug into their memory banks and thought of several possibilities. But even though I have wished for this, I did not see it coming.

(I'm putting the next screencap after the jump, just in case anyone who's just browsing hasn't seen the episode yet.)



Duke! Duke Lavery! The great love of Anna's life! A major reason I got hooked on this show to begin with! I may have mentioned once or twice in passing that I'm, you know, mildly fond of this character and his pairing with Anna. You know, just a little. No biggie.

I am flipping right the fuck out, y'all.


HOLY FUCKING CRAP BATMAN! I did not see THAT coming at all.

I totally didn't see it coming either! Even when the doctor said the line about "seeing Anna struggle like that," I thought it would still end up being Faison.

Now I just hope that all the recent references to Alan Quartermaine mean he'll turn out to be another unwilling patient at the clinic...

Didn't see it coming, didn't hear about it, would have never thought it...being unspoiled is AWESOME!

I'm with Dawn. Didn't see that coming at all! How the heck did they keep that a secret. Welcome back GH! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. I'm really enjoying GH these days.(And if they bring Alan back as a non-ghost, I'll squeal!)

I am spoiled and I still didn't see this coming!! Unless I am looking in all the wrong places, I did not hear a peep about this! Good on GH for keeping a lid on Duke coming back!

I have no history with Duke, but I'm all for Anna having a big story and the romantic relationship with Luke falling by the wayside. So welcome aboard, Duke!

Some semi-spoilerly insight from EP FV here:


Once I noticed Frau looking up, I knew it couldn't be Faison because he's not that tall. Having processed this, I'm wondering if someone is forcing Duke into cooperating.

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! DUKE! Granted I have always been a Robert/Anna fan, I will happily take Duke back if it gets the abomination of a Anna/Luke hookup off my screen!

Love, love, loved me some Anna and Duke back in the day. Uh Luke, see ya. I have not watched in 3.5 years. I returned today after seeing the promos and I was all kinds of excited. Jerry, Jax, John and Jason--all kinds of hotness; Patrick to the rescue; and Elizabeth and Ewen--really great scenes. WOW, as someone said, welcome back GH. Absolutely loved it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Duke's alive? So this means that Robert and Katherine's wedding was cancelled for no reason?

Bravo GH for keeping it a surprise - it's so hard to do these days. And in reading all the guesses of who the mystery person was, someone mentioned that they were only together for just under three years but what an impact they made. Does this mean that Robert and Holly now live happily ever after?

I had wondered after he was dropped from DAYS if he'd come back. Now, if we can just get Laura back...

Sue B, I would love NOTHING more than to see a Duke/Anna and Robert/Holly reunion. I'd be in soap heaven!!

I missed the Duke years (watched before and after) and I am a HUGE Robert/Anna fan, so I'm a bit disappointed. But if it gets Anna away from Luke, I'm all for it. I have never really liked Luke, but his pairing with Tracy is always good for a few laughs--so I'd prefer he go back to her.

Liz & Alexis were awesome in their scenes. But my pic of the day--Jax. Please bring him back full time.

I'm not even going to comment on the show because it is so nice to see almost everyone (I say almost because you don't have Monica and Edward) but still almost everyone is getting a reaction, a scene, something with the way that GH is being written now. I'm also happy that I can actually see Elizabeth on my screen more than once every two weeks and she's doing something besides being behind the nurse's hub. Only question I have is how did John, Jason, and Jax find Jerry, but I will just go with they tracked him through his GPS on his phone and say that I'm happy that it's three different walks of life taking down Jerry (a cop, a mob enforcer, a brother who tries to be a knight in shining armor) instead of just one.

What I'm wondering is if anyone else is seeing that the longer Sam lives with Alexis, the lower Alexis's tops keep getting. I'm starting to wonder if Alexis is borrowing Sam's tops because she bent over today and I thought those puppies were going to run free out of that top.

Certainly didn't see THAT coming. This definitely makes up for the underwhelming Jerry reveal, and makes (soap) sense to boot.

Yes, Alexis is letting the girls out for a little fun! I noticed a spark between Alexis and John before Sam walked into the room. Here's hoping that Alexis gets her freak on and ride old John the way that Sam rode step-daddy Ric.

We had four, count them four, hot and sexy men all in one room. The Four J's - Jerry, Jason, Jax and John)!

As for Monica, LC tweeted that she would be back on screen real soon.

Am I the only one that kept wishing Alan was alive based on Tracy's comments?

Joe Jr and Tracy have all kinds of chemistry!

Luke is nasty (the drunken sleaze killed a four year old!) and talked about it being liberating to Lucky last year. Anna deserves better than to be stuck with this clown.

Robert is the great love of Anna's life. Congrats to the Duke/Anna fans, though.

I gotta say I never once bought Robert/Anna as this major love story for the ages. But hey, every couple has their fans and I know that one has plenty! But I've definitely always maintained that Duke was her great love. And Holly was Robert's great love. So I admit I'm thrilled that they're going to give Anna's original big love story another chance.

AND that it gives Luke some competition because, as many of you have mentioned, just NO.

Just when I thought I was out.... they pull me back in. That was the soapiest of soapy soap moments on a soap that I've seen in a while. Never saw it coming.

Hi thank you for the theme, I have installed it on my WordPress, but it doesnt show in my site, its too heavy for site or I dont know whats the problem.

Do you think Duke could be Sam's dad?

I too see Duke as Anna's great love, and only got BFF vibes with Robert, and she may have only been with Duke for three years but she was with Robert on screen for barely one, and when she had a choice between them she chose Duke. So happy to IB back, he nailed that scene bringing Duke alive in mere seconds.

Here's to more great soapy moments like this for GH in the immediate future.

Ladybug..I said the ALL same things!!!

Alexis and John had them a moment there before Sam strutted into the room and the girls ARE running free!!! Go Alexis. I think her swiping John from Sam would be great payback for the Sam/Ric summer of sleaze.

Joe Jr and Tracey did have chemistry and made him seem so much better. That's all JE's doing.

All the J's rocked but stilll...JAX!!!!!

Louise, I started watching GH (soaps, period) because of Anna and Duke. I always liked your posts (even read them when I didn't watch the shows), but I was delighted in a whole new way when you first posted about your love of old-school Anna and Duke! Like you, I always wistfully hoped, but never believed that this would actually happen. Wow!

What I loved about Anna and Duke was ROBIN was crazy about him too and he her. And I agree, Duke was Anna's great love, not Robert. She may have a child with Robert but Duke was the "one".

DUKE!!! Love Duke. I agree with the others that Duke was Anna's great love while Holly was Robert's true love. Yea for FV & RC!!

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