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September 30, 2012

Overheard In Port Charles

This is something that Dante, a police officer, said to his younger brother who spent time behind bars incarcerated for a crime he had absolutely no involvement with because he is pure and just and a citizen who abides all laws completely and respectfully. Oh, really? That's not how it happened? So explain to me why, exactly, anyone would say this:

Dante: Michael. Michael, you got to be careful, man. Trey is exactly the kind of weasel who will press charges against you. And with your record, you cannot afford that.

Please insert one of my thousand--that's probably understating things substantially, actually. It is probably more like million, because of this show's habit of repeating itself constantly and my own habit of obsessively criticizing the show for its own repetition--rants about the good people of Port Charles and their bizarre willingness to look at the crimes of Sonny and his nearest and dearest and write them off with, like, a commendation because people are just so damn hard on them! Someone might press charges against Michael for being violent when he should know better on just an ethical level and also an "I don't want to go back to jail" level? What a jerk that person would be! I'm so glad that Dante the police detective is willing to take a stand against such awfulness.

I'm going to go to my happy place, which is watching Kelly Sullivan and a can of whipped cream redefine the word "camp".

I wish the above section didn't read quite as pervily as it does...



My two condolences over what Dante said were imo, he said the first "Michael" in a disappointed tone and the second was that he went into Sonny's office to make sure nothing untoward was going on (imo). And to be fair to him, he has no reason to think Trey isn't extremely shady. That said, he should have absolutely said "stop beating people up you freaking idiot."

Surprisingly my own happy place consisted of the Max and Milo scenes, which is pretty much the first time that has happened, ever. (well, besides Milo carrying Emily up the stairs for Sonny.)

Emily and Sonny were, gross. Blech.

I choose to think it's more like "Michael you thick headed dummy. Michael you have to be careful (about beating people up) because Trey is one of the people who is not on the Sonny/Michael/Jason/Carly fanwagon, and as such may (weasily) press charges against you for breaking parole you dimwitted lug. I'd better go in there to make sure my dear old dad isn't getting into any trouble".

Oh the CAMP! Whipped cream FTW. I adore Kelly Sullivan's brand of crazy even if I still think of Megan Ward as KATE :)

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