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October 04, 2012

Capital D Drama

If Sonny Corinthos had even the most minimal amount of sense--I know, I know, those are probably the most ridiculous words I have ever typed. The braying laughter you're doing is a little much, though--he probably would have given up on the institution of marriage sometime in the late 90s because it has never once worked out for him; in fact, it's usually gone horrendously for reasons such as "car bomb" and he has no soul". But the man must be a romantic (or a narcissist--I mean, come on, a huge party thrown in his honor every year or so that involves a woman asserting how lucky she is that he loves her?) at heart, because he just keeps trying.

And failing.

His latest attempt at everlasting ("everuntilthenextsweepsperiod-ing" just doesn't have the same ring to it, so go with it) love, this time with Kate, who is actually Connie, which is blatantly obvious to anyone with a handful of observational skills, was endlessly dramatic.

There was the drama of Connie revealing in her thick, sort of Brooklyn/sort of Shakespearean accent that she can't marry Sonny because she's married to Johnny, because of blackmail and implausibility and she got a couple of really good digs in about Sonny being a monster and a bully, which is something I always like to hear, even though she did get these digs in at the highest of volumes with uncomfortable facial contortions.

There was also the drama of Kristina being kidnapped and nearly murdered; the most dramatic part of this spectacle was me clasping my hands and saying, "Please, please, please, just kill her". I know--it's a horrible thing to say and how hypocritical am I that I spent so many years railing against General Hospital for wantonly killing characters and now I'm begging for Kristina to be killed off, and so on and so forth, but imagine how amazing Nancy Lee Grahn's Emmy reel would be! That and the dramatic increase in my secondhand embarrassment would be worth it for me.

That spiraled into the drama of a wounded Joe Jr. asking Tracy for help and, somehow, radiating charm despite a character history that can be summed up as sleazy, at best, and absolutely loathsome at worst. How can that be? Is it because Jane Elliot is magic?!

Then there was the drama and the almost suffocating heavy-handedness of Starr and Todd's conversation about honesty and betrayal.

But most haunting was the drama of Carly's dress.


I...I understand that fashion ineptitude and wretched taste is one of Carly's defining traits, but this was just ill-fitting and flammable looking. I barely paid attention to her scenes with Johnny because I couldn't hear any of their words over the sound of of Laura Wright saying, by blinking in Morse Code, "I'm fit and hot, so how did they manage to find the one dress that doesn't fit me? Please send help".

Check back this weekend for a full recap of Sonny's misery! I will do my best to be diplomatic and not end every sentence with a celebratory exclamation point.


In all seriousness (well, when talking about this show), if Sonny were a character I cared about I'd be mad at his lack of POV. We should have gotten an explanation from him about why he feels the need/feels ready to get married again. I mean he was divorced from Brenda (the love of his life) a year ago. Even for a soap, that is not that long.

Jane Elliot is indeed magic. (I actually don't enjoy Joe, but she's still magic.)

Carly did decide to go at the last minute and it's to a wedding for Sonny.. so maybe this was intentional?

Truth be told, I preferred this dress to the black one with the silver sequins & the non flesh tone inset.

Tomorrow oughtta be fun, Carly's going to vent her spleen on Todd.

Basically I think Carly is reverting back to her original form with this dress, brava sista lol.


I beg you, please, please, please! End every sentence with a celebratory exclamation point!!

If I can't have my dream of Sonny being killed or sent to jail, seeing him lose, be pathetic, etc., etc. is a nice consololation prize.

Someone on another board said that Kristina's attempt at trying shake in fear looked more like her being antsy in a way that indicated she had to go pee-pee, is more apt and oh so hilarious. Now, I can never get THAT image out of my mind, with those legs and knees "dancing." The actress is so awful.

I just can't with the current storylines.

As much as I was frothing over what seems to look like Duke being behind Robin's kidnapping, I want to see him and Anna on my screen and not the little moobster and all his lemmings.

But that's just me.

NO DIPLOMACY REQUIRED! Love, love your snarky remarks...keep them coming, especially when they're about Sonny. I happen to irrationally hate him.

I want to enjoy the snark, but I find I just can't hate him here. I thought his scenes yesterday with Alexis were very good. I blame Nancy Lee Grahn. . .she makes everything better. Sadly her mysterious power seems ineffective against the horribleness which is her middle child. sigh.

I blame Jane Elliot for my temporary liking of that scum, Joe Jr too. What is it with these ladies. Everything and everybody is better when in scenes with them. Robin had it too. They elevate the play.

Carly's dress was awful to the point of distraction! I could barely pay attention to anything else going on in the scene and I like Carly/Todd scenes!

Thank GOD someone else pointed out the horrificness of that dress! (I know that isn't a word, but it was bad enough to make one up). As someone who actually got married in the 80's, though the last year of it, this is EXACTLY the color and ill-fitting style of dress you'd foist on your best friends to wear as a bridesmaid. The pleated waistline just made Carly look like she was fat, and Laura Wright is NOT FAT.

Just seven kinds of ugly. Just no.

I am with scorpiosfan. I found this week painful and I watched only some bits here and there. Another Sonny wedding? Ugh! More hysterical Kristina? I can't do it anymore. i just don't care one wit about Sonny, his past, bensonhurst, his enemies, his girlfriends on and on and... PLEASE bring on Duke! Give us more Todd! Have Anna be a front burning character. Fingers crossed this will be the week for something of interest to watch.

I checked back this past weekend and there was no recap... Le Sigh.

LOL! I KNEW you were going to mention Carly's awful dress. I had to keep rewinding, b/c I had a hard time believing the horror of that dress.

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