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October 01, 2012

Happy Freakin' October!

Y'all. Y'all. I cannot even deal. I mean I'd love to take some serious time and talk about how absolutely perfect Kelly Sullivan was in just her first 20 seconds on screen today (can we make Connie 50% less nymphomaniac and then just keep her and drop Kate completely???) or how cool it was that Elizabeth 'fessed up to part of her machinations (and perhaps more tomorrow?) and how great Rebecca Herbst was in those scenes or about how Ellie is, like, my new favorite fictional character ever because she calls Spinelli by his first name and requested that he actually does the same for her -- you know, like a regular human being! These things are awesome. But I can't think about these things. I don't care about these things. I only care about one thing anymore.




Oh my lordie. So hot, that kiss! The slow burn into it, that music, everything. I need a fan. I've taken to using one of those smushed-couple-names thingies and I never, ever, ever do that. I am done for.

Seriously. This is all I care about. 

Well, okay. This and baseball.


Don't forget T&B

mcBAM pretty much says it, doesn't it?

Aww, I can never forget about Blair and Todd! Just reacting to what's currently on my screen and what's on my screen is CRAZY HOT.

No comment on the hosing off-screen Natalie is getting or how John hooking up with Sam is just the latest example of his pattern (Marty when with Blair, Natalie when with Marty, Sam when with Natalie, etc.)?

really? I actually think it looks uber awkward. & why do they only kiss when they drink. I really dislike john mccain

My friends and I have decided that the dude Natalie "met" is some guy with Jared's soul (ala Al/Michael), and he was always so head over heels for Nat anyway and much better for her. Go Natalie!

Meh. John is and always will be a big old fat douche.

What the heck is up with RC steam rolling all over Liz/RH just because Jason/SBu is leaving the show? I read RC's tweets late last week and wondered if the man had DID!

Louise, I caught on fire watching that kiss. Daaaaamn.

As for Natalie, continuing to keep him away from Liam is spiteful, but I'll buy the contrivance to keep McBain in Port Charles until he can build a more permanent reason to stay. And at least she got to be the one calling the shots at the end and is getting a Happily Ever After off screen.

I like Sam and McBain. They have chemistry to spare. Sam has never had chemistry in any of her previous pairings and I never liked McBain with anyone other than Evangeline Williamson. I'm all for Sam and McBain.

Rebecca Herbst nailed her scenes today where Liz's guilt overwhelmed and she confessed the truth to Jason. I love Ms. Herbst and hope she gets to drive story and show off her talent. I'll scream if Jason gets all high & mighty with her about the deception. Granted, if she altered the DNA results of Sam's baby, she'd deserve it but I just can't get into the idea that only because Sam's baby is alive, Jason and Sam's marriage has a leg to stand on. Jason abandoned his pregnant wife after she was raped by his enemy and Sam turned to another man every step of the way. JaSam was over a week into their marriage!

I am in complete agreement wih you Louise on loving Ellie. She's the best new character in forever and makes Damian tolerable. So far, she's a joy. If only Nerdy Nurse and Bitchy Doctor had been introduced similarly they might be acceptable.

What really worries me is that McBain always has to save the damsel in distress & the way they're writing Liz now is making me nervous. I want to see Liz around other men that are actually not tied down to someone else. Or even better, healing a broken heart.

I agree with C....John is a selfish douche who always, always looks for someone else when he's got a woman who's crazy about him. I used to like him, but no more. I've had enough of him and his rescue fantasy psychosis, rather than being happy with one, strong, mentally stable woman. He cannot handle a mature committed relationship.
I agree about Ellie. She is cute, smart and refreshing. Much better for Damian than another tiresome round of Spikskie.
Dont know what to think about the writing of Liz....where are we going here?

I fangirled myself into a headache over that kiss. Much squealing and flailing...

The thing is if you didn't watch OLTL (I didn't) you have no reason to dislike John. I think he's interesting and does have great chem with Sam. I also thought he had great presence with Anna.

Starr has grown on me. BUT, I am concerned about Blair coming to town again. I know all you OLTL fans must be happy, but I would rather see my GH faves on the screen.

I totally agree with you, Lucy.
I really don't care about what John did when he was on OLTL because I've never watched that show so, from what I've seen of McBain on GH, I really like him. I can't get upset over something that happened on another soap but I'm sure if I was a OLTL viewer I would feel different.

That kiss was HOT. Hope to see more of them today.

But would you rather see your GH faves interacting with a new, unformed and unconnected character, or with someone who has a distinct personality and voice, with connections to those already on canvas.

Blair for example, is not only Starr's mom, she is also Todd's One true, John's ex, and Skye Quartermaine's nemesis. Could be interesting.

I'd love it if Natalie was with Jared, either undead or souled up in some new guy.

But I suspect (and there's rumors floating around to this effect) that there's some shenanigans afoot with this letter...

Also, she is about to marry a man who looks suspiciously a lot like Skye's old hubby and Sonny's old nemesis - one Alcazar!!!! Seriously, can anyone see the possibilities???

But Bethie, we non OLTL watchers don't have that background. And I don't see how Blair's arrival in town gives more screen time to Patrick, Anna or Elizabeth, 2 GHer's I want to see more, not less of.

I am willing to wait and see, but I really don't want to see a lot more Llandview residents showing up on my TV screen.

Ok, ok, how about this one? Natty is really in a relationship with Jared's corpse ala Nash's corpse aka THE BEST SOAP PROP EVER. F**k it: seriously the best any show prop ever! Even my husband still brings that up. Could we get some scenes (maybe just for the internet) of Natty and Corpse on the London Eye? Or doing that whole Abbey Road thing?

Maybe I love Natty too much to see her fall prey to what obvs would imply Mitch Lawrence shenanigans, but it sure would be funny.

Also a little concerned re: my favorite GH character Elizabeth. Becky Herbst has said she likes where her character is going, so I'll try to trust for a little while...

Given how little screen time each of Blair's previous visits ate up for her character, I'm hardly concerned about her stealing anything away from any of the GH regulars. The show's already more balanced now than it has been in years, and with SBU -- still the one with highest episode count thus far this year -- on his way out, that should open up even more time for other characters to shine.

There's more than enough to go around.

All I can focus on is how Steve is STILL too stupid to live.

I agree with Callie - I did not know John from OLTL, so I don't care about Natalie....I just know he has chemistry with Sam. I'm all for the OLTL'ers who've come over so far.....but I don't think we need Natalie.....John has proven that he has a viable love interest in Sam (and chemistry with everyone else he acts opposite). We have enough young women currently on the canvas who need good storyline. I won't miss Sam & Jason as I never cared much for them, I thought he & Liz had more chemistry, but I was never nuts over them either. I will miss Steve Burton - I know those words will get me in trouble here...but it's not his fault that the powers that be wrote the character of Jason the way they did & inserted him into every storyline. He played what he was given & I feel did a great job. I wish him the best of luck & would welcome him back if he ever decided to return.
Hate, hate, hate both the bitchy doctor & the ugly betty nurse.....ugh...please - Jason Thompson is worthy of such better story.....I know Patrick needs a love interest, it's a soap opera. I think a very slow moving storyline with Maxie would be fantastic....very slowly they spend more time together....she struggles because of Robin but develops feelings for Patrick. He feels the same, they bond & she mothers Emma. Finally Robin makes her way back and arrives on the doorstep to peer in the window & see the Patrick & Maxie together! Awesome storyline!!!! Please get rid of Sabrina & Dr. Bitch.

Lucy D I totally get that. If Ridge Forrester suddenly showed up in GH I'd be confused and annoyed probably too.

I'm just saying, if they're bringing someone in (which they need to do because they can't constantly have the same characters interacting without ever anything new. .too boring) . . .so if they bring someone in, then havng someone who has connections on canvas already (and not just to Todd and Starr) might be interesting as opposed to Sabrina and Britt.

Make Sabrina "Serena" and I'd be all for that too. . .connections and things that make sense historically is what I'm looking for!!

I think there's a misconception about those of us who dont like John hopping from one woman to another and back again. We are not all OLTL's who came over to GH. I have watched GH since it was seen in black and white, and One Life as well. That show just ended in January, and Natalie and John just got back together, with baby, which both just found was his! And for him to hop over to Port Charles and suddenly dump his family is ridiculous. There is no believable reason for it, so it makes the whole Sam thing seem forced, no matter how much chemistry. BTW, he had loads of that with Natalie too. I get that those who dont know the history dont understand, but I do know it as well as I know GH history...this story reeks! IMHO......

Nancy, I agree with you and I've been watching both shows for years.

John would never dump his family without a fight and Natalie wouldn't send him a "Dear John" letter. She would show up and tell him in person what she thought of him.

It would make for good soap if right after Sam and John had sex the reveal came out. That this letter was forged by Natalie's father, Clint Buchanan and that he forged a similar letter from John to Natalie.

Just my thoughts...

Sabrina can not possibly be Serena. Serena wasn't latina with dark hair and eyes. She wa sa blonde hair, blue eyed child.

True Mel, but to go back to my Blair again, she used to be American of Japanese descent!

I totally agree that dissemblance has been Clint's MO for the last few years and it wouldn't be beyond him to orchestrate the break-up because he feels John has abandoned Natalie and Liam. And to be honest, I wouldn't blame Clint. I think I was one of the few who had hoped that Brody would be reviled as both babies' Daddy because he would have been a better father than John or Ford. That said, Natalie is a fighter and I just don't see her walking away from John with a letter after fighting so hard to get him back (despite him not being worth it).

"That said, Natalie is a fighter and I just don't see her walking away from John with a letter after fighting so hard to get him back (despite him not being worth it)."

ITA. I think John and Sam are hot and i know something had to be done cause Nat is not here but i can not get past that once again Jolie fans are screwed.

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