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October 23, 2012

Paying...Respect To a...Multifaceted Man. That's Diplomatic, Right?

Ever since Jason Morgan was shot in the back and rolled nonchalantly into the harbor by a man insinuating himself into Duke Lavery's life using Duke Lavery's face and voice and height and exact fingerprints, I've been doing a lot of thinking.

I haven't been thinking about the future circumstances of Jason's inevitable miraculous return to Port Charles but if I put money on it, it would include amnesia of some sort and it would most certainly end with Jason recovering all of his Jason Morgan memories but still having a mental block on all Jason Quartermaine memories.

And I haven't been thinking of how the writers could possibly rehabilitate Duke and recapture what made him such a popular and hugely loved character twenty years ago, because there is no way that this person is Duke. An imposter, a charlatan, a wealthy evildoer with enough funding to corrupt DNA Databases and perform unnecessary body lengthening (or shortening) and bone shaving surgery, yes; Duke Lavery, no. So rehabilitation is not even an issue.

I certainly haven't been thinking about how I had a moment of "...aww!" today when Sonny nuzzled Baby Daniel and remarked of Jason "He's been shot, but he's been shot before. He's resourceful. He's going to come back to us. He's got to"...mostly because I tried to repress how sweet I found that whole scene. Is it just me? I give all the credit to that baby, who is just too damn cute.

And I haven't even been thinking of how I am possibly going to cope with the scenes in which Carly and Spinelli and the rest of Port Charles discover the sad fate of their friend. Well, technically that's not true; I HAVE contemplated buying a hearing aid because I know the moans and wails from Carly will deafen me and I might as well be prepared.

No, what I have been thinking of is Jason's obituary. Because I have long been interested in/fixated on the lives of people who live offscreen in Port Charles. Like, the local florist. She must have it pretty good, with all the weddings and funerals that happen in that town. Between Sonny's marriages and the casualties in his various mob wars, he probably financed her vacation house singlehandedly.

So how will local reporters spin this one? Because Jason was (is!) a man of so many contradictions! How can you best pay homage to him? "Famed mafia killer and spiritual adviser Jason Morgan is presumed dead after a shootout at the docks, where he no doubt went to read to the blind or provide solace to a disciple in need. The semi-devoted husband and newly doting father enjoyed learning about guns and using them. He was predeceased by nearly all of his biological family, because Bob Guza was a relentless killer of joy."  It must be a hard balance to strike, but I know that if anyone is up to the task, it's Serial Drama readers. Pay homage to The Holy Hitman in the comments!


"He was predeceased by nearly all of his biological family, because Bob Guza was a relentless killer of joy." --- best line ever. ever.

He had all the presence and personality of a crash dummy. And how blessed we have been for all these years to have had a mannequin as a lead character in our iconic show.

And now, the Widow Corinthos.....truly alone.

The earth will shake.

Bob Guza is probably clutching his pearls and yelling at the TV that the love of life had such a lame death.

Funny, I've mourned the Jason Quartermaine/Morgan for four years now! Jason hasn't been so alive and vital since being paired with Elizabeth and their bond was beautiful. I hate that we never got a Liason/Cake family unit, so I cherish there scenes from 2006-2008. R.I.P. Jake.

I so enjoyed Jason and Brenda's marriage of "convenience." It was great fun to watch and I am convinced had Vanessa Marcil stayed with the show then, a real romance between Brenda and Jason would have been explored.

Lastly, I want to state how disappointed that Jason Q's memories never re-emerged in Jason M. That was huge missed opportunity for great drama. Jason Morgan's s/l flatlined years ago and the lifeless pairing with Sam McCall leveled the character. He needed a real shakeup. I never imagined Jason Morgan would remain without the repercussions of Jason Quartermaine's memories retuning. That would have made an excellent story.

"...where he no doubt went to read to the blind..." SO.MUCH.LAUGHTER. :)

Rest in Peace

Jason Quartermaine Morgan

Son, Adopted Son, Brother, Brother Killer, Father (when it suited him), Husband, Bestest Friend of all the Friends, Lover with His Whole Heart, Killer with a 357, Saver of Everyone He Loved, Killer of Anyone He Didn't

Death Becomes Him
(until February Sweeps)

Eulogy by Father Coates "A life cut short, a life spent cutting many other lives short. But the real lingering question about the man "missing & presumed dead" is what the fuck was going on with his wardrobe? How many black tshirts can one man wear? Should he have lived to be 100 would he still be wearing jeans and black tshirts every day of his life? And except for that 70's brunette feathered mess, even his hair never changed. Did he do his own frosted tips? Hard to imagine. Harder to imagine, Jason going to a salon for monthly hilites. So many questions we'll never have answered. RIP St Jasus, swim on until we meet again...probably in a few months."

Sarah, your post is hysterical. SBu and KeMo both have a sweating problem which is why their characters always wore black. I think Becky Herbst said via an interview that Steve leaving the show meant that they could stop freezing to death in the studio.

In all seriousness, GH really should have given Jason back all of his memories and let the character deal with the fall out from going from a pre-med doctor to a hit man.

Don't know what they'll do with the jeans, but think they could recycle the t-shirts to John McPain who seems to think black is the go-to color for all occasions as well.

Jason's Obituary from the Wall Street Journal...

GAP stock prices took a dive as t-shirt sales in Northeastern region plummet. Analysts are researching the cause of the sudden dip.

Hmm, kind words. Umm, it was nice of him to leave no body so his family can save money on a coffin.

Yeah, that's all I got. Thank bezeebus he's gone, now just get Sonny and Carly off my screen and maybe this will be General Hospital again.

I admit, I am more than mildly curious to see how the show will grow now it may not always be Jason, Jason, Jason. I am loving trying to figure out evil Duke and seeing his shifty ways. And we are seeing Anna lots more. Yay! In the end, I think Jason will return to Port Charles, with Robin, hopefully after the show has been kept on the air for years to come.

Too bad we will not see some brothers/enemies Jason/returnAj scenes..and i would have loved some Jason flashback scenes maybe from Monica scenes..i mean the character was here for 20 freaking years or something like that! Watching him being young Jason Quatermain versus older Jason Morgan would have been so good..

Jason Morgan's body was found washed up on the banks of the Port Charles river today, along side the body of a great white shark. Criminal investigators have determined that the shark swallowed the black-clad Morgan, probably assuming he was a large seal. Upon entering the stomach of the great white, the armed Morgan apparently shot his way out, killing the great white, but ultimately, Morgan succumbed to the frigid waters before help could arrive.

Marine biologists agree that the great white is prone to evil, such as swimming in places we don't like, eating seals and other marine life and generally looking mean, thus causing them to declare Morgan a hero for stopping the great white shark's reign of terror in the ocean.

For this reason, the Catholic Church has decided to elevate him to the status of "St. Jasus, He Who Swims with the Fishes."

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