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October 09, 2012

The Day the Soap Blogger Broke

Some days I think I really just must be the easiest audience member to please. All you have to do is bring back a character that got killed off over 20 years ago and reunite him with the love of his life! Simple dimple! I mean okay, getting these two back on the show together was a hell of a coup, but I couldn't help thinking this one mildly hilarious thing: just last year this particular head writer got me with practically an identical story. A favorite soap couple of mine that I'd long since given up on ever seeing together again shared a screen, shared past memories -- even a story of many years of captivity and the deceit of an impostor who had learned personal details while sharing that captivity. 

Sure, this time there was no undead evil mother who was running a rogue CIA operation and brainwashing her twin sons, but we can't have everything, can we?

Instead we just got a classic, wonderful performance from Finola Hughes and a heap of sorrow and lost years and chemistry that broke my heart into a million pieces.



I've melted.

And while it wasn't perfect (when is it ever?) because of the cloud of Duke's knowledge that Robin is alive (and why, which we still don't know), and of course it was torture to watch Duke lie and ask after Robin and ask who she's grown up to be (especially since the Duke/Robin relationship was one of my favorite adult/child bonds basically ever on TV), it was still riveting television because... well, Finola Huhges.

(And here was about where I broke completely.)


But it's not all bad! Just as in that "other" storyline from that "other" show last year, in both cases we got terrific flashbacks



I'm so glad they showed a clip of his awesome old penthouse over his club. I always thought it was so cool that the elevator opened into his apartment -- I know Sonny had that later, so it's a blemish, but come on. SUPER COOL.



Oh man, I loved those two. I hope soon we'll get some flashbacks of their awesome wedding!


So much love and kilt-awesomeness!

Anyway, Anna's no dummy and she's also a super-spy and, you know, has a history with double agency and all that, so it took some doing but he finally convinced her it was really him. He'd fought his way out and escaped to get back to her because that kind of love lasts a lifetime... and I assume we'll be getting a little more info soon please, pleeeeease? (And hopefully that info will include how somehow faking Robin's death totally saved her and Anna's lives in some manner and he's protecting them still, and will definitely come clean eventually about his heroic acts, right? 'CAUSE I CAN'T TAKE IT IF DUKE WASN'T SOMEHOW SAVING ROBIN.) But no matter, because for the moment? Duke and Anna! Ian Buchanan and Finola Hughes, together again!



I believe in love again, y'all. I believe in humanity again!

Oh yeah, Luke walked in at the end.




Yeah. Suck it, Luke. You can't hold a candle to Anna's Scotsman! Don't even try.



Since I haven't watched yet but CAN NOT WAIT.. I will just post this: Todd and Blair together forever! Sam in his pajama's with John McBain love! Thank you for that memory.

OMG. Anna and Duke. I was SO SO SO amazed and just fell apart.....

Just want to say next Tuesday is their 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Kim, really?? I didn't realize that. What perfect timing for wedding flashbacks, then!

Suck it Luke....better words were never spoken

Didn't watch during the Duke days, so I wasn't "hit" like you all were--BUT Finola Hughes!!!! She is the BEST!!! She made me care.

i just found this blog and WOW. exactly how i feel about the return of duke and my beloved first couple, duke and anna. i was a HUGE duke and anna fan back in the day. tween me was obsessed. seeing them again today? it was EVERYTHING. the flashbacks had me squeeing. that last scene, where she remembered and realized it was REALLY duke. that hug. her flying into his arms (as she always did). EVERYTHING. bring it. im ready. i want the angst and love to last a lifetime. finola and ian continue that amazing chemistry like it hasn't been 23 freakin' years. amazing. im back to watching.

Love the return of Duke. Love the reuniting with Anna. I don't think Luke knew Duke, he wasn't around then. It'll beinteresting how this plays out.

I just could not stand to see Anna with nasty Luke. Blech.

Luke ruins everything. I cannot stomach Luke these days and knowing he had a confrontation with Robert OFF-SCREEN! WTF?! I mean the story was damning to Robert and hos history but the fall-out happened off-screen. I'd trade Tristan Rogers (who is underrated) for Tony Geary (who is overrated) any day!

Any way, I love Anna. I was not impressed with Duke but then again, I didn't watch back in their hay-day. Todd v. McBain was okay. JaSam was beyond dull despite the DBL-reveal. Steven Lars ruins most things with Scott Reeves distracting heavy breathing. Dante and Lulu are adorable. I like newly-improved Olivia.

I agree Soapbaby. I am sorry we missed seeing Robert--and was it new news that Holly and Robert are traveling together?

I still like Tony Geary, but his vacation schedule makes any kind of coherent story impossible. He can just pledge to be Anna's devoted friend forever so they can still have scenes together, then simply get out of the way and let the squeeing commence.

Look, I'm just upset that the potential for a perfect bro-mance was ruined by McBain's total douchery towards Todd.

Can we at least have a Luke v. Todd quip smackdown?

No, it's not new news, Lucy D. After Luke told Holly that he'd lied to Robert and sent Ethan away, they decided someone had to go with Robert to slow him down and sabotage his efforts to find Ethan.

Thanks Camarillo. I had forgotten that.

Finola was absolutely amazing, and I loved the murderous look Duke gave Luke at the end. Though I hated that they immediately broke apart and wished they'd just chatted with him while still locked in an embrace, or maybe not even noticed him.

Duke and Luke never knew each other, but Luke's expression was pretty clearly one of dawning recognition, I suppose he's seen pictures.

I shuddered at the mention of Ethan. A character better left forgotten as he only existed to piss all over the legacy of Luke & Laura. Can Tony Geary be put into retirement until Genie Francis returns as Laura? There is no joy in TG's self indulgent, uninspired acting style and lack of chemistry with the divine Finola Hughes.

I forgot to comment on the baby reveal between Jason and Sam which was so lackluster that I wondered if the two were discussing a dead baby being alive or what to order for lunch.

Todd's comment about telling Tea that her baby died was also rather lackluster.

Finola was awesome, but Ian Buchanan was doing nothing for me. I wasn't into the melodramatic dialogue. For me reunions are all about emoting, longing, and subtext. I don' think there was enough of that on his part. I was also disappointed there weren't more Duke references or history referenced around town before this episode. Ron Carlivati is usually better at connecting people to the canvas than this. On a shallow note, I was also incredibly distracted by how orange Ian looked. Despite my complaints, you enthusiasm is contagious Louise. I really like being able to see the character through your eyes. I think I'm going to re-watch those scenes and give Duke another chance to win me over.

Loved it, but hated that they weren't even given a second before Luke came busting in. I wanted to see what they were going to say to each other. Luke is irrelevant at this point. The least they could have done was have a few scenes with Luke strolling through the streets or buying flowers or something and give Duke and Anna a few scenes in peace.

That "crying" caption...that broke me too...

I'm hoping that we'll find out that Duke swooped in and saved Robin from her original kidnapper, Faison, and that he just wants Anna to see her little girl after she's out of the coma so she doesn't suffer even more. I can hope!

Louise, I love you - and I'm so happy about Anna and Duke that I don't care how stupid that sounds. I just want to cosign every word of your post, from the melting through the agonizing over Duke's love for the Robin to the "Eh. Suck it" - the perfect (and hilarious) reaction to Luke!

I'm so grateful to RC and FV that I can't see straight. I never, ever in a million years thought we would get FH and IB together on GH again. Like you, I believe in humanity again. I believe in EVERYTHING again.

And for those who aren't quite sold on stern Duke yet . . .

wait'll you see him smile. *swoon* *thud*

Yay to everything.

Jonathan Paget? Julian Jerome? "Show, quit saying words!" I scream.

I don't trust FV/RC. Yes they are doing some wonderful things, but at the same time (1) they repeated both a DID and baby switch storyline in the first six months of their coming to the show. (2) We've had our first 'dna mixup/alteration' which was their story on OLTL with Jess/Natalie. (3) They DESTROYED Robert. Now part of me thinks that they did that so Anna could be clear with the fans to be with the returning Duke, but at the same time, I fear that they are bringing him back so they can ruin that for us too, clearing the way for them to pair her with the all consuming, gets more credit for his acting Tony Geary.

I would love Anna and Duke to get their endgame. I'm a Robert/Katherine fan, so loved Duke and Anna together as it kept Robert away from Anna, but I just don't think that's what these guys are going to do. They trashed the end of OLTL and if they are in control of the end of GH, likely will do the same...

Heh, all I remember about Katherine is the hair. Lots and lots and lots of hair.

That said, Duhnay mix ups are as old as DNA testing when it comes to soaps, and while I'm not a fan of Luke/Anna, the fact that vets get not only screentime, but sexytime screentime without being thought of as old and gross is a beautiful thing to me.

But I loved the end of OLTL, except for the fact that it, you know, ended.

Oh, and LogopolisMike, forgive me, but do you mean "show don't tell"? Because I now have images of a GH with mimes doing semaphore, but it's been a long day.

But back on topic; I'm happy to see Duke back, but he sure's seems evil at the moment. Hope to see some of that not evil happy twinkle soon!

The last regime had no plans to bring Anna, Robert or Holly back to town for Robin's funeral. Is GH perfect? No. RC/FV had to change their original OLTL ending because of the PP deal which we all know went belly up at the very last day of shooting in NY.

My point is we have seen more GH vets (Tracy, Monica, Anna, Robert, Anna, Holly, Helena, Duke, Heather, Felecia) etc.. in just seven months versus the last TEN years under Frons/Guza/JFP and GW! On top of that, SK is returning to the show hopefully as AJ Quartermaine.

"They trashed the end of OLTL and if they are in control of the end of GH, likely will do the same..."

Sueb,I hesitate to say this, but were you actually watching OLTL at the end, because I thought that was some brilliant soap writing, just like GH is getting now.

Anna and Duke have not lost a step-her face still glows when she sees him. I hope he's sticking around and is a Robin rescuer.

@Marz, I did watch the end of OLTL. And although the last few weeks were wonderful, they wasted a ton of time in the last six months with worthless characters that took up way too much time (Fords, the porn storyline, etc), sidelining characters that were core to the history of OLTL.

I just don't trust them. I agree that GH is better than it was prior, but that isn't saying much, is it...

Sueb, I think it's saying A LOT! It's beyond "better" than it was prior. I wouldn't hesitate to say it's the best it's been in a decade or more! I say KUDOS to the regime for bringing "soapiness" back to GH.

Which is the perfect segway to DUKE AND ANNA! OMG, the flashbacks were the BEST! I agree I was so happy to see the penthouse elevator! And Finola Hughes' hair...OMG, I coveted it BIG TIME back in the day. I have to admit, even now, I think it's pretty fab-o. I'm just so thrilled to be seeing the oldies but goodies again. Could I dare hope for a little Sean and Tiffany love somewhere?

On a side note, am I the only one that was creeped the hell out by Luke walking in on Lulu and her 'sexy baseball nightie?' EWWWW!!!!!

Duke has been "dead" for 20 years.

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