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October 25, 2012

The Lazy & the Lovely

Now that enough episodes have passed for the pattern to become clear, I do have to say how impressed I am with the structure they're using for Stephanie's departure on The Bold & the Beautiful. True, they were provided with two luxuries: a departing actress willing to give a couple more months of her time after the "official" end of her final contract, and a character already established to have cancer -- making a sudden out-of-nowhere terminal illness unnecessary, and also allowing Stephanie's easy acceptance of her prognosis a little less eyebrow-raising than it would be if this were her first time at the rodeo.

I don't honestly remember ever seeing this much reverence shown for an actress and a character's legacy. They are giving entire episodes to each of Stephanie's goodbyes with her loved ones (and B&B is smartly having that loved one's actor live-tweet each corresponding episode), complete with flashbacks and trips down memory lane. Not only is all of this great for the audience and for the characters, but it's so lovely that each actor is getting a chance to do a full set of one-on-one scenes with Susan Flannery. It's clear she's a beloved mentor around there, and equally clear that the on-screen tears are quite real.

And it's fun to guess which character will be next and which flashbacks we'll see. And whether or not non-contract folks will be invited to the one-episode each party (Felicia and Kristen, for instance). And recasts have made some of the flashback sequences a wee bit disappointing -- I think it's safe to say we would have all willingly suspended our disbelief to see flashbacks of older Stephanie/Thorne scenes with pre-Winsor Harmon actors, right? So much to pull from!

But speaking of limited flashbacks, what the heck was up with the Steffy-and-Stephanie flashbacks yesterday? They were only from two different storylines! I had so hoped to take a tour through Steffy Hairstyles Past.


I mean we got two, but that's not near enough!


Hello, cleavage!

It was still fun to see those flashbacks, though, if only to be reminded of how much Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has grown as an actress over the last couple of years. She's also gotten better-looking! You know how supermodels are always talking about how they were gawky and gangly and awkward growing up and you're all, "Yeah, yeah, the heart bleeds, whatever?" This just kind of bolstered the truth of that -- the whole angular, big-mouthed big-browed, super-strong features thing is definitely something you grow into as you really become an adult. (Good grief, my blogging skills have completely devolved into stream-of-consciousness rambling at this point, haven't they?)

Speaking of becoming an adult, BABIES! Don't ever accuse me of a non-sequitur!

But seriously, how adorable is little Will?


Knit caps on babies are for reals the cutest thing ever besides everything about puppies and panda cubs. 

Heather Tom is just continuing to slay this whole post partum depression thing. It's just heartbreaking to watch these scenes.


Plus the scenes are also just further proof to me that the baby population of the world is lucky I'm nobody's parent, because I would seriously be treating new motherhood precisely how Katie is but without the very valid justification of chemical depression and fear of early death. "Bottle? Really? Can you just do it? He doesn't want it, so we're all done, right? Oh my god, why's it crying again? Can't we just explain to it to stop that? Why's it being weird! It obviously doesn't like me. Here, you take it." (Seriously, props to mothers everywhere, I cannot fathom how you do it all.)

Random thought:

- So Steffy didn't show up to her lunch with Liam and Bill and didn't tell Liam why she was canceling. Somehow, this did not launch Bill into a condescending tirade about how Steffy is immature and unreliable and a big fat mess. Had it been Hope? Proof she's a DEMON GIRL.

- They are so going there with Brooke and Bill. How leadenly foreshadow-y was that final moment where Katie told Brooke she trusts her with everything she has and then gave a pointed look at Bill right over Brooke's shoulder? Don't do it, Brooke!

- As far as I could follow the logic, Ridge sent Brooke an email that was just an attachment of some interview with him in which he says he's not returning to her or Los Angeles? Damn! What a tool. He's certainly not getting the reverent character send-off a certain other B&B Original is getting!


I too am wondering if they will bring on Kristen and Felicia. And I too would have suspended belief to have had flashbacks with the other Thorne. I so loved all those things she pulled out of his box.

What a beautiful, classy way to go. I am so happy with this storyline (knock on wood), even if I will miss Stephanie terribly.

And I am also thrilled that Susan Flannery hasn't had (m)any surgery done--it just makes her more real.

Per usal, I agree with your entire rant Louise! I am clearly a fan of your rants!

Stephanie's exit: I love this story. Of course, I couldn't abide by a Steffy-focused episode. Thanks for that recap. Anyway, I cannot remember another time when a legendary soap character has been honored with two full weeks of commemorative scenes. Each day the audience gets to collectively say goodbye to this character played by whom many consider daytime's greatest actress. Bravo B&B! I think the decision to have Stephanie die was a good move as it lends itself to story AND because the actress is retiring. I hate when characters are constantly referred to off-screen if they are not returning. I wish TPTB of All My Children and One Life To Live had paid such flashback-laden homages to Erica Kane/Susan Lucci and Erika Slezak/Victoria Buchanan as those show's marched toward cancellation.

Also, Heather Tom is doing great work as Katie Spencer deals with post-pardem depression and her mortality. I was not for Heather Tom winning the Lead Actress Emmy last year (over Erika Slezak and Debbi Morgan no less!) but I could get on-board this year if her story/performances maintain. Katie Spencer may not be the "heiress apparent" of Stephanie Forrester but Heather Tom shores up the acting power in B&B's cast.

And as wrong as it may be...I wouldn't mind a Brooke & Bill pairing. I really don't think it will result after this storyline.

when is Susan Flannery leaving? I have not watched this show in years and years, but what you describe they are doing sounds interesting and I would tune in for some of it

I'm also a little disappointed with some of the flashback choices, especially the Taylor ones. Can anyone tell me why on earth Stephanie didn't like Taylor when she first hooked up with Ridge? I wasn't watching the show back then. Was it something Taylor did? Or just a case of no one being good enough for Ridgey-poo in mama Stephanie's eyes?

Who are Kristen and Felicia? I've been watching this show for a few months now and don't know who they are. Of course there are so many on this show I haven't seen yet. Amber, anyone?

I AM enjoying the "Stephanie Grand Farewell Tour"...it's helping to explain some of the relationships to a new viewer. I've even shed a tear!

While I'm curious about why the order of the visits was as it was, I'm really impressed with the farewell tour too. Louise, you may well be right--I've never seen or heard of this level of focus given to a single exiting character, let alone this level of...grace?

SZima: Kristen (Tracy Melchoir) and Felicia (Lesli Kay) are Stephanie's daughters with Eric. In-show Kristen's married and living in Florida; Felicia never officially settled down (though she usually shows up once a year), but at last report she was hanging out with Kristen. I'll be shocked if both of them don't make it to the "end of the road party."

And, annabel: early December, from all reports, is when it all ends.

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