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October 03, 2012

The "Youthful" & the Hilarious

Isn't it great how well is show is appealing to the youth market? It's just so young and hip and fresh, with all these super-cool folks in their early twenties runnin' around like the youngfolk do bein' all down and with-it!

I mean look at Liam and Steffy, who are pretty damn cutting edge as far as the youngsters go. They're constantly playing hooky from work! They ride a motorcycle! They dance about in sprinklers!

And you know what's the most "now" and trendy about them?

They love Bob Hope! 

They adore Frank Sinatra!

His favorite movie is To Kill A Mockingbird! 

Her favorite movie is Roman Holiday!

They high-five over puns, y'all! THEY HIGH-FIVE OVER PUNS.


You just don't get much more current than that. Boy, this show is really onto something. Not only do they just get today's youth, they're now establishing themselves as trendsetting tastemakers! (You know, for fifty years ago.) (Author's disclaimer: I am too old to be cool and even when I wasn't too old, I was never cool. I can't pretend to know what's hot with those crazy American kids these days [can't they get off my lawn, though??], but I do occasionally know what's not. e.g., Bob Hope.)

Honestly, though, I'd be remiss not to mention the most wonderful moment of yesterday's episode. This, of course, was Donna finding Liam and Steffy getting it on in the cabin and, well...


There was a little "What is this? What am I seeing? What is the meaning of this?" in her facial expression, which was a delight. 


And then it just kind of... kept going. 


Dear lord! The horror! The horror! 


I cannot have been the only one cracking up at this, right? And didn't it feel like she just stood at that window and watched for an eternity?

Also, WHO CARES? What does this change? We already know Liam runs to Steffy every time Hope rejects him, which she just did earlier in the same show-day. Isn't that the reason Hope should tell him to get lost? Don't get me wrong, I want Bill to be exposed so badly. For real, y'all. But he's not the reason Hope and Liam aren't together. Liam being a waffling douchenozzle is the reason for it, as well as for my rapidly declining intellect and grasp on sanity.


I laughed hysterically as frantic Donna ran through the compound looking for Hope or Liam with her bosom bouncing up and down forcefully! I'm sure she could afford an extra-strength bra! She looked like a crazed Jayne Mansfield (okay, I'm guilty of Liam-Steffy syndrome of making references to things much older than I am too.) I especially loved how Donna stopped and examined a wayward boot on the ground and did not wonder if someone had been kidnapped or mauled by a bear because she was so focused on finding Hope or Liam and expose Bill! B&B is so laughably bad.
I do not see the chemistry between Jacqueline McInnes Wood and Scott Clifton. It's never been there whereas I see the chemistry between Scott Clifton and Kimberly Matula. The writing is abysmal for the triangle but at least the two couples could both have chemistry.

Oh I know, Soapbaby! I had never noticed quite how top-heavy Donna is until yesterday -- she was about to topple over!

Normally Jennifer Gareis bouncing around (with bonus OMGWTFBBQ face!) makes everything better, but in this case I'm with Louise: it won't do a damn thing for the Triangle of Doom, since Donna will now likely decide not to tell Hope what she knows in order to "spare her any more pain." And it will inevitably come out later anyway. And the carousel goes around again...

I've noticed How top-heavy Jennifer Gareis has been since her previous pregnancy and could not believe someone thought it was a good idea for her to run (in heels no less.) I mean, she could've put an eye out! ;-)

Am I the only one who thinks (have always) that Jennifer Gareis is a horrible actress? The over the top horror (great screen caps btw!) on her face was laughable. I mean, this IS the woman who used to carry a honey filled container wherever she went!

I really didn't want to say it but Jennifer Gareis is a horrible actress and the amount of botox she's had injected in her cheeks is distracting.

Somebody said once, and I don't actually remember because I've only seen it quoted elsewhere, that Jimmy Fallon is an old person's idea of what a young person is.

On a related note, I'm pretty sure somebody at the B&B writing table heard something about hipsters and how they like old things ironically sometimes or something and then -- many degrees of separation from reality later, out came Liam and Steffy's bonding over their supposed tastes.

As with many things on this show it goes so far into absurd that it almost comes around again. But not quite. And therein lies the problem. I can only imagine how ridiculous this show would be if they had to write 60 minutes a weekday. Or, you know, have more than one storyline.

LogopolisMike, so true. I did wonder if all the Steffy/Liam stuff was based on some tip they got that "retro" is hip or something... and then didn't look any further into it.

As for Jennifer Gareis, I thought she did lovely work in Katie's health scare last week but it's the first time I thought that, believe me.

i can not stand liam or steffy ! please get them off my screen! both are lousy actors ! ewww their love scences gag me with a spoon! wish that they would just go away!

When is this alleged "break" from Liam-Steffy-Hope-Liam-Steffy-Hope-Liam-Steffy-Hope-Liam-Steffy-Hope-Liam-Steffy-Hope-Liam-Steffy-Hope-Liam-Steffy-Hope-Liam-Steffy-Hope-Liam-Steffy-Hope-Liam-Steffy-Hope that Brad Bell promised us actually going to happen?

Because I'm wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-y ready for it.

A hillarious disaster...

Did Lame squeeze in the fact that he was begging Hope to take him back a few hours ago? Not that Steffy would mind. Yuck.

This show makes me want to take a shower.

JG's expressions were pure soapy gold! LMFAO. What I don't understand is if Liam & Steffy have SO many things in common and the show is telling us what an AMAZING time they have together, why is he still trying to be with Hope? Has he ever said what draws him to Hope?

Because thats not Liam, thats Lame Spencer a rewritten character so that they could throw Dirty Diana in the mix.

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