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October 19, 2012

Willing To Accept Table Scraps

In a way it's just masochism. I mean what is the point of basking in all the excellent flashbacks to Duke and Anna's love story if we already know that Duke is the big, bad evil man behind all of the non-Heather-related evil in the world? (By the way, why do General Hospital's Twitter and Facebook accounts pose ridiculous questions like, "Do you trust Duke?" Uh, they've shown us that he's up to all sorts of dastardly and murderous deeds, so we know for sure he's lying. I almost felt sorry for all the people who answered, "No!" as if it were some astute instinct on their part. Boy, way to spot a liar! HOW DID YOU KNOW??)

And I'm not saying I'm over it. I'm so not. I don't care what happened over the last 20 years, nobody would change thismuch. So yeah, unless this is all smoke and mirrors (which I'll take! with any explanation, no matter how absurd!), GH and I are totally still in a fight.




I melt! I just melt. I'm having flashbacks to the kids I must have mowed over on the way out of the school bus that afternoon to practically fly home to catch as much of this wedding as I could.

So fine. If this reminiscing and these flashbacks are all I get, I'll take 'em. Because as I've said, I never expected to see these two on screen together again. Ever. So this is better than nothing.

But seriously?


How gorgeous are these people? How do you get that good-looking? (I know, I know. Lucky gene pool.)



I don't even understand how faces just come out with that kind of bone structure.

Which begs the question: why would you put two impossibly attractive people in scenes together, two people with a great legacy of chemistry, two people who work so beautifully together, only in an attempt to get the audience to root against their reunion?!

I mean look at them!



Come on, right?!

And fair enough, they did throw us a little bitty bone.

So I'm sorry. I'm supposed to be 'shipping Luke and Anna over all that?! I think not. I think way not.

Random thoughts:

- Roger Howarth continued to tear it up yesterday in those scenes between Todd and Starr. He half makes you think Todd didn't do such a bad thing! (He did. And he also knows the truth about the paternity. Considering his own history and his guilt about it, he damn well better make sure a certain new mother knows her child is not the product of rape.)

- I'd be annoyed that Sam took Jason back so easily (yeah, yeah, yeah, he saved her kid -- hilariously -- from taking a dive off a roof, but physical dexterity and good rescue instincts do not a solid marriage make), but I also understand the practicality of Jason only having two episodes left. Clearly they have to rev up the romantic reunion in time for his departure to have an even more devastating impact, however it plays out. And while I'm unspoiled, I know one thing for sure: poor Kelly Monaco's overworked tear ducts will have to go into overtime yet again.

- Starr. Chill out on the peroxide, girl. I know Kristen Alderson is a California girl now, but the super-tan face and the yellow hair need to be looked at by humans all across the nation!

- Oh, Trey. I'm just enjoying Erik Valdez more and more every day, and it's just a shame that Trey's most frequent scene partner is Kristina.

- Is Diane back yet? Come on!

- 10 days till Sean Kanan!!!


I too trampled over my fellow junior high schoolers in order to get home in time to see Duke and Anna's love story unfold. So, I was ECSTATIC when Duke returned. Even though I am holding out hope, I have to admit I am a little bit disappointed in how the actual love story part of this reunion is playing out,even putting the EvilDuke Transformation aside. I feel like the kiss needed more build-up. More tearful conversations. More talking about the last 20 years. I mean, it took Anna MONTHS to kiss him the first time...and by the time they did, it was electric. The tension had built up. This time, they spent like a total of 10 minutes together. There was very little tension this time...no build-up...no angst...no passion. Maybe it's just me, but I needed more scenes with them together, rather than many scenes with them apart and with Duke acting all evil, for me to be thrilled about the kiss.

Grrrrrrrrr. I don't want this to get screwed up!

I haven't yet seen the episode and I am not invested in Anna & Duke as a couple, but I can empathize with long-time fans of the couple who are feeling shafted. I was hugely invested in OLTL's Tina & Cord and Blair & Todd, so I was over-the-moon with the those couples' epic moments in OLTL's last six months. Even if "Duke" is an imposter, this return and it's accompanying flashbacks have been a huge waste of time, only to endear the audience to the idea of Anna & Luke. Ugh. Even the idea that Anna & Luke could be a couple, let alone a couple that rivals Anna & Duke and Luke & Laura is offensive. Double Ugh.

Oh come on, this is still GH. Luke is supposed to be the good guy, this rapist-unrepentent alcoholic-child killer who treated his son like a criminal because he decided to - GASP! - become an officer of the law.

I am soooo over that character. I was too young to catch the glory of Luke & Laura on their first run, but I was watching in the glorious mid-eighties when Robert and Holly, Duke and Anna and Frisco and Felicia made beautiful love in the afternoon.

I was never a big fan of his in the nineties, the whole introduction story with the Eckarts was kinda of a bore, but I liked Lucky and Emily and Luke's great relationship with his son was a joy to watch.

Ever since they've basically decided that all characters need to be deeply flawed to be interesting (forget heroes! Good guys are boring! Evil is good!), I've lost interest in all the "A" stories. I had quit watching GH in the early 2000's and I only started watching again because they brought back Robin in 2005 and Scrubs was the only reason I watched since.

Now, when they brought back Anna, the wonderful, kick-ass strong Anna I remembered, not the cartoon character who crashed through Scrubs's story only to show that Patrick was not above lusting after his girlfriend's mother, I was ecstatic! Seriously, when Anna went looking for Robin, I thought, "Finally! A strong, intelligent character is going to investigate this situation and good will prevail! Anna will find Robin!". I was riveted!

But no. This was only an afterthought. After her initial scenes, Anna's storyline was put on "B" status and didn't pick up again until they brought Duke back.

Now don't get me wrong - I was giddy when I saw him and thought "Yes! Finally a good story for Anna! He's found Robin and will reunite her with Anna when she's well! Anna will be mad at first, but eventually grateful to have Robin back. She'll doubt his intentions for a while and eventually fall in love with him all over again! We can see it coming a mile away, but that's what we want, dammit!".

Alas, it all went too quickly, revealing that once again, what matters is and forever will be Sonny. Duke was brought back as a great foil for Sonny, and any enemy of Sonny's can never win on this show. It doesn't matter if you're a good guy - if you dare speak ill of Sonny, you are the ENEMY.

So Duke was seen by the audience for the first time and then by Anna, like, 2 shows later. Huh-oh. They don't care about the reunion. No buildup. No suspense. No longing on Duke's part when he sees her from afar.

Then in the matter on a few minutes, on their first encounter, Anna goes from utter disbelief and holding him at gunpoint, to jumping into his arms. Again, no story development, just plot point. Luke needs to walk in on them because Luke's suspicion of Duke is the real story. Not the fact that an exasperated Anna walks out and back to work without so much as asking for a number where to reach Duke, but the fact that Luke is annoyed at Duke's appearance. I think their scenes lasted longer than Anna and Duke's.

And then, of course, ladies and gentlemen, Duke is turning out to be the evil man Luke predicted he was, because, well, we all know that the rapist-unrepentent alcoholic-child killer needs to be right, since he's played by critics-and-fans-favorite Tony Geary. I know they're playing Luke like he's this jaded, seen-it-all bitter man who tells it like it is, even when it's not what you want to hear, but as much as I appreciate TG's talent, Luke the character has become unbearable to me. And the thought that this rapist-unrepentent alcoholic-child killer is meant to be the end game for Anna just grosses me out.

Duke always had a relative grasp of being honest and truthful with Anna, but his heart was always in the right place. I agree that no amount of time in a Turkish prison would turn Duke into this monster. They better reveal that it's all an act very soon, or I will again start FF through his scenes and mourn the loss of yet another promising storyline to the glory that is Sonny's world.

^^ Well said Nathalie! I agree on all of your points except I wish I could appreciate Tony Geary's performances. I find Tony Geary and Jonathan Jackson to be completely self-indulgent performers who have been more concerned with their Emmy reels than telling compelling story. The episode of Luke's intervention last year was masturbatory schlock. No matter how over-the-top Erika Slezak could get when portraying Niki Smith, Jean Randolph, Tori, Princess and Viki, her performances were always in effort to tell the story.

I know I am in the minority but this Duke Lavery is the exact Duke that I remember from years ago, underhanded and sneaky. Perhaps I never found him to be that bad boy with a golden heart because I really could never believe in that scenario. I have never believed it about Sonny and Jason either. "It's all about the money" and power with these types, always. He was one of those characters that I was extremely glad to see go, but of course, soap opera characters never stay dead and I can accept that, ...sigh... (Could they bring back someone whom I liked and not utterly ruin them? rhetorical question, I know)

I never could figure out how Anna, being an intelligent, secret agent, kick posterior, intuitive, strong woman of the world could even fall for Duke Lavery (let alone Luke, Mr. Know It All Dumb-rear [she must be desperate or something!!]). I'll have to admit that I enjoyed Anna with Robert because they played off of each other so well and made an equal relationship. Too bad the writers of the recent past put him down the toilette with the Quartermain clan, police department, and hospital to pimp Scummy and Jason as 'heroes' [please give me a break and break Sonny, I have been very patient!]

If you read this far, thanks, I just needed to get this off of my chest. I guess I'm just tired of this mob stuff. It seems endless. Why is it "All about Sonny", all the time? I hate to admit this but I like the OLTL characters on GH to give a little twist and diversity to the endless mob. And these 'newer' writers actually use the other characters one in a while! I'm still hanging in there.

Duke LEFT the mob. And testified against them. And then sacrificed himself to save the woman and child he loved, and went into Witness Protection. There's absolutely no comparison between Duke then and Sonny/Jason now. Back then leaving the mob was looked at like it was a good thing. And he risked his life to do it.

RC is giving Duke the "Liz Webber" treatment in making him do something shady as a plot point and nothing else.

Sorry but Duke is ruined and flashbacks to distract viewers aren't gonna change that.

Nathalie & Soapbaby, I cosign your posts.

In thinking about the first Luke & Duke encounter, my formerly un-neutered male Chow Chow marked less territory than Luke did in that conversation. And that's saying something!

I see more of a similarity to the rewrite of Jerry Jax's character than the way Liz has been written for the past decade. Yes, Liz has been written to drive plot whether true to her character or not; but she's hardly been re-envisioned as a murderous criminal mastermind. So far, I'm not happy with the way Duke has been written; but we're not that far into the story yet, there's still time for all sorts of surprises. And in my opinion, no soap character is ever ruined beyond redemption. Good writing and acting can take a character past pretty much all sins. We've got reformed murderers, rapists and thieves living productive lives in soap towns all across the genre.

Louise, thank you for posting those exquisite screencaps. Seeing Anna and Duke flashbacks in HD blew my socks off. They are almost impossibly beautiful.

I'm clinging to a shred of hope based on the following: if the ptb took the trouble to find, watch, and use those flashbacks, they MUST be aware of the amazing chemistry and love story therein, and hence be aware that it would be a crime against humanity not to have a decent Duke and Anna payoff.

This evilDuke crap has to be some kind of front.

Loved the Todd/Starr scenes! Glad he confessed to someone.

The Duke story is classic Cartini. They revisit history and bastardize it for ratings sake. They have completely assassinated Duke's character and the result is completely implausible.
Duke hated faking his own death to keep Robin and Anna safe from the mob. But now he wants mob power so badly that he's willing to kidnap Robin, fake her death and put Anna through hell to regain their love? Stupid. I watched GH long before Duke of Anna appeared. Their story was only second to Luke and Laura in my estimation. Its a shame to see them wasted this way by hack writers.

Louise, I know you watched OLTL so you should not be surprised with the Anna/Duke story because of what happened with Todd#2 and Marty's rapemance!

Loved Duke & Anna back in the day and I still love them. Cartini better find a good excuse as to why Duke is being evil. I'll take anything.

I have hope that Duke and Anna will transcend the insanity I'm currently seeing. I cannot imagine why GH would waste such talent, chemistry and beauty on a catastrophic implosion. It's like taking a sledgehammer to a Ming vase-- dastardly, inelegant and such a waste of beauty and history. Here's hoping RC and the gang realize that too. Keeping the faith...

Every time I think the PTB are doing something good they immediately wreck it for me. I just don't understand why.

They brought back Anna which was fantastic - then they had her fall in bed with Luke!!

They started showing Elizabeth and Jason's friendship again - then they had her act completely out of character and change the paternity test results!

They brought back Duke - and they've made him evil! And he and Anna used to be great. I hate that they are ruining him and them.

It makes me sad that I literally can't think of one story line that I enjoy. They seem to be in the process of destroying all the characters I like - look at what they have done to Johnny - and focusing on story lines and characters that I have no interest in.

Things learned from this episode? 1. Young Duke was a DREAMBOAT. Oh my gosh, my jaw DROPPED (yes, I have to write in caps! I was that shocked!) when I saw what Duke looked like twenty years ago. Oh my gosh.

2. Anna got all the hot men. Also remember when GH dusted off the Robert Scorpio clips when Robin 'died' and hello, he was just as handsome. Anna, you go girl!

As for the whole Jason thing, I was fine how it ended. I mean, SBu always made Jason hugely watchable, even during the times that his dialogue was snoozeville (which was most of the time). He did a great job for his last day of taping. That said, the mob thing is so stale. I'll be happy with whatever fresh storylines they manage to construct. (And I actually thing the writing has been A plus since the new regime took hold. Am hopefully Burton's exit doesn't affect the ratings)


1. Maybe Duke was brainwashed by Helena? Or Faison? And is acting per their instructions? It could happen twice..

2. Maybe Padget (sp?) was an imposter, someone who shared a room with Duke in prison and escaped to claim Duke's life (oh my gosh, I just realized they did this storyline on Downton Abbey. Haha!). and Duke was and is held in the Turkish prison, only instead of letting Original Duke go they reconstructed his face on another man (because...?). Only the reconstructed man went insane and became convinced he was Duke. Thus his obsession with claiming everything in Duke's life? And Real Duke is still in Turkey eating bread and water?

So.. that's the best I can come up with to give you some hope. Grasping at straws, I know ;-)

I think in 10 days we will learn that behind Duke et al is one slimy AJ ...

It happened ten years ago, but I'm still angry how TPTB brought back Rick Webber, only to recompletely rewrite his history to make him a bad guy and then have him go evil. So while I was never a Duke/Anna fan, Louise and others, I really feel your pain.

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