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November 12, 2012

Everything Is Awesome (and All Is Forgiven)

No seriously. Life is good.

How freaking great was today's episode? What a payoff!

I'm not going to launch into some mea culpa here, because any anger I'd expressed regarding Duke's characterization since his return has been based on the assumption that this was Duke and, dammit, I expressed several times that I would accept any explanation that would fix it. So here I am, accepting the explanation! It's fixed!

Sure, by Friday when the Duke mask came off (yeah, that's now a real sentence!!), we knew it wasn't really Duke. And I doubt too many people were shocked today by the reveal that it's really Faison -- I'm sure that's who about 99.9% of us (at least those who are long-time viewers) were certain it would be. But you know what? Sometimes exactly the thing you expect is exactly the thing you need. Would I have loved a total shock the way I got one on Ian Buchanan's first day back? Sure, but honestly, I do not care. Because this was way too awesome to play the whole, "Whatever, I saw it coming" card. Because I did see it coming, and IT WAS STILL AMAZING.

On so many levels, y'all! SO MANY LEVELS. First, it means we also got Anders Hove back. It means we got scenes between Anders Hove and Kimberly McCullough. It means we got scenes between Faison and Robin in which a chunk of skin from the Duke Lavery mask was hanging off of Faison's neck.



If that's not fun soap, I don't know what is. And then he ripped it off, all evil-like!


Oh, Mr. Hove, how I've missed you and your menace and the spectacular way you pronounce "fruition!"

And as if that weren't batshit fabulous enough, we then got multiple scenes in which Robin and Faison sparred while the Duke Lavery mask was just hanging out on the bedside table in the background!


God I love this.

Oh, but we haven't even gotten to the best part. Because when I did all the hypothesizing and heard all the theories about how maybe it wasn't really Duke but it was Faison or Grant Putnam or some other menacing evil from the past, it still didn't quite fix it for me because it meant... no Duke. And while I would not say that an evil Duke is better than no Duke, I was worried that Ian Buchanan's stint was a super-short one and that if it wasn't really Duke, there was only disappointment ahead. 

But I should have had faith. Because they are just pulling out all of the stops over there at GH HQ these days.


Duke lives! He lives, he lives, he lives!!!!! And not only that, but he was smart enough to try to protect Robin and Anna by feeding Faison false information about his past so that they would catch on and realize something was wrong (and how great was it that Robin got to realize)! 

I am just beside myself with glee right now, y'all. Sure, it sucks that this reveal means Annoying Smug Luke was right, but whatever. It doesn't matter because DUKE LIVES!


So it's probably some sort of regionalism, but Laura Wright is the first person I've ever heard consistently say "sure as the hell" instead of "sure as hell," so imagine my surprise when at the beginning of today's episode Carly talked about how the police "sure as hell" needed to know that AJ is alive. Luckily the planets re-aligned a couple of scenes later when Carly explain that AJ "sure as the hell" wanted Jason dead. What is wrong with me that I get so preoccupied with idiom use? General Hospital being so damn exciting lately must have gone to my head. I mean y'all, Monica slapped Carly today! It's like the good old days before Monica lost her backbone when it came to anything Jason-related!

I don't want to launch too far into it since all I want to do is bask in all the Duke and the Faison of it all, but I will briefly say: how freaking satisfying was it that Michael is finally learning the truth about his "parents" and actually thinking AJ deserved a chance to be his father? And he's kind of turning on Carly! SCHADENFREUDE PARTY TIME. Also, is it just me, or is there a compelling little spark between Sean Kanan and Laura Wright? I don't think it's just me. Is it just me? I'm likin' it. The spark may only ever serve to ignite ugly fire rather than sexy fire, but any spark is a good one!


The scenes between Anna and Sam didn't do much to advance story, but was anyone else just mesmerized by all the ridiculous brown-haired, brown-eyed gorgeousness in those scenes?



So much of the pretty!

Speaking of pretty girls with brown hair, can they dial it back a few notches with Bitchy Britt? We get it. But she actually is a pediatrician. She's actually got some common sense and graces that have gotten her this far in life, so can we color her in a bit now? We get the point! (Also because, for crap's sake, give Liz a friend who doesn't suck!)

But really, no matter. I'm not mad. I can only feel joy and gratitude today. BECAUSE FAISON. BECAUSE DUKE.


Think they could turn the mask into a table lamp? That would be kinda cool.

YES YES YES I SAW that spark between aj and carly i would love a monica/alan relationship between them. i saw sexy fire also and i loved it they have more chemistry together then carly and todd will ever have IMO

Look on the bright side, when this s/l with Duke & Faison runs through, annoying & smug will be all Luke will have to keep him warm at night. 'specially when Anna finds out that Duke was doing everything he could to protect Robin & was giving hints to try to tip them off about the switch.

I like the way you think, MelP!

I have no history with the character at all, but I'm finding Faison deliciously creepy and soapy.

OMG DUKE AND FAISON. Seriously, I left GH ages ago when I really thought Guza would never be gone and NOW: he is and DUKE AND FAISON. I seriously think Santa is bringing my gifts early this year.

All weekend, I thought it must be Faison. It has to be Faison. Only Faison would get THAT reaction from Robin. But I was still a little surprised that it was actually Faison, and THRILLED. It is so satisfying to have a story that is so rich in GH history, well-paced and deliciously acted.

Anders Hove as Faison is the creepiest, most terrifying soap villain I can think of. What is it about him. How long ago was he last on the show? He freaks me out! But in the best possible way.

I cannot deal with how much I am loving this damn show right now. I feel like it is getting so good that surely it will be canceled soon and what a shame that would be. A year ago, I was ready to let it go, now I can't wait to see it each day.

GH is now Must See TV, and it's great because for way too long, it was the opposite.
So thanks to tptb who gave us DUKE AND FAISON......plus Anna, AJ, Robin!!! More Quartermaines too. I just cannot wait to see what comes next.

Score! No more nasty Luke smacking all over Anna.

Yes, Liz needs a few friends since the show keeps killing them off, but I would rather have seen her big sister, Dr. Sarah Webber with the hottie Patrick Drake. Robin asked Liz to take care of Patrick, and it would be so soapy if she came home to not Liz/Patrick, but Patrick/Sarah!

Likewise, I found the Faison reveal expected but still awesome because it's the perfect puzzle piece that makes this story make sense and it desperately needed that.

Kim McC and Anders Hove were fabulous in their scenes together. Who knew? Duke is alive! I can't wait to see how real Duke fits into all of this now. I'd love to see Duke and Robin help each other.

As for Britt, the show has made no secret she's quite the bitch and I don't really care about that. I do care that no one but Sabrina (and I guess Emma) seems to see that when she's not even subtle about it. She's been a rude bitch with boundary issues in front of Patrick several times and he acts like he doesn't even see it. Same goes for Liz. She needs to be put in her place and instead they all enable her rude bitch behavior by not calling her on it. It's dumb.

Friday and today (Monday) were AWESOME. Good drama and storytelling. Loved the Robin/Faison face-off (heh) and the Quartermaine action.

Admittedly, because the show is SO good in many ways, the poor parts stop the action. The Kate/Connie story and the Bitchy Doctor v. Mousy Nurse are two stories that are ridiculously poor and cartoonish (in the bad way that a man masquerading in a mask of another man is not!)

Re: Britt v. Sabrina, I wish the writers wouldn't waste the talents of Jason Thompson & Rebecca Herbst by propping this schlock. After years of Liz propping Lucky, Jason and Sam, I want her driving a decent story! Jason Thompson has more than proven his talent so his current story is insulting to the actor and the audience. I wished Liz would have slapped Britt after the inappropriate talk in the exam room with the child. Patrick not being bothered by Britt's overt nasty behavior makes his character look stupid.

I thought Carly & AJ could be hot together ever since it was announced that Sean was coming back. Now that I've seen them together, I think it's even more possible.

I wasn't watching when Faison was on before, but I'm intrigued. I'm glad it wasn't Duke doing all that shit...and that Duke is alive.

I'm all for Carly and AJ. And I hate Carly. But I would like Carly to be horrified to realize she has fallen in love with AJ one day, heh.

I re-watched Monica slapping Carly over and over again. Can we just line up all of Port Charles for some Carly-slapping?

I'm hoping that this is the beginning of the end of Carly's reign of untouchability. Jason's dead (I still love typing that), she's not Sonny's top priority anymore, Jax is over her, Michael is slipping through her fingers, Morgan is out of reach and Joss is just a blood pact with Satan away from being able to send her to the corn field. Carly needs to lose, and lose big.

Ms Chicklet, I think I love you! Ha :-)

Great post, great soap, I'm a happy GHer.

Love, love, love that 'real' Duke is alive, but did anyone else have a Scooby Doo moment when the mask came off?

"And I'd of gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that meddling Robin!" :)

Maniacal laugh. Now this is the BSC stuff I loved and remember. Anders Hove is delightfully nuts. (Why they didn't make Sebastian Roche's James Craig Faison's younger sib is beyond me...)

KMc brought it. Even in these brief bits shes keeping her character consistent.

And AJ AJ AJ AJ Yep I know he did all that stuff. But somehow morphing back into Sean Kanan makes me want to forgive him...Whatever else Cartini screws up, thank you thank you thank you for yesterday.

Can someone please tell me the brief history of Faison? I only started watching GH in the 90s when original Carly blew into town. Love that AJ is back, and we finally get some Quartermaine scenes, even the campy ones (tying up Tracy in the boathouse with Alice!)! Maybe the complete mob reign is over and we can get some other, non-related storylines, thank you! Carly is so sanctimonious, she needs the tables turned on her finally!

Kristen, here's a link to a good background blurb about Faison! http://abc.soapsindepth.com/2012/11/who-is-cesar-faison.html

@LadyBug: I'm with you on wishing they'd brought Sarah back instead of a random newbie. But apparently, we have more investment in Liz and her family than any PTB ever will.

Also, I am suspicious that Brit is going to end up having less than true motives with respect to Patrick, so I guess it's better if she's not a good guy for her not to be a Webber.

Meanwhile, I cannot say enough good things about Faison, Duke, Robin. . . and about AJ/Michael/Carly. . .

I said elsewhere yesterday that the 80s called and said "it's about time someone embraced soap campiness again" and that the 90s were on the other line and just happy Carly's shenanigans were coming back to bite her in the butt.

I cannot even explain how awesome this epi was! Of course we knew it was Faison, but that's what made it so exciting. Then, he finally revealed himself. I loved his scenes with Robin and I loved him wiping her tears. Love that Duke is really alive b/c this will be Luke's real competition. He may be right about Fake Duke, but that doesn't mean he's going to be the victor and I couldn't be happier.

I loved that the little girl puked on Britt and lmao when Britt took off her top and a chunk of vomit fell on her chest, but my goodness, can Elizabeth get a story????? This is so glaring it's not even funny.

Monica slapped Carly. MONICA SLAPPPED CARLY!!! She knocked fire out of that she-beast! I watched again and again and again. Then I watched it in slow-motion. Then watched it a few more times. As I did, I saw a flash of all the hell this harpy has reigned on PC for years w/out having to pay and It. Was. DIVINE!

Also, Michael is pissed at Carly and knows the truth. I can't wait until he confronts Sonny. This is amazing.

I have so many feels.

Wow! General Hospital is good right now and I am not just talking about the Robin/Patrick parts! I never thought I'd say that again in a million years, but there you you go! Can't wait for the Nurse's Ball!

@Ms. Chicklet, NULOCH FOREVER! Ha!

I may appreciate Laura Wright's acting abilities, but I will forever hate Carly.

OMG!OMG!OMG! FAISON! AND REAL DUKE! It is like Christmas(and maybe Easter? What with all of the back from the dead folks around) day for me(and other GH fans). Not birthday though. Liz is still stuck in prop up c-grade minor storyline hell. Missing Lucy(& Kevin), Scotty and kids. And since it might seem that the PORT CHARLES soap stuff might never have happened, I want Karen back, damn it. Think of the crap she could put Sonny through. All of which, he deserves.

The expression Carly used bugged me too, and she did it again today! It was something like "You didn't get Michael when he was a baby, and you sure as THE hell won't get him now!" haha So strange.

Duke lives!!! Faison is back! Monica got to slap Carly!! All is right with GH again!! Thank you Frank and Ron!

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