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December 11, 2012

A Pile of New Favorites

I have a lot of new favorite things on General Hospital these days. A lot. But can you indulge me to just review a handful of them?

- AJ is my favorite. Favorite, favorite, favorite.


Was that not hilarious when he was all hunched-over, covered in blood, and back from the dead and he was all super-casually, "Oh hey, Elizabeth, good to see you!"

I'm also enjoying his little manipulations, exposing Sonny to Michael. It'd be a lot more devious and evil if Sonny weren't taking the bait at every turn and proving the kind of man he is -- AJ is only setting Sonny up to get caught doing things that Sonny does. So what can I say? As it stands, I find it hysterically entertaining.

- Elizabeth Webber's skilled wielding of a needle. (Lizzie's bitchface is well-documented, but today she kicked it up a notch.)



And as expected (not just because both Sean Kanan and Rebecca Herbst happen to be walking chemistry machines, but also because of the obvious and most excellent drama), Liz and AJ? Oh yeah. Sparks. Sure, sure, their little forgiveness conversation and bonding over Jason was a little too neat, but if it can lead to something hot? I'll take it! It doesn't even have to be a love for the ages, but come on. Neither AJ nor Liz has gotten laid for a long-ass time and that's got to be building up, right? (I'm foolishly trusting the new regime to make sure the next person who beds our girl remembers to wear a damn jimmie this time.)


I'm doing so much potential 'shipping all over the place now that all these old faces are back on canvas.

- More favorites. The fact that a storyline about Anna, Duke, and Faison continues to be featured as a front-burner story!


There was a point at which I was willing to accept it in any form. I was so foolish back then! Little did I know how good it was going to get.

- Robert Scorpio and John McBain, crime-fighting duo for the ages!



I love it!

I don't want to be a buzz kill to myself and go too far into the things that are decidedly not my favorites right now, but words like Connie and Sonny come to mind and let's just leave it at that and think about Scorpio and McBain some more!





Is anyone else disturbed at how hot that picture of beaten up AJ is?

Liz and AJ sitting in a tree, just watch Jason's head explode!... lol

I am so digging the old school vets front and center!

God, I love seeing DUKE, ROBERT and JOHN MCBAIN on screen together.

I'm not gonna lie, I would love an AJ/Liz pairing and leave McBain to Sam with absolutely NO crossover (other than ELQ & Danny). I think my head will explode if they try to do another triangle with those ladies. Like...actually explode.

Meanwhile...McScorpio FTW! Since we can't have Sean or Frisco teaming up with Robert, then I'm so on board with McBain helping him out to get Faison. I mean, Robert + Anna + Duke + Faison + Robin = OMFG, I'm so happy I could cry. Sometimes I feel like pinching myself and saying "I'm not watching YouTube and making this storyline up right?? RIGHT???"

Carly drugged AJ and made him believe he had fallen off the wagon. Sonny kidnapped AJ, starved and tormented him, and made everyone believe AJ had fallen off the wagon.

AJ goaded Sonny into being Sonny. Nowhere near as depraved as what Carly and Sonny did over the years to AJ.

As disappointing as it is that we're stuck with MB for the time being since he signed a new contract, if this trend of showing Sonny for the violent, destructive, selfish whiner he is continues, I guess I can live with it.

I love having AJ back and hope he and Liz are paired up. I also hope the writers aren't planning to have AJ be the bad guy and in the end Sonny turn out to be the good guy (What is with Starr and her Sonny love? Even if AJ flat out admits he goaded Sonny in the ring, does that justify beating AJ to a bloody pulp?)

Rebecca Herbst is a superb and soulful actress. I wish Liz got actual story as I love seeing her onscreen. Liz/AJ scenes were nice but I think the show's writing has heavily propped AJ and the scene was no different. AJ did horrible things including kidnapping, shooting his father in the back and embezzling millions from ELQ. AJ thinking he can lead the company better than Tracy is laughable. I was happy Liz's opinion of AJ was based on her relationship with Emily versus her relationship with Jason. A mention of Jake would have been nice. Also, I didn't see an ounce of romantic chemistry and I think RH has chemisty with everyone. I'd love it if Ingo Rademacher or Rick Hearst returned to pair Liz with Jax or Ric.

Michael's behavior is way over the top. I mean trying to make a case for Sonny's arrest when he beat AJ in a boxing ring? Michael should take a seat. He's showing no loyalty to the parents who raised him over blind faith to AJ. I like a conflicted Michael but not a punk-ass Michael who'd run to the police to try to get his father arrested versus taking AJ to the hospital, leaving Starr to do it all by herself. I'm generally liking Michael more these days but I'd like a break for a few days. No matter his opinion the character always comes off self righteous.

FWDed all Konnie/Sonny. Can't begin to care or try to understand. Shawn is a day player and "yessiring" Sonny to death is tiresome. As hot as he is, that guy from Dancing With The Stars who played a man flirting with Alexis at the gym on Monday had more charisma in a line reading than Shawn in his entire time on the show. Alexis was more engaged in that flirting than Alexis/Shawn's tragically passionless sex last week.

Like the Faison/Anna/Duke story and glad for the movement. Robert Scorpio should stay in Port Charles. I'd imagine he'd have good romantic chemistry with Alexis, Olivia or Tracy plus he's SO cool. Love Finola Hughes but wish the writing would smarten Anna up a bit. It doesn't make sense she would resume her date with Duke after an attack from Faison. Still, I can't help but enjoy all things Anna/Duke/Faison/Robert.

Michael's reactions make sense to me. Since AJ returned, Michael's entire world view has been shaken. He's been forced to see his parents' ruthlessness in a new context. Yes, he always knew what they were, but he never saw it in these terms before. Now he's realizing that he was robbed of making his own choices; that AJ wasn't a monster from day one but was indeed driven to monstrous acts through desperation. Michael has been brought up to excuse terrible behavior in Sonny, Carly and Jason, after all. Now he's flipping that standard around, and I think the writers are presenting this shift perfectly. It's a story that's been building for years, and I am delighted that RC came on board in time to tell it properly.

As for Elizabeth, I think that character has been getting the best writing she's gotten in years, and those scenes with AJ were terrific. I loved that she told AJ that Jason had apologized at his grave, and I also loved the way SK played AJ's response when Liz said that Jason loved his life. But it wasn't a one-way street - AJ reminding Liz that Jason's forgiveness was unconditional was a terrific moment as well. I thought the writing was lovely, the acting equally so, and the potential for a new relationship between those characters is now clear. I just hope the show runs with it.

AFAIC, they're telegraphing that AJ's going to be the bad guy all over again, so honestly I'm not into it. I've seen it before and I have no real desire to see it again. It's just not enjoyable to watch Sonny get his when I know it's temporary.

I don't see them telegraphing anything. For the first time in years, opposing characters are getting equal points of view. Sonny and AJ are both flawed individuals. Much more interesting this way.

If this was Guza's GH, I'd say they were telegraphing AJ's downfall. Of course, in Guza's GH, we'd never have gotten to see him explain his viewpoint or make an effort to show he's reformed at all. But this is RC's GH and nothing I've seen so far has led me to believe we're not going to be seeing a much more balanced, nuanced view of both AJ and Sonny. I couldn't be happier.

And yes, Louise, AJ and Liz had off the charts chemistry. So much potential there!

I am 100% behind an AJ/Liz pairing. Those two have chemistry to spare.

I agree with Anne and Elizabeth, I do think they seem to be going for more shades of gray with AJ. Trying to be good, but still enjoying the heck out of his more Machiavellian moments; I can see him coming to regret not the actions themselves, but the results if they end up hurting Michael. But we won't know until it happens.

Louise, you saw Ron Carlivati tweeted a link to the "Varieties of Camp" post, right?!

Leyla, I did see someone mention that in the comments! Fun -- though of course it makes me a little self-conscious since we're so damn snarky around these parts...

I see AJ being written as he should be. He's older, a bit wiser, but not a boring good guy. He's got his demons, conflicts and weaknesses. But he's also capable of love and compassion. He's a work in progress and he sees that. But he's also smarter and savvier. While he'd love to make sure Sonny and Carly pay for everything they did to him and Michael, he's not stupid enough to destroy himself again for revenge.

...and today is presumably where Mallory and Louise go "Eeeee!"

Bill, I actually come here to find out what Mallory and Louise had to say about the show. I guess I'll be checking in throughout the evening.

Maybe Alexis and Robert can meet cute after they save Robin from Faison and Duke from the Turkish prison???

McScorpio! Love it!

Oh My gosh you guys! Oh my gosh!! Awesome gooey mess of awesomeness!!

Today was FANTASTIC. That's all.

Bummer. It looks like Liz is about to lose her brother on the show. SR announced on Twitter that he was let go today.

RC rebuilt the Q's, but is letting one of the original core family members (Hardy/Webber) leave the show?

Per SoapBaby:

"FWDed all Konnie/Sonny. Can't begin to care or try to understand. Shawn is a day player and "yessiring" Sonny to death is tiresome. As hot as he is, that guy from Dancing With The Stars who played a man flirting with Alexis at the gym on Monday had more charisma in a line reading than Shawn in his entire time on the show. Alexis was more engaged in that flirting than Alexis/Shawn's tragically passionless sex last week."

Thanks for writing my thoughts for me!

I would love to see Steven Lars on the show if he were played by a better actor; but Scott Reeves has never done anything interesting with the character. Furthermore, the Hardy/Webber family hasn't really had much of a presence for years. It's like complaining about the lack of the Fosters on Y&R at this point. Elizbeth is relevant because of connections she's built up over the years, not because she's a Webber. I liked her having her brother on the show, but I liked that because of her, not because of who their parents and grandparents are.

Re: AJ, I guess we'll see, but while I agree that there's a slight bit of balance here, AJ has been written more positively before. And it always ends with him on a meat hook. If MB were leaving, I'd say play it out, but he's not.

You can say it's not a zero-sum game, but I think it is. Time will tell I guess, but I wish I could enjoy it more without the sense of doom that I can't put out of my mind.

It's small thing considering the improvement everywhere else. I can actually pretend Carly and Sonny don't exist and still have a show to watch.

OMG, Louise, did you catch the HOLD THE DIPLOMA reference today??? Hahaha! I can't believe I still miss OLTL so much that I'm getting nostalgic over one of the stupidest storylines ever!

HOLD THE Diploma! Have a SEAT! LOl... there were lots of shout outs to OLTL!

LadyBug, I didn't catch Have A Seat! Funny! I FLOVE when they do those!

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