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January 14, 2013

At Least There Are Some Silver Linings...

I hesitate to refer to this Trey situation as a missed opportunity, because that implies that I'd have liked to see more of Trey, and Trey and Kristina, and Trey and Connie, and I can honestly assure you that that is the opposite of the case; in the months that he's been on the show, the writing he's received has improved enough to take him from aggressively douchey to mildly irritating, but he never quite landed on entertaining. 

So it's not that I'm going to miss him. It's just that this show has the most frustrating need to...well, to kill. The writing staffs over the past decade have been frighteningly bloodthirsty, always willing to see someone exit in a body bag so that surviving actors can pad their Emmy reels. It's pretty wasteful. Why can't people just move? Or even be in a good old coma for a few years? What was the point in creating this character and giving him an elaborate and tortured backstory, and adding about ten layers of tragedy and horror to the already convoluted and depressing backstory of Connie, and saying "You know, I think we've hit all of the notes we could possibly hit with this guy, except for fully exploring his relationship with his mother. Next!"?

At any rate, Trey passed away surrounded by friends and people that he is technically related to but who he shared no interaction with since last summer. Let's all shrug half-heartedly in unison.

While we are having synchronized reactions to this show, let's flail our hands A LOT over McBain's befuddled reaction to hearing Lucy call him Caleb.



Michael Easton, you are a delight.

I wasn't watching Port Charles by the time it turned into a vampire telenovela so I have absolutely no idea what to expect with these two worlds colliding, but if it leads to hilarious McBain reaction shots, I'm all in. Crossing my fingers that he does a spit-take.

And then there was Carly and AJ. Carly is awful--I mean, she is just a beast of a human being. Snarling at AJ that he's a loser? Taunting him to drink? She is wretched. And yet...



All I could think when watching them was "OH MY GOD, KISS HIM ALREADY. A LOT AND FOR A LONG TIME!" Laura Wright and Sean Kanan have crazy chemistry (he actually has crazy chemistry with basically every female he interacts with. It makes me all flustered and giggly). All I want is to watch them banter. Please, GH. Make this happen.


What makes the McBain screen caps/reaction shots is the blue bunny in his hand. I'm not typically a McBain fan, but him making faces at the empty stroller or whatever was supposed to be Danny was just adorable.

teh acting at the hospital was... exactly what I would have expected from that group. JE and (somewhat surprisingly) LiLo were great. Everyone else made me laugh inappropriately. And the Trey walk off was the big WTF moment. But at least it's over. Now maybe we can move on. Maybe Luke will get home and accidentally offer Anna melted cheese. And she'll break up with him and he won't understand why.

Is there somewhere Christina needs to be??

Damn! I've never seen anyone so anxious to pull that plug as Christina is. She's been chomping at the bit for the last few episodes. When she told Krazy Konnie that "a piece of her would die" when they turned off the respirator, all I could do was pray that the piece that died was the part that allowed this little horror to speak.

When she's onscreen Starr doesn't seem so bad - and that just proves how bad she is.

Poor Trey. Even in death the guy is surrounded by mutant lifeforms. His horrid mother, the OilyElf Mobster, Dr. Ooompa Luumpa (thanks for that, Auggie!), and then in barges Dullivia. Dullivia, who is now our conduit to the other side. If Dullivia is able to break the veil between life and death then all is lost both here and in the after life.

The only way this could have ended well would have been if Trey himself woke up, screamed in horror at the crowd surrounding his bed and pulled the plug himself.

Alex sure has sucky kids. And frankly, right now, she's not so hot either

I get what you're saying, Mallory. There was a real story to tell there with Trey and Kate, but I'm not exactly heartbroken they didn't tell it. Weird.

Continue to love Lucy. Continue to loathe Carly.

At this point, I just wish RC/FV had not even bothered bringing on Trey/Joe Jr., because both men are now dead, and I really, really, really liked Joe Jr. and Tracy. Krissy was better off at college.

Carly is vile.

fully explored? More like never explored at all, heh. They've had like 10 scenes together, tops.

I don't like Carly and don't think AJ is as big a chem machine as other people do, but I could so go for AJ/Carly. Yeah, Carly's been awful to AJ but he has the insecurity to fall for her anyway and would be awesome to see Carly horrified to realize that she has fallen into love/lust with AJ.

I'm in agreement with spazzo and boes.

Jane Elliott is that master-class of actress that makes her every moment count. Case in point: The brief reaction Tracy had at hearing of Trey being near-death impacted me more than the entire week and 1/2 of story's asking to his death. I do Kelly Sullivan has been doing fine work but the acting and story has been lacking. Lindsay Morgan is a bad actress. Kristen Alderson proves time and time again she cannot carry dramatic story and Chad Duell has resorted to making the same scowl to express every emotion. Jane Elliott should teach acting classes on-set.

I know many here dislike Sonny but I think Sonny behaved honorably throughout this event and he ha shown a great deal of compassion toward Connie despite her attempting to hurt him (ie. kissing AJ.)

Carly and AJ had great chemistry at the bar. Not sure where it might be going but I would like to see an ongoing interaction. AJ also had chemistry with Connie but his chemistry with Carly eclipsed those earlier scenes.

Lisa LoCicero continues to sell what could easily be a train-wreck of a character.

Looking forward to seeing Lucy's reaction to "Caleb." I didn't wach much of Port Charles but I am familiar with the foray into vampires. Lynn Herring/Lucy Coe is just what General Hospital needed! I am loving Michael Easton onscreen again after being MIA. Hopefully the chemistry between McBam can be recaptured after their long break interrupted a promising romance.

I suppose I enjoyed the episode more than I initially thought. So much focus on Trey's death and the story's acting really annoyed me. I never cared about Trey so his death felt overdramatized. The character's introduction was terrible, his story shuffled off to the backburner and he wasn't seen for a while before his death. The character had no real connection to the canvas so the attempt to make his death meaningful fell flat. If only Trey had connected with Tracy or Olivia, perhaps I would have cared. Ultimately, I wish Trey and Kristina would have moved to California.

No matter how many awful things AJ has done in the past, he deserves better than the beast who destroyed him. I don't wish Carly to any man... except Sonny.

Testify Poker Face!

I want AJ with Elizabeth. I know, I know.

Little Bunny Foo Foo cracked me up.

Can Christina move to California anyway?? Please??

really carly should be thanking aj, afterall if it weren't for him there would never have been a jason morgan and jason q would have never had looked at carly. she would never have had her pawn spawn mikey which she has used to keep jason and sonny inline and tied to her.which is how she now has a hotel and money from working on her back w/every rich man in PC, so he really helped her out, she would not be where she is now if it weren't for him. i have never and will never like carly, she came on the show a whore who was mad that her teenage whore mother gave he up probably thinking anything was better than a teenage whore for a mother, and she has ruined every man she has touched, esp aj. they need to give the carly character a break and really her hypocricy to/about aj is over the top. sure the mobster was a much better father than the recovering alcoholic. i mean the kid has been kidnapped numerous times has shot how many people? killed his step mom, been shot in the head and raped in prison, then was "magically healed" the his strooker gf. that is so much better than the quarreling q's and the recovering businessman father.

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