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January 23, 2013

Confessions and Connections, Missed and Otherwise

Line of the day -

Spinelli: There was no "scampering."

First of all, I'm on record as loving Ellie. Loving. It's ridiculous. She's just adorable. And "adorable" is not usually high on my list of reasons to like a new character, so I don't even know what's up with it. And she had every right in the world to be furious at Spinelli for sleeping with Maxie (and even giving him the boot for the rest of ever) and every right in the world to assume that Maxie was pretty pleased with that development. But now she thinks Maxie sabotaged her car? It hasn't even been two years since the last time we had a new character who quickly became a romantic rival for an established female character and decided that the established female character was probably some sort of killer. This was said new character's beginning-of-the-end, as we know that such groundless accusations are generally designed to make us turn on someone initially likable. Especially when it's someone who has brown eyes and red hair. You know, like someone else we know. 


Plus, she got a little screechy today for my tastes. This does not bode well, particularly because she does not have a single solitary friend or connection on the show other than Spinelli (poor thing). I worry very much for her future. Because she's silly and nice and sweet and smart and stands up for herself and is all those things but is still a convincing adult. Young adult, sure, but adult.

Ahem. Which brings me to...


I'm well aware this is a controversial storyline and that those who hate it, hate it like it was designed to torture them and their loved ones for all time. Admittedly I'm not a member of that hate patrol (shall I duck?) -- I rather like that Patrick's current "love interest" is such a nasty piece of work that we know we're not meant to take her seriously as a match for him. I do wish Britt were written as a soap bitch with a little nuance (and it looked like they almost might at first, but they've reversed course completely), especially because I think Kelly Thibeaud is a good addition to the cast and I'm all for expanding the hospital posse (and would like to see her have to nurse Johnny Zacchara back to health from some gunshot or another -- you know, just for funsies), but I'm hoping if the character sticks around she'll be kicked to the curb by Patrick and maybe then start to grow that heart. Because of Frisco's love? Or something. We can handle more than one note. (Hell, I'm softening toward Connie. Anything can happen.)

But then there's Sabrina. Teresa Castillo is another actress I like, and I've always wanted them to beef up the former revolving door of nursing students at GH to cause drama and scandal. And it's okay by me that she's innocent and naive, and I dig that she's all mousy and awkward because it's fun to think about her inevitable transformation (I mean, girlfriend is H-O-T). See? Open mind, open heart. But COME ON.


This is what she was up to in a public place while overhearing her crush talk about the lady he's dating. This is not what adults do. This is what eighth-graders do on a bad day. (And uh, what some of us grownups do on a lousy day but FOR CRAP'S SAKE WE DO IT ON THE INSIDE.) And the other day when she literally ran out of a meeting AT WORK because of this same crush? AT HER JOB. Seriously. There's a way to present a guileless, innocent character with unrequited feelings but who also is emotionally mature enough to handle a PG-13 movie.

Also, no need to sit in Kelly's crying over spilt milk. She could just tell Patrick the crap that Britt has pulled, but nervous middle-schoolers might be too insecure to do that. Perhaps she's too focused on how she'll do at cheerleading tryouts.

I hope we're not meant to be seeing this as a triangle. Britt being awful is no reason to want Patrick to get together with someone so wildly mismatched to him, so I certainly hope that's not the road we're going down. Now that it's off my chest, I'll try not to complain about something that hasn't even happened yet and just hope for the best (wish me luck). And I'm going to focus on the most excellent upside of this whole storyline:


It means tons of little Emma!!! That always makes everything better.


So uh... Luke can go straight to hell. This isn't just about my love for Duke and Anna, it's about the fact that Luke has never even met Duke before, Luke and Anna were not together when Duke turned back up, and Duke quite sincerely thanked Luke for how his suspicions of FaisonDuke helped save his life. Boy, if you're trying to court a ladyperson, there's a perfect opportunity to show a little grace. What does Luke do?


Luke: Sorry, I've never been one to shake hands and be a gentleman. [Well yes, douche, it always is good to spell out your own subtext, that's for sure. --L.]

Duke: Well, at the very least you can accept my thanks for saving your life.

Luke: It never entered my mind. You were never part of my equation.

Anna: What are you doing, what are you doing, he hasn't done anything wrong.

Luke: No? Are you still in love with her?

Duke: I most certainly am still in love with her. The thought of Anna kept me alive.

Luke: Well, you're not the only one. [Really? My eyes, my eyes! They hurt from the rolling.  --L.] 


Gross. Jackass. Then he gave Anna some speech about how he's in love with her and that he and Duke are now officially adversaries. Both Duke and Anna gave him multiple chances to show an ounce of class and he couldn't muster up a bit of it. (Although Duke got in some stellar snark later when he suggested he and Luke give Anna some space and Luke pulled a "Speak for yourself, friend" bit of condescension, and Duke whipped right back with "Should I be grateful also that I've been upgraded from adversary to friend?" Oh, I'm glad that slick Scotsman is back where he belongs!)

Spectacularly, once Duke had a moment alone with Anna he quite proved himself to be the better man, telling her he understood that it had been ages and she'd had other relationships and a whole life since then and he wasn't going to pressure her or force into any decisions, or even explanations. And then, right before leaving...


Duke: However, I will always love you.


Oh, my heart. (Anna, this ain't exactly Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh here. Some choices are easy!)


The less said about Maxie being impregnated with Spinelli's spawn and the fact that the dog really did mean "Jackal," as so many of us feared, the better. Obviously the single solitary silver lining there is that there's still a puppy on set.


Puppy! (Or maybe Ellie will get angry at Maxie near the stairwell causing a mistairriage and Maxie will totally make herself feel better by getting a puppy that looks just like this and will find a new romance at the dog park? Look at me grasping, look at me go!)


I think both Luke and Sabrina were exhibiting the exact same kind of 12 year old behavior. Next thing you know they'll be giggling together at the 98 degrees/New Kids/Boyz II Men concert because it's billed as "The Package".

"I got hit by a car while you were cheating on me!"

Word, Ellie. Shut up, Spinelli.

Also, I assume Laura's return in a few weeks will nip this Luke/Anna grossness in the bud for good. They worked so well as friends, let's go back to that!

"Gross. Jackass."

Louise, your prose is impeccable. Love it!

Duke is pure class: a real, loving man. Love him!

I'm really looking forward to more Duke and Anna.

And I really wish we could get an Emma/Cam bitchface playdate.

Luke is an idiot. Does he really think that acting like an ass will win Anna over? Not that Luke should be telling Anna that he's in love with her. Sorry, I don't buy that Luke would want to even be in another serious relationship at this point in his life, after everything that's happened.

Maxie looks awful. As in morally, not physically.

Damn it. This show desperately needs a few girlfriends' nights on this show. Sabrina(as boring and childish as she is) has Felix(who is looking like he is going to graduate to being Carly's new BFF soon) and is being sort of mentored by Elizabeth. Britt has nobody. Ellie has nobody. Elizabeth hasn't had even a good friend since Robin. Can you even really include Patrick as HER friend? But definitely no true girlfriend. Lulu and Maxie have each other. Sam has nobody, really. Her sisters are waaaay younger than her and will never really be HER friend. Carly would always be Jason's friend. Carly will never play nice with other women. But it is just outrageous that NONE of these young women have any girlfriends to call and talk about work, life, guys and whatever. Nobody but Lulu and Maxie hang together. Ellie tried her damnest to befriend Maxie but Maxie wasn't interested due to her feelings for Ellie's guy. Lulu and Elizabeth are more sisters than friends. Starr and Kristina have each other. Molly? Doesn't really count, but she needs some mention of classmates. Teen stuff can be classic. Jagger/Jason/Brenda/Karen, Robin/Stone and Lucky/Liz/Emily/Nik all started out as teens. Molly has TJ. Big whoop.

Since I'm bored how about I throw out some potential friendships? Maxie and Britt. Easy what with this stupid insane(and I'm still calling it alleged) Spinelli pregnancy storyline. Lulu will be pissed so that maybe a damper on the fairly strong Lulu/Maxie friendship. Britt and Maxie are both stubborn and self centered and are goal driven.

Closest girlfriend relationship for Carly is Felix. He is a guy and he does fashion.

Ellie and Elizabeth. Both work in the hospital. Elizabeth knows Maxie's ways, so she can sympathize and advise Ellie about all the bitchy crap Maxie has done. And perhaps even point out that Maxie isn't complete evil incarnate. But they both can agree that Maxie is a bitch. And go out and have some damn fun.

Sam and Sabrina? Sam will need a babysitter every once in awhile. Why not have them strike up a friendship? Have Sam show some backbone and have her help Sabrina get some confidence and they can both get a life.

But come on writers! You can do this. Friendships are basic and fun!

Unfortunately I think the show is trying to sell Sabrina/Britt/Patrick as a tried and true triangle. Too bad it ain't working. For a number of reasons, but one of the biggest ones is exactly what you've stated here. Patrick looks like a pervy old dude next to Sabrina. The actress is hot, but the character looks and more importantly acts like she is 12. I am so over the over the top propping of this useless newbie. I am also over Sabrina being shown as all things good and pure while Britt is all things evil. No one relatively normal person is all good or all bad. It's called having layers. RC needs to figure out how to write his character this way ASAP.

Sadly, even Emma can't brighten my day because I don't recognize the child. I don't buy for one second she has forgotten her mother (or that phone call last fall) or that she wants the babysitter to be her new mom. If I were Patrick, I'd be worried about Emma being so overly attached to said babysitter.

Rant over. I feel better. ;)

Emma didn't forget her mother. She said something about her mother in this episode.

Stlbf, I totally agree -- they need to build up some female friendships again and fast. There are too many members of the ensemble right now who are only connected to one other person, and it's just too isolating.

Patrick and Emma look like idiots to prop twits one and two with the Disney story. I cannot even watch Emma anymore (how sad) with Emma's over the top propping of Sabrina. Hey RC your pet Sabrina can NEVER be Robin and using Emma and Robin with the NB forcing me to like Sabrina makes me hate her. I don't care about Patrick anymore, since real Patrick would feel Robin alive with their deep connection but that aside Robin doesn't deserve this and needs her daughter. Patrick forgetting Scrubs anniversary and his first Christmas without Robin told me what an idiot Patrick is. He learns nothing and Lisa #2 and Leyla #2 don't work anymore. Been there before. ROBIN needs to come back for Emma.

Ellie thought Maxie had maybe sabotaged her car so it would break down and she'd miss her rendezvous with Spinelli -- she never said Maxie was trying to kill her.

Ellie Fan, I know -- the "some sort of killer" thing was in reference to Siobhan, and just not wanting to see them go down that same route with Ellie.

Loathe Sabrina, Britt, Patrick, Luke with Anna Nicole (gross), the whole disgusting idea that Maxie would have sex whim bleeding from a miscarriage and then conceive (have the writers have any sort of understanding about reproduction?) and Lulu's obsessive control freak tendencies. In short, today's show was a complete bore.

Ellie came to a rather hysterical conclusion during a moment of deserved hysteria. It happens. I react worse when I misplace my coffee. As for Patrick and Robin, she's not on contract. Given her drop ins, I'd be willing to bet they'd give her a contract. But since it's a soap, which pretty much demands a character eventually be in a relationship, keeping Patrick pining for her forever would be the end of that character. And IMO, he's too good of an actor to just fire because his on screen love interest chose not to renew her contract. And as for Emma, well, 6(?) year olds tend to react almost as rationally as an undercaffeinated me.

I want to be excited for Laura's return....but then I see Luke today and how far his character has fallen (and sadly this isn't even the worst of it) and ugh....I don't want poor Laura to have to go back to THAT THING formerly known as Luke Spencer. SO much damage was done to Luke and L&L. I am going to have a really hard time accepting a reunion. Luke IS gross. Laura deserves better...I nominate Duke and/or Frisco.

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Maxie miscarried, had sex, ovulated and conceived all in the same night. That's one busy reproductive system.

So basically Patrick not "feeling" that his wife is alive means he sucks, so they should just kill Robin off once and for all because no one will ever accept Patrick not being clairvoyant until she's dead? Is that the argument?

Personally I prefer that she's alive and nobody knows until (and if) she can be back on the show full-time. God forbid they recast Robin with Jacob Young.

I Love Ellie! LOVE HER! she's the only new character when I mean new I mean very new not the old cast coming back or John cause I love them too. But Ellie I love her. The actress who plays her is very talented, sweet. I really hope they don't do something stupid like let her go, I hope they find her another love interest. Loved the way she told Spinellie off!

On another note, I can't STAND BrittBitch, I HATE the fact that they are STILL pushing her and the 20 yr old in my face and Patrick's face. And most of all, I HATE the fact that they are making Patrick soooo DUMB.

On another positive note, I LOVE Emma! She's absolutely has her mothers brain!

Patrick thinks Robin is dead and should move on, but not with a woman that looks and acts Emma's age.

I am so happy that Ellie kicked Spin to the curb!

in regards to MD comment about Patrick and his current "story", I agree with you that Jason is wayy to great of an actor to fire cause Kimberly left the show. But he is also wayyy to damn good of an actor to be in a story this STUPID. I understand its a soap and they can't have the character grieving forever but COME ON, his story is STUPID. Jason deserves better, the character of Patrick deserves better and so do us viewers and us fans of both Jason and Scrubs.

I am in the minority I guess, because Ellie annoyed me today. I have been on the fence on whether I like her or not. There are times where I just think that she's adorable and other times where I see how deliberate and over-the-top her "adorableness" is.

They are trying so hard to make her bordering ridiculous enough to be with Spinelli but still be a "normal" person. Who says "you had intercourse with her"? I want to love her, but I just can't.

@Elena ... WORD!

I'm new to your blog but I wanted to compliment everyone involved and the comments because so many posts and comments are laugh out loud fantastic and enjoyable. With that said in response to some comments I don't think anyone really has to worry about Patrick and Sabrina as a couple. Patrick made a comment to Emma today about Sabrina not being "family"... I have a feeling that's where this is headed. My guess Sabrina and Robin are sisters. In my soap fantasyland Anna was pregnant when that pesky boat exploded off the coast of Venezuela which allegedly killed her and Robert and she has no memory of that time of course. Then we could have Robert come out of this silly coma and have a real love triangle Robert/Anna/Duke.

I wonder where my original post went. *scowls*
Anyway, having not been watching during the Duke/Anna years, and having only seen Ian Buchanan through his evil roles (Greg Manning, AMC and the vampire on PC)I didn't care for him. But I melted when he looked at Anna that way and said "I will always love you." *swoon*

As for Ellie and Spinelli, I know I'm in the minority, but I like both of them and I like them together.That said, and maybe Ellie will realize this when she thinks about it (and then again, maybe not), I can't consider what he did cheating. They had agreed that if she believed they had a future, she would meet him at a designated time. The time passed and yes, she had been struck by a car but Spinelli didn't know it. He was taking her at her word that they didn't have a future. He didn't know she was coming to meet him. He didn't know she was missing. Why would he have been out looking for her? Never mind that non-drinker Spinelli was blitzed on Peach Schnappes. I understand that she's hurt but I'm hoping she realizes all of this. I kept hearing Ross from Friends "But we were on a break." I always thought he got a raw deal too.

Dear Louise,

I love your recap and commentary so much, I nearly did not post any thing because it would seem like gushing...well, here I am gushing! You captured everything I felt about yesterday's actively annoying episode. Thank goodness for Ellie! She is absolutely adorable and such a breath of fresh air. I appreciated that Spinelli "came clean" sooner than later and that she was appropriately upset. (Of course, if she even thought Maxie were capable of sabotaging her car, why would she room with her?) Ellie was the bright spot...next to the appearance of cute puppy that looks nothing like an actual jackal!

Speaking of Ellie...has there been any mention of her family? I missed a few episodes.

Ellie is a newer character with some dimension whereas Britt & Sabrina are just one-dimensional caricatures. All of this time on canvas and ZERO character development but TONS of propping (Emma, Liz, Felix.) Patrick is being made to look completely shallow and dumb here. This is the worst story on the show. What a waste of capable actors and viewers' time?

I have been over Luke Spencer for years now. I find him repulsive and Tony Geary's acting indulgent and self-serving. Understanding Luke's importance to GH, I would love to see him trotted out for special occasions only.

SaneN85, every time Ellie uses the word "intercourse" it's like someone reached into my SOUL and scratched their nails down the longest chalkboard in the world. She has so much potential but they really need to stop acting like she's never spoken to a normal human being before. Dear writers: I work with nerds and computer programmers and medical researchers! Guess what? They watch tv and have friends and use slang, just like you! < /rant >

That said, to anyone who doesn't see what Spinelli did as a betrayal of Ellie, I ask you to try and imagine how you would feel if your significant other had sex with (and declared his love for) an ex-girlfriend you both know is still in love with him roughly five minutes after declaring that he only has you in his heart. Even if we accept the "on a break" excuse for the physical betrayal, he was emotionally cheating on her. I hope she kicks him the curb and doesn't look back.

(And yes, I would love at least one line explaining where her family is in all this.)

Love your commentary, especially on the Luke/Anna/Duke fiasco yesterday. However, I'm sorry I'm just not feeling this Anna/Duke connection at all. They used to have it back in the day, but not seeing it now at all. The less said about the Luke/Anna thing the better. I felt more way more chemistry between Robert and Anna in the few short scenes they have shared this year. I say Anna forget the 2 'ukes and go bring Robert back.

Loved Duke & Anna. Swoon. And I am so over Luke Spencer. Frankly, Laura cannot get here soon enough. She has a big job in trying to make Luke likable again.

At least Ellie didn't call it "making love", Elizabeth. That makes me cringe everytime soaps call it that. In real life, I doubt if a stressed and enraged Ellie would've said "intercourse". A much harsher and shorter four letter word most likely would've been used. And completely appropriate in my mind. But it is network tv. I just wish Ellie had someone else in her life.

First I am also over Uke.TG doesn't even seem to be there. he can take his vacation and I won't miss him. I was never a duke fan,But like all the others.I loved him saying he would always love Anna. he was so sweet..I would rather have Anna wth Robert,but I know I never want Anna with Luke.
ellie is fine. She is sweet,and she doesn't seem to have a evil bone in her body. She can forgive Spin for sleeping with Maxie but he needs to suffer first. having an actual child with maxie should do that!.He was feeling sorry for himself,but they have both watched the movie? She needed to not forgive him to quickly.
Emma is a joy to watch.She isn't afraid to say whats on her mind.She doesn't like Britt. Who does? Every soap needs a Britt. Patrick I love but he is dense. just look at what Lisa did so we shouldn't be surprised.
I like Sabrina but I am sick to death of her whinning. Grow up girl and look in the mirror.

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