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January 06, 2013

The Hopeless & the Returning

Happy 2013, Serial Drama readers! Sorry we've been taking a while to get off the ground with the year's new episodes, but getting back into the swing of things post-holidays is always tricky (plus, co-writing that Best and Worst post drained my brain of so very many of its few remaining cells).

Do any of you have any stories of soapy ways you spent the holidays? I switched a few paternity tests (as is Christmas tradition in my family), but I also did a ridiculous amount of binge-viewing One Life to Live episodes from 2009 (the ones they show back-to-back weekdays on SoapNet, which I am blissfully lucky enough to still get from my cable carrier). Ross! Eli! Jared! Fish! Kyle! Rachel! The Defenestration of Blair Cramer! Dorian's Big Gay Wedding! It's all way too much fun.

Speaking of OLTL, I saw the play Water by the Spoonful tonight (it was this year's Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama) and none other than Frankie Faison, aka Richard Evans aka Destiny's dad/grandpa aka Shaun and Greg's pop, had a major role in it. I highly recommend the production in every other way as well, but Mr. Faison did some really powerful and heartbreaking work. Warmed my heart to see him in action!

But let's get down to the real business of soap blogging! I am sitting down to watch yesterday's The Bold & the Beautiful, so let's check it out and see what that dastardly Bill is up to these days...

Hope's trying to get Liam to consider taking her back and he's all condescending and, "That's enough, Hope!" (Weird, he never said that to Steffy the six hundred times she kissed him while he was with Hope.)

Taylor asks Steffy about the Liam/Hope situation, and Steffy is perfectly confident that Hope is no threat.

Katie and Brooke are calling Bill out for drinking in the hospital waiting room. Katie tells him it's wildly inappropriate. "Wildly?" he says smugly. Bill leaves for a meeting with Justin and Brooke gives Katie a knowing look of some sort.

Oh em gee! Dani and Karen live! They stop by the hospital room to see Caroline. I always forget that she's their daughter since they're so much more interesting than she is.


Steffy tries to call Liam and Alison tells her he's with Hope. Meanwhile, Liam is continuing to insist to Hope that he's moved on and is not interested.

Justin, who also apparently still exists, asks Bill if he's okay. "I've had better days," Bill says.

Caroline's doctor wants her to stay in the hospital a bit longer as a precaution, which she explains after an awkward "Are you her mum?" exchange with Dani and Karen.

Hope does some more explaining that she was the one who failed their relationship because her expectations were too high. Expectations like expecting not to be cheated on and lied to and have your hubby tell you he's in love with another woman as well. She thinks she should have just looked into his eyes and seen the truth. You know, like you do. She's going to prove to him that they "still have a chance," and the bile in my belly starts to rise.

Karen says that Bill has been spiking his coffee for years, and Brooke insists that Bill is "fine." Karen's not too happy about this and Katie agrees that they need to address this issue with Bill, and Brooke looks like she's probably going to totally jump to Bill's defense.

Taylor advises Steffy to tell Hope to back off again. 

Hope and Liam are still having the same conversation and saying nothing new. Oh hell, flashbacks. Put me out of my misery please. Hope is now delivering some of Steffy's old dialogue about how Liam belongs with her and she knows it'll happen one day. This could be really easy for a lot of the writers if they just want to pull out some of last year's scripts and just swap out Steffy's name for Hope's for most of the dialogue.

Liam shows up at the hospital and punches Rick across the face. I hope he does the same to Bill if and when he ever finds out about all the crap he pulled, but I'm doubting it!

At Bill's house, all of his loved ones hilariously enter one-by-one from different doors, Taylor from the last one. It's an intervention! "You gotta be freakin' kidding me," says Bill.


Sir Spencer is displeased by how the plebians are behaving.

Hope flashes back to her kiss with Liam, and then Steffy shows up and the two of them start bickering again. They make a lot of cocky facial expressions and do a lot of posturing at each other.


IT'S A THRILL. 2013 ringin' in just the way 2012 did. Yay.

But you know what? At least we always have this to make us smile.


Happy New Year!


The intervention could totall be hilarious; here's to hoping! Yay for Karen and Dani being back, yay yay! Just watched the conversatio between Katie & Brooke about Bill's drinking and Ridge leaving and about being Logan women and for me that is still the essence of the show; I can deal with all the crap they throw at us storyline-wise, as long as we get these heartfelt family moments just like we did at Xmas.

Happy New Year, Louise!

Louise: No apologies necessary! The "Best & Worst" was such a great and complete post, you never have to apologize for anything! So glad to know you saw Frankie Faison on stage. I am sure he was fantastic. He always made the most of his brief moments on OLTL. The Evans Family felt like a real family unit because of him and the actress who portrayed his wife, Phyllicia.

I actually started to watch this episode of B&B but tuned out the moment Hope & Liam appeared. Argh. I.JUST.CAN'T.

I wish I had stuck around for Karen (I adore Joanna Johnson.) I have no use for Crystal Chappell's overacting but would love to see more Karen & Dani. The best story option would be for Caroline to die due to her injuries. It would generate a great deal of story and acting opportunities for Joanna Johnson, Jacob Young, Heather Tom and Don Diamont. I like Lindsay Godfrey but she and Caroline have never taken off and it'd be best if she left the canvas.

And after how well done Katie's postpartum was done it's disappointing that Bill is having an overnight alcohol-dependency and intervention. Ugh.

I haven't been watching this show for very long and I'm probably not going to bother with it much longer. It seems that Bill Bell only knows how to write one or two storylines and keeps repeating with different characters. It started with the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle and has moved on to the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle. Neither one of them is worth my time. The only scenes I didn't/don't FF through were Susan Flannery's...now Katies, Bill's, Eric's and stories about the business, which are too few and far between. Life is too short to waste time watching drivel.


Was ill most of this weekend so had a little 2009 OLTL marathon of my own! Doran, David, Kyle, Fish, KIM!, old-Jack (so bratty & funny), Ross, Eli, Bo, Nora, VICKI!!! Just what the doctor ordered.

Look at it like this: it's been several months since the last physical injuries we can attribute to the ToD Mark II, so in that regard Caroline going over the balcony and Rick getting punched out were necessary to fill quota...

Hey Louise,
Any chance we could get a snarky recap of KKL on Ronn's Garage? I mean, I love them both, but for lack of anything new on B&B due to the triangle, this could be material for a different post, lol. In the process of watching right now, so not sure if it has snarky material, but I figure it's good to stay up-to-date on B&B stuff. It would be lovely if he could have Susan Flannery on. Here's a link: http://ronnmoss.com/ronnsgarage/videos

Update: So I've only watched the first part of the Ronn's Garage interview but there has already been talk of Ronn designing SCARVES (!!!) and the possibility of them getting together in real life (!!) and KKL's Beach Boys videos. My Bridge are even more awesome in real life * fangirling *

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