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January 24, 2013

I'm In The Midst Of A Shame Spiral

Even though the following conversation is incredibly and almost uncomfortably reminiscent of the oneupsmanship sixth grade girls engage in while crushing on the same boy ("Tim borrowed a pencil from me in math class". "Oh, well, Tim stood next to me in line for lunch, so..." "Yeah, but he spoke to me" "Because he needed something!"), I assure you that it is actually an irony-free conversation with two grown men who are both in love with the same loud, unlikable harridan.

Todd: What did you think of Carly's haircut?
Johnny: What are you talking about?
Todd: Oh, that's right. You didn't get a chance to see it. Let me tell you, man, she looks great. It's short, awesome. You probably won't see it until it's long again. You know, like down to the floor long. And you'll probably have cataracts by then.
Johnny, equal parts jealous, annoyed, and fantasizing about Carly with a haircut: What, did the paddywagon stop at the beauty shop?
Todd: She came to see me at my arraignment. Yeah, after everything we've been through, she still can't shake me.
Johnny, equal parts wanting to throw up and fantasizing about sexing Carly up atop Todd's cold, dead body: How...how'd she look? She look okay?
Todd: She looked HOT. Never looked better. Never, ever.
Johnny, wanting so desperately to have the upper hand in this conversation: You know, Todd, something tells me she didn't show up to show her support for you. She wants you to see waht you're missing.
Todd: She came to see me. Did she come to see you, Johnny? No. She's already forgotten about you.

I wish I could tell you that the above is one of my satirical GH conversations, but no: it was very, very real and very, very off-putting and very, very "For the love OF, gentlemen, this is CARLY you are fighting over. Not that this middle school level of discourse would ever be understandable, but CARLY. CARLY!"

If I keep fast-forwarding through all of the things that make me cringe, I'm only going to be able to sit through any and all Anna scenes, and AJ's plotting. Which really isn't a bad thing. I'm just saying.


why oh why Carly ! Todd is better off with out her! Same goes for Johnny! I love these two guys , please no Carly !!!!!!!

What a prop-a-thon today was. Besides these two nitwits, we had Felix "You go girl!" and "Fierce!"-ing Carly all over the place and then poor Liz having to call Sabrina a saint.

And the worst thing is that Todd and Johnny have more chem with each other than either could manage with Carly... Please Prospect Park come and rescue Todd from RC's utter destruction once again..

Again, I thank the inventor of the DVR. The ability to FF through the Carly propping is made of win.

Good Lord. Sabrina is exhausting. The writers just prop the character versus develop her AT ALL. It's a bad Disney movie with a wicked witch and dense prince charming. Felix playing "fairy gay godfather" is tiresome too although Carly did look FAB. Lol. Seriously, I wish he had mentioned himself among those needing a new man! Gay men can do more than makeovers and stroke straight women's egos.

And using Liz to prop this story infuriates me. Patrick is looking so obtuse.

Tracy was awesome. I wish Ned would stay. Even with leverage, AJ/Michael is no match for Tracy/Ned.

AJ and Carly are smoking. That's the pairing I wish to see explored. It's hotter than Tarly and I like Tarly too.

I was happy to see Sam go to McBain's room but then found their actual conversation painfully dull. I can never buy Sam as being a force to be reckoned with, so her threats about Todd are meaningless. I had to FFWD. McBam is so pretty together.

Todd telling Johnny his plan to evade prison time was stupid. I do think Johnny should serve some jail time. Somehow I believe both Todd Nd Johnny will recieve slaps on the wrists.

I couldn't stand watching poor Liz being used to prop up the useless Soblanda. Really? All Liz has to do now is to prop up 1 dimensional newbies and throw bitchface at another useless newbie? Come on writers! I know you can do better.

I just don't know if it is possible to hate this bitchnewbie/Patrick /wallflowerblandnewbie. Writers, this is not a challenge to you!

And yes, the neverending Carly propping is still gross.

Also, shouldn't Ned point out to Tracy that her father will be rolling in his grave if she offers any type of help or owes Sonny any form of favor. Sonny, the man who STOLE Edward's great-grandson? Her beloved dead brother's only grandson(that he got to see).

At least Jasper Jacks is free of that hot-ass mess!

I will also look forward to the day when Todd with be, too....as for Johnny, I don't care enough to hope he's spared that giant headache.

Correction: Todd will be

If they would write Todd as someone who is spiraling out of control due to Blair turning her back on him & his belief that he killed his brother & he only turned to Carly because he thought of her as a replacement for Blair. Roger has the talent to play Todd that way, dammit!!!

That Johnny/Todd conversation was ridiculous. I don't think either of them is a prize, but clearly they are far more stupid than I realized.

Not even Anna can make me tolerate a scene with Sonny. Which pretty much seals it - Sonny is unwatchable. Period. I have discovered the limit of Finola's magic. It is great but not without boundaries apparently.

I like Sabrina. Sue me.

I don't dislike Sabrina. But she is amazingly immature. And the woman Emma has spent the most time with since her Mommy died is Elizabeth. Please writers let's not try to tak that away. Sabrina has babysat a handful of times. And she's too young for Patrick. And Robin is still alive--and we know it--so why should we care. Unless, like I read somewhere, perhaps Sabrina is somehow Robin's sister.

The best acting Kristina has done is swing that bat today. And can someone please remind me what Ned does for a living. Is he/was he a rock star?

I thought Ned was still running his music empire with Brooklyn and Lois. And touring on the side.

As for Soblanda, I don't hate her. It is just that she is just an inferior version of a Mary Sue. There is nothing to her character. She has a crush on an older man and everything she does is for the attention of said man. I just don't think that she would be so into the Nurse's Ball if it didn't pertain to Patrick. And having Emma overnight becoming so attached to her makes Soblanda even more of a Mary Sue. Elizabeth and even Anna have spent more time with Emma than Soblanda. The girl has watched Emma what, a dozen times(maybe) over the past couple of months? Not enough for her to want her Daddy to make her a family member. If anything, Emma should be demanding more Daddy time with Emma only. I've watched kids for years. And I know that they actually do love me. We have fun and do stuff together. And the 6 year old girl still will whine about whichever parent is leaving her.

thank you i was just saying that about Liz being the constant female in emma's life, she's been there since the kid was a baby and her mom put her in a tree. plz this sabrina thing is her using robin and emma to get into patrick's pants,that's all it is, she is no better than britt, actually she's worse b/c she's using those two things.

don't even get me started on 2 guys fighting over carly while Liz has basically been manless for 3yrs, that is ridiculous. there needs to be 2 hot eligible men fighting over Liz, but in no way do i want todd the rapist anywhere near Liz. and can we get Liz away from the school agers unless their her own kids, she does not need to be propping that twit, Rebecca Herbst needs her own story.

and as for sam, why should todd pay for her kid getting taken when she has NEVER paid for watching Jake get taken by a crazy woman, at least tea wasn't crazy or hiring two goons w/guns to hold up a woman w/2 small boys. and i don't think todd needs to be scared by someone who can't shoot straight, she'd probably shoot herself before she hit him.

Please please please do NOT make Sabrina Frano's daughter Lauren and the new Q heir. That would be terrible! I posted this on SD's FB page too so I will put the link here for others. Youtube of Franco telling Carly about his daughter.

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