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January 22, 2013

Short On Words, Long On Exclamation Points

Maybe it's the hypothermia* messing with my reading comprehension**, but I seem to be under the impression that Thorsten Kaye--Thorsten Freaking Kaye, you guys, as Zach Freaking Slater. THORSTEN! KAYE!--is headed to Prospect Park's All My Children and Jack Wagner--JACK WAGNER--Jack "OHMIGOD, you guys, Jack Wagner as Frisco. Frisco. Frisco!" Wagner--is returning to General Hospital and...that cannot be true, can it? It can and it is and all I can do is clap like a deranged seal!***

*No, REALLY. I know I say all the time "I'm so not melodramatic, but [insert absolutely ludicrous imaginary side effect of watching a television show here!]", but...it is so, so cold. And my office is so, so cold that the seltzer I had on my desk started to freeze and my rings kept falling off. FRIGID!

**When I first read this news, I saw "Frisco" as "Franco" and I literally gasp-shrieked and dropped my phone and almost started to cry. The saddest part about that sentence, besides my inability to read, is that I am not exaggerating. That is what just imagining a glimpse of the name Franco does to me. Did you guys see his poem about President Obama? I died a thousand deaths.

***And momentarily crash back down to earth by raising an eyebrow quizzically at the names not listed on the AMC returns list. Like Kanes and Chandlers, for example. I mean, granted, I would for sure watch a full hour of just Jill Larson as Opal, being hilarious, but...I don't know what to make of this.

I have no such misgivings about Jack Wagner's return--all of that is just pure awesome.


Awesome Frisco news!

Folks, please reassure me that Ron C and the Powers That Be will let Anna & Duke end up together (after all of the requisite twists and turns). The angst and tension between those characters is painful to watch!

Jack Wagner was my first TV crush back at the ripe old age of 10. I loved Frisco and Felicia. Loved! But then Jack left the show and Mac entered the picture. It took a while, but I finally got on board the Mac and Felicia bandwagon and they became my favorite. And as exciting as it is to hear Frisco is coming back, I worry this means the end for Felicia and Mac (for the million time!). Can we please not screw Mac over AGAIN? This poor guy. I really can't take it.

I am thinking there are some Frisco and Felicia fans who would like to pummel me for my comment.

I just hope Thorsten Kaye will continue his role on "Smash." I love him as Angelica Houston's boyfriend.

I squealed when I saw on Facebook that TK was in! I don't even LIKE AMC. But for him, I'd watch! Zach and Kendall were so hot!

I didn't know that he's on Smash. Wow, I might have to watch that sometime - not enough gorgeous men to look at on the air.

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