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January 16, 2013

The Idiotic & the Forgiving

Liam Spencer: World's Biggest Idiot.

Y'all, I had to laugh my ass off today when it became clear that Liam has now forgiven Bill everything just because of his little fake-stabbing-himself stunt. Seriously. That is all it took. I mean I didn't just start watching this show so I knew nothing would really change and that Liam would forgive him, but damn! I thought there might be a little tension the next few times they interacted. But nope. Bygones! Blocked his bride from showing up to their wedding! Made him think he'd been stood up at the altar with a fake note! Bribed a warden to get his fiancee's father out of prison to blindside her! The list goes on, but he gave himself an ouchie in the chest (or at least so Liam thinks) so, you know. No biggie!

I did love Katie's face when Liam filled her in on what a drama queen her husband is.


Right, Katie? Of course it doesn't matter. She'll stick with him anyway, just like everyone inexplicably does. Which I frequently get all pissy about on Katie's behalf, but then...


But then they get all cute! That is just not playing fair.

Anyway, back to his other son, the douchenozzle who not only one gorgeous and allegedly intelligent woman wants, but TWO! For absolutely not one single good reason. Oh and someone should totally tell Taylor and Brooke that if they need to intervene daily in their daughters' love lives because otherwise things just won't go right? Then their daughters aren't ready to be involved in something so damn serious.

Brooke was particularly amusing today, showing up to tell Liam she knows everything and then demanding he make a choice right away. Brooke! HE'S MADE A CHOICE! TWENTY TIMES! Choosing one more time isn't going to make it stick any better!


Oh, and the best part was when they started throwing this nonsense around...

Liam: What about loyalty, integrity?


Brooke: You were very loyal to Hope until the two of you were lied to.

OH MY SWEET JESUS BROOKE YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Give me one example of Liam ever having shown loyalty! ONE!

Brooke: You are loyal and compassionate and considerate.

All right, Brookester, now you're just pulling our legs. Surely we are not expected to take this madness seriously. 

And speaking of Brooke running off and trying to reunite her daughter with the worst possible love match in Los Angeles (and there's serious competition), said daughter is getting super annoying. I am not remotely enjoying new-and-improved cocky Hope one bit.


Ugh. Just stop the smug-face all the time. There are few bigger pet peeves that I have than writing an alleged "change" in a character that is entirely represented by that character standing around saying, "I have changed! Now I'm STRONG!" Oh mercy, does that ever undermine people when they talk like that. Loudly announcing your fabulous new character traits to the world is generally the first hint to other people that you're full of shit.

Oh these people. If we can't ever get these women to wise up and kick Liam to the well-deserved curb (at this point I might not even mind a curb-stomp executed by both Steffy and Hope), can the three of them just start up a poly relationship and go to Paris for a year to celebrate or something? Somewhere we don't have to look at this nightmare trio for a long, long time?

Damn. That's a lot of invective right there. I even broke out the all-caps yelling! So I will leave this on a positive note. There actually was one good (and not in a funny way) scene today.


For whatever reason this show seems to try to keep positioning Rick as just a Logan and not a Forrester (while only Steffy and Thomas are really the only regular Forresters in the young-ish set), but for crap's sake Eric Forrester is his father. They occasionally have them reference this at the office, but they rarely actually give them any familial scenes of substance. So I was pleasantly surprised today when Rick actually showed up and lent an ear and a shoulder to his recently-widowed father; it was a quiet, lovely scene.

More of that, please!


The show is so odd about the Forrester/Logan thing. First, as you say, Rick is Eric's son. Biologically, Ridge is not a Forrester, however much Brad Bell may regret that ridiculous retcon now. And it shouldn't matter to Eric, so I'm glad it doesn't. But when anyone on the show starts referring to Steffy and Thomas as Forresters and Rick as one of those darn Logans, it only highlights the fact that Rick IS a biological Forrester and Steffy and Thomas...aren't.

The Forrester/Logan thing is absurd but in recent weeks building to the fashion-showdown, the rivalry was presented more often as: Brooke's children versus Taylor's children. Still absurd. Then again this is the show that ignores the fact that Hope should have been raised as a sibling to Steffy and Thomas, even referring to Ridge as "dad."
Since the show's characters are all related in some way, the arbitrary lines are drawn to justify romances or rivalries.

I have never liked Pretty Princess Hope, she seriously grates on my nerves. This past week, however has taken my hatred to the next level. "We were ROBBED!!!! We were LIED TO!!!" And the running around throwing Steffy' s belongings into bags...seriously, what the hell!?! I was hoping Liam would ask her if she was back on the pills. She is not being strong and assertive, she is being annoying and bratty.

I purely liked Hope on the basis that she's Brooke's kid but dang, it's hard with all this ignorance being hurled at me top speed.

Brooke. Honey. No.

If Michael Corinthos can not be awful and the GH congregation not worship at Sonny's feet for a time, I can see this soap not kissing the Spencer men butt in the future. Maybe.

Lisa, I hear you. I'd been giving Hope the benefit of the doubt for years (despite not being the type of soap gal I usually enjoy) just because she's Brooke's kid. My benefit of the doubt has worn out entirely. Now I'm taking her on her own merits and I'm not seeing any.

And as much as I hate Liam, I'm starting to hate Steffy and Hope even more for being so pathetic about him.

It's really hard to figure out who is lamer and more annoying in this triangle storyline. I totally agree with you that they should all just go off to Europe and come back when they have grown up. Ugh.

But that color looks FANTASTIC on Heather Tom.

And I always love family moments, esp between Rick & Eric since they are so few and far in between. And Rick being a Logan AND a Forrester should be treated like effing B&B ROYALTY and not like a second-class citizen!

Why or why aren't they making more use of Jacob Young and his talent? I know I've been watching a short time but the Liam/Steffy/Hope merry-go-round is ...ugh.

And I keep wondering...how did I get started on this and how do I stop? Because I swear, I see the same story, hear the same lines and wince through the same flashbacks. Every. Day.

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