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January 28, 2013

The Real Victim Here Is My Eardrums

The General Hospital writers who decided to center so much of today's episode on Kristina and Connie together, in scenes prominently featuring the former's UNBELIEVABLY LOUD YELLS OF RAGE-Y RAGE and the latter's open-mouthed terror and, eventually, sneer-mouthed aggression, are either horrible people who want to cause me physical and emotional pain or absolute geniuses who know that what I need after a long and terrible day is a good guffaw and what in the world is funnier than Kristina screaming at Connie with such force that her voluminous hair kept flopping into her eyes in a manner that reminded me of Barkley on Sesame Street.

No, really, it was amazing and also terrible. Why would they allow Lindsey Morgan in a scene with such a mondo (and entertaining, but really: mondo) overactor when she hasn't exactly mastered the concept of "acting"? What was she trying to...do, here, exactly (I know, I know, convey rage and heartbreak, but I keep forgetting that Kristina and Trey were even a couple, because I've spent so long blocking out their scenes)? Why are any and all references to Trey being abandoned in a drawer so amazingly funny to me? Why is Dante the only police officer who works in Port Charles and how many more of his family members will he need to arrest before he decides it might be best to look into another line of work, like accounting or hairdressing?


RC should have sent Krissy to CA and Connie to prison.

And let Trey go with Krissy instead of killing him off.

I don't buy that Kristina is this broken up about Trey, a guy who lied to her through most of her relationship and who she got back together with like six seconds before he died.

I don't buy that Connie is this broken up about Trey, a guy she left in a drawer as a baby and called a mistake to his face until after he was brain dead.

Don't. Buy. It.

kannie needs to be in SB, maybe sonny can rescind her bail.

if you watch Liz's scenes and her expressions, she doesn't overplay them, they are believable,Kannie is way over the top, she needs to take lessons from RH in subtlety. and really you're out on bail for kidnapping,attempted murder, causing an accident and you're going to have a catfight w/one of the people who was in the accident you caused. can they just give theis kannie/DID story a break, it is nonstop. you know who really deserves a story, Elizabeth. here is a Gorgeous woman,who actually combs her hair and knows how to apply makeup,and she doesn't have anybody interested in her. yeah that's gonna happen.

I forgot to mention...when Sonny was trying to calm Kristina down...Connie did a really good impression of a raging bull...I swear I almost saw steam puff out of her ears.

I just can't...Ugh. Another episode to skip...

Since it looks like Dante and Lulu aren't going to have a kid, he should open up a daycare center so he can be cute with a kid in some capacity.

I'm thinking these are throw away episodes, just to get us to Feb sweeps? God, I hope so!

We all know Lante will have their miracle baby, because we never see a woman or man struggle to have a baby. Sam had a swiss cheese uterus with bad eggs and voila!, Sam now has a baby. Lulu's heart shape uterus will turn out to be just someone (Helena) messing with her life. Maxie had a miscarriage and a new baby all within sixty minutes.

It would have been really nice if we found out that it was Dante all along with bad sperm and Lulu was not the problem. How would Dante and Momma Pasta deal with no biological Falconeri child? I don't buy Lulu's instant want to be a Momma so bad spiel, when she wanted to be an adventuress like her father last year!

Connie needs to go, pronto. Liz looked amazing, but needs a front burner story and a hot man!

LadyBug, I agree it would have more interesting for Dante to have the problem

also there are strong reasons to believe JMB is leaving soon because there was a casting call out and the audition script was a Lulu scene from last year . . . so even if they do have a baby it won't quite be the same.

This recast of Krissy was SUCH a devolution. Lexi was so good, and this chick has all the dimension of a sheet of paper.

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