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January 07, 2013

Wholly Unbelievable!

Please don't misunderstand, it is TOTALLY believable that Carly would take a situation concerning, among other horrible things, dead children and make it all about her. And it is EQUALLY believable that she'd make it about her at the loudest and shrillest volume imaginable and make wounded faces while she self righteously lectures on the importance of honesty. This is CARLY. She is a terrible and hilarious human disaster who has never had an unselfish thought.

But for Carly to hear that Todd was involved in a baby switch involving Jason's child and say these words? I call the foulest of fouls.

Carly: The crazy thing is, I would have forgiven you. I would have been really mad about the whole Jason part, but I would have listened to you explain and I would have forgiven you. Hell, I would have gone to my grave defending you. But you didn't trust me enough to give me that choice.

The Carly I know and love and would be absolutely terrified of if she was a real person and I had the misfortune of knowing her would never forgive anyone for anything for even midly irritating Jason, so I am supposed to believe that she'd not only forgive Todd for keeping Jason away from his son but would also defend him for the rest of her life? No. I'm sorry, that would never happen. Ever. I don't even think Carly would go to her grave defending Morgan if he did something to upset Jason. She'd be more likely to send Morgan to his grave for upsetting Jason.

This is absurd, is what I'm saying.


Word, especially considering the tear she went on when she found out about Jake.

Might as well. They're writing Todd so out of character for her so only fair to do the same in return.

Right there with you, Mallory, but on the other hand? Carly's VERY fond of making pronouncements about what she "would" have done when she'll never get the chance to put her money where her mouth is, you know? She's full of it, but it's Carly!

I enjoyed Carly when she was shot in the head by Sonny.

It was definitely one of her finer moments.

Yep. Carly standing next to Starr when hearing Johnny's confession AND making it ALL about her was hilariously in-character. I literally laughed out loud. Carly making that statement to Todd: wildly out-of-character. I know many viewers' became frustrated with Jason, Carly and Sonny but they have been lead characters for well over 10 years. That relationship defined all of these characters and GH for a long time and I think these writers are doing the characters and audience a disservice by minimizing Carly and Sonny's dependence on Jason. Carly would never forgive anyone for hurting Jason. She resented Liz and Sam for being important women in Jason's life!

Todd has been dragged down long enough...let's move on from this stuff......he needs his family and his OTB.

I feel like this regime is trying to make Carly more sympathetic or something but it's a fail...she was long ago established to be a Jason worshiper to the nth degree and that would never change.

Yeah, I appreciate the writers' not wanting Carly to worship at the feet of Jason, but then it should have been gradual, although even then I'm not sure it would be believable.

re: Kristina . . . she was bad. But so was Starr. Those two need to go to PCU together, off screen.

The only thing wrong with all of Carly's near death experiences, is the near part. Sonny was and is a lousy shot ;-)

I wish Cartini would bring back Faison for a day so he can send Carly to be with St Jasus forever at the bottom of the PC river, or Genoa City, either way I'm good!

Carly is too dumb for words and she is so OOC that I can barely fathom her. Todd is acting OOC too and I have lost all faith in Todd too.

TODD has been dragged down long enough i agree and he and starr need to get back to llanview as soon as the PP thing starts up. He is totally OOC on GH and needs his family and his OTB. As for carly she is a moran who is totally ooc like todd. to have her say she would be able to forgive anything but the lieing to her face is DUMB. In other words she is saying she doesnt care or would forgive todd for keeping jason from knowing his son for all those months? YEA RIGHT!!She doesnt know yet about the dna that todd KNEW it was jasons baby not francos. as of right now she only knows about the baby switch and anthonyz tire shootot that killed cole and hope

PREACH IT, Mallory!

First of all, this Slagbeast has had an unhealthy attachment to Jason, ever since they did the nasty. She's never stopped hoping that he'd change his mind and decide he loved her and not Robin, Sam or Liz. There is no way in hell that any writing would make me believe that she would ever, ever stop prostrating over the Borg named Jason Morgan. She's a hosebeast of a succubeast that should never had been made a lead character.
Forget Morgan. I remember her calling Michael a "stupid little punk" for going off on Jason or something. That told me right there, that no one, NO ONE, was first with her except for that turd. And it pains me to call him that, because I did, at one time, a long, long, long, time ago, like and love him with Robin.

I see it as the writers trying to force the Todd/Carly thing to become just like the Jason/Carly thing.

So following that logic, if JASON ever did something like that, then this would be an appropriate response. If Todd is meant to be the new Jason (so wrong) then I guess that's what they are going for. It's just all so wrong!!

Carly would NEVER let anyone pass on that. . .in fact the only person on earth she'd let pass on the "paternity secret" stuff is herself and JASON!! The Baby Switch would make her an enemy for life. . . she'd never forgive that! I enjoy crazy Carly. . . I enjoy Crazy Todd. . .this aint' them.

I get that Todd is supposed to be a changed man after eight years of torture. I get that the writers have him "trying to move on". BUT I cry foul here on his behaviour. There is no way he'd be sitting idly by waiting for the other shoe to drop. He's be raging around and making an ass of himself and threatening all manner of hell exploding all over the place. I never remember Todd whining. I remember a man who, after being disappointed in love (he saw Blair and another man in bed), he tore the whole town down in his rage and destroyed, if I'm counting correctly, seven other people's lives, not counting the damage he did to his own. I'm talking about a man who, when he found out it was all a trick, he attempted to bury alive the perpetrator of said trick. A man who almost blew up the police station in Llanview to retrieve evidence after he made a mistake... and there's so much more!! He's a mess. He makes a constant mess of things, like he's done here, but then he blames EVERYONE else for it and goes nuts!!

I don't see him whining and waiting for disaster to strike.

Bethie, Todd has become RC's version of Todd, which is basically how he characterized TSJ's Todd before the retcon happened. TSJ Todd WOULD have whined and waited for disaster to strike. RH Todd would have whined about how people didn't get him while he actively fucked everything up for said people.

I think it's awesome that she said it because she's a liar. And we know for a fact she wouldn't have forgiven Todd.

But she gets to wear the High Road hat (which does NOT fit her) so she can say whatever.

Carly has always been delusional, so whatever.

Yeah, I'm kind of surprised to see so many people just taking Carly at her word. No, of course she would never have forgiven Todd for any crime against Jason. But of COURSE she's happy to paint herself as an all-forgiving martyr in a speech where she also claims not to be a hypocrite AND treats the act of lying as a worse offense than killing for money. I mean, really -- people think the writers intended that entire thing without irony?

I thought it was hilarious. And completely vintage, in character Carly.

Carly is one of the least self-aware characters in the history of television. I think she's a fabulously entertaining monster. This is the woman who genuinely believed that Jax kissing Kate was a more egregious act of infidelity than her having sex with Sonny. "It was a go-back! It was a re-do!" She's bonkers, and anything she says ever should be taken with an entire shaker of salt. I think LW understands this about her character perfectly, and emphasizes it more than the other actresses who played Carly in the past. Which is why, in my opinion, LW is far and away the funniest of the Carlys.

What got me was Carly saying she could forgive mistakes but not lying, but she can't forgive any of AJ's mistakes. I know that involved her children so that was different. But she seems to have selective forgiveness depending upon who is doing what. She hated Liz with a passion all because Liz was important to Jason, not for anything specific. I can't imagine her forgiving someone who kept her Jason away from his own child, but if she doesn't forgive Todd then there won't be anyone to hold her purse. Does Todd know what is required of him to be her BFF??!

I choked the other week when Alexis had to pimp the whole "Carly is a good mother" fallacy. I respect that the character has a lot of fans, but I personally never cared for Carly no matter who was playing her. Unfortunately I don't love to hate the character, I just completely dislike the character. Totally hilarious that the reveal of the secrets of Johnny and Todd has become all about her!

You said it, Kim. Ron is writing Todd out of character to prop this useless character and I'm more than ready to see him ride off into the sunset with his true love, Blair.

I know that todd is supposed to be the guy messing everything up...I know he almost blew up llanview police station...I know that he lies and lies and lies and lies....and he switched the babies... but I don't care I LOVE TODD AND I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY FOR MORE THAN TWO SECONDS.

End of OLTL, sleeps with Blair, McBain comes in.
Sleeps with Carly, Johnny confesses and exposes Todd.

Carly saying she would have forgiven Todd for indirectly screwing with Jason should have been followed by a flashing "BULLSHIT" sign. I can't even let it go as Carly taking the high road, since (1) she usually doesn't take that road to begin with on lesser issues...hell, most issues...and (2) unless I've missed it somehow she's never, ever, rational and/or understanding where her BFF St. Terminator is involved. Yay writer fiat?

Erm, technically Carly is no better than Todd on the baby switch front. Everyone has forgotten that she and Jax faked DNA tests on Spencer and kept him from Nikolas. For her not to forgive Todd, whether or not it was Jason, would be hypocritical.

Fair point, Cindy (and, TBH, I don't think I was watching Steady Mobbin' when this went down). It still seems weird that she'd even say she would let any crime against her god slide, however, but that's me...

True, Bill, so I would allow her to have a good mad on against Todd for a while, but ultimately she would have to forgive him. Though it would give Liz a good chance to be snarky and call her out on being a hypocrite.

The thing is, though, that this was JASON'S baby--and that Slagbeast's middle name is hypocrite, so her saying she would have forgiven the switch is utter BS, because she was obsessed with Jason, and had to settle for his being her best friend, when as sure as the Sun rises in the East, if Jason had crooked his finger at her for more than just friends, she would kill anyone who stood in her path to make it happen.

So yeah, knowing this character after so many years and watching her sick twisted obsessed love for Jason, for her to just hand wave it away, is out of character for this hosebeast.

Can someone please tell me what OTB is? Own True Blair? I feel stupid...

Belatedly, I must say that I really missed a lot of Carly's ranting because my brain just plain broke after she vigorously declared, "I am not a hypocrite!"

Now that prospect park has revived OLTL I pray the soap gods that means that RH will return to OLTL. I Can't stand pod-Todd and Tarly!

Loving these posts! It's funny because I do think Cartini are trying to portray Slagbeast as more "human" than before, but it just comes off as "stupid" and "pathetic" and OOC! I almost believe that she WOULD forgive Todd, because ya know what? Jason's dead y'all. Carly needs a new man and Sonny is busy, Jax is too sane. This slag could care less what Todd does or has done. She just wants him to worship her and lying to her isn't worshippy enough for her. This show acts like she is a catch - with Johnny and Todd fighting over her, obsessed with her, todd said something today like, I've never NOT played games my whole life until now. Ya, thanks for that, Ron. FML

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