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February 26, 2013

I Needed This Little Pick-Me-Up

You know, maybe if I had been a Port Charles viewer I'd find all of this less hilarious and bizarre. Perhaps I'd be giddy about the re-visit, or embarrassed by the re-visit because I'd hoped it was long behind me, or maybe I'd be all manner of furious about what PC plot points (if any) this current incarnation rewrites or cancels out. I have no idea. 

As it stands, I'm watching this with a tremendous amount of aesthetic distance because I can't care about it. I'm not emotionally engaged or worried for the fate of any of the characters involved because it's all just so silly. It's silly in a way that doesn't make me angry, though, because it feels like once it's over, it'll really be over. I'm eager to get to Lucy Coe actually being Lucy Coe, which is the only thing that really keeps me from fully enjoying my incredulity and dropped-jaw at how absurd this has gotten.

But seriously. How is this not fun?


I mean come on! (Again, had I ever seen Michael Easton do this before, the novelty wouldn't exist. But novelty it is, and he looks like he's having a blast camping it up. He so rarely gets to do that, so it's hard not to smile.)



Uh oh! Sam got all bitten by prosthetic fangs!


That's gotta smart, right?

Also, Steve got stabbed! Steve got stabbed! Steve got stabbed for real this time, and this time by Mommie Dearest!





Oh that incorrigible Heather, she's such a Butterfingers! (And naturally, she just slipped right on out, sight unseen. As she does.)

There was also this excellence:


Liz (after assuring A.J. that, while he did some heinous things back in the day, he was also a victim): ...especially at the end, when you were almost murdered?


A.J.: Oh yeah, right here in this hospital. Good times!


I want them to do a whole episode some day that is just Elizabeth Webber and John McBain reaction shots.

Otherwise, Kate found out some more stuff and is mad at Sonny, but that won't last. And somehow Shawn now just has free reign and open access at the PCPD, which makes perfect sense since he's a former mercenary and the new right-hand man for the local mob boss. Who better?

At any rate, I leave you with this:


I don't even... I mean...




I seriously cannot wait for the big awkward physical struggle scenes between Michael Easton and his body double!



I too want Lucy Coe back to being Lucy Coe. And with Doc. Where the hell did Kevin disappear to?

AJ and Liz are love.

Louise, I'm surprised you or Mallory haven't posted about the start of production on the new AMC yesterday.

Yikes, Caleb aka Stephen Clay is really cray cray!

I had to giggle at Liz's reactions during her conversation with AJ.

HA! Liz and McBain really do have the best reactions. I would love to see them share screen time one day.

"You just stabbed your own son1" I hope Olivia gives a variation of this line every few years. It seems her primary role is informing parents on what they did to their sons. Maybe she can branch out to daughters one day...

jimbosil, you're so right! That is hilarious. Well, Heather can rest assured that Olivia is very forgiving about such things. Just ask Sonny!

I watched PC, but I can't remember a lot of the plot points. I do remember that, like so many other viewers, thinking it was weird that the rest of Port Charles (those in mob-land, er...GH) never got wind of these shenanigans, so I'm buying into the way RC is writing it. And I'm totally enjoying watching Michael Easton, he's so deliciously creepy as Caleb. As for Heather, my first thought was, oh damn, Caleb, you failed at that one.

AJ & Liz sparkle! Love them.

LOL at the fangs!!!

Oh GH how I love you! You not only bring back many from the "olden" days but Caleb! PC was a hoot when it was ending. Loving this return to the GH I knew and loved from long ago!

Inquiring minds, did Caleb make a motion towards his mouth with his hand before he fanged it up?

Now THAT would've been funny.

The only thing I'm hating about the Morley plot is the fact that it feels insanely rushed. I did like Port Charles and I did watch it. John has been fantastic being paired with the loony Lucy. I just wish that GH would have slowed it down a couple of weeks. The whole Rafe side of the storyline just feels completely dropped and the focus is now 100% on Sam/Livvie. Honestly, they've spent weeks(and murdered 2 characters) building up the Rafe paternity stuff and now it is all about Caleb/Stephen being obsessed about Sam/Livvie? I know that the PP/ABCD legal crap has played a role in rushing the storylines, but why blow up the storyline to rush it? Slow it down and play up the Caleb stuff if they can't use the character of John McBain. Hell, have Caleb keep up the charade of Caleb impersonating "John McBain".

Liz and AJ just sparkle. Of course, Lizzie can't have an almost perfect day. Her beloved big brother asks her to be his Best Ma'am, she gets to have a real conversation with an adult(AJ) and so of course her beloved brother's crazy biological mother has to stab him. And RM? She is just made of pure awesome.

I love the photo names you gave these! "Oopsie" when Heather stabbed Steve. "goodmurderytimes" for AJ's.

Your screencaps make me happy. "Peoplearealwaysgettingalmostmurderedhere" along with Liz's expression... perfect!

I'm still trying to figure out how I can make a mental crossover between Buffy and GH...

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