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February 16, 2013

It Ain't All Bad

Now that I'm on a B&B mostly-hiatus, I did get a little worried. Time back in my life is great, lower blood pressure is great, but I'd promised myself I would at least keep up on the storylines that don't make my blood boil. Problem is, that basically leaves Marcus and Dayzee and, let's face it, the show generally makes their minimal screentime about as dull as humanly possible. It's been a little more interesting lately with a brother introduced into the mix for Marcus as well as Maya turning up to put the pressure on Dayzee for having assisted with somewhat sketchy adoption placement in the past.

Sure enough, though, Maya is copasetic about the death of her birth child and not going to try to get Dayzee into any trouble. Does this mean the end of this storyline? Because uh... so much for conflict. I'm really hoping that Maya and Carter stick around and are launched into a lasting storyline as soon as possible, but in the meantime, there's a silver lining:


Well, hello, Carter. You've been keeping secrets under there!

And I'll confess here that I did watch a few seconds of the scenes between Brooke and the priest, only because I assumed those scenes would naturally lead to some sort of forbidden sex, right? Silly me, those scenes were really about how Brooke is now completely psychotic and has arranged for a "surprise wedding" (which, you know, is generally a surprise when the couple in question isn't even engaged) for her daughter and He Who Must Not Be Named.

And again I say: I made the right choice.


Sorry, but I think that you were wrong to go on hiatus. B&B is wacky, campy, and outrageous at the moment and I love it. Between the "whaaa?" and the "you have got to be kidding me!" I cannot stop laughing and am thoroughly entertained. Next week looks even better with Brooke's surprise wedding in the works for Liam and Hope. Insanity!

The hiatus was definitely the right choice for me -- I'm much happier not forcing myself to sit through that neverending triangle (with no one to root for). I just wasn't having fun anymore. I'm so glad that some viewers are, though!

The best parts of B&B were your posts and your choice of screencaps. I admire your ability to entertain others by detailing the non-entertaining, mostly frustrating, seriously WTF'ing B&B. I applaud your decision.

I started watching B&B when Sheila Carter moved from Genoa City to LA,so I saw the BeLief saga, which IMO was the series high point. It's had its ups and downs since then, but it's been damn near unwatchable - with momentary high points - for a while. You stuck it out longer than I did, Louise - and your recaps were the best part of the past two years, so brava, and take a well-earned respite!

If this were, y'know, a SOAP, Maya would have sued Dayzee & kidnapped little Rosie in a psychotic bid to replace her. But that won't happen cause a)it's interesting b)we'd get to see Amber, & c)it doesn't involve the triangle of doom.

So, now that Marcus' brother has show up, are we supposed to be watching for a cough syrup moment between Carter & Dayzee? a la Y&R's Neil, Dru & Malcom...I think I'll pass.

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