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February 11, 2013

It's Here, It's Here, It's Finally Here!

It's finally February 11th! And we know what that means.


It's Laura Day it's Laura Day it's Laura Day it's Laura Day it's Laura Day it's Laura Day!!!!

Oh and also there was this....



Guess who agrees with me?


Laura, that's who!

Now I'm going to do several dances around the room and do some cartwheels and totally ignore the weird silliness about the Vampire McBain and the totally nonchalant way Dante told the police commissioner that one of the PCPD had just been killed on the job. ("Bummer, Anna. Bad news. I forgot the beer." That was about the gist of it.)

Also, is Luke now pronouncing "Robin" with an English accent? What is that about? Is that part of his attempt to woo Anna? (Which he incidentally pronounces Ah-na. Ugh.)

And how sweet was Duke making his super-worried phone call to Anna after hearing about Lucy attacking her?


His voice when he said, "Would you please call me? I'm thinking about you." made me melty and weak in the knees. He's killin' me, y'all. Killin' me.

And in conclusion, LAURA!!!!!!


I too really felt for Duke today. Luckily, I suspect this Anna/Luke nonsense is almost at its end.

EEEEE Laura!Laura!I don't know what the hell is going on with Tony Geary's accent. But it annoys me to no end. Ewwwww, Luke kissing Anna! Blech. Still, LAURA!

And yeah, Dante is quickly becoming the WORST. COP. EVER. One of his police officer brethen dies in front of him and it was like he was passing Anna a message that her dry cleaning wasn't ready for pick up. Perfect timing for this "cop gone bad?" storyline, huh?

Speaking of Caleb. DAMN YOU CALEB! You had a perfect chance to rid the world of the boring Mary Sue known as SoBlanda and you didn't go for it! Damn you to soap hell!

I don't think that the teens could be any more cliched. Of course TJ is wrong. Molly is right about the poor motherless boy being accused of a horrible crime. I don't think that TJ should be quite so judgemental about a strange boy new to town. Since that described him not too long ago.

Still. Squeeeee! LAURA IS BACK!

I've decided to fanwank it into Dante holding a little bitterness since the last time someone tried to kill him, I think the PCPD didn't even investigate it! (I love Dante, so I work out what I can even if it's absurd!)

I admit that I have always been a fan of Duke, as I prefer Robert Anna-free, but look at that face. Why, why, why would you lock lips with the drunk, grandbaby killing, spikey haired Luke when you could have that. Admittedly, the most recent memory of him may be a bid jaded (faux Duke 2 - the Faison episode...), but still. blech.

Louise, I think my fanwank is "DZ was phoning it in" and/or "also slightly embarrassed at this storyline about vampires", lol

Agreed... Luke/Anna pairing is gross and to say that the "kiss" today looked at best awkward is probably being kind. But I dare say that at least Anna is getting screen time. January was pretty much agony for me having to be subjected to Connie, Christina, Starr etc. especially after Faison was unmasked. So I will hop onto the Caleb story, for better or worse,b/c Anna is front and center. I can only hope that Caleb is a Faison henchman and the vampire thing is in Lucy's wackadoodle brain.

I dunno. I hardly paid attention to the episode for boredom set-in. I missed Todd, Heather or Lucy. One or all three entertain me so! The ELQ story doesn't engage me although it's great to see Jane Elliot frontburnered. Duke seems completely out of place at ELQ as does Michael. I wish Ned, Skye and Jax were running the ELQ story with Tracy. AJ and Michael don't do it for me.

Maxie showing no loyalty to Lulu can be explained (poorly) by her "safeguarding" The Falconeris' dream of parenthood but dismissing the fact that Britt hurt Emma? Not buying that. And Maxie is many things but sabotaging a nurse at the risk of patients' lives is too extreme. The actress who plays Britt looked exhausted in her scenes today.

Why oh why are we seeing Sabrina and Britt and vampires and NO follow-up to Maxie seeing her deadbeat father after his twenty year absence?!! Come on writers. That's ridiculous.

Where's the set-up for Laura's epic return? I want her presence in Port Charles to have real impact and not some lame quadrangle with Luke/Anna/Duke. I'll have to wait and see. It's hard to be optimistic when Laura's story may be tied to Luke who is my least favorite character but also played by an actor who works 3 months out of the year!

What does Tony Geary sound dubbed? It's really bizarre. It makes me think Luke is Bill Eckert.

Can I just say how thrilled I am to see a love quadrangle among people over 50 years old!

I think Tony Geary's had a bad cold and that's why his voice sounds almost like it's dubbed in. Maybe his voice was so bad they did have to dub it. Molly sounded like she has a bad cold also.

Maybe it was wishful thinking hoping Anna is done w/Luke, but it seemed like Anna really didn't want to give Luke the time of day when he was hanging around the crime scene bothering her while she was trying to do her job (until he planted one on her). I think Luke and Tracy have way more chemistry. Their personalities to me seem to mesh better together than Luke and Anna. Of course when Luke and Anna kissed, obviously that was the moment Laura would see them, but what's she doing on the docks? I agree it's great to see "mature" actors getting so much screen time on GH for a change! And even better, they are all great actors!

I miss the old set for the pier. This new set is so much darker and dangerous, making it the last place people take small children to feed ducks or pushing baby carriages around. This regime has brightened up GH overall so this one set stands out for feeling out of place.

Genie Francis has said in at least 5 interviews that Laura's return is connected to a pretty big secret that will have real impact. And that it's not just about Luke. But I'm so glad that it's partly about Luke.
And her daughter. They both need her.

I would rather watch Laura peer around a corner than see Todd and Carly try once more to explain that even though Todd has lied to her for months, including swearing on his love for Starr, he's the man she can finally find happiness with. Seriously?

Anyway, it's too soon to judge Laura's return as we've seen her for a matter of seconds. I'm just over the moon thrilled that she's back. I'm over the moon thrilled that finally someone might just put back together what Guza took apart.

If they brought Laura back and didn't give her story with Luke, I think most viewers would be both confused and angered. I certainly would. And if Luke were the one coming back with Laura still on the canvas, I'd feel the same way. Similarly, it would be bizarre if Frisco came back and didn't have story involving Maxie and Felicia; or if Robin were to come back and have story that didn't involve Patrick.

And I think there's more than one dock.

Yeah, I want to see Laura interacting with her family. And yes, that includes Luke. I can't imagine any regime bringing her back for a story that didn't involve him in some way.

Louise, Duke's phone call was so super dreamy! He has won me over completely.

Luke is like a feminine hygiene itch that will not go away, ever. There is no way in hell any woman would prefer sucking tongue with a sleazy, whore loving, drunk off his azz, rapist and child killer!

Actually, plenty of women throughout history have exhibited spectacularly poor judgment when it comes to men who treat them badly. That said, standards in soapland bear no resembance to real-life standards, on pretty much any level. Tony Geary is a charismatic actor, and Luke Spencer has been many things over the years. Love him or hate him, he's one of the more complex characters in soap opera history, and while I've been unhappy with a lot of the writing for the character in recent years,I still think he's a rich character, played by a very good actor, and has been an important part of GH for decades. I've liked him a lot more than I've disliked him, that's for sure. I wouldn't have stuck with GH at all if not for Luke, Laura and Robert, back in the day.

Amen, Anne.

Yes everyone ages and Duke, Anna, Kevin, Felicia, LAURA, etc., look awsome but Frisco looks horrible. Lucy always looked old so no difference now.

I love how we rip Leslie Charleson and Jackie Zeman to shreds for their attempts to stave off aging and then mercilessly judge anyone else who dares show up not looking exactly the same as they did 30 years ago.

Oh, wait. No I don't.

(Also, Lynn Herring has always looked old? I do not think that word means what you think it means.)

Amen, Elizabeth.

You are correct. Lynn always looked rode hard and put away wet. And still does. Better? And yes, Jack Wagner looks haggard.

Well, people either age naturally, or they don't. I'd rather see lines and wrinkles and saggy pouches that imbue an aging face with characte than the shiny, stretched, unnaturally plump visages that dominate so much of television and film these days.

Oh, me too. I'm an oldie from the Luke and Laura disco days and trust, I know old. And I like it. But if I think if someone looks like Hell then so be it. Move on, some age well and some don't. Whatev. Thats what blogs are for. Personally I think Anthony Geary is the best looking man who's ever been on television.

Jack Wagner and Lynn Herring look to me like they're regular human beings in their fifties. Which they are.

Anyone who thinks Lynn Herring has always looked old has been drinking Heather's LSTea. Just my opinion, but she has never looked anything but gorgeous.

And Jack Wagner looks incredible. He looks younger than he did on DWTS and that was a couple of seasons ago.

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