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February 15, 2013

Living In Carly's World

Wow. I've always known I was pretty jealous of Carly and in general anyone like her who is so into their own awesomeness and point-of-view that dumb little things like paying attention to things that other people say or do, or basic human empathy, or brutally honest personal feedback, etc., do not in any way pierce the self-involved un-self-aware bubble that they live in. Wouldn't that be an easier way to live? To just always think your perspective is the right one and that you are wonderful and never, ever be able to experience anything that contradicts that because you are simply not listening?

Yesterday's discussion with Starr really brought Carly to new levels of tone-deaf and self-absorbed and hilarious. Shall we re-visit? (And much of this is actually what was said, and I think you'll agree that with the rest I've at least captured the essence of what was said.) When Starr asked if Carly gave any serious consideration to Todd's "let's run away together" option...

Carly: Do I wish I would have uprooted my life to run away with your father? To never see or talk to Michael or Morgan again? For them to never see their little sister? To throw my business into complete chaos, to duck and cover and in and out from dirty old motel rooms for the rest of my life? Ha!

[Hahahahaha, so true, Carly! Abandoning your two sons and forcing your toddler daughter to live life on the run before her life has even begun all for a guy you boinked one time is HILARIOUS!! I can see
how it was tempting!  --Ed]

Starr: You really gave that a lot of thought.

Carly: Oh, yeah, I pondered. I have. I never really considered it. I mean, as much as I care about your dad, and I really care about your dad, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Starr: You did the only reasonable thing that you could do, but a lot of people do unreasonable things for the right reason.

Carly: Oh, not me! I don't know if you know this or talked to people, but I never do unreasonable things.

Starr: (laughing) I don't blame you for walking away. My mom had to do the same thing. She couldn't deal with all the things that my dad had done.

Carly: It's different with me, though. Todd's no angel, but neither am I.

Starr: Oh, neither is my mom. Actually, you two should spend more time together.

Carly: I just mean with, uh-- with me and your dad, you know, we've both done some horrible things, and we've hurt a lot of people, and we both have been outcasts. In a way, we still are, and... we git that about each other.


Starr: Right, but that was pretty much what defined my mom and dad's relationship, having done horrible things and being outcasts.

Carly: Did you say something?

Starr: My mom and dad basically bonded over a competition about which one of them was worse and more pathetic.

Carly: Todd and I are a unique match because we've bonded over our terrible and pathetic misdeeds.

Starr: Right, kinda like my mom and --

Carly: Was I asking about your mom? She doesn't know Todd like I do. He and I are like the outcast buddies.

Starr: You and my mom really should hang out more, you have a lot in common and she --

Carly: What your father and I have is a unique snowflake of passionate anti-hero love and he has never had a relationship like this before! I mean has your mom cut her own hair because she was upset about him ever?

Starr: Yes, actually, right before I was born she --

Carly: Never! That's what I thought! Our love is dark and twisty and one-of-a-kind and we are very, very much in love! And neither of us has ever had a relationship ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN THE PAST! Sonny who? Blair who? Shut up.

Starr: Why didn't you forgive him, then? Not that I'm saying you should have.

Carly: I could've forgiven everything. I could've -- switching the babies, lying to you about Johnny and your family -- if only Todd would've come clean.


Wow! Carly is really a selfless woman. I cannot imagine how flattered Starr was that Carly would have forgiven Todd for lying to and betraying Starr. You have to have a pretty big old heart to forgive a man for lying to someone else!

And then a little bit later, the two of them yukked it up a bit over Todd's hilarious past mistakes (that wacky Todd, always screwing up and accidentally killing and raping and kidnapping!). 

Carly: Okay. I think we should make a toast.

Starr: To what?

Carly: Todd manning -- the walking disaster.

Starr: I'll miss you, Dad.

Carly: I will, too.

Starr: Try not to make too many mistakes.

Carly: Oh, and try not to make too many new enemies.

Starr: And try to keep the lies to a minimum.

Carly: And if you have to lie, keep it simple.

Starr: Yes, and please, please stay away from other people's babies!



Hahahaha! Remember that time Todd let Sam think her baby died and totally gave the baby to Tea? Hysterical! Ahhh, the memories.

Next toast, Starr can fill Carly in on how Todd sold her little brother the day he was born and told Blair her child was stillborn! Oh, man. Messing with people's babies is NEVER NOT HILARIOUS.

Good times, you guys. Good times. 


None of it matters, though, because Sam Manning is coming back to One Life to Live!!!!


We miss you, little Sam, and we can't wait to see you!

Oh yeah, and I guess Roger Howarth will be there, too, for four weeks as Todd. Now I haven't exactly been quiet about my distaste for the GH take on the character of Todd Manning, but I do think Roger Howarth is great and I obviously understand why the role on ABC would be preferable for him in the long run than a role on an untested internet soap, so I'm not going to throw a temper tantrum. I will say, however, that I hope the OLTL folks do right by his character and present him as much more than just a clown while he's there for a month -- he can keep his sense of humor, he's always had it. But he's also dangerous in a real (and not just a wacky "oopsie") way, and he also DOES HAVE A SOUL. It's a twisted and haunted and guilty one, but it's there. And maybe the GH folks will take a look at that and remember that he's a heck of a lot more than a court jester, and move forward accordingly when he returns? 


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I FFWDed Carly/Starr and your recap of their conversation was exactly what I expected only HILARIOUS. Funny how Carly "checking in" on Starr became ALL about her own problems! Sometimes I have to love how self-involved and oblivious Carly is. The comparisons to Blair are so superficial and heavy-handed. These writers understand the character archetype but not the characters. When well-written, both Carly and Blair had depth and soul beyond their various indiscretions. Carly feels like Todd's replacement for. Blair and not much more. Ugh. Oh, based in the preview to today's episode, Carly will inexplicably show up at Pier 52, aka The Most Dangerous Place on Earth, as Todd is being apprehended by Anna.

Starr feels so shoehorned on the GH canvas. Can she go away and never come back? Pretty please?

Oh, and Molly is the WORST.


Thank you!

It breaks my heart that PP/ABC/GH decided that it was more important for GH to have Carly Worshipper #3 than it is for OLTL to have father/son/brother/villain/protagonist Todd.

I don't care what Howarth does, but OLTL should never have turned the character Todd over to GH's tender ministrations.

I FLOVE Todd Manning and I think Roger Howarth is brilliant, however as a longtime viewer of OLTL I must admit that GH's version of Todd Manning is "David Vickers"-lite. Todd developed quite the sense of humor over his time in Llanview but he was a much darker, layered and soulful character. Much more than a running-list of jokes. But I'll be damned, Roger Howarth is a delight to watch so I'm torn. Ultimately, I am glad he will do a stint on OLTL and return to GH. I think OLTL really needs to try and secure Trevor St. John for the online version.

On the matter of Carly's world:


Anon, someone literally just directed me to that not 20 minutes ago! I was just dying laughing over it with some friends. That is absolutely hysterical. I want to give that person a large bottle of wine in thanks.

I didn't watch OLTL... I really don't want their characters on GH. BUT they are on my screen on GH. I like RH as an actor. BUT Todd as a character just on GH has stolen a baby-- made his mother think he was dead. HE lied to HIS daughter about who KILLLED his granddaughter. Where is the humor???? in any of this???? Carly and Starr OMG -- what was that??? just awful... can't wait until Starr's leaves as well. Again KA fine as an actress. I think the big mistake-- putting OLTL characters on GH. I don't care about them nor do I know their history. They should have been new characters from the the get=go..

First: I'm so glad I ff'd the Starr/Carly scenes yesterday.
Second: Sadly, I have no doubts that's what Carly actually said.
Third: To everything you've said about Todd - WORD. That is all.

And ICAM that RH and KA should've been brought on as new characters. It would've been the smart move.

Yep. That's the exact conversation I heard.

Honestly, I can't believe Starr hasn't up and smacked Carly yet. I guess we're supposed to find their bonding funny or charming or cute or something?

Starr, stay away from Carly. You do not need her influence in your life.

Spider Sam is back, baby!

I like Laura Wright as an actress, but really if TPTB persist in making all of the current events on GH all about Carly, I will stop watching again. I'll gladly welcome more AJ, Anna, Liz, Monica, Tracy, Duke, Mac, Patrick, Dante, Lulu and now Laura (Genie Francis), but please less (much less) Carly. She's like the character who ate GH!

I keep hoping that Carly ends up with the little fishes...sigh.

why would the shrew aka carly be the ceo of elq, and the q's did horrible stuff to carly.... how about drugging a recovering alcoholic and pouring alcohol all over him making him think he fell off the wagon, or lying and saying the brat you had was numerous other peoples, then having your pet mobster threaten him to sign over his parental rights. how did living w/a mobster work out for mikey, oh yeah, he has been kidnapped,shot, he has shot people and killed people and was raped.

i'm sure the shrew could forgive todd for taking the replacement kid, she has stolen kids from a few people in her life.

and really you should probably write one of these on the self awareness of sam. she's running around whining about todd giving her baaaby to tea who happens to be a sane person while she let a crazy person take Jake and went to Liz's house and said now they were even b/c Jake was prbly dead. i really wish Todd would get a hold of that story. all of sam's misdeeds need to come out it is past time, the q's need to know what thea person did to Jake.

I believe that the "spoilers" in that link are satire.

Julie, that link to Carly's World is a joke. Not one thing on there is actually happening.

No one needs to know anything that Sam did to Jake, because the two people who were affected by it (Jason and Liz) forgave her. It's probably time for the viewers to get over it.
Way past time.

ROTFL! Loved your commentary, but the actual conversation was just as absurd. I actually couldn't believe my ears at the toast to all Todd's misdeads. How could Carly EVER forgive the man who switched her best friend's baby and withheld the true paternity which lead to her BFF dying without ever knowing Danny was his son. But it would have been OK if he just told her about it? Was all her loyalty to Jason an illusion? Is Todd that great in the sack? I agree Todd on GH is nothing but a joke and Starr is an annoyance being inserted into every story. Carly and Maxie have always competed for the most self-centered and un-self aware characters on the show, but lately they have both reached the level of parody.

With core GHers and returning vets pushed to the background I barely recognize GH right now.

yes but sam going after todd is very hypocritical after all she did to Liz/Cake and i think Todd would be the best person to out everything about her. and the viewers and Liason/Cake fans have never gotten closure for that. Liz still berates herself for every little thing she has done and she has PAID for every little thing she has done and all of her misdeeds don't equal what sam has done, but sam acts so self-righteous, so does carly.

as to carly, of course she's going to forgive todd she has stolen mikey from aj,morgan from sonny,spencer from nik,and joss from jax, she uses her kids as pawns to get what she wants, so really she has no leg to stand on w/todd. don't forget she stole mikey from jason when she came back and accused him of kidnapping.

So Sam's not supposed to care that Todd kidnapped her son, gave him to someone else, and let her think he was dead?

Seriously, if Todd somehow found out about her past misdeeds and exposed them, that would be disgusting. He stole her child. He's done enough to her.

Liz and Jason and Lucky did not care enough about what Sam did to even bother pressing charges. It was years ago and no one on the show cares anymore and is ever going to, so it really just seems time to stop beating that drum.

If there were no hypocrisy or bad deeds on soaps there would be no soaps.

I do now, however, have a craving for cake.

I'm so tired of a mashed up name being given to two little boys. Mashed up names are for couples, if one must use them.

And one of the little boys is "not only merely, but really most sincerely" dead. If you all miss him so much and weep for the indignities he suffered, one would think using his actual name would be a sign of respect. But instead he's part of a dessert treat. JMO.

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