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February 24, 2013

On Awkward Pauses and A Handful Of One-Liners

I was hoping to do a full, old-school recap of Friday's General Hospital. I was. I wanted to! And then after about the eighth time I typed "And then Sonny paused awkwardly and played some seriously stilted word games to refrain from actually saying dead until the PERFECT moment around the half hour mark while Olivia's eyes bugged out of her head meaningfully every time Kate--this IS Kate, right? Still?--asked a question about Trey", I decided that I just couldn't do it. I'm sorry. That is just a REALLY long sentence to type repeatedly. And repeatedly it needed to be typed because honestly, what is this?

Kate: Why? Why can't I go to my son? Sonny, he's alive. You know what that means to me. And Joe Jr.'s dead. Now I can have a relationship with him. I can get to know my son.
Sonny: It's not gonna happen.
Kate: I know it's not gonna be easy. I have a lot of work to do, I have a lot of apologizing to do, but I have to try, right? So, I'm gonna go to him. I'm gonna go to his apartment, and you can't stop me, Sonny.
Sonny: You're not gonna find Trey over there.
Kate: Why?
Sonny: Because Trey... is gone.

I mean, how tortured is that?! And I didn't even point out the many places in which Sonny just stopped talking mid-sentence, which added at least twelve minutes to each instance of this conversation. I suppose this could have been a conscious choice, and that it was supposed to show how Sonny was fumbling for the words to give Kate some seriously devastating news in a way that wouldn't devastate her so greatly that all of a sudden Connie would be back to gesticulate madly and overact after thirty seconds of successful integration. That is maybe it. And while I appreciate that commitment to realism, it felt like it tripled the length of their scenes.

The rest of the episode was sort of filler, albeit filler that was saved by some (intentionally!) hilarious lines:

  • McBain and Lucy on the run together is as delightful as I hoped it would be.

McBain: No. We can't wait. All right, come on. Come on. Listen, Caleb killed Professor Mosser in this office. It's our best chance to find a clue about where he might have taken Sam and Danny.
Rafe: Yeah, but, I mean, the office and building are both closed off. Aren't we gonna get in trouble for breaking in?
McBain: We're escaped fugitives. Really, how much more trouble can we get in?

Dear John McBain: I love you. XOXO, Mallory. When Alexis told Molly that if someone had to look for Sam (which they often do, because she gets kidnapped routinely), she'd want it to be John McBain, I swooned a little bit and dreamily said, "Me, too, Alexis. Me, too".

He also used to term hoo-ha, which is the kind of corny that I find outrageously appealing. What can't he do?!

  • Luke's spiral after hearing that Scotty and Laura are planning to re-marry contained lots of insults and bonus Tracy-sass, so I'm kind of loving where this is going.

Luke: Why shouldn't I want to protect Laura from Baldwin? That sleazeball, with his bad-luck-troll hair, is the worst possible thing for her.

I long for the opportunity to snort about someone's bad-luck-troll hair in everyday conversation.

Tracy: The Ice Princess? That ridiculous diamond that the inbred Cassadines used to try to freeze Port Charles? What on earth does that have to do with anything?

Luke: The original Ice Princess held the formula to carbonic snow.
Tracy: That's a sentence I didn't expect to hear today.

I have no idea where this Ice Princess story is going, and I sort of love that.

  • Scott: So, um, I thought we could, uh, clear the air, settle some unfinished business, like the fact that you killed my son.

It's funny because he said it so casually, when in reality it's hugely important and emotional for both of them!

It's less funny and specifically not funny at all that they killed Logan in the first place. I'm sorry--I'm irrationally bitter about that, years later (and not JUST because of how horrendously awful the Lulu and Johnny on the run story was, although that is a big part of it. Remember Ghost Logan? REMEMBER HIM? He was a ), because it was such an enormous waste of potential. Luke and Laura's daughter and Scotty's son! That could have given us years of stories. But they broke them up after a handful of episodes because the writers got distracted by Johnny Zacchara, who was shiny and new and "OMG, what's the point in having a new character if we don't pair him IMMEDIATELY with our favorite younger actress? THERE IS NO POINT, OMG, JOHNNY AND LULU FOREVERANDEVER". And if you're convinced that Johnny is so stellar and so compelling and Brandon Barash and Julie Marie Berman have the most electrifying chemistry in daytime (three things that have always been patently false), fine. Write him off temporarily. Like, I don't know, have him freaking move out of town. Does the show seriously not have a budget for brown moving box props? Bring him back later as a recast (although that would be disappointing too, because Josh Duhon was pretty clearly a Kin Shriner clone. Their scenes were like a science fiction novel come to life) but to kill him? Wasteful and terrible, like so much of that terrible GH era. I can't even enjoy the references to the past because said past was so terrible!


I love John and that line had me cracking up, too. I hope he will be staying on GH.

I dunno, I hated Logan to be honest. But that may just be because the writers decided that every male under 30 needed to be in love with Lulu at that time. Which was just too annoying for words. I do see he could have had potential and we certainly could have used a young semi-villain who wasn't totally evil.

hated that period of GH history... every male was panting after Lulu why????

I hate that GH in the past has just killed off characters in awful ways. I wish a character would open up a moving company so people could have the option of moving to another town....

Didn't like the character of Logan but realize with another set of writers it could have had great potential....

Sonny, Kate/Con, and Olivia--ugh to the whole storyline

The word is that the writers got distracted by Johnny because the actor who played Logan was a troublemaker. But yeah, they shouldnt've killed him off.

also weird with Lulu and Scotty? The way she didn't seem alarmed that he showed up for years out of nowhere on her boat.

So I was watching The Godfather the other night, and I think I figured out the reason behind all of Sonny's awkward pauses. Every time Marlon Brando says more than five words in The Godfather, he pauses and seems really confused. I figure maybe Maurice Benard is trying to be Don Corleone. Of course, Marlon Brando was talking like that cause he was really old and couldn't actually memorize his lines so they had to feed them to him through an earpiece... But still! Maybe he's doing it on purpose!

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Yeah, I never bought that Dillon, Spinelli, Logan, Johnny and Milo ALL had the hots for Lulu, when Georgie was smart, pretty AND stacked with a huge ass rack.

LnL3 aka Lulu and Logan, even if the show had to recast the actor a few years down the road made perfect sense instead of killing off Scotty's son. I was hoping that one day we would see a Michael and Serena Baldwin pairing which would have pitted Sonny versus Scotty considering that Sonny was the one that got Karen hooked on pills/stripping.

I never bought into Sam the old ride and die chick, because the character had to be rescued repeated by Jason and now the same thing is being done with Sam (and baby!) having to be rescued by John.

I. JUST. CAN'T. With the Kate/Sonny/Olivia scenes. I laughed aloud about the idea of Kate being told all of these events and watching Kelly Sullivan act out the grief all over again! It all felt so absurd and the acting very, very poor from all involved (and I generally like the actors involved.) The story ran it's course months ago and rehashing the events over and over will not make the story powerful or interesting.

Regarding the rest of the episode, I really enjoyed it. Loved Lulu's scenes and her dropping knowledge on both Laura and Scott. Still not seeing an empowered Laura but that's in-character. Love Genie Francis but Laura's always been rather passive.

I never liked Logan or the actor but can see the potential the character had. I agree with above posters who also dislike the senseless killing of so many characters under Guza and still under Carvialti. Difference being Guza killed important legacy characters like Alan, Emily, Justus, Georgie, Jake, Tony and Georgie!

I find Luke & Tracy highly entertaining but am I the only one who felt Jane Elliott was rather "yelly?" My hands are shaking after writing negative criticism of Jane Elliott who is brilliant. Lol.

The Caleb Morley/Steven Clay connection totally works for me but how will it be explained that John McBain looks exactly like Steven Clay? Hmmm...

I actually thought Molly had a valid point about McBain being the best resource to find Sam & Danny. Still, her actions and then subsequent talk to Alexis, drove me mad. In fact, Anna Devane seemed more upset with Molly and more capable of doing something about it! Perfect example of why I have learned to dislike Alexis Davis_ she's an ineffective parent and lawyer and she's got no spunk or smarts. Man, once upon a time I loved Alexis but bows she's saddled with three lame daughters and a chemistry-free pairing with Shawn.

And speaking of Shawn, he sure was wearing that sweater! The character is such a non-entity but he's definitely fine to look act.

Shawn aka "Black Jason" as I've seen mentioned at a few other sites, is sexy as hell, but really has no point on the show along with TJ. Shawn could have come on as a doctor connected to the Ward family and TJ his hot headed son with Annie Logan.

@Leanne - I've thought the same thing! Sonny is either trying to be The Godfather...or Fonzie. I swear sometimes I just wait for him to say "aaayyyyy" and give Michael a thumbs up.

Brando was only about 48 in the Godfather.

soapbaby, I adore Jane Elliot but I also think she overdoes the yelling sometimes.

I honestly do not understand why they don't fire Mo Benard. He's like SERIOUSLY terrible at this point. How do people not see it?

Ohhhhh Logan. Sigh. I'm glad I'm not the only one still disgruntled at his loss. Seriously...Scotty's son, hot, and his name began with L...He so should have been Lulu's great love. He is high on my list of wasted characters destroyed by that terrible regime. Sigh.

@uliis He was only 48, but he was very unstable and supposedly horrible to work with. He either couldn't or just wouldn't memorize his lines, so that's why they had to feed him his lines through an earpiece. From what I hear, though, Maurice Benard is a really nice guy, so even though his character is insufferable and his acting skills have deteriorated over the years, I guess they just like having him around.

Maurice Benard can run rings around most of the people on Bold and The Beautiful. I actually liked the scenes yesterday and felt the pauses fit, because he was having to give news that he didn't want to. Now that Sonny is non-mob-centric, isn't on all of the time and is not being written as a jerk, I kind of like him again. *looks around* Did I say that out loud?

I have found Sonny to be more than tolerable since the mob centric stuff has - I hesitate to say stopped for fear of jinxing myself and those who don't adore the mob stuff - so let's say since the mob has moved to the fringes of Port Charles life and GH life.

I think that this is where the mob belongs - in the shadowy fringes of the town and of the storylines.

Anyway, I think that Maurice Benard has been very good in the last several months, dealing with Connie and all that and has shown some excellent acting chops that he never got a chance to when he was the all yelly all stammering all powerful all the time mob boss. Yesterday however, felt forced.

I thought I was the only one when I watched Maurice Bernard acting and thought "Fonzie"! Seriously, there is a fine line between being a Method actor and being a cariacature and IMO he's crossed it. When, as a viewer, you wonder if an actor can't remember his lines or is having a stroke as opposed to making an acting choice, you know something is wrong. That's when the director should step in. I know GH directors have won numerous Emmys in the past for making the show look so good on a miniscule budget but part of a director's job is to bring out the best performances from their actors. With some exceptions, I think they have lapsed on this part of their job.

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