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February 18, 2013

Once More, For Old Time's Sake

Well, it's happened.

I was constantly worried about it, especially when Josslyn went from Fat-Headed to Elementary-Aged and Super Blonde. I just figured that when the adorably expressive Braden Walkes vacated the role of Cameron, it would be because the show was going to SORAS him, not just...replace him randomly, with someone about his exact age. I am crossing my fingers that he exited under adorable circumstances, like there was some cute little extracurricular activity that gave him a major scheduling conflict. Like, "Oh, man, I'd love to film a little scene with Laura, but I have karate class and then archeology club! Darn!"

At least I was prepared for it--while I waited for my coffee (iced coffee, even though it was hardly iced coffee weather and is actually frigid out; I'm operating under the delusion that if I think spring, spring would come, as if I, Mallory Harlen, am the person controlling the weather. Like Mother Nature will take notice of my three quarter sleeved shirts, ballet flats and frozen drinks and think, "Oh, right, I should end winter right about now), I received word from Louise telling me the terrible news. And I was glad to hear it from a friend, well in advance of actually seeing it unfold, because I was at least prepared. If I had been watching General Hospital live and saw this Brooklyn Beckham looking moppet responding to the name Cameron, I probably would have been beside myself.

So how can we best pay homage to a hilariously emotive little guy who brought some moments of levity  to a dark, dreary era of GH? By letting his most iconic moment do the recapping of some of today's worst lines. Because, ironically, if there was ever sixty minutes of this show that could have used Cam's sneer, they were the sixty minutes that aired today...

Frisco: You should know by now that when something matters to me, I don't give up very easily.
Cameron: Cameronbitchplease

Okay, first of all, what was up with Jack Wagner's random shouting? Why does "SO MANY FEELINGS!" have to be conveyed with an utter lack of volume modulation?

And secondly, how the hell would Maxie know of Frisco's tunnel-vision approach to getting what's important to him? She hasn't had contact with him since the 90s. She--and her sister, and her sister's FUNERAL--wouldn't seem to be things that matter to him, so maybe dial back the smug a notch or six, Mr. Jones.

Cameron: Cameronbitchplease

I haven't felt genuine sympathy for Maxie in eons, but Olivia's squawking had me squirming uncomfortably for her (Olivia's next line, "Is it my grandbaby she's carrying or not?" had me squirming as well, from the pain of rolling my eyes at the show's complete ineptitude at subtlety, and then it reminded me of Maxie and Spinelli's tryst and Maxie being a mostly terrible human being, and any sympathy I had for her for, like, seven seconds evaporated in a haze of hatred and annoyance). I did love Dante's "Ma, could you take it down a notch and leave Maxie alone?" because it so perfectly blended the minor embarrassment and annoyance that would be the default tone of any child of Olivia's.

Also, why did Steve sprint over and introduce himself to Frisco? That...was weird.

Connie: Paperwork? Oh, paperwork? [Blows raspberry in Starr's face]
Cameron: Cameronbitchplease

That is something that happened.

Sabrina, reading a conversation heart: "You are a cutie"? How about "You are a murderer"?
Cameron: Cameronbitchplease


I get that losing a patient--and believing that you are solely responsible for it--is traumatic. I get that Sabrina would be depressed. But the moaning and dissolving into tears without the slightest provocation and caterwauling that all she wants to do is confess to anyone/everyone that she is a murderer is already tiresome, especially since she reacts the same way (tearfully) to any personal or professional setback: her crush doesn't know she's been in love with him since the second she met him? TEARS! Her crush is dating a mega-bitch? TEARS! Her ipod skipped over the Adele song that she really wanted to listen to? TEARS! STOP PICKING ON SABRINA, WORLD!

But really, she was breathless with self-loathing because she believes she's a murderer and in the exact same sentence, she sighed:

Sabrina: On top of everything else, I don't have a Valentine.

"On top of everything else--like, murder! MURDER, which I keep saying hysterically at the top of my lungs. I freaking killed a man!--I don't have a Valentine! I'm SINGLE. How could my life POSSIBLY GET ANY WORSE THAN IT IS RIGHT NOW? I'd almost rather be the dead cop! At least HE had a FAMILY".


I'm hoping Braden walked because all this time and ABC NEVER SENT HIM TO DISNEY WORLD! Bitch please indeed!

I am going to miss Cam's little "bitch please" looks that obviously came from his Mommy and not Zander!

Sabrina has got to go!

Why in the world did we not see Maxie and Frisco have the same kind of super blow out fight that she rained down on a MIA Felecia when Georgie died? We're suppose to believe that Maxie would just sniffle at her MIA father from the last 20 years?

I cannot believe Ron's devotion to SABRINA, and couldn't bring KDP on. Whatever.

Of course, Liz looks too young to mother teenagers so I am happy Cam appears un-SORASed. Carly and Alexis are older than Liz, so them parenting teenagers/adults is fine by me.

Re: The recast for Cameron, perhaps it's temporary. If not temporary, the new actor seemed to fit but I will miss the previous actor and his curly topped-glory!

All of the scenes at Liz's house were LOVE. Liz/Laura. Liz/Boys. Liz/AJ. LOVE. Those scenes saved the episode from so much awfulness.

I'm devastated. The other Cam was just so adorable. I too cannot deal with Sabrina--the tears, the Napoleon Dynamite-like running thru the hospital, the fantasies--this is getting to the level of Lady in White.

At least Aidan (he's new as well, right?) is adorably chatty. But yes, the other Cam will be missed.

Loving Liz and AJ.

Well the other Cam was a family friend of Rebecca H's so maybe he saw Becky do it with his mom when they gossiped and picked up the patented bitchface.

I usually LIKE good-girl characters, but Sabrina is not a character. She is a parody. And she doesn't actually produce tears, to boot. Just a nasal Pat-from-SNL voice.

I can't deal with this nonsense. Where the hell is Cam? Sure Liz was great in all of her scenes. Same with Laura and AJ. But between NOTCameron, the god awful Maxie/Frisco BS and the horror that is Sabrina, I was rotating between awwwww and WTF. But sadly, it was mostly WTF anger. I cannot believe that Braden is gone. What the hell? I can honestly say that there have been two soap kids that I find to be an absolute joy to watch in the past 10 years or longer: Cameron and OLTL's Sam Manning.

And wow. They just really want me to absolutely hate Sabrina. Bitching and shrieking about poor officer Carlson. And then making his death ALL. ABOUT. HER. And her pain. And how his death screws up her future plans. And on top of that she wants to whine about not having a date for Valentine's Day. Yes. The hatred only grows stronger.

The less said about stupidity of the lack of any real Jones family drama, the better my blood pressure will be.

Mallory, I'm glad to see a post lamenting the Cam replacement, because for a long time I've feared the day that they'd replace that adorable kid. I even yelled at the TV! I don't understand why they did, since the new kid seems the same age. It was jarring to go from the curly dark hair to straight light hair as they are not physically similar, but I'm sure the new kid is fine. I don't have kids, but I absolutely loved Cam. He was one of the cutest kids on TV.

I personally wish the entire Falconeri clan would just leave town. I would not miss any of them! Also Steve's mother may be dead, so he goes to a Valentine's party? I know she wasn't mother of the year, but it seemed really odd, as did his weird introduction to Frisco.

I miss the curly top of the old Cam --he was too cute for words. These two boys were cute also-- and the little Adian was so catty (he won't last long--remember the Emma before Brooklyn was so catty). I enjoyed all the scenes with Liz yesterday-- that was GH.. Laura, Liz, and AJ. I wish we could get a scene with Emma, Cam, Adian, Patrick and Liz--talking about love and life...

AJ (SK) and Liz (RH) have some serious chemistry wow- can we just have so more scenes with them!

Sabrina acts like a school girl (wait that is an insult to my tween-who has more maturity than this character)... please get her off my screen NOW.... her moaning in the same tone about not having a Valentine's Day date and murdering the police officer was awful....

Frisco and Maxie-- my take (and trust me I wanted fireworks) was that Maxie doesn't give a fig leaf about Frisco so she isn't going to get angry. Her angry at Felicia was due to the fact that she loves Felicia and was angry at her. I don't think she has any feeling towards Frisco--she doesn't know him-- Mac was the one who raised her-- Frisco was a sperm donor. Also Frisco's little statement about "what I want and I care....yaydda yadda" was hollow since the character didn't show up for Georgie's funeral.

I hope we get to see Frisco with Anna. I also hope he meet Emma b/c of his past with Robin.

I miss the character of Georgie- I wish she was also held in Switzerland with Robin.

OMG just turned on GH and saw Luke and Laura and ICE PRINCESS!!!! Seriously, I die.

I had many mixed emotions about yesterday!

NU-CAM: Since I've been sick and not up to speed, I was NOT prepared and had no idea. NOT COOL! Little Aiden is ridiculously cute, especially when he thanked Laura for the present as she was leaving, which I am positive was not a rehearsed line.

FRISCO'S VOLUME GOES TO 11: So last week when he first returned, he had this ridiculous and smug "I'm Christian Bale as Batman" gravely, low voice, and this week, he's screaming his lines like the decibel level will overshadow the fact that his acting is really BAD. He wasn't this bad in the 80's right?? Throw Kristina Wagner's constant "I'm about to sob" voice inflections and pouty bottom lip (and bad acting), and I keep wondering why I loved Frisco and Felicia back in the day.

SABRINA THE TEENAGE NURSE: When you mentioned her saying "on top of everything else, I don't have a Valentine," it made me think of the movie "9 to 5" when Violet thinks she accidentally poisoned her boss.

VIOLET: I'm a murderess. I'm gonna go to the pen. I'm gonna lose my job.
JUDY: Violet, stop.
VIOLET: I'm no fool. I've killed the boss, you think they're not gonna fire me for a thing like that?

OLIVIA THE BATSHIT BROAD OF BENSONHURST: Lisa LoCicero, you're a lovely lady, but right now, I seriously want her to die with Steve in whatever way they are exiting him.


LAURA AND ELIZABETH! Yay!! And THE ICE PRINCESS!! And did anybody else squee when Luke sees Laura through the fog from the deck of the Haunted Star?? I feel like a teen myself these days!!!

The flashback today (2/19)...that is all!!


I, too, love, love OLTL's Spiderman Sam and GH's Cameron. Sigh. I know the little actor that plays Sam is part of the reboot, but my little Cammie cakes with his "bitch please" looks and curly top is gone.

NuCam with his flanel shirt looks like his grandpa Cameron.

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