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February 28, 2013

Quick Suggestion To Benevolent Ghosts Of The World

It sure is nice of various spirits to roam the Earth and remind the living that they are powerful or safe or being watched over or loved or... something. And ghosts are usually plentiful in soap towns (even ghosts that aren't real because they are ghosts of Not At All Dead People, like Robin or... oh hey, Anna was a ghost too, I guess ghosting-while-not-dead runs in the family), but it's high time someone gave the ghosts some tips.

Seeing dead people is startling. I once accidentally dropped my dog's leash because a rat ran out in front of us. Sometimes a noise makes me jump. It's best not to be holding anything fragile or liquid when one gets a shock, because said fragile item might drop and shatter or said liquid item might spill and stain the carpet with a deep burgundy stain, which sucks because red wine can really stain unless you get some salt on it pretty fast. Wait, what?

The point is, be careful when you first appear as a ghost to a loved one. 

Here's one suggestion of what might be a bad time to make your debut apparition appearance to your son.




That kid is liable to drop that smaller kid!


All right, I guess he wasn't too shocked. And Danny's all, "What. WHAT. This ain't shit, lady, you should see what I've lived through already. What do you think, I was born yesterday?"

Also, apparently you can get knocked up pretty fast in the spirit world. Did she look that preggers when she got offed? (I realize the actress is really pregnant, but c'mon. Cover it up a tad!)

How cute are Duke and A.J., partners in business?


I love that Duke is getting woven into storylines outside of courting Anna. I know he initially claimed that the impetus for getting the ELQ job was to "prove himself" to Anna, which is fine (and we all know I'm rooting for huge success there!), but it's so important that he's integrated into other relationships and plots. Tying someone to only one character is generally a death knell for that person's longevity (which reminds me, Afternoon Television Program, please give Ellie a connection to someone in addition to Spinelli, please!), so this is promising indeed. And, as mentioned, the cutest.


And it's so nice to see A.J. having a little fun! 


Now how can Elizabeth resist that sly smile? (Well... hopefully she can't. Not for long! And how adorable is A.J.'s nervousness around Elizabeth? VERY adorable, that's how!)

Speaking of Elizabeth, Steve lived. So uh... yay? And Olivia and Steve are going to move up their wedding. THE ROMANTIC EVENT OF THE CENTURY, right? This'll totally rival Luke and Laura's wedding in viewer numbers, am I right or am I right?

Speaking of romantic events, John and Sam generated some heat after the big Easton/EastonDouble fight scene that resulted in Caleb/Stephen Clay's alleged demise (I'd put money on their wrapping this story up with a little 'BUT WAS HE REALLY?' vampire moment at the end because they just cannot resist the silliness... perhaps a bat will swoop in to Steve and Olivia's wedding?).



I mean that is a soapy pre-makeout moment if I've ever seen one.


D'oh! Nevermind. Lucy's a total cockblocker with all her "but he's a vampire, he has a magical powerful ring!" business. Way to ruin the mood, slayer!

I'd write up a big thing and post screencaps of Sam getting her kid back, but hey, we all knew that was happening and Danny just rolls with the kidnappings at this point. Hell, he'd probably be more traumatized by going a month without getting kidnapped at this point.


Not only was Rafe not flummoxed at his mother's spirit appearing and looking really, really pink, he didn't even notice that Sam was dressed like "Say Yes To The Dress."

That ring moment-I don't think we've seen the last of Clayleb (as a friend brilliantly named him).

Speaking of the is he/isn't he regarding Stephen/Caleb...at the very end the ring kind of glowed, I noticed.

Danny really is the new Hope.

Speaking of, hey, RC remembered that Starr was like super into science once upon a time. Too bad the GH audience doesn't know that.

Aight, time for Lucy and Doc smoochies. Lynn Herring earned them after this stupid storyline.

@ marz: "Clayleb" is briliiant!

The vampire story hasn't bothered me but the past few episodes were really annoying and B-movie level bad in terms of writing and acting. Easton and Monaco do have chemistry. Herring has been done quite the disservice as Lucy has been grating.

I am happy that Steven Lars survived the stabbing at least for Liz's sake. I am surprised that between yesterday's episode and today's that she has not mentioned Jake (or Emily.) The writers have really isolated characters over the years (as you mentioned about Ellie.)

I dunno. I agree that Duke should be used across the canvas beyond Anna but I am not sure I like him in the ELQ story as AJ's lackey. Perhaps Duke and Tracy will be chemistry-tested?

Michael & Starr are obnoxious.

If memory serves correctly, while Tracy is no saint, AJ stated his intentions to oust Tracy from CEO as soon as Edward died, even forming alliances with Skye, Michael and trying to win over Sam. AJ & Tracy have both behaved unreasonably. I am SO tired of hearing Tracy say: relish!!! Glad there is a return to ELQ but wish for a better story about business dealings.

I've actually been intrigued with the whole 'vampire' thing - wondering how they would explain it away in what passes for reality based stories in the world of General Hospital. While not really successful, I give them credit for trying and feel it might have turned out better if we weren't immediately losing McBain for a while.

I do want to see how they handle Lucy now. I think the writers got Lucy's voice down correctly, but it's in the context of her being off her rocker - which still needs an explanation beyond the serial killer hypnotized you. I mean, people can't just go back to acting like she's okay because anyone who stabbed another person because she thought he was a vampire shouldn't just be forgiven and patted on the head. She's got some serous mental issues that should be dealt with.

And by the way - as a slayer, Lucy was incredibly inept. The way she was carrying those weapons, I was seriously worried she was going to shoot her foot off. Flashlight in one hand, two weapons in the other, just kinda hanging there, fumbling around.

And why is Laura only one once or twice a week? Hopefully that story ramps up now that our OLTL transplants are going to be off the canvas for a while (and I'm glad they are here mind you, and want them back).

Finally, I've noticed a lot of people complain about Sabrina (particularly on other boards). She gets trashed a lot for being annoying and every where. But you know, she's barely been on the show for two weeks now and her story has been relatively confined to Patrick and Nurses Ball related shenanigans even when she is on. And granted, she's whiney but my goodness, I survived years of Spinelli being the Sonny / Jason sidekick in what seemed like almost every scene - Sabrina is a walk in the park compared to that.

Great post soapbaby!

I've decided to feel grateful they've put Duke in the orbit of other characters. And now i hope he stops acting a bit creepy and as if Starr and Michael are his elders.

I've decided to hope Laura/Scotty/Luke go front burner and that we finally wrap up this "surrogacy" storyline, now that Lulu hasn't known the truth for TWO MONTHS -- can it really be two months that all this vampire crap's been going on? :) Breathe, breathe...

Back in the Guza days it always seemed JE had a raspier, softer voice...but not so now, she's at full throttle!

"AJ and Duke, the dynamic relish duo!" LMAOOOO

I'm cutting Duke some slack in his positioning. He's still finding himself and resettling himself in the world after 20 years of captivity. I figure he needs time to rebuild his confidence and decide where he wants to be (aside from with Anna).

The screencaps are brilliant, Louise! I ADORE Sean Kanan in anything, and Sam is looking uber hot.

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