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February 10, 2013

The Bold & the Beautiful: Week In Review

Last week on The Bold & the Beautiful, Dayzee's storyline got approximately 75 seconds of air time in which she flashed back to an angry Maya, wanting her child back....

Maya is angry angry angry

And also Dayzee looked at a blue folder a lot.

Marcus and Carter stumbled upon said blue folder. 


Dayzee "finally" had to 'fess up that she used to be involved in helping out with adoptions for the various downtrodden women she was working with. And she thinks she's in trouble!


Uh oh!

Other than those 75 seconds, all the episodes this week were reruns. That's certainly how it appeared -- how else could we be watching the same awful people standing around having the same tedious conversations about Hope, Liam, and Steffy? Years after this shit began? We couldn't possibly. CBS must be saving a ton of money just airing repeats and telling us they're new. Obviously we saw this face a lot:


And it was all pretty irrelevant and will amount to absolutely nothing.

Oh yeah, there was a bunch of Taylor's family/Logan feuding (I can't say Forrester/Logans since half the Logans are also Forresters which makes this whole thing even stupider than it looks on the surface, although the surface is really all there is. I wonder if when RJ comes back SORAS'ed from boarding school if he's not already dead and forgotten in a ditch somewhere, the families might actually slice him in two.). One argument led to Hope pushing Steffy (DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT STEFFY'S PREGNANT? IF ONLY SHE COULD PUT HER HANDS ON HER BELLY TO SIGNIFY IT SO WE'D REMEMBER!) in slow motion.


That bit was mildly amusing. But as I said, otherwise it was all reruns of horrible people having horrible conversations about horribly dull things.

Great week, Afternoon Television Program!


I kind of love Scott Clifton's "Is that a fart I smell or Sbaro pizza?" face.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

OMG, Steffy clutching her belly all the time is *so* overdone! Everything else I've already said a billion times. I want RJ to come back and tell them all to STFU!!!

Louise, I've tried watching B & B......cannot do it. I would, however, like to "hear" your thoughts on the Prospect Park reboot of your fav (and mine) OLTL! I've been looking for it....maybe I missed a column....and i think others are too.

Brian, I am super-excited about OLTL coming back and looking forward to covering it here! I've chatted about it a little on the Serial Drama FB page but haven't done a full post on the blog yet. I'll get there! (I do wish ABC would play nice and share Howarth and Easton for a little bit, though, because I do not want a Todd or John recast.)

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