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February 05, 2013

The Fantasy & the Reality

Oh man. If only the brief and fleeting dream of today's B&B was a real thing. I mean yeah, I know we're not going to see someone waking up from a dream in tomorrow's episode (or watching this all inside a snow globe), but I just mean in terms of what it will bring.

Can there seriously be any B&B viewers left that don't want the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle to end? Sure, there are probably people who are rooting for it to end with one couple or the other (and I envy them because I do not see either pairing as defensible, especially to my stomach), but I really do feel like we could all join hands in peaceful and rare soap fan unanimity and say we all want it over. Regardless of how or why or with whom. 

Yesterday was a bit of a starter fantasy, with Steffy saying all the right things. Demanding that Liam make a choice, that he show both her and Hope some respect by stopping the waffling. Basically she verbally bitch-slapped him in an attempt to get him to man up. She also insisted that she doesn't want to get into the same cycle that her mother spent her whole life in, waiting for a man whose heart was divided and letting him stay with her out of loyalty alone. (A soap character trying not to get a commitment from a man by using a pregnancy? What kind of vortex are we in here?!)

Today? Well, he almost did man up.


Liam: Steffy, I can't keep rebounding between two women I love, taking turns making them miserable. It's not right. It's not morally right, not to mention unfair and ungrateful to both of you. I am so done making decisions based on false information and bad impulses. I'm done.

Steffy's approach sure did backfire. Her wooing Liam has long been about being the "cool" one, the one who says she'll make no demands and won't ever pressure him or challenge him or make him feel tied down, while Hope's wooing tactic is basically, "SHUT UP YOU'RE GONNA MARRY ME!" Anyway, he called Steffy's bluff and said she should move out and that he needs to focus on himself and who he is and what he wants.

And then naturally told her this doesn't mean it's over and that he'll always love her and that she knows him better than anyone else in the world. Nice, Liam. Because that's really how to establish a serious break that can give you honest time to think -- just keep on keepin' both women on the hook, holding out hope for a reunion! But just don't live with either of them. Easy-peasy. Ain't life grand when you're the town douchenozzle.

Oh and then the worst insult of all:


Kissed her goodbye on the forehead! The most condescending gesture on the planet. Way to leave her demoralized but still hanging!

Anyway, once the pregnancy gets out, all this "growth" on everyone's part will undoubtedly be quickly erased. But these were some fun fantasy moments, making us all believe for just a moment that a genie might just grant us our wish that the triangle will end.

(All that said, there was a fun and ugly argument between Brooke and Taylor today as well as a really bizarre out-of-nowhere but highly entertaining battle of "wits" [haha] between Thomas and Hope. I know the daily scriptwriters are not at fault for the triangle never ending, so I will give credit where it's due for a well-written and engaging batch of scenes today! Well done, today's writer! I will rub this here lamp that your words will have resonance moving forward...)


If Liam had only said, "I choose me..."

LOL @ Anne- I was thinking the same thing. Pull a Kelly Taylor and choose himself.

I'd also love if he took a small sword and stabbed himself with it. I'm still pissed that Bill scene didn't make The Soup.

I want Liam to choose Steffy. Why? Because Hope is Brooke's daughter, I want her to be free of the vortex of suck that is Liam. I don't especially like Hope more but root for her a bit because of Brooke.

Good lord, have mercy!! And Monday's Bill & Katie's love in the afternoon :p

LOL! I cannot get over Liam nicely telling Steffy to get out and then kissing her on the forehead. Talk about a kick in the teeth.

I confess to be one B&B fan enjoying the twists and turns of this neverending triangle. Just when I think that it cannot any more jaw dropping ridiculous, it does.

My babies: http://vimeo.com/channels/125856/58616139

Dang, KKL is a beautiful woman. I have such a girl crush on her and have for years!

So Awesome Writer has moved to B&B? Or would Adequate Writer be more accurate?

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