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February 21, 2013

The Fog Begins To Lift (or Metric Tons Of Gumption)

After that adorable awkward moment the other day when A.J. showed up at Elizabeth's door with flowers that she mistakenly thought he'd brought her, I knew those earlier scenes between the two weren't just accidental and irrelevant chemistry. No indeed. 

Today, we got a phone call between the two implying at least one of the major topics of conversation from their impromptu spaghetti dinner -- PickleLila and A.J.'s strategies for dealing with Tracy and saving ELQ. And A.J. talked about how much fun he had playing with the boys and both of them said how good a time they had and it was super-cute. And! 


A.J. really did end up sending her flowers!

And his handwriting doesn't look like an eight-year-old's like Michael's did the other day!

And she was all bashful when Steve was prodding her about it. I love when the two of them are actually siblings and act like it, but far too rare (I might still be a little grumpy about that time he basically accused her of trying to kill Siobhan). And Liz gave her big brother her patented Liz look when she 'fessed up to who her admirer is.



Sibling rapport! If I didn't know better, I'd think they were giving us this cute brother/sister stuff to up the drama because something's going to happen to one of them soon. I KNOW! I'M REALLY GOING OUT ON A LIMB HERE, Y'ALL! Sherlock Weezie here.

Anyhoozle, Liz promised Steve that she's sure A.J.'s attempts to be a better man and a better father are sincere. Meanwhile, A.J. had another panic attack and begged for Tracy to call Liz. He needs his Florence Nightingale! 

Liz calmed him down over the phone and then after Tracy dropped him off at GH, they continued their sweet little flirtation.




I love it. LOVE IT.

Now, if you're sitting there thinking, "Uh, Louise, we all watched the same episode. You basically just explained what we all watched," well... I can't argue with you. I JUST WANTED TO RE-LIVE IT, ALL RIGHT?!

Otherwise, not an especially action-packed episode. I mean there was a jailbreak and all, but we pretty much knew that was going to happen. And there won't be any consequences because on soaps, it's totally legal to break out of jail and set fire to police stations as long as once you've escaped you can prove your innocence or save the town or... something. Then it's a pat on the back and a key to the city. No problem-o!

However, the pre-jailbreak scenes did give us this gem from John McBain:


John: Since Manning's with his lawyer, we might be able to have a conversation without the laugh track.

From your lips to God's ears, McBain!

Otherwise we did get one of those hysterical post-D.I.D.-emergence episodes where the host identity comes back after several months away and has to be filled in on all the soapy chaos she missed. (It cracks me up that an episode like that is now so standard in soaps that it's officially a TV Trope.) I can't say I felt bad for Kate (as I sometimes did for Viki over on OLTL when such episodes unfolded) because Kate bores me to tears (if we have to have this character around, I'd much prefer the softened-down non-nympho version of Connie we were starting to see, so here's hoping there's an actual integration so we never have to go back to either extreme). Don't get me wrong, Kelly Sullivan is one hell of a fearless performer and that's sometimes fascinating to watch, but I've just never cared one iota about her Kate. Not one. But the domino effect of tragic and terrifying news that she got as today's episode progressed was kind of awesome. Was I supposed to find it awesomely funny? Well, I did. 


I sure hope someone taped her bachelorette party with a smartphone or something. She has to see what she missed!


It's okay, Weezie -- I wanted to relive it too! LOVE IT.

I am so head over heels for Liz and AJ. Of course I know what it's like to be burned by this show, so...cautiously optimistic ;)

love quiz-- love them.. love seeing the q's and webbers on my screen yay!

could do w/o Con/Kate don't care who had sex with Sonny -- it was still ICK...

What happened to Frisco and Britt little chit-chat the other night???

Plus I really want Frisco to meet Emma and find out what Britt did to Robin's (his god-daughter) daughter.

Liz/AJ are LOVE. That's the kind of sweet, slow build romance these shows needs more of.

John McBain breaks out of jail to clear his name after he is falsely accused of a crime. Must be Tuesday.

I always cared when OLTL Viki found out all of the horrible things done by her alters, but with Kate, I could care less. Maybe it's because I zoned out on D.I.D. nonsense with Jess/Tess/Fess/Less/Wes.

Liz and Steven Lars were all kind of awesome today.

The Liz and AJ scenes were really cute. Liz needs a slow romance a not an "instant" I love you from her next pairing.

The ONLY times I have liked Scott Reeves as Steve was in he is big brother-mode to Liz and today's episode was no exception. Steve & Liz have a great sibling rapport. I'd keep him around to just show up for scenes supporting Liz.

As much as I enjoyed Liz & AJ on Monday's episode, I wasn't feeling the same way today. I didn't see the chemistry and the scene at the hospital felt forced. I am not a fan of Sean Kanan's acting [ducking for cover.]

Elizabeth attack! :-( Why oh why she cant stay away from the characters i like? She will suck the life out of AJ...

^^ Just as she has sucked the life out of Sabrina? Liz has rarely been on and when on, relegated to the Nurses' station at GH. Hmmm...

I LOVE Liz. It's irrational and borderline weird (much like my love for Natalie Buchanan on OLTL) so I am excited to see her in a pairing that I like. I HATED to see her with Jason but this is a breath of fresh air that she (and I) needs.

Connie/Kate...meh. I did like...nope. Meh.

@ Tish -- Yes, where in the heck are Frisco and Maxie? Where is the continuation of that scene that I eagerly tuned in to see the conclusion of the next day? I know RC said he wants to space out Wagner's appearances, but does he need to do it by just dropping things? Drives me crazy!

The only positive interest I could work up for yesterday's show were the AJ/Liz scenes. Even Tracy didn't do it for me. I like her cranky, idiosyncractic self, but yesterday she just seemed crazy mean. And what's with her 'MY FATHER" and "MY MOTHER" crap with AJ anyway? HER FATHER and HER MOTHER happened to be HIS grandparents. Sheesh, Tracy, get a grip or you'll actually DESERVE to end up with Luke.

There isn't a Falconeri in the world I want to see or especially listen to, but now we have to hear Kate of the Quivering Lips and the Bug Eyes cry me a river for Trey again?? I know Ron C. isn't even following his own convoluted logic these days on this labored DID storyline, but if Kate is the real personality, then she'd remember everything that happened while Konnie was in charge. Frankly I wish someone would just throw her in the river.

And somebody should lock Sonny up for skeeving out his own kid talking to him about his sex life with the Falconeri headtwins. Who does that?? (Other than Carly). And people think AJ is the bad dad? At least he's not the creepiest and most inappropriate.

And why don't they have Molly featured in a storyline where she has to have her adenoids out? Because that can be the only explanation for that irritating nasal whine of hers, unless she swallows live frogs on the side. Breaking out prisoners and visiting possible murderers, as well as that looooooooooong conversation with Lucy Coe - Alexis must be so proud.

So other than AJ/Liz, today's show was a complete waste of time.

Actually, _boes_, the real personality emerging and not knowing anything that happened when the alter was in charge is the ONLY thing that has been consistent in any ABC soap DID story. The real person always has to be filled in. It's the alters that know what happens all the time.

And if Liz sucks the life out of characters (which she doesn't-the woman makes every screen partner more alive),her perfect match is CALEB.

See how stupid this can get.

I've been reading your blog for a long time, and have never commented before. I just had to say thank you for the aj/liz post. They are so sparkly!

I have loved all the Elizabeth scenes this week, so glad to have her on screen more with various characters.

I have watched the Elizabeth & AJ scenes at least 10 times over by now. They are so cute, and flirty, and simley.

I also loved when Tracy brought AJ to the hospital and said "Nurse Webber, he is all yours!" Oooh, is he now? I sure hope so! :)

I'm excited about this pairing, like I haven't been in a while for Elizabeth. I think she could be #1 for AJ and not playing catch up or second best to another woman on the show.

P.S. Can AJ wear that short black coat all the time? He was looking mighty fine!

Kate, I so agree with you -- I love that AJ is the rare adult character on the show who actually has no "love of his life" or "one that got away," which means the sky is the limit for whomever he falls in love with next. There won't be any nostalgia or competition from any corner because they never really allowed him to be portrayed as a legitimate romantic possibility in the past.

I love that Brian Frons is no longer around to dictate which actors get story and which actors are ONLY paired up with each other. Soap opera story telling is suppose to be character driven and organic so it will be nice to see if Liz & AJ have chemistry without BF stinking up the joint!

^^LadyBug, ain't it grand?! :-D

Maybe it is my own personal experience but I have always cut AJ a break. If someone hears for long enough about how bad they are, how much of a screwup etc. they start to believe it and that's how they live. And I'm really rooting for AJ to turn his life around on this go around.

I am not against a Liz/AJ pairing (although i don't see so much chemistry, some of their scenes seem flirty and cute with some little cute chemistry in it but it is not phenomenal and not sure it is enough to make them a very popular pairing..)
Lot's of people seem above all very enthousiastic about this pairing because they want a love interest (and therefore a story) for the Liz Webber character and quite enjoy AJ because he is a Quatermaine back from the dead and Sonny antagonist (who 'won' too much for years compare to poor 'loser' AJ who got screwed up again and again..lol) and not so much for the real, deep, genuine, character-driven interaction, connection (except maybe with the Jason factor) possible between these two characters... So to me it feel quite contrived this 'love story' and i like both characters (but while RH as Liz can be really endearing and a chemistry magnet imho SK can be too much smarmy, slimy..which can be great when he plays a womanizer, sleembag character like Deacon Sharpe but a leading male in a genuine love story..i am not buy it..after that maybe he can succeed but for now..nope..it doesn't work too much..) Did he ever had a successful pairing on GH as AJ Quatermaine ?!..yeah.. I will keep my eyes open but for now..not really into it.

I couldnt care less about Elizabeth. To think that I was very happy to have AJ back, please let this end soon as nothing more than a little flirtation.

Long-time lurker, enjoyer of your posts!

This pretty much summed up all of Thurs' episode for me. AJ/Liz >>>>>> everything else (although I do like the Lucy/McBain jail stuff)

I like that the writers, and SK apparently, are going for this approach with AJ, that he's still super insecure, but charming, roguish, broken man. It fits perfectly with his character's arc for the past two decades, even with BW in the role. I also love how they appear to be using AJ's burgeoning friendship and awkward, tentative thing with Liz to soften his edges, just a little bit. It's all about the layers.

Plus, the pretty is bright when RH and SK share the screen.

Seems to me that a lot of people STILL don't have the DID stuff straight. CONNIE is the original, KATE is the alter! Maybe CarTini needs to be reminded too.

Totally agree Suzanne.

This week has made me so happy to have SK back in the role of AJ, though I've been feeling this way almost since the beginning of his return. When SK was AJ back so long ago, I felt he and the writing made AJ into a hapless loser, who made bad choices, but who had a boyish charm that made him redeemable and root worthy. When the role was recast with BW (seriously night and day casting call there, these guys are completely different) the actor and the writers pretty much turned AJ into a mustache-twirling villain.

I have no problem with villains, but if the character is going to be robust they need a little something else there that makes you happy to see them on screen. Jerry Jacks is super evil, but I love when he shows up. Todd is probably the most perfect example (though I don't know how many people could be as charming as RH), this man is bad, bad, bad news and yet I find myself smiling every time he is on screen.

The only time I remember liking BW at all was when he first started dating Courtney (I can't believe I'm saying this about Courtney) but of course the show blew that straight to hell almost instantly, too.

With SK back as AJ I feel like the show is getting back to that original AJ who you just hoped would be able to redeem himself.

AJ and Liz have chemistry burning up the screen. Both actors almost always generate combustion with their screen partners. I see nothing contrived in this story and since it isn't yet a "love story," it seems premature to comment on whether it's going to succeed or fail.

They're doing a great job with the friends without benefits stuff. I like that they're both supporting each other unconditionally.

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