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February 11, 2013

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of My Rejoicing

Even though All My Children ended many months ago, I still find my mind wandering to the residents of Pine Valley every so often. Sometimes it's because I'm still complaining about the show's cliffhanger--you say "I think it's about time you made your piece with an admittedly terrible episode of television and move on, you lunatic", to which I respond that I AM a lunatic, but the show ended with either a mass bloodbath of people we've come to love of, if we're viewing things as optimistically as possible, a very public attempted suicide, so I think I have a few more YEARS of justified complaining. Other times, it's because I've coined a hilariously mean turn of phrase and regret not being able to use it to describe Ryan Lavery. And still other times, it's just a knowing sigh when I see a large bottle of hairspray.

I've also, like anybody with a heart, wondered what David Canary has been up to (I tried long and hard of a way to write that sentence with minimal creepiness and that's about the best I could do). Is he still acting? Not enough, according to IMDB--the last thing I saw him in was a (hilarious) episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Did he take up some sort of awesome hobby? He seems like the time who would find an offbeat hobby and just do it amazingly well. Maybe he travels? I don't know and I'm going to just cut myself off here before this blog becomes a David Canary fanfiction site and say the hell with clever segues: the man is coming back to our televisions. Well, computer monitors. Yes, he's joining Prospect Park's AMC!

Great news! Soaps In Depth has heard from multiple performers connected to the re-launch of ALL MY CHILDREN that Emmy-winners Susan Lucci (Erica) and David Canary (Adam/Stuart) will be part of the soap's new version set to debut online later this spring. As of now, Lucci, alas, will appear in just one episode while Canary will be seen on an ongoing basis.

Storylines are being kept under wraps, but In Depth also hears that AMC will have a heavy emphasis on a group of high school characters and that the series will be set five years from the moment JR readied to start shooting beloved Pine Valley citizens in the broadcast finale. Speaking of JR, In Depth also hears that the re-launched AMC will be start off with Adam and Dixie's son waking up from a coma...

Isn't that so...I want to say so amazingly exciting, but the truth of the matter is that it sounds almost entirely horrible. Euphoria never really lasts long for me, does it? "A heavy emphasis on a group of high school characters"? I full body shuddered. At least David Canary will be around on "an ongoing basis", whatever that means--having Adam Chandler around will go a long way in making storylines surrounded on teenage randoms a little better.


Rumor is that the high school characters are going to be a SORAS-ed AJ and Miranda so not super random.

I am so happy the "All My Children" Serial Drama category is getting dusted off again!!! The master is back.

The only possible thing that is better than reading your columns about All My Children will be seeing it again! And with David Canary, no less, along with Cady McClain and Susan Lucci, Darnell Williams, Debbi Morgan, etc.

And now MEK has said publicly that he has been contacted, that they want him back, he wants to come back, but he can't do it right away.

No worries, there, MEK. We'll all be waiting for the day you can!

Is wooden TK coming back?

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