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February 09, 2013

The More I Know, The Less I Understand

It's a good thing that most of my friends regard my General Hospital viewership as a strange character quirk of mine and don't ever try to engage me in conversation about it, because I'm at a loss imagining how I'd even recap recent episodes for them. "Well, John McBain has a doppelganger--does it still count as a doppelganger if the double in question has hair MUCH longer than his? I guess if everyone else in town is incapable of telling them apart, the hair mustn't be that big an issue. Anyway, John McBain has a doppelganger who is either a vampire or just your everyday psychopath who kills people and then licks blood.

Also, Todd and Carly are totally, like, heartbroken that they can't be together.

And there will almost definitely be a frontburner storyline that revolves around relish.

So yeah...this show is getting pretty good".

(And is it just me or is the Todd/Carly story the LEAST believable of the stories mentioned above? Their instant friendship and instant...intstanter (?) love doesn't ring true and you'd have to think that at least one of them, in a moment of rationality, would realize that not dating a walking personality disorder is actually the best thing that could happen to them. But no, they are soooo sad!)

I am having a tough time reconciling how much I enjoy watching this show (the hour FLIES by) and how kind of...bizzarre and ridiculous it is. Hardly any of it makes sense and (I think?) I am (mostly?) opposed to the entire vampire thing--I mean, my first reaction is a groan and a cringe and a "Oh, god, no, not vampires, ew, ugh god" but I am still sort of captivated by it and interested in seeing where it goes. Michael Easton, what have you done to me?!--and little Rafe is kind of not a very good actor (unless he's MEANT to be almost catatonic with fear and panic, in which case he is hitting every single not) and smug Sonny is the worst Sonny and what on earth is the deal with Shawn, really?! But then Connie and Tracy fist-bump each other and I can't help but think, "I am so freaking lucky to be watching this show".


Or maybe I have blizzard cabin fever and have lost my mind. It's possible.


You're right on, as usual!

Not even Tracy can make me like Connie/Kate/KSu and her limp hair and wriggly eyebrows. And I was physically embarrassed for Lynn Herring and Michael Easton during Thursday's scenes.

I like everything else regarding Tracy though.

RC/FV are working over time to make fans like Connie/Kate and it is not working. The character should have been gone last year.

Also, there is way too much "instant love" with Luke/Anna, Todd/Carly, Starr/Michael, Sabrina/Patrick and Krissy/Trey. Yes, I know Sabrina's is a one-sided teenage love and Trey is now dead. There is no way that the Todd Manning (RH or TSJ) would suddenly be all in love with Snary. Blech.

Little Starr Manning is all grown up and on her third male pairing since she and Cole were caught having sex five years ago! Jeez. Now, compare this to Liz (Lucky, Zander, Ric, Jason, and Nik)during the last fifteen years! At least Liz was married to Lucky and Ric, plus she had history with Jason, Nik and Zander.

General Hospital resembles Passions more than GH these days. I guess the question is, how much camp is too much? The show is still entertaining, if not deep. The ratings are stable.

God help me, but I love the PC vampire stuff. Yes, I burst into laughter everytime "Caleb" is on screen with those god awful nylon extentions of evil, but I am loving the vamp stuff as a whole.

Hate Luke. Nothing new there. Haven't liked him(barring his time with Tracy) in years. Hate Kristina. Hate Britch and SoBlanda. Hating Patrick for even putting up with either of those two brats. Todd and Carly as instant soulmate? I call bullshit. We all know Todd and Blair belong together. Todd knows it. Blair knows it. Todd and Carly being friends? Okay. Hooking up? Eh, but whatever. Suddenly in wuv? Not buying it. Kate/Connie? Could not care less about her. Sonny, also could not care less about him and his feelings about everyone being mean to him. Starr/Michael? Meh. Still makes me feel dirty watching them make out. Like child porn is being aired.

And what the hell is going on with Shawn? Now he is a freaking true thug mob enforcer? Alexis is cool dating a criminal? And yet we get to see him act all concerned about TJ's actions? Dude, you are working as a mob enforcer/hitman. You don't get to be judgey about other people's decisions.

I am good with the whole relish storyline... love the q's having a storyline!!! YAY...

Todd and Carly.. the whole time I am wishing she would run away with him--off screen... rats so close ... don't buy the "love" story with a minute perhaps lust -- or really good sex .. but not love.. besides no mention of HER daughter Josslyn the young child she has.. why doesn't Jax have her...

Shawn--ugh why did he have to fall under Sonny's spell... how can Alexis date him???

The whole vampire thing-- just rolling my eyes until this passes...

britt/maxie the unholy alliance ick

sabrina's instant love for Patrick ugh.. Patrick is still in mourning so I will give him a pass...

love the q's ..looking forward to Laura...

/////Posted by: Stlbf And what the hell is going on with Shawn?
Now he is a freaking true thug mob enforcer? Alexis is cool dating a criminal? And yet we get to see him act all concerned about TJ's actions? Dude, you are working as a mob enforcer/hitman. You don't get to be judgey about other people's decisions./////

This. TIIC managed to ruin Shawn really fast, and also put Alexis in a vulnerable position. So they are writing Shawn now as a guy who will do Sonny's enforcing, make sure his drug shipments get through, kidnap a person or two, because his day job BORES HIM???? And THIS is the guy Alexis is involved with? And worst of all, she knows about it and has no problem with it.
Forget McBain has a doppleganger - it's obvious Alexis now has a double also. Or is RC making her so desperate for male "companionship" that she's settle for a thug?
There's a lot I like about RC's writing and a good deal I don't. He can be suprisingly callous sometimes about women. And he can be too enamoured of camp. The Vamps and Shawn are bad examples of the worst of RC.

If I recall correctly, didn't Shawn come on GH as an ex-Marine with PTSD that worked for Jason (the mob enforcer)? I could be wrong.

I do agree that all this instant love is tiresome and unbelievable. Anna falling for Luke and Todd falling for Carly just has too many holes in it.

As far as Patrick and Sabrina--hopefully she'll find true love with someone else and the writers will see fit to move Patrick on to an adult story because this couple does not work. I'm guessing she's supposed to be a good girl that reminds the viewers of Robin but Robin was never this naive or weak, even as a young child. Why can't Patrick be a single dad that dates? Why must he find a replacement for Robin so soon? Whatever happened to the nanny/babysitter that worked for the Drakes when Robin was alive?

A lot is working on GH though. Stories are moving along, more cast integraton, love the vets and the entire show doesn't revolve around 3 characters.

As far as the vampire stuff, like it but hope it doesn't last so long that it eats up the rest of the show.

At this point, I would have rather seen Liz and Patrick honoring Robin by working on the nurses ball and hanging out with their kids.

I am with Angie and Ladybug on these points...too much insta-love here to be believable. Sabrina is too young and naive for Patrick. Robin was less so at the age of 8! She's the daughter of Anna and Robert Scorpio for God's sake!!! She had lost Stone, became HIV positive, and became a doctor, and believed her parents were both killed. She had more life experience than Patrick when they met. Liz and Patrick hanging out with their kids, yes....and BTW, where are Liz's kids...seems like they fell off the face of earth.
I agree, lots of good stuff going on with the returning vets, and families with integrating storylines. The whole town is interacting and I love that.

I appreciate the fact that the new regime is integrating the cast more. Before, it seemed like everyone existed in a vacuum to the point where it was ridiculous. With Guza & Phelps, we never would have had Mac and Maxie share scenes that lasted an entire episode! I'm really glad to see the interaction of characters who should have been together before but were rarely seen. That said, I think that sometimes there is TOO much of an effort to tie people into every part of the show, such as Connie. Now she's Tracy's BFF? I personally cannot stand the character of Connie, and I'm disappointed to see more and more of her on my screen so I FF. Also I generally enjoy Todd, but putting him in Carly's orbit makes me just FF their scenes. I don't buy that they were anything more than friends with benefits (once) and all this "love" declaration seems hollow. Olivia is another example of trying to make a character relevant by tying her all over the place with her "psychic" abilities. To me this character outlived her usefulness ages ago, all she does is stand around with her mouth open in surprise or go around getting up in people's faces because of her visions.

The other point with Shawn, besides what is Alexis doing with a mob thug, is the fact that he is TJ's guardian. He is supposed to be setting a good example for a teenage boy who doesn't have a father. So he responds by working for a mobster. He seemed to put illegal activities behind him once TJ came long. Working behind the counter @ Kelly's is the kiss of death for a character, but find something better for him to do, or send him out of town (although I like TJ).

Again I am glad to see a lot of interaction with characters where it seems a natural part of storytelling, and I'm thrilled to see so many more family units interacting besides Sonny's, but maybe tone down the "shoot at anything that moves" style of putting certain people everywhere hoping to strike paydirt.

I'm loving 90% of what's happening during the Cartini era. Even the vampire stuff is not bothering me that much because it brings back Lucy and Kevin. Heather, Todd, and Lucy breaking out of Ferncliff was pure comedy gold. However, I do have a bone to pick with Cartini. Longtime viewers have been waiting over 20 years for Frisco and Maxie to see each since the BJ died/Maxie gets her heart storyline. Tuesday's ender was Maxie saying Hello, Dad. Three days have gone by and we have yet to see what happened when Maxie saw Frisco. Even Guza wouldn't have blown this scene. I get that Jack Wagner only taped a handful of episodes, and the TBTB want to spread out the scenes but this was way too important to push off until tomorrow's episode even we even get to see it then.

I've been feeling like an island, b/c I never saw this awesome romantic chemistry between Todd and Carly. I could maybe see a friendship, but that's about it. I felt nothing for them like I did Carly and Johnny, who were all of a sudden in love. It makes no sense.

I get Sabrina crushing on Patrick, but it is possible to have a crush on someone and still be an adult. She's so infantile, although I like her. Now she's in love with him? Yes, she's babysat Emma, but she doesn't even know Patrick.

I seriously need for RC to stop trying to make Connie happen. I don't find this amusing at all. And to have Sonny say that at first he thought of Connie as a symptom of an illness but was wrong? What? She is a symptom. Kate is sick and people are running around trying to kill, become gal pals, or becoming attracted to Connie? This is Jess/Tess all over again, with Tess running around for months doing whatever, while Jessica was being taken advantage of and then blamed for everything when she finally did resurace.

Lastly, the moment when Maxie sees her father after almost two decades of him not being around is left hanging for days??? I know we're going to see those scenes, but why the huge gap? It ruins the momentum.

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