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February 13, 2013

The Sad & the Slogging

For those of you who missed my mildly melodramatic declaration on Serial Drama's Facebook page, I'm taking a hiatus from covering most of The Bold & the Beautiful. I'm flying through and watching Dayzee's storyline and also keeping tabs on any other developments (come back, Karen and Dani!), but it had honestly become self-torture to watch anything else in not only the Steffy/Liam/Hope Triangle of Death, but also anything related to the surrounding Taylor's-family-vs-the-Logans nonsense. That's been the driving force of the show for over a year and half now and I feel like that's giving it enough of a chance, and I feel like it's only gotten worse. I don't mean because there's a lack of writing talent or a lack of dynamic and compelling actors. And I have a healthy sense of humor about silly soap rivalries and catfights. I really do! But I just can't watch all these pathetic women behave so horribly anymore. There's just nothing left to balance it out right now and I can't even find a character I like at the moment, much less feel like I can actively root for. I'm offended as a woman but also as, you know, an actual human.

There I go getting melodramatic again. Oops. Point is, I can't take it anymore and I'm going to stop forcing myself to do something that makes my stomach hurt so much!

My apologies to those of you who've stuck with these B&B posts, and I hope that things change and I also hope that the other storylines get enough air time that there's still something to talk about!

Today they had a cheesy plug for the new season of Survivor (which I admit is my one reality TV addiction, so I'm not complaining) in the form of returning competitor Malcolm Freburg, who played a Forrester Creations employee named... Malcolm. Malcolm is adorable.


He looks so douchey there! If you're not a Survivor viewer, I promise you he does not look douchey on that island. I promise.

Anyway, they had some super eye-rolly dialogue about how Rick had the "right alliance" (oh so subtle, CBS!) in the design competition that won him the CEO position. A competition that Malcolm's awkwardly-delivered dialogue implied that he was there for. Yeah,there were like four people in that room. And about as many designs. Lamest competition ever.


Anyway, Rick shared a smug smirk with him and that was the end of that. 

Otherwise I fast-forwarded anything unrelated to Dayzee, so I guess all I can feel about the episode is sad. Dayzee called Maya to tell her to come by for information about her daughter, and Maya was so excited it just broke my heart.


But it was not to be.




It's hard to make us care about a storyline that's gotten so little development, but I got really choked up after Maya learned about her daughter's death and just kept crying, "But I'm here, I'm here now!" The best touch in this story is that Maya was exonerated. Not that she was some down-and-out girl who changed her mind on a whim, not that she served her time and regretted having put her child up for adoption. But that she really did think she would be in prison for far too long to ever even know her child, so she tried to do the right thing by her daughter. And then in a miracle of miracles, she was exonerated and released several years before she'd expected. It gave her new hope.

Marcus kind of... grunted out some words of sympathy that probably didn't help much.


All right, I'm being a little snarky -- it was actually quite stellar acting on everyone's part, particularly Kristolyn Lloyd and Karla Mosley. I don't know where they'll go from here, but I assume that somehow Maya will hold Dayzee responsible for this because really, otherwise? Where does the story go from here? And I really don't want this story to begin and end as quickly as Marcus's horrible non-plot last year about texting and driving.

Man. And that's it! I can't tell you what a load it is off my shoulders to have gone two straight days just fast-forwarding straight through all those other awful people. (I did see the last shot of the episode, though, and uh....


Yeah. I made the right choice.)


I left the television on after Y&R while doing some housework and heard some screeching about a poor little baby. Since I rarely watch this show but always read your blog about it, I wondered if Hope giving that tiny shove to Steffy caused a miscarriage? Did that happen? Lord this show it terrible.

Holly, unfortunately no. That little push led to a fall and absolutely nothing else. Steffy was back up and the two were at it again within seconds. And that was the last episode where I'll watch those two awful people or anyone around them.

The baby who died was Maya's daughter. She died in a car crash with her adoptive parents.

Ah! That's what I get for only listening from the other room. Thanks Louise!

Thanks Louise. I commend you for sticking with viewing this long. I only read your recaps these days. B&B is too repetitive and boring. Damned writers! After reading this recap I may go find the episode online for Dayzee/Maya scenes. That screencap of Marcus is PERFECT. Captures everything about the character/actor in one image. He's a dullard.

What the holy heck is going on in that last screencap? I feel like I'm watching a bad Heart video from the 80's or something.

I FF anything Hope/Liam/Steffy, Taylor/Brooke and especially Dayzee...sorry. I have taken this show off my DVR as of this morning.

Now that Susan/Stephanie is gone, I have no reason to watch any more. And Taylor and Eric coming on to each other? This storyline is just as sick as Y&R's with Victor and Sharon hitting the sheets.

Why does Rick look like a concierge at a fancy hotel???

Well, Louise, I can't blame you for improving your blood pressure score like, 50 points immediately by deciding not to cover this show anymore, but I'll miss your commentary, because reading your stuff and snarking along with you and the rest of the people who post here has been the saving grace.

I agree with SZima (and predicted this a long time ago, actually, when Susan Flannery started making noise about leaving one day): there's very little left without Stephanie. I always said she was absolutely essential to the show and if she left it would basically fall apart, and I'm being proved right. She served an important function as basically a one-woman, kick-ass Greek chorus commenting on the ridiculous and appalling behavior around her, and without that, it's just a bunch of totally dysfunctional people doing things it's hard to care about. (And yes, I know Stephanie was often ridiculous herself, but Susan's inherent toughness and tenacity allowed Stephanie to be the show's moral center without actually being the most moral of people herself.)

I'm just wondering why Steffy is drawing her eyebrows on with charcoal now.... Maybe she and Liam can bond over Groucho Marx now instead of Bob Hope.

For some reason, I have an image of an old MASH episode with Hawkeye telling Henry that "I cracked under the pressure, Warden." Louise, I don't watch B&B, I barely watch GH but I love your posts. My Valentine's Day gift to you is pick a show, daytime or primetime, cable or network, that you personally LOVE and blog the heck out of it. Even if it's something I don't watch, I will read it. And I'm sure I speak for a lot of SD readers when I say that :)

Satanie left Lippy and Slutty took over... Rapist left arsonist Thombait took over...
And here i thought after Yawnie Mess who is the worst actor on daytime and Susan Flannery left, this show would be better. Stephanie was a monster but at least the actress is talented. Hunter Tylo is puke material.

I am surprised you managed to bear with this crap this long Louise, i wouldnt be able to. I cant even look at faux Forresters without wanting to throw up.

Thank you for everything :-)

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