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March 07, 2013

Lady of MY Heart? Tracy Angelica Quartermaine

Sometimes Tracy The Ball Buster gets on my nerves a little bit -- never because of Jane Elliot, who is a rock star champion of the world at all times and is beyond reproach -- just because she is occasionally overwritten. But when she's on, she's on.

And today she just slayed me when she suggested that perhaps Luke wants to be with Laura. It wasn't that she suggested it, and it wasn't that she called him out on acting as if Scott Baldwin is his own issue when it's really not about him at all. It's just the way she said the word "Laura." Because, see, it was like this:


And, see, that is just awesome. (And I say that with all due respect to Laura, who is also awesome. Just in a totally different non-Tracy-esque way.)

She even teased it again later!


(By the by, I'm oddly glad Luke's back on the sauce. I don't think Luke Spencer is a man who'd ever stay on the wagon for life.)

Also, Anna and Duke were referred to as "Anna and Duke" countless times today and even walked into a room together and said "us" and it meant "us" as in "Anna and Duke" because Anna and Duke are an "us" now because yay hooray.


It's just so natural for them to be walking into a room together!

And then, because this is General Hospital, they ripped my heart out at the end.

(In other less interesting news, I seriously cannot sit through another second of the D.I.D. storyline if KateConnieWhoever doesn't go to an effing psychiatrist immediately. Also, clearly nobody loves her since no one has insisted she seek treatment right this very second, so the stakes in that storyline have pretty much just whittled themselves down to... absolutely nothing.)


I'm sure everyone has already heard that Brandon Barash has decided to leave the role of Johnny. While I like the actor a ton, can we all just breathe a collective sigh of relief that the seemingly-impending union of Johnny and Kristina will now never happen? Well, unless it's with a recast Johnny but come on -- for once it's taken care of for the writers that they can actually have a character serve legitimate time for a litany of serious crimes. They don't have to fake Johnny's death! Like at all!

And everyone has probably also heard that Marcy Rylan is replacing the already-departed Julie Marie Berman as Lulu. I've heard as many opinions as there are viewers already as to whether or not this is a promising idea, so as there's no consensus I guess I'll have to be all sorts of non-soap-fan-esque and just wait to see how it works before I judge. WHY? WHY CAN'T I MAKE A HARSH JUDGMENT IN ADVANCE? This is absurd.


Sonny suggested that Kate go to treatment. He even said he would take her that minute. Kate said she would rather just make love to Sonny, which proves she needs treatment.

Tracy telling Luke that Duke would never ever tell Anna where he got the money while Duke was telling Anna where he got the money was just so wonderful.

I am beyond thrilled that Johnny is in prison, here's hoping that Luke who thought killing Jake was "liberating" joins him in the future.

Why is Krissy still in town? At one point, I had high hopes that Krissy, Trey, Connie, and Sabrina would all run off to CA!

Sonny did suggest Kate go get treatment, but anyone who cares about her should insist. Not suggest, get turned down for it, and sex her up.

That's so silly-sex is better than therapy. Soap therapy anyway.

It would have been great if Sonny had just said "That proves you need therapy."

I'm sure Sonny assumes his penis is therapeutic. He also probably thinks it cures cancer.

Wait a minute. With Brandon Barash leaving, why can't we root for the seemingly imminent relationship between Johnny and Kristina? I would put up with brief pain if the payoff is them riding off into the sunset forever together. Lesser of two evils.

Well, in all fairness, it would appear that sex with him triggered Kate's re-emergence. Which begs the question - did sex with Sonny make Kate feel safe enough to come back, or did it scare Connie into submerging?

The Duke-Anna breakup scene slayed me because it felt real. His bad boy behavior reminded her of how he used to be--and of the type of behavior that got him "killed." If I were her, I'd be scared to death of going through that again. But they have to end up together eventually, right???

OMG this Kate/Connie garbage has to STOP! A mentally ill woman fighting with her alternate personality over SONNY?!?! Noooooo.

Well gosh, IF ONLY there were a therapist on the canvas for Kate/Connie to go to. Perhaps a therapist who just tied up a story involving the undead and is now without a story... I'm just thinking out loud here.
(Seriously, if Cartini do not give this to Kevin I will scream.)

Lulu recast news: Crap. Marcy Rylan has never impressed me with either of her CBS soap roles.

Sonny and his twofaced love(s)? FF material.

Anna and Duke? Killing me.

Luke being his generally uber asshole self? Pissing me off more and more. I want SOMEONE to call his drunk ass on killing Jake. Why the hell hasn't the asswipe been arrested is beyond me. I don't care if EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN PORT CHARLES DID FORGIVE HIM FOR RUNNING OVER A TODDLER AND JUST LEAVING HIM ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD TO DIE. The state of New York should've been trying his worthless dried out ass on some sort of felony charges. Someone who actually loved Jake(meaning Elizabeth or Lulu or even Monica-who was robbed of ever getting to know her grandson) should be raking Luke over coals for even thinking about drinking.

Tracy? Always awesome.

@stblf: I hate to revisit Luke's murder of Jake because there is no satisfying resolution in the foreseeable future. I wished that Carvialti would have written Liz having at least sued Luke in civil court. (Guza and Wolf had already made it so Luke could not face criminal action.) The story could have help repair Luke and empower Liz. (Not to mention the performances from Rebecca Herbst would have been wonderful.) Oh well.

Really, I don't want a resolution to Luke killing Jake. And it is making me sick to see Laura, Tracy and Anna being all over the unworthy wretch that is Luke Spencer. Laura needs to know how Luke has always treated Cam and Jake. And that Luke's drinking ACTUALLY KILLED A CHILD. A child that Laura considers her grandson. How in the world could upstanding Anna(who just shot down Duke's hope of reconnecting thanks to his not so legal behavior at the Quartermaine's) have ever been knocking boots with Luke? How can not ONE OFFICER on the force say,"Hey, boss. You know that Spencer guy you are hanging around with? He killed his own grandchild!"

And Liz should never be comfortable with Luke being anywhere near her kids. Luke taking Aidan to the hospital once is nowhere near enough to make up for KILLING HIS BROTHER!

If I can't have satisfying slapdowns from Liz and Lulu, then I want to at least see Monica(who pulled the passive aggressive crap punishment on Liz for months after she found out the truth about Jake) beat the crap out of a drunk Luke. I don't know why she would ever allow the man who killed her grandson in her home. And bring in AJ to weigh in on the whole situation with Luke. AJ went through hell. From himself and from everyone around him when his accident with Jason happened. For years after. And yet it has been what, 2 years? And how much shit has Luke had to take?

Maybe Luke wouldn't stay on the wagon, but there's no way Tracy wouldn't comment on it. No way. This is all TG, I'm sure, without a regard as to how it looks for his character or for other actors' characters.

I so enjoyed all the vets wandering around Q mansion. And the constant references to Alice letting everyone in. I totally agree with two things: Duke & Anna better get back together, & Kevin better treat ConKate stat. Oh, and Tracy is made of awesomeness and needs a worthy non-Luke love interest.

I really dislike the character of Luke Spencer-- his drinking caused the death of a little boy-- plain and simple. That there were no consequences is shameful. GH (the powers that be) should be ashamed of (to me) approval of drinking and driving. With Luke facing no consequences for his actions-- it was like he has been given a free b/c he is Luke Spencer. If AG is this amazing actor that everyone on ABC/GH bows down to-- he should have wanted to play the pain and suffering-- let's see the deep emotional stuff. Frankly after the 50th anniversary stuff--Luke can be shipped off to the Turkish prison. How can Laura be involved with a man who killed her grandson?? How can Anna (the police commissioner) be involved with a criminal? How can Monica allow Luke in HER HOUSE? He killed her grandson... frankly how does Tracy put up with him? AJ was NEVER allowed to escape the fact he caused Jason's accident. WHY does Luke get a free pass? UGH....

Kate/Connie needs to see a therapist -- Sonny's magic sex will not cure her... FF thru that stuff

I also can understand Carly-- to me her one good quality was her loyalty -- I can't believe that Carly would be involved with Todd after he kidnapped Jason's baby. Rings false to me.

Loving Anna and Duke--- so soapy

Tish, Carly has no idea that Sam watched Jake's kidnapping or hired those thugs in the park. There is no way that Carly would have not shouted from the roof tops what Sam did to Jason's son.

How the hell can people justify the DECADES of grief heaped on a drunk AJ for being the reason Jason was brain damaged and yet Luke is off scot free for KILLING JASON'S TODDLER SON? I don't get it.

Luke is an alcoholic. IIRC, his abusive father was a drunk too. AJ has suffered as an alcoholic for years too. I don't get why Luke is viewed as some sort of rogue, funny drinker and AJ has always been seen as the demon drunkard of PC. AJ has done many bad things in PC. But so has Luke. But at least AJ has tried to change. Luke actually KILLED a CHILD. And yet we got to see him do what? Pick up a phone and take Aidan to the hospital. Hell, we were treated to a scene where Elizabeth practically apologized to Luke for her son dying. [i]*I really don't remember much of those scenes though. I was too busy screaming at my tv in anger to listen to all of it.8[/i]

Carly should have conflicted feelings towards Luke. He killed her BFF's son, but his death allowed her suddenly dying baby to be suddenly in perfect health. Probably never to mentioned again. I'm still waiting for the day where Liz finally knocks Carly down a couple of pegs when she tells Carly that she has lost two children. With Carly killing one(Liz and Jax's baby) and Carly practically begging for Jake to be taken off life support the moment Carly knew that he was a match for Jocelyn.

@soapbaby -- "Carvialti", umm yeah, sounds good! Fabulous.

If we get 3 crappy days in a row after 3 good ones, i don't know if i can hang in long enough to see WTF is happening to my Laura and when exactly we will see this newly "empowered, non-victim" Laura we were hopefully gonna see this time around....

BUT before i complain too much, i much give my daily thanks to a higher power for no Starfish or shrew Carly! (tho i saw Starfish in the promo for today :( )

Additionally -- and i don't know if anyone truly cares -- if Luke is made into a totally lovable hero, i don't think TG is interested in playing that, which would probably be the end of Luke. And that would probably make a lot of viewers happy. I guess what should ultimately come first is the viewer, and NOT the actor's whims and demands. Sorta like how Eric Braeden has it written in his contract that Victor must win EVERY fued. Really? Gee, that's a lot of fun for the viewers!

Correction to my first post -- after TWO good days of GH, not 3! Wishful thinking on my part. :(

they could have sent luke to jail while tg was on vacation.

where the heck was monica while all of these people were in HER house.

isn't part of the reason tracey hates Aj is b/c he's a drunk? yet luke KILLED a KID and she is panting after him.

Poor Laura? When you think of Laura, laugh don't cry. You know she'd want it that way.

Wow...most of the comments have nothing to do with Louise's excellent post. Let's talk about Duke, let's talk about Anna. Let's talk about how Scotty is so insecure that he can't tell Laura the truth about Anna and Luke. Let's talk about anything bit PoorDeadJake.

MD, that was hilarious. Kudos!

I hate to disregard marz's excellent point that this discussion has veered far from Louise's superb post. But I have to take objection to the characterization of the death of Jake as "murder." Furthermore, the show, intentionally or not, actually established that Luke's drinking may or may not have had anything to do with the accidental hit and run. How many people were driving down that particular, poorly-lit stretch of road that night? If I recall, Carly, Robin and Lisa - anyone else? And Carly and Robin, at least, both thought it might have been them. The writing was dreadful. Dreadful.

Back to current, improved GH - any episode that revolves around Tracy, Luke, Anna, Duke, Laura and Scotty is now on my top ten list of favorite things of the week. I could watch those six performers do their thing endlessly, especially since Laura finally has some agency again.
When writing is that bad, I tend to give characters a pass.

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