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April 04, 2013

Celebrating GH: Our Favorite Couples

Our celebration of General Hospital's big 50th anniversary continues, and this look back is accompanied by a soundtrack of some classic slow jams. That's right: it's time to talk romance and it's really an embarrassment of riches. So many wonderful couples! Way too many to name, so we apologize in advance for any omissions--please post your favorites in the comments and join as as we swoon, sigh and get all giddy as we reminisce about our Favorite General Hospital Couples.





We could argue about this until we are blue in the face (and we really do mean "we": Louise and Mallory could easily debate this pressing issue for hours, loudly and passionately and with various YouTube clips as evidence. "AS YOU CAN SEE HERE at moment 4:02, Brenda's eyes literally light up when Jax enters the room!"), but nobody can deny that both of these pairings (and the triangle in general) are iconic. Vanessa Marcil, chemistry magnet that she is, sparkled with both Maurice Benard and Ingo Rademacher. You could almost (almost!) admit that you could even see why the other Brenda-loving fanbase was so popular (even though they were totally wrong, obviously).


It was a pairing filled with all sorts of cliches--Patrick was basically the archetypal Arrogant Cad, M.D!--but it turned into something so freaking good that it basically single-handedly saved the show for us during the dark, dark early 2000's era. Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson had such fabulous, natural chemistry that for YEARS, the most common search that led Googlers to Serial Drama was "Are Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson dating in real life?" We sort of got a reputation as being semi-hysterical Scrubs fangirls. And maybe we were, a little. But can you blame us? They were SO DAMN CUTE. Not even freaking BLOG WARS dimmed their cuteness (okay, it did dim it by a lot, but they successfully rebounded from it)!



The writer tried their hardest to ruin this pairing with the absolutely wretched writing Jacob Young's Lucky received, the completely un-Lucky characterization Greg Vaughan was given, and the tragedy and tear filled turn their relationship took during Jonathan Jackson's last stint in Port Charles. But all of the effort in the world won't be able to ruin their early years. They were so sweet and so wonderful and even the singing and guitar playing (which usually causes us profound secondhand embarrassment, no matter what characters are involved) seemed wonderful, didn't it? Jonathan Jackson and Rebecca Herbst were just SO good together and this pairing will probably always stand out as one of the best young love stories in all of soapdom.



How cute were they? Really! She was such a high-maintenance princess and he was yet another member of the kick-ass adventure crew and somehow it just worked. While they often provided the show with comic relief even in their battles ("Pooh on you, Sean, pooh on you!"), they had a serious spark that lit up the screen on top of that. And best of all, they made each other crack up every bit as much as they made us laugh. We miss you, Sean and Elsie Mae Crumholz! Come back and see us sometime?




(Ugh! Why is it so hard to find a decent photo of these two? They were a big deal!) Anyway, let's first clarify one thing here: we are not talking about all the weird recasts over the years. This was not a couple that really withstood the test of new actors in the roles. And while there were some days that the writing made Tom and Simone feel a little more like an important issue than an organic couple, the chemistry between David Wallace and Laura Carrington was hard to ignore. The recasts meant that the ship sailed long, long ago, but we'd sure love to see what became of young Tom Hardy, Jr., wouldn't we?





While it's all the rage now to be Team Mac, we can all admit this is not a matter of rooting for the more exciting pairing, right? It's just that we've watched Mac alone and so damn good all these years that we need him to get a win. So let's put that aside just for a second and talk about the flames on screen from the very first moment Frisco met Felicia (how could he possibly mistake her for a young boy and not CLEARLY AN AZTEC PRINCESS?). Somebody in casting clearly had their glasses on the day they made that choice, since what happened on screen spilled over into real life and Jack and Kristina Wagner were married (though not quite as many times as their characters were). And while neither the actors nor the characters ended up together in the end (so far), they definitely proved their staying power years after their onscreen love story had slowed with a memorably hot (but somehow still very sweet) love scene in the middle of a crushing tragedy that made us all a little less despondent.




A lot of GH couples get the "iconic" treatment in any trips down memory lane, but some pairings tend to get a little forgotten in the mix because of their lack of high drama. Tony and Tania Jones didn't go on very many world-saving adventures together, nor was either of them ever presumed dead for a year. Sure, their romance started with a flavor of scandal since she'd previously been his brother Frisco's love interest, but it was hardly the barware-throwing passionate shocker. They were just a nice, sweet, solid couple. And her death was just one of the saddest things to ever happen on television. It kicked off a great storyline where Tony had to operate on the kid responsible for the car accident that killed his wife. And of course, eventually the death of Tony and Tania's daughter B.J. was one of the most heartbreaking things any of us has ever sat through. (Was anyone not sobbing during that rerun during the SoapNet marathon? Ouch!) THIS IS ALL SO SAD. LET'S STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW. But theirs was a sweet love story that led to a great legacy on the show, and it makes us feel better to imagine Tony up there in soap character heaven, finally reunited with his great love Tania and his little girl B.J.




We may have mentioned an affinity for Anna and Duke here on Serial Drama. A few times. After all, what is puberty if not for dimples like his and hair like hers? That tango! That kilt! And after a frustrating start revealed to be an impostor all along, we've learned that a Back-From-The-Dead Duke is every bit the loving gentleman he always was more than twenty years ago. Hey, you know that whole love-during-mob-wartime thing we've been watching for what seems like forever? Here's a man who actually did leave the mob. FOR LOVE. Y'all! You can't mess with that. And Duke's insanely adorable relationship with Anna's daughter Robin was just the icing on the cake.



What is there to say about Edward and Lila, really? They were the cutest. They were the sweetest. She kept that curmudgeon from going too far over the line whenever she could and the fact that he loved her was his redeeming quality even in his darkest moments. Anna Lee was adorable with both David Lewis and with John Ingle, and Lila provided a much-needed heart and soul for this show during her entire time on the series.

Honorable Mentions: Steve and Audrey, Carly and Jax, Robert and Holly, Ned and Lois, Foster and Annabelle, Dante and Lulu, Lucy and Kevin, Alan and Monica, Ned and Alexis

Dream of the Future: Liz and A.J.!


What? What? Robert & Holly only get an honorable mention? Blasphemous!

Nothing against Tony&Tania, but they should have gotten the honorable mention and RobertF*ng!Scorpio and Original!Holly(The Nick and Nora of GH) should be seen!

But I agree with the "Duh" re Luke and Laura, DESPITE the hacket job Carlivati is doing to them during GH's 50th, and most especially the disrespect Geary is showing by half-assing it and making it clear he doesn't care and isn't even bothering to try.

Bitter? Who, me?

Just a reminder that these are just our favorite couples, and in no way meant to represent some comprehensive list of GH's objectively best couples of all 50 years! Maybe we're just weird!

It tickles me that not one Jason pairing, after all the wars, made the list. You go, girls!

My honorable mention will be Jax and Skye. I really liked them together and I was sad how completely they were torched during Brenda's 2002 return.

Jason who?

C, I really liked Jax and Skye a lot, too. I was so bummed that they didn't go further with that pairing.

It's really too bad that GH did not simply let Lucky stay dead until JJ returned to the show in 2009. When I hear that Lucky is now in Africa helping other children but leaves Cam and Aiden without their father, my head starts to explode.

Jason and Liz (Liason) before Frons forced the couple apart in late 2008.

Great list! My personal favorites would include Karen and Jagger, Sonny and Brenda, original recipe Elizabeth and Jason, Jax and Alexis (I enjoyed their fake marriage more than a lot of the real ones on this show), Lucy and Kevin, Ned and Lois, Stefan and Laura... and maybe Johnny and Olivia, just because they were a lone bright spot during a VERY dark time on this show.

Great list! I'm just so happy to see Tania and Tony mentioned. I loved that couple.

And definitely "duh" on L&L. I'm so glad to see them back in adventure mode and having that seamless communication about dispatching enemies that they used to have. Laura is no wounded dove this time around.

L&L's first summer on the run solidified them for me as the best soap couple ever.

The chemistry between early L&L (and early to me means anything between the rape and '84, when Laura announced she was pregnant) was so off the charts that we needed a new chart. It was hard to believe that Genie was just a teenager when she started the heavy lifting on GH. Just incredible.

Happy anniversary to GH and thank you to the amazing Gloria Monty for bringing this amazing couple onto our TVs. I'm sure that somewhere "up there," she's smiling.

I'm also so glad you mentioned Tony and Tania. I loved them. Sean and Tiff, too.

I'd give an honorable mention to Bobbie and Noah. Some serious chemistry there.

Robert's pairings with Anna and Holly should each earn an honorable mention! I think what Anna said to Robert when they were on Night Shift together was right. She always did think they'd wind up on a beach somewhere drinking mai tais in their old age. But should they wind up together? I don't know. A couple doesn't have to end up together to have been wonderful though. Duke/Anna/Robert/Holly is one of those quadrangles where maybe it's not all "meant to be" and "written in the stars" but sometimes we just wind up with someone we love and is right for us at the time. Robert and Anna probably have long passed a time when they could have ridden off into the sunset, but they were still pretty special. I'm enjoying Duke and Anna, and I think Robert and Holly do love each other deeply. I don't think it takes away from any of the couples to admit that they were not always the love of the other person's life. That's the nature of soaps.

Some other, personal honorable mentions:

Luke and Tracy, if only for their hilarity. No, it's not an iconic end-all-be-all pairing, but they were a bright spot in some dark years. Entertaining while not earth shattering.

Nikolas and Emily were plagued by one bad storyline after another. But, when I put on my blinders and ignore all of that, their chemistry and love for one another was a little bit of something special. Not all couples are destined to be iconic or supercouples, but in another writer's hands, this pairing could have faired much better, altogether.

Dillon and Georgie had such a sweet, fun teenage love story at the start. The children of legacies, this could have been one for the history books. But as always, while Guza had some decent ideas, he had terrible execution. Killing off Emily and Georgie in a sweeps stunt will forever leave a terrible taste in my mouth and a hole in my GH heart.

Ric and Alexis were ruined by Reese and then the Summer of Sleaze, but Nancy Lee Grahn and Rick Hearst lit up the screen during their scenes together.

And, I'm going to get blasted for this - Jason and Sam falling in love was wonderful. The first time in '04/'05 and again in '09, but the whole Franco mess will always tarnish some of those memories. Even with the what-if and haphazardly thrown together reunion, I was quite happy to see Steve Burton leave the show.

Early Luke & Laura, of course were my favs. As were Alan & Monica, Rick & Lesley, Nikolas & Emily. I was always torn between Robert & Anna and Duke & Anna. I also liked young Liz (after Lucky's "death") with Jason and Georgie & Dillon before Lulu wrecked havoc in their lives.

Well, I'm a little bummed that you didn't include Sonny and Jason, but hey, these lists are subjective.

Anna and Robert. They were the reason I started watching GH. I loved their spy romance and that lovely wedding in Italy.

Robin and Stone, Robin and Jason, Robin and Patrick--each in different ways, all great because of Kim's wonderful chemistry with all of her acting partners!

Honorable mention for Spixie (maybe just through the unwedding) for being so delightfully quirky...

As much as I loved Lucky/Liz and Robin/Jason I ADORED '99-2000 Liason. They were just amazing and special and it astounds me that GH messed that up over COURTNEY.

I'm going to have to cast a vote for Elizabeth/Ric. Liric brought sexy romance to a particularly awful stretch of ALLMOBALLTHETIME GH, and had all the makings of an insanely awesome soap love story- fantastic chemistry, beautiful actors, tortured souls. I think under any writer but Guza they would've been a couple for the ages.

Vanessa Marcil gets tons of credit for her amazing chemistry having ways, but I think Rebecca Herbst is even better at it.

I know this list is totally subjective but Robin and Patrick but no Robin and Stone ? Seriously ? Oh well..ok..it is your list.
To me Robin with Stone (their story was really great and well written) and Robin with Jason i really liked it..Patrick and Robin well sometimes it was great other times not so much..boring.
And Jason and Liz..while i always find Steve Burton as Jason kind of bland, except some times when he finally showed up his chemistry with Becky Herst was almost always POWERFUL, yep Liz and Jason was really something. To me it was Liz best pairing (or non pairing..lol) and Liz and Lucky while cute went after..always.
Sonny and Brenda..of course !
Luke and Laura..of course !

Also Alan and Monica could be awesome..able to love each other even after Alan made a roof exploded on Monica..lmao..ah soaps.

Robert and Anna were the epitome of marrying one's best friend. I think they each deeply loved someone else (Holly, Duke), but what they had with each other was something spectacular.

mine would have to be jason and sam.

Sorry, Lea, but I disagree that Robin and Stone should be on the list. To me, Robin and Stone were BORING. And Robin and Jason were BORING. Plus, Robin looked way too young for Jason and Stone. They looked a lot older than Robin. However, I LOVE Robin with Patrick. Patrick and Robin were/are a GREAT couple. They should definitely be on this list. To each its own. If anything, I think Brian and Claudia and Scotty and Laura are very underrated and should of been on the list.

1.Jason and Sam
2.Luke and Laura
3.Sonny and Brenda
4.Lucky and Liz
5.Robert and Anna
6.Alan and Monica
7.Stone and Robin
8.Edward and Lila
9.Spinelli and Maxie
10.Jax and Carly
11.Patrick and Robin
12.Frisco and Felicia
13.Nikolas and Emily
14.Rick and Lesley
15.Steve and Audrey

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