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April 05, 2013

Cloud Nine, Seventh Heaven, All I'll Ever Need, Etc.

Sweet soap opera lordie, y'all. I am giddy like a dumb little kid after Episode 1 of the resurrected Nurses Ball today!

And you know what? It's virtually impossible for me to be clever or thoughtful right now, so let's break it down in the most primitive way possible. I'm going off Serial Drama script here and doing something I only did once before (on a very special occasion) and just copying-and-pasting the online chat I had while watching this with my very best friend today (who sadly lives way too many hundreds of miles away). We've both watched the ABC shows since we were little, so uh... we kind of dork out about it. Judge all you want because you know a lot of you were doing the same thing!

Are you going to see what terrible hypocrites we are since we do a lot of complaining about characters acting like little kids while we both squeal and squeak and fawn and act like we're 11? YES, yes you are. Hypocrisy is the bedrock of American society. Or something.

Let's do this! 

me: I'm ready
 Jessica:  yay Lucy
 me:  NB host Lucy is the best Lucy ever
 Jessica:  YUP. And look at them!!!
 me:  Awww
WSB agent and soulful singer Frisco Jones!
 Jessica:  Oh dear.
 me:  Oh, Mac.
 Jessica:  Yeah, that's way to creepy.
Seriously? The press knows lab techs?
 me:  Christ, Ellie's pretty.
The press knows EVERYONE for the NB!
 Jessica:  She's ridiculous.
 Jessica:  DUKE! In a kilt
 me:  Talking about Robin. Sniffles.
 Jessica:  I wish your daughter was there in person, Anna!
 me:  Oh my god Duke and Robin's daughter holding hands I'M CRYING NOW
Soooo many duke&robin flashbacks right now

 Jessica:  Emma is ridiculous.
 me:  Oh gross, Patrick and Sabrina.
"reputed coffee importer" ha!
 Jessica:  Hehe!
 me:  Wow, Carly and Sonny look amazing.
Carly and sonny

 Jessica:  They really really really do.
Brenda looks like lady gaga
 me:  Oh no. Brenda looks horrifying.
Sonny wants a piece of that, though.
Jessica: Seriously, I think Lady Gaga wore that dress.
 me:  AWFUL.
 Jessica:  I so want LW's hair.
 me:  The dress is trying to eat her shoulder!
Ha! "You're appearing tonight on behalf of your fiance?" "Okay!"
Aww, Michael with Grandma Bobbie!
Jessica:  That was awesome.

me:  GROSS
 Jessica:  YAY!!! Liz and AJ
 me:  so hot
Oh my god Tracy is HILARIOUS!
She loves the red carpet.
Q matriarchs

 Jessica:  So much love.
Those pictures are amazing.
Corinthos associate?
 me:  Ha.
Whoa, Sam. Tight dress!
 Jessica:  Bumpit!
Alexis and her crew

 me:  HELLO, Alexis boobs.
There's NEVER really a party without Lucy Coe.
 Jessica:  NEVER.
 me:  Okay seriously. Sabrina is SERIOUSLY in a big puffy pink Cinderella princess dress?
 Jessica:  She really is.
 me:  Wasn't this supposed to be the big "she looks like a woman now" look? Because she doesn't.
 Jessica:  I have feelings for Sabrina.
 Jessica:  I feel disgust and loathing.
 me:  She looks like a girl dressed as Cinderella for Halloween.
Which I mean... Teresa Castillo is MUY CALIENTE.
So they didn't have to do it this way.
 Jessica:  They really really didn't.
 Her eye makeup is distracting
 me:  Sabs thought bubble: "Oh em gee. All my dreams are coming true! I've wanted a moment like this ever since I was a little girl!" Ewwwwww.
 Jessica:  She's not an amazing WOMAN Patrick.
 me:  Seriously? We're going to keep talking about the big hair and glasses?
 Jessica:  Apparently.
 me:  YES SABRINA, FOR YOU. Jesus.
me:  I'm glad I had some more Pepto before I sat down.
 Jessica:  SERIOUSLY.
 me:  Noah and Bobbie!!!!
Barbara jean spencer

 Jessica:  YAY!
 me:  My heart.
 Jessica:  Anna is ridiculous
 me:  HEY, Bobbie's single, Noah!
 Jessica:  YEP!
 me:  Oh god, Eli Love. Yikes.
 Jessica:  Hehe
 me:  Dude, Noah can get so much potential tail tonight,
 Jessica:  Damn Alexis
 me:  Right?
This is my favorite styling of Carly's new hair so far.
 Jessica:  by far.
 Felicia, you love Frisco! You belong with Frisco!
me:  I'm never going to get over how stunning Kristina Wagner is now.
 Jessica:  I KNOW!
me:  Oh for crap's sake, Sabrina.
 me:  yes.
 Jessica:  it's okay that it took you so long to figure out how amazing I am!
 me:  Seriously? He's going to just take someone else's date WHILE IT'S HAPPENING?
"A thousand times yes!" Ewwwwww.
"I've been ready since the day I met you." I AM DRY HEAVING.
 Jessica:  'I've been ready since the day I met you?'
 me:  Oh Carly. Brenda is a pathological liar? Hehehehehe.
"Have you met Shawn Butler? The Balkan hired him to kidnap you."
 Jessica:  HEHEHEHE
 me:  Okay, settle down, Liz.
 Jessica:  Serioulsy.
oh she's so emotional
yes way
Contact embarrassment

 Jessica:  This is just demeaning
 me:  Seriously. That's not Liz. Liz is bitchface. Not giddy schoolgirl.
Lucy's hair is amazing.
 Jessica:  She got lipstick on Patrick's collar? Did she bite his neck?
OH MY GOD!!!!!
Hostess with the mostess

 me:  Here come some little tears here.
 Jessica:  YUP.
 me:  Oh my lord Becky Herbst is THE CUTEST.
Loving Epiphany.
 Jessica:  I MIGHT PASS OUT.
 me:  This is so ridiculous and cheesy and perfect.
 me:  Sonya Eddy is on CLOUD NINE right now.
Love that there as as many male nurses as female.
Opening number

 Jessica:  SO AM I!
 me:  Acrobat nurses!
 Jessica:  Yes.
 me:  Oh man. I am seriously verklempt.
Jessica:  I'm maybe have trouble breathing.
me:  I can't even deal.
I don't know if you've heard, but Sabrina is a beautiful person inside and out. NOBODY'S MENTIONED THAT YET.
 me:  Oh my god Duke and Anna I can't handle it.
 me:  Whoa, KeMo's bumpit is MASSIVE tonight.
I take this was KM's partner on Dancing with the stars?
 me:  Oh god. Amy Vining and Jessie Brewer. Oh god oh god.
 Jessica:  OH MY GOD.
 me:  I told you that when I was little Shell Kepler (Amy) used to write back to my fan letters all the time, right?

 Jessica:  YES. I love her so much.
 me:  I want Lucy's upper arms.
 Jessica:  Me too.
Felicia hurts. She's so pretty.
 me:  Seriously.
Ellie and Spinelli are doing a science nerd dance!
 Jessica:  OMG!!!!
Science dance
me:  This is so silly and adorable.
 Jessica:  Amazing.
 me:  You know, Emily Wilson is really good. She's all sexy right now but she's still playing the nerd in Ellie at the same time.
 Jessica:  She really really is
God she's hot.
 me:  I'm just so dumb and happy right now.
 Jessica:  So ridiculously so.
Ellie is a very forgiving person
 me:  Okay, whoa.
Brenda and Carly
I can't believe they had a food fight with dinner rolls! Ha!
Did you just throw a dinner roll at me
Brenda is not having it

 Jessica:  That was amazing.
 me:  VM and LW are really funny together.
Jessica:  They really really are.
 me:  I'm sure a lot of people are pissy that Brenda and Carly are acting like babies in today's episode, but honestly. The NB has always been plenty of silliness.
And those two are great at the comedy.
 Jessica:  This is perfect.
 me:  Ha! Sonny, too, is being hilarious.
 Jessica:  He really really is.
And that's so weird
 me:  Oh of course Milo is now in the Patrick/Sabrina cheerleading squad immediately. Jeebus.
 Jessica:  Of course.
 me:  Oh, Felix. They really need to bring him a guy. Who likes guys.
 Jessica:  Yes! He needs a friend.
a special friend.
 me:  Yes, Sam is CLEARLY uncomfortable dancing and has no idea how!
Sam dance

 Jessica:  Cause this is something you just pick up from one dance lesson.
So clearly not a dancer there Sam.
 me:  Heh.
 Jessica:  One lesson
 me:  KeMo rocks.
 Jessica:  She really does.
 me:  Oh no. Mac.
 Jessica:  Oh no.
 me:  Oh god.
 Jessica:  OH GOD.
Mac does not make his case

 me:  But Emma!!!
 Jessica:  So amazing
Mac, this is so not helping you.
me:  Wow.
I love Mac, but damn.
And NOT attractive, sir!
 Jessica:  Yeah, he's doing that in front of Frisco's daughter -- the one he raised.
That is a really really shitty to do.
 Does he think THIS will win Felicia over.
me:  Jeez.
 Jessica:  Inappropriate.
On so many levels
 me:  Oh really, Mac? Sure, you're just cool with whatever she decides.
Really? Maxie was impressed by that?
Oh GOD. Yes, Emma, she DOES look like a princess.
 Jessica:  LIZ
 me:  Awww, AJ and Liz!
 Jessica:  Liz looks like a queen
not a fucking fairytale princess.
 me:  Here we go here we go here we go!
 Jessica:  HERE WE GO!!!!!!
 me:  My heart my heart my heart.
 Jessica:  I can't take it.
 me:  And the tears have begun again.
Frisco is singing and we are SWOONING

 Jessica:  Yep.
 me:  Oh god Kristina Wagner. This cannot be easy. Bless her heart.
Felicia breaking my effing heart

 Jessica:  No, it can't be.
 Jessica:  AWWWW
 me:  Oh my heart my heart.
I re-lived puberty 27 times today

 Jessica:  I'm shaking!
Duke and Anna!
Duke loooooooves anna
Anna just KNOWS she wants that kilt on her bedroom floor by morning

 me:  It's like 30 years of just... I don't... so much happening!
 Jessica:  I KNOW.
I so know.
 me:  Ha. Half the cast has just fallen in love with Jack Wagner.
NLG and KeMo moonin' over some Jack Wagner action
Jessica:  Yeah they have.
 me:  That's right Felicia. He is the love of your life.
Maxie knows her mama is done for
Meant to be.
 me:  I've just died. Died.
Just one more screencap, Mom, pleeeeeeeeease!

 Jessica:  Oh I'm gonna faint.
 me:  Poor Felicia is going to puke.
 Jessica:  OH MY GOD.
 me:  I can't handle this.
 Jessica:  now THAT is a Friday cliffhanger.
 me:  Holy crap.
 Jessica:  That was way too fast!!!!
 me:  I need a cigarette.
 Jessica:  hehehehe
 me:  I can't deal.
And shes going to say no. Which I can't deal with either.
I mean I know Mac is the "right" choice and she will choose him, but who cares? It's Frisco and Felicia
 Jessica:  IT SURE IS.
   Okay, so Felix needs a fella, Robin needs to come back, and Mac needs to fall in love with someone else.
 me:  Yes.
Well, Robin's not going to come back. So they need to bring someone else on for Patrick.
And that's about where we started to wrap it up. Started to.
I leave you with this. Stuff starts to get extra fabulous around 2:00.


Frisco singing: PERFECT. Laura Wright's hair: beautiful. Laura Wright: STUNNING seriously that woman is truly beautiful. Brenda: acted like a 3 year old. I can't believe they are writing her like this again ugggg. Emma: so cute! Lucy: love her! best looking non-couple couple: AJ and Liz. That's the only good things I can say. I only wish that instead of Patrick pushing his tongue down the tween's mouth he was actually on time at the nurses ball which was...SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT HONORING HIS "DEAD" WIFE. Oh and as a graphic designer, I really LOVE the nurses ball logo they have lol.

I loved how when AJ caught Liz looking at him, he kind of no-sold it. Gave her the quick smile and looked back LIKE A BOSS.

Swear to God, I've been hurrying home all week (and staying off the internet) because I wanted to watch this show. And I'm not even upset with the stuff I don't like, because my heart is 3 sizes too big. I should probably see someone for that, but who has the time when they're rushing home to see the show?

Lest we forget, however, this year, they're actually doing it in conjunction with a real Aids charity: http://www.amfar.org/donate/

I dunno, I thought this Frisco/Felicia/Mac triangle would finally end with Felicia choosing Mac for once, but with them making Mac look like such a jerk today (his cracks about Frisco abandoning his kids were too much, especially with Maxie in the room) and then juxtaposed with dreamy Frisco singing, I'm getting nervous. Poor Mac.

I cannot with Sabrina. That two wonderful scenes were deleted so we could get more of her "fairy tale" grosses me out. I am so Team!Britt, can't wait to see what her and Dr. O are up to Monday.

C'mon Anna, give in to your heart. Duke's been so sad, I want to see him smile again.

They need to bring back Lucas Jones for Felix. That's all i'm saying.

MD, thanks for the link and the reminder! Hopefully they'll also add in some PSAs in-show or post-show as well.

C, I think I see it just the opposite. Since Frisco's return, it's been heavily weighted toward Mac as being the excellent choice and Frisco being an arrogant ass. It was nice to have just one episode of the tables turned so that old-school hardcore Frisco/Felicia fans like me could swoon once for nostalgia's sake before she makes the "healthy" choice. So I was grateful to finally get this, especially because I think it's all I'll get on that front!

And yeah, I have no idea what they were thinking in post-production in terms of what they cut and what they kept. But hey, it feels good to know the writers included all that great stuff and that it's available at least!

Today's show was all kinds of awesome.

I simply ignored tweenage nonsense with Sabrina.

Liz and AJ looked really cute.

Pardon the dumb question...but are there "deleted scenes" posted somewhere?

Yes, ALC -- check it out here: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/general-hospital/video/PL55294199/_m_VD55294178

Monica looked amazing in that dress -- so terrific to see all these sexy older women.

I was never a huge Jack Wagner fan, and I'd forgotten about that song, but it all came back and I started singing along with him like a dork. His delivery was perfection.

I don't hate Sabrina as much as some others -- I get that she's there to draw in a younger audience -- but I am simply agog at how cheesy the lines were. I give Jason Thompson credit for saying those lines with a straight face.

I really want an "I pick me" from Felicia. Because Mac just totally showed out so she can't outright pick him at the ball (not without a big fat apology and a bit of groveling and pouring out his heart some more anyways), and Frisco is seriously putting her on the spot. While she's given him hope, Felicia has not given Frisco any indication that she trusts him to stick around long enough to want to marry him ASAP. I mean really, just when things are sliding into your favor, let's rush things? Yeah, no thanks. Sigh.

And bless Kristina, this cannot be an easy storyline. I can only imagine how it felt to hear those words coming out of Jack's mouth.

I've always assumed Felecia would choose Frisco. I've been extremely critical of Mac in the past because he seemed to be written as a romanticized eunuch. He simply exist to raise other people's kids, listen to other people's relationship problems, be Felecia's second choice or Alexis's friend. To borrow a line from Jax from earlier this week, Mac is the "Fall Back Guy." His act was tacky, but at least he showed some passion.

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes had a hit--If You Don't Know Me by Now--that that is apt for this situation. Most people are probably more familiar with the Simply Red cover. Felecia can choose Frisco, and that's okay. Mac can finally be free and on move on with his life.

I remember seeing Teresa Castillo on "How I Met Your Mother," and she's still fine. Now, Sabrina needs to start acting like an adult and not a middle school kid.

Quiz looked great. It was interesting to see Michael sitting with the Quartermaines and not have to hear Carly and Sonny complain about it. Sonny was too busy reffing the fight between Carly and Brenda.

Carly looked great. I see no chemistry between AJ and Liz, they are awkward. Becky looks really skinny.

Emma, Duke and Anna were so adorable. Brenda needs to grow up.

I'm Team Mac, but that All I Need moment was awesome.

And there is no cuter kid on TV anywhere than Emma. In several years she and the actor who play Lily on Modern Family should get their own show.

There were hardly any missed notes in yesterday's ep... although Mac and Mr. Marbles gave me secondhand embarrassment every time I saw them just being mentioned somewhere. Talk about epic fail. Then to be completely blown away by All I Need. Dude, that was amazing.

As was everything AJ and Liz. Love! I also never thought I'd be saying this, as a longtime Sonny/Carly loather, but they gave me life yesterday. I could stare at gifs of Brenda throwing food at Carly's head all day long. Plus, MB's reactions to Carly's red carpet shade were flawless.

Patrick and Sabrina were meh, but whatever. The Nurses Ball sparkled, and after a decades long drought of the cheesefest, I'm so completely happy they brought it back.

1. Jackie Zeman looks absolutely horrible. Sorry, I had to say it. Way to much work done. Whatever happened to aging gracefully? Just.Say.No. 2. Jack Wagner sounded FANTASTIC. Love to hear him sing. 3. Kristina Wagner and her facial expressions during the song drove me Bat-youknowwhat-CRAZY. STOP THAT. 4. WHY ON EARTH, come Monday, is Noah Drake/Eli Love being introduced as RICK SPRINGFIELD???? Does Noah just favor every singer around now?

Ok the Nurses ball..my take on it.
It was ok for me, not astounding but not bad all in all.

The Frisco/Felicia/Mac triangle..so so predictable and one-sided writing on this episode that i can't really appreciate the Frisco/Felicia romantic memory-lane..it was so so contrived..Mac is the pathetic loser with a pathetic and creepy and total 'douchebaggish' act and Frisco sing a romantic and full of meaningful romantic memories song and make a proposal to his great lost love..come on..if it is not what everybody can call CONTRIVED i don't know what it is..And i say it as someone who saw the powerful chemistry and love story (although corny in my book but it was the 80's supercouply area..) between Frisco and Felicia and the always boring role of Mac the 'safe, nice, stable' option/guy who is always here and always the fall back guy who lacks passion..But even knowing ALL of that this totally one-side we HAVE TO ROOT for Frisco scenes turned me off..yep i don't like simplistic writing, 'i have to be manipulate to know who to root for', i like to see organic dynamic and chemistry before my eyes, thanks ! That being said now i don't know who Felicia should be with..to me both choices are lame..she should chose HER actually (hey Kelly Taylor, i get it !)

The Brenda/Carly fight/bickering whatever..TEAM BRENDA ALL THE FREAKING WAY. And yes it was entertaining.
Yep it was childish, it was not mature and Brenda should not do that in an event who honore her little sister by spirit/bff Robin Scorpio blablabla..And i say : fuck that ! Brenda go girl ! Carly was bitter, obnoxious, pathetic, once again meddling in Brenda's business and Brenda who when she is in character has a backbone was totally great to do that..Robin who can't stand Carly who cheered Bren actually..and by the way why Carly was here to begin with ?! It was in honor of Robin and Robin loathes her ! Sometimes i enjoy Carly but these last episodes since Brenda and Jax came back she is once again awful, pathetic and bitter and smug so so smug and self-righteous..yikes.. GO AWAY witch !
And while Brenda's dress was bad..just bad, VM is so much better than the last time she came on GH, she did dial down the plastic surgery..the cheeks are again a bit weird..but i recognize now BEAUTIFUL Brenda played by GORGEOUS and charismatic Vanessa Marcil..Carly with her smug routine is NOTHING next to her..no wonder she is so jealous and bitter..ha ha ha.

The Sabrina cinderella story..no comment except maybe : ew..Jason Thompson/Patrick deserves a better story and a better new love-interest..simple as that..Robin or not Robin. And the Sabria propping is just..make it stop, make it stop !!!!

Liz and Aj i once again tried to see something here..and all i saw was a very awkward and contrived smirk from SK as Aj..and Becky as Liz seems also a bit being weirded ou by it although she smiled..awkward, lol..not the new 'it' love story for me..at ALL.

Ellie and Spinelli musical : cute, silly but cute.

Sam and Maksim : fun and Maks is really a good-looking man..of course it was just the first time for Sam..of course..lol..ah soaps..

All in all not bad (well expect the corny Sabrina garbage) but nothing awesome well maybe the Brenda's 'childish' and awesome smackdown of pathetic Carly..ha.

Um...didn't Frisco write and sing that song for Tania? The woman who ended up marrying Tony and giving birth to BJ? If I were Felicia, I'd be totes mad.

I doubt a real life divorced couple want to be reminded of a song that the husband once wrote and sang to his wife. Awkward.

At one time, I thought Ewen Keenan should have either been a Jack's or Mac's son. It would have been a nice story that Mac raised Robin, Georgie and Maxie, while his own child was being raised by one of his exes in Australia.


Seriously, best comment about the AJ/Elizabeth scene.

"I loved how when AJ caught Liz looking at him, he kind of no-sold it. Gave her the quick smile and looked back LIKE A BOSS."

LOL so true.

I just feel so sorry for Mac and the writing he's been given. He can never win one. Ugh. "All I Need" was splendid :)

Actually Jack Wagner asked Kristina Wagner if it was okay that he return for the 50th anniversary. I think that's super sweet.
Source: http://tv.yahoo.com/news/kristina-wagner-kids-dont-want-watch-felicia-frisco-000150278.html

Sorry ladies, but I totally disagree about this Frisco/Mac situation. I must preface, my remark by stating I totally missed the whole Frisco/Felicia thing during the 80s, but seriously, Frisco seems way too sure of himself for someone who freaking deserted his wife and two kids for over almost two decades. How can I root for a man that couldn't even be bothered to show up for his daughter's funeral? I am not impressed and Mac has every right to chastise him in front of whomever. Mac on the low road is still on much higher ground than "super-spy" Jones.

I am sad that they yet again bring Brenda back for yet another s/l retread. I've always been more of a Brenda/Sonny fan than a Brenda/Jax fan, but at this point, i just want her to be happy. However, if Jax really loved Brenda, he would marry her faults and all. I think once they were away from PC they could be very happy.

Sabrina's make-over was completely uninspired. I want to see a hot sophisticated woman with Patrick, but I am not getting that at all. Maybe Sabrina and Patrick could work, but Sabrina needs to MATURE. For the record Teresa Castillo is gorgeous. Give her a sleek do, a smokey eye and a dress not meant for a junior-high prom queen until then, this thing is just not going to work.

Lucy Coe still has it! Lynn Herring Rocks!

Why couldn't a strong and independent Brenda return to town not romantically interested in Jax OR Sonny?

Brenda's dress looked like a Snuggie with one sleeve missing. What, did they wreck her real dress at the dry cleaners and this was the only thing they had in the wardrobe room? Give me a break. Carly's dress, on the other hand, was fucking amazing.

I never saw the Frisco and Felicia story cuz my mom had stopped watching GH by that time. I do remember "All I Need" and if he was really singing that, wow. So good. But I agree with lel: I have not enjoyed his being so smug. And I've really not enjoyed the perma-grin. Did he smirk constantly back in the day? I don't want to say this but it looks like botox gone wrong. He's a gorgeous guy, doesn't need to look any younger than he is.

My favorite line of the week, from an unexpected comedic source: Sonny saying to Carly: "And YOU are the soul of compassion!"

Judy, that was definitely Jack Wagner singing -- he did a special new recording of the song just for the show.

Love the commentary on the Sabrina/Patrick scenes. I hate all this Sabrina propping especially during the Nurses Ball which is supposed to be in honor of ROBIN. And to think they cut a pivotal scene between Bobbie and Felicia talking about Maxie and BJ so we get these Sabrina/Patrick scenes. Praying he finds out Robin is alive so we don't have to deal with this childish storyline much longer.

I'm team Mac but you can't ignore the chemistry between Frisco and Felicia. Must have been awkward for Jack to sing that song to Kristina.

Gwen - you are absolutely correct. 'Lady of My Heart' was Felicia's song but it wasn't as big a radio hit so nobody remembers it.

Like most GH fans my age I dorked out and sang along (totally unspoiled for it and it was GLORIOUS)...but I have to point out one thing that kept it from being unassailably perfect.

John Stamos should have been on the drums.

Indeed, Telaryn. I'm still hoping they hit us with a "Sneak Attack"

In a surprising turn of events, Kelly Monaco just won this season's Dancing with the Stars.

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