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April 02, 2013

Happy Anniversary, General Hospital! Thank You For Being Generally Awesome

I cannot begin to express my delight at General Hospital turning 50 and celebrating the big anniversary with an episode so wonderful and sentimental and yet filled with just the right amount of hilarity that I spent almost the entire hour in tears of the devastated sort, the weepily nostalgic sort and the giddy with laughter sort. I spent an excessive amount of time attempting to coin a megaword combining basically every excitable adjective in the English language for this exact purpose, but I came up empty. Just know that I am very, very delighted.

Not just at the quality of the anniversary episode (although it was top-notch and if you haven't watched it yet, please do so IMMEDIATELY, like what are you waiting for? I also suggest watching it with tissues on standby in case you, like a hypothetical soap blogger who shall remain nameless because she--or he!--is purely hypothetical, tear up easily at things that are both happy and sad. And maybe have some candy close to you as well in case you need to talk to some food about your feelings. And you will have feelings. Many feelings!) but at this anniversary in general. 50 years! That's all kinds of impressive. Over the two decades that I've been watching (Holy goodness, that makes me feel positively ancient), General Hospital has been part of many happy memories of mine, starting when I began to watch because of my soap-loving Aunt Lisa, who is basically the world's coolest person (you guys, she had the best Caboodle FILLED with makeup. Coolest ever!). I watched on the phone with my best friend throughout middle school and by that I mean that we spent the hour in complete silence unless a commercial break came on and then all you'd hear was high-pitched "Oh my god can you believe THAT just happened?". I bonded with girls in college and girls at work and started this blog with Becca because we figured that our emails about our all-consuming hatred of Sonny Corinthos were too hilarious to be confined to a thread on gmail and then we met all of YOU wonderful readers and the ever amazing Stephanie Sloane at Soap Opera Digest who offered us a column (which STILL freaks me out) and then the most excellent Louise and I could go on and on, but the point I tried to make about a hundred words ago is that I am happy that this show exists and I hope it is around for many more years, especially if it means that every five or ten years, we get a celebratory episode like this one. Let's all buy stock in Kleenex now!


You've all been reading this blog long enough to know that I really do get teary-eyed very easily and it's true; I was going to make a list of things in today's show that made me cry but it was almost all of them. And even the thing that didn't make me cry from joy or nostalgia made me cry tears of annoyance. So actually all of it made me teary, from start to finish!

Even just looking at this picture of Steve Hardy got me all mushy and that was in the show's opening seconds, so you can imagine the mess I was by the time the hour was over.


I cried during Liz and Audrey's talk and Audrey's ADORABLE flashback to her and Steve dancing.


And I flat out wept when Audrey kissed the picture of Steve.

Audrey: You're my rock of Gibraltar.


I cried when Jax appeared looking handsomer than ever (and had flashbacks of my own to the good old days of 1996 when, as far as I was concerned, Ingo Rademacher ranked only just below Leonardo DiCaprio in terms of human perfection).


I cried when Jax demonstrated that he loved Josslyn THIS MUCH because it's just too cute.


I cried at how impossibly beautiful Vanessa Marcil is.


I cried at the face Carly made when she heard that Brenda and Jax are engaged because I know I will have to wait 24 hours to see her full reaction to this news and I don't know that I have it in me. I want the temper tantrum NOW!


Carly: You're engaged? To who?
Sonny: You're engaged? To who?
Jax: Brenda.
Brenda: Jax.

Did anyone else SCREAM? I made a sound similar to Olive in Little Miss Sunshine. It was completely undignified and more than a little embarrassing, which makes my willingness to share it in public with all of you a little bizarre, but we have no secrets here. I'm totally excited. I know it will probably fall apart and that it only happened because Sonny (who is terrible) didn't read the letter from Brenda and basically forced her to move on but you know what? For this shining moment, I am going to just pretend that Jax and Brenda are FINALLY getting their happily ever after. Please allow me this brief period of smug gloating.

I cried when the person under the hood was revealed to be Ethan, because I had really hoped it was Lucky. Why wasn't it Lucky?!



Was anyone in the world REALLY clamoring for Ethan? "You know, I am understanding FAR too much of what people are saying on this show lately. What I wouldn't give for a mumbler!" Please stop pretending to be a part of things, Ethan!

I cried when Stuart Damon appeared.

And then I flat out lost it when Natalia Livingston came onscreen.

Monica: I've never been so happy!
Alan: You're about to be happier.
Emily: Hi, Mom.


You guys. I could not even deal. So many tears (and so many more tears cried--again!--over the complete waste that her murder was. EMILY FREAKING QUARTERMAINE WAS KILLED OFF AS A CHEAP SWEEPS STUNT. I mean, WHAT? She could have driven story for DECADES. UGH. WASTE!). Also, she's so freaking pretty.

I loved the snark between her and Tracy; how very Tracy Q to not let a niece visiting from the freaking afterlife not get in the way of her acid tongue.

Tracy: Really, Alan? You couldn't have brought Mother or Daddy back from the great beyond? You had to bring Monica's adopted waif?
Monica: You did not just go there!
Emily: It's good to see you, too, Aunt Tracy.

I also adored the little touches during these scenes: the little smile and knowing look Alan shot at Emily during all of the squabbling, the way Alan and Emily finished Monica's favorite phrase ("This is my house! Alan gave it to me!") along with her, the way that Stuart Damon rolled his eyes when he shook Rick Webber's hand.

Oh, yeah, that's right, Rick also came back to see Monica.

Tracy: A long line of infidelities, starting with Rick Webber!
Rick: Oh, no, no, don't drag me into this.

So that was something! His Extreme Makeover: Heaven Edition was also something.


The three of them forcing Monica and Tracy to call a truce was adorable. And it worked!

Tracy: Su casa es me casa?!
Monica: Don't push it.

And watching the two of them try to hug each other was amazing.


Why do the Daytime Emmys not have a category for Best Disgusted Hug?! This would be a unanimous victory!

There was probably more that made me cry and I am sure more will happen this week that will necessitate tissues by my side, always. But in a word (1200 words later)? Delightful. Just...delightful.


Considering how hilarious her last Brenda related meltdown was, I cannot WAIT to see Carly's head explode tomororow. CANNOT!

I loved Alan rolling his eyes when Tracy brought up Monica sleeping with Ned. Heh.

Patrick & Epiphany also got to me. I watched the episode twice in a row & I never do that!! Truly awesome!

Mallory, i think you are me! From the first view of STEVE HARDY, to LIZ & AUDREY passing by the gh sign i was crying and squeeling, except one moment, yes ethan was sort of anti climatic, but i LOVED how laura was so accepting of him, the total opposite of luke.

I loved the passing of the torch from Steve to Patrick and Audrey to Piph.

i LOVED we got a Steve&Audrey fb,kiss and shout out!

i loved mentions of Steve's family.

I loved that there were Q's in the mansion.

I loved that we had 2 of the biggest triangles f their time.

i loved that they had action L&L as an homage to the story and couple that saved them(the original was the first time i started watching)

and i LOVED that it was shown that Liz is the legacyist GH legacy character of all time b/c she is STEVE HARDY's granddaughter.

i loved that they had memories,and a NB mention and surprises.

i love that Constance Towers comes on and looks awesome and kicks butt!

In other words i LOVED this whole ep, and pretty much cried through the entire ep.

Two words... SIMPLY AWESOME!!!!

Oh my gosh, this is right up there in my favorite episodes right along with Edward's memorial. I melted when I saw the portrait of Steve (and kudos to Cartini for doing a tribute to Steve Hardy during the anniversary).

How about supercalifragilisticexpealidocious (hey I think I might have spelled that right).

Now the torch has been passed to Patrick, JT has to stay forever, right? My only quibble is that I could have done without Sonny and Brenda but it didn't lessen the episode for me.

I absolutely loved how Patrick was telling the history of GH to the interns and the acknowledgment that the rest of Liz's family is MIA.

I also liked how Lucky is actually doing something helpful as opposed to just "finding himself" when he should be in Port Charles raising his children.

I really wished that AJ was a part of the Quartermaine reunion or that that storyline was addressed, considering last time we see AJ, he was threatening to kill Tracy. I really wanted to see AJ and Emily together. Hopefully, Emily will have scenes with Nikolas as mentioned in the episode.

In general though, I LOVED the episode.

I was crying ugly tears within the first two seconds at the sight of Dr. Hardy's picture. Today's show was a beautiful tribute - I loved it! Also watched it 2x!


I would love for AJ to see Emily's ghost, so he could apologize for pushing her during his rampage through the Quartermaine Mansion in 2005.

I've been riding with AJ since 1999, but that misdeed has bothered me the most about him.

I love that they were able to keep some things a surprise. Like Emily and Ethan's visit. We all heard about all the others coming...it was nice to be shocked.

I have always wanted Brenda and Jax to ride off into the sunset...but then I remember how cruel he was when he ditched her at the altar and the doubt weasels eat my joy. I mean, really. After she had a breakdown when Sonny left her at the altar it was just mean to do to her again.

Loved the whole thing. . .my fav was the was the fact that Liz was shown to be the Very Important character that she is. . . Steve and Audrey Hardy's granddaughter.

I loved that the Q's were together and fighting again (as they should be) and that L&L were off on an adventure! I too was hoping for Lucky but loved how Laura immediately accepted him.

I wish only for some Q's to somehow come back. . . surely there must be a way??

I could do without Sonny, but realistically I guess you have to nod to a very important quadrangle??? of Sonny&Brends&Jax&Carly.

I just loved the whole thing and was completely unspoiled so it was all a surprise to me!

So good!

I can't wait for the rest of the week!

I knew about Jax and Brenda coming back and loves that they are engaged again!!! I loved the whole episode and the fact that Ethan,Emily and Rick's return were actual surprises! We don't get much of those today.

I've been watching GH since Scotty proposed to Laura, so I've been crying since the weekend - all through the marathon (oh Cassadine Island brought back memories), Monday and Tuesday. Loved the opening, loved seeing Steve Hardy's picture, the shout-outs to the show's history.

Did you notice that Epiphany answered the phone and talked to Doris about Frank? Acknowledging the show's creators!

I too wished it was Lucky under that burlap sack, and a part of me holds out hope that Robert Scorpio will somehow swoop in to help Luke and Laura.

And I agree with others who wanted AJ to see Alan and Emily.

But a great episode, really.

I forgot that I actually squealed with delight when the old ambulance made it's way up the GH driveway! My 13 year old (who has taken to watching with me) thought I was nuts!!

Can't wait for today's show!

First, the good:

Between last weekend's marathon on Soapnet and yesterday, I am SO dehydrated with the copius tears I've shed unashamedly--from BJ's heart, to Monica's cancer, Liz' Rape, Lucky's "death", Stone's dying of AIDS, and then, THEN, yesterday, seeing the Bestetest Chief of Staff of GH ever, Dr. Steve Hardy, I was a MESS. They totally should have also shown a flashback of Robin--like when she first met Patrick--walking in on him, while he was gettin' it on with some nameless nurse...or, or, like the Titanic, at the end, have a montage of fading segues of all past Nurses and doctors, like Jesse, Amy, Noah, Jeff, Annie, Rick, Lesley, Grant, Buzz, yes, even Mrs. Barrington, arrogant putz of a son?Nephew?, Matt, original!Leo, not the whiny boy from NSII, Bobbie, Phil...

But that's just me.

And I was chortling with GLEE and high-fiving myself when Jax told that Slagbeast he was engaged to Brenda! YES! While at the same time, I was yelling the beast to STFU. Jax was THE ONE for her? Since when? It's always, always, ALWAYS been Jaysus, Sonny, the demonspawn Michael (before he was redeemed courtesy of Sean Kanan's AJ), and then whatever was left over, Jax had to scrape up. I cannot wait...CANNOT.WAIT for today, to see her head explode in a spectacular manner--

As for that moobster Sonny? Typical, narcissistic, reaction. And he can go DIE in a firepit the heat of a gazillion million suns. He's got NO RIGHT to JUDGE Brenda for not making it to Robin's funeral. I blame the writers for that. And if anyone should be upset, it would be Patrick, and we saw him talk to Brenda on the phone, while she explained why she couldn't be there. And Sonny has been NO friend to Robin anyway. Patrick didn't want him at her funeral, but in typical Sonny fashion, he refused to leave and INSISTED on speaking. Douchecanoeprick.

But everything else was LOVE. BLISS.

This was a darned good episode. Way to incorporate history with today's stories, in ways big and small.

In some ways, I think Ethan's appearance makes sense. Although I wish they would somehow retcon his paternity. Either make him Bill Eckert's kid, which L&L agreed to hide to protect Ethan from Bill's enemies, or have it that Luke simply donated sperm with Laura's blessing so that Holly could have a child.

I hope this is Helena's last stand. The show needs new adventures and new villains to fight. Helena is stale. Personally, I hope it ends with Alexis slitting Helena's throat.

Oh, Carly. You're going to whine about Brenda when you have been carrying on with a rapist?

Considering what Sonny did to Jax during the separation/custody thing with Carly, Brenda was more gracious to him than she should have been. I'm hoping the 51st anniversary starts off with a "Who killed Sonny Corinthos?" murder mystery.

I love being excited for what happens next.

Oh Mallory, I'm getting weepy all over again just reading your recap. Again, I've been watching GH since 1975/76, so I don't even have any words that accurately describe how I felt seeing Stuart Damon on my screen yesterday. He was the reason I started watching GH. And then they threw in Rick Webber. For those who don't remember him before his awful return in 2003, he and Lesley were all kinds of awesome, despite his affair with Monica! If Rick had appeared to Lesley Webber or even Laura, I'd still be at home sobbing. And Jax! I think he looks better now than when he first appeared.

But the ultimate moment for me was a teary Audrey kissing Steve Hardy's picture and the hospital staff clapping. How I miss Dr. Hardy. Then the way she stood in the corridor afterward like she didn't want to leave GH ever and Liz gently grabbed onto her Gram's arm to escort her home. I was done. With more tributes and flashbacks expected to celebrate GH's 50th, before this week is out, I think I'm going to need more Kleenex!

A friend who was watching live spoiled Emily's return for me via text message because she thought I was watching live. Sadly I was not. The worst part being my first reply was "PLEASE SAY IT'S HER UNDER THE HOOD!!" Because c'mon!! Helena always hated Emily, I would have happily accepted ANY rewrite where she didn't die and could grace our screens once more. But now she's as officially dead as it gets in soap world. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, I was THRILLED to see Emily at all, but I'll be damned if I didn't get my hopes up.

I suppose it's unfair to expect Frank and Ron to undo all of Guza's damage. There's only so much that can be unwritten. I will just have to continue to pretend that Emily and Georgie moved far away. Denial? I don't know what you're talking about...

In any event, I loved loved loved the anniversary episode and I'm so excited for the Nurse's Ball. This past year has been wonderful for GH fans. We have so much to celebrate!

you know since none of the ghosts mentioned bringing Jake to see his grandma, who i think she would have been ecstatic to see, maybe he could actually be alive somewhere......#BringBackJake

I'm sure Jake would have had a lot to say on the topic of convincing Tracy and Monica to reconcile. He was always so eloquent!

yes but Alan didn't speak alot, and i bet Monica would have been over the moon to see her grandson!


Watching on lunch break. someone called my office to ask if I wanted to some cake.

"YESSssss. I waaant caaaake."

So I cried into a tissue, ate strawberry cake and watched the perfect, little gem of an episode.

Happy Anniversary GH!

And when Audrey turned back to look around the hospital one last time before she left?

OMG. Flood of tears. Seriously.

I wish people would write more about this as you have done. This is something that is very important and has been largely overlooked by the internet community

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