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April 04, 2013

In the Immortal Words of William Munny and Snoop Pearson

(Oh I don't know. Maybe my self-challenge for the day was to relate two wildly disparate characters from two insanely distinct pieces of scripted entertainment and pull the biggest stretch in the world to somehow tie it to General Hospital. Maybe I'm going insane from frostbite after spending four hours outside at a baseball game tonight. Maybe I'm having some bizarre long-overdue soap opera overdose symptoms and have finally lost it. Does it really matter? I don't know yet.)

But really.

Deserve's got nothing to do with it, y'all.

So shall we begin with Carly and Jax and Brenda and Sonny? This is a tough one for me. I understand one thousand percent why the various entanglements of these four characters are being revisited to mark GH's 50th Anniversary. The Sonny/Brenda/Jax triangle was a 90s centerpiece for the show and one of the most heralded on daytime, while Sonny and Carly were a tumultuous tentpole pairing through later years, while the last few are marked by Carly and Jax's union. Practically twenty years of dominant couples right there, and if you have all of them in the same place at the same time, why not revisit?

For me, I think it's just a matter of Vanessa Marcil's various departures and returns to the show, but it's starting to get almost comical that every single time we get a Brenda visit, she alternates back to the last dude. When she returned from the dead in 2002, she reunited with Jax. When she returned again in 2009, she reunited with Sonny. And here were are in 2013 and she's engaged to Jax. Again. Because Sonny didn't give her what she wanted. Again. And Carly's head is exploding about it. Again. Is it wrong that Carly's head exploding about it again is always going to be my favorite part of this recurring tale?

You're marrying brenda barrett

Carly does not like this news one piece

There isn't enough attention in the world for ... wait, pot kettle, kettle pot

Last time she busted her scheming butt to try to drive Sonny and Brenda apart, while this time her focus is on Jax. And that's fine by me, since I find Carly's interest in Jax far more fun than her interest in Sonny (in Laura Wright's incarnation anyway).

And of course in terms of whether or not I'm an "S&B" gal or a "J&B" gal, well, my affinity is firm and serious and hardcore (and uh, might be in a minority on this very site, ahem!). But at this point it's sort of irrelevant unless we get word that all of these characters are really sticking around long-term. I suppose it's better to let the off-screen characters be together and obviously leave the on-screen characters available for new romances (or old ones, depending).

And it's always fun to see Sonny all pissy.

Brenda makes.... that facial expression

(Cut your hair, lady!)

Sonny, too, is displeased

Sonny: Congratulations. Now you can leave.

Always so satisfying! 

Distance and repetition have really mellowed me on this triangle, as has the fact that I now like two of these characters a lot less than I did back in the day, and I like another one a hell of a lot more. And in a way all four of them kind of deserve each other, but then of course that's got nothing to do with it. And I've always preferred dark and twisty over squeaky-clean sweethearts where the fought-over person just chooses the nicer suitor because they "deserve" it somehow. Which great love stories have been made up of healthy choices? None that I find very memorable!

Meanwhile, Helena was sure hoping that Laura would think Ethan deserved to die because of his shitty origin story. I mean what are we responsible for most if not the thing that happened before we were born to make us born?

Ethan sure is hopin' this laura chick he's heard so much about isn't trigger happy

(I missed you, Ethan! Yeah, I know. Another dissenting Serial Drama opinion. Sorry!)

Laura doesn't wanna

Fortunately, Laura is not that into ill logic. (Despite Luke setting that idiotic example for her with Nikolas years ago.) Which resulted in Helena finally getting what she deserved (though I don't believe for a second it's permanent).

Luke does in the Dragon Lady

Taking a pulse but she's still dead with a head

I'll admit that at first I was a little grumpy because it would have been nice to have Laura as the one pulling the trigger, but at the end of the day this was far more apt. Pissy as I've been at Luke for the last few years, he has had about a million more interactions with Helena over the past 30+ years and this nicely made up for all those annoying scenes for last era in which he and Helena just sort of harmlessly flirt-hated each other as if it were hilarious and there was never any real threat at all. So while he may not have earned the right to be her end, sometimes things that are unearned make even more sense.

Also, how hilarious was everyone's dopey realization afterwards that Helena was the only one who knew Lulu's whereabouts? D'oh! Wasn't that her whole angle, you guys?!

Elsewhere in the Land of the Deserving, did you guys know that Sabrina is the loveliest, nicest, most perfect person ever and even the random hospital patients adore her and think it's insane that no man has snatched her up yet? And Milo's not being so nice anymore, so he deserves nothing!

Also, anyone else notice that her inevitable physical transition is underway ever-so-subtly in the form of her hair?

Step one of the sabrina-ing

She's still got the big glasses and the braid, y'all, but check it out. That hair is straightened under there! THE GLAMOROUS CURL RELAXER/CONTACT LENSES MAKEOVER IS ALMOST COMPLETE. But no matter! Patrick already realized he's falling for her even before her hair started changing. Because she deserves it. Because she is nice and sweet and everybody thinks so and anyone who doesn't is a big fat meanie. And as mentioned above, sweetness and "deserve" are really what all great love stories are made up of, right? (Oh please, please, please, if the entire point of this isn't just to create drama for a known Robin return, bring on someone a little darker and more sophisticated for Patrick to throw in a little excitement soon! My teeth hurt.)

Random thoughts:

- I have been coveting that jacket of Liz's for days now. I want colors that perfect in my life.

Liz and her awesome jacket

- Lucy to Sam: "You're gonna be Elizabeth!" probably made some soap crazies' heads explode, Carly-style, despite the innocent context. Ha!

- Does anyone get the impression that the entire writing team just wants to make "balls" puns constantly about the Nurses Ball but are a bit nervous about slipping them past the censors? What I wouldn't give for one straight-to-DVD totally uncensored episode of General Hospital.

- Nurses Ball, y'all! IT'S SO CLOSE! 


I had to LMAO off at the comment regarding Sam was going to be Liz, since that is what GH (under Frons) was trying to do over the last six years. There is ONLY one Elizabeth Imogene Webber.

Sabrina bites, period. I hate it when writers TELL me that I have to like a character by pimping and propping them to death over and over and over.

Brenda is a twit.

I like watch Carly's head explode. It was so amusing watching Johnny and Todd eff over Carly, because the woman has spent almost two decades using the people in her life (Tony, AJ, Bobbie, Jason, etc).

Louise, if quoting Snoop in a General Hospital post is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Snoop! "How's my hair, Mike?" "You look good, girl."

R.I.P. (for now) Helena, you regal bitch. At least you went out as you lived, looking fly in a fabulous suit while playing mind games and saying super mean things to people.

I'm sad, I wanted Carly's head to explode more, but she was already smug and in a position of rightness and power by the end of the episode.

Sabrina's hair is no longer frizzy, she's now worthy of love! Vomit.

why do they have to prop the chick, oh b/c she's really not all that interesting!!

yes, i, being a LizFF was very unhappy,b/c that skank is no Liz!

why oh why couldn't someone,anyone just shoot the drunken childkiller, that's waht i was hoping for, that would have been a REAL WTF!! moment. and i would have been happy.

I happen to disagree. I love Sabrina because she is probably the most real soap character I have ever meet. I love Scrubs and always will but Kimberly chose to leave to pursue her directing career. Nobody forced her out. Jason can't stay a "grieving" husband forever.(I used the quotes because Robin isn't really dead.)

I meant met.

Anyone notice Noah's comment to Patrick not to let Sabrina get away the way that he had done with a certain nurse? Leaving aside the ridiculous comparison, does this mean there will be a little revisit of Bobbie/Noah? Sure hope so!

I have no problem with Patrick moving on, but Sabrina is written like a tween, and not a grown butt woman. Ellie is a pretty geek, but the show is not pimping/propping the character to death. Britt is gorgeous, but is not being pimped/propped to death. Felix is not being pimped/propped by day player patient's, just Sabrina.

Awwwww, I kinda like the whole Ugly 'brina build-up and think it's old school sweet.

And let the dissing begin in 3, 2, 1...

PREACH IT, Ladybug!

And I saw no transformation, other than Sabrina's hair is no longer frizzy, and she's no longer wearing glasses. Even at her most make-up-less, Robin/Kimberly looks a million times better. Ugh.

And I don't see why Patrick even needs a love interest right now, when it's clear to me, he's still very much in love with Robin--it does happen, you know. Some people take years before they can even start dating. Patrick should have concentrated on taking care of Emma. Because really, both Britt and Sabrina need to look up what boundary means and adhere to it.

And if I get started on how Carlivati just decimated Jax and Brenda, my computer will implode. He just HAD to let that heifer "win." Why? Because she'd been taken down a peg or two? That beast should be alone and reviled.

You know we can't have a moment, let alone a story, where we aren't forced to realize how "hard" or "ride or die" CarlyBabes is supposed to be.

There's a lot to talk going on right now, but I keep focusing on how much I really, truly/madly/deeply want J&B to be endgame. Let El Cabron and Kawnie ride off to matching rooms in the nuthouse.

It bothers me that Carlivati had to make the Sonny and Brenda fans happy BUT I think that Ingo could only be back for a few days. Vanessa probably had more time.

I love Jax and Brenda! They were supposed to be happy and offscreen together! I mean,come on,why can't they just get back together and stay together!

I like Ethan too! But that might say less about the character and more about my affinity for men with facial hair and accents.

I *do* find it off-putting how every character seems to have to comment about how much he's like Luke's action-and-adventure persona, though, especially since that's the kind of thing that should be really easy to show not tell.

It was kind of awesome that they did call attention to how Laura's reaction to Ethan was the polar opposite of how Luke responded to Nicolas' existence back in the day.

Noah's "a certain nurse" brought the name of Bobbie Spencer to my lips in the form of a smallish squeal of delight!

Like Carly and Sonny's interaction today. . .Sonny just seems so exasperated by her. . . appropriate.

Loved all the ladies getting ready.

Favourite new character (when he's not being ridiculous) is Felix DuBois and BTW is he related to that other DuBois character from Night shift played by one BillyDeeWilliams?? I can't remember that guy's name???

Can't wait to see all the gowns of one Lucy Coe, AND thinking that Brenda and Jax are going to end up together, though by far, my favourite pairing of Carly has always been Jax.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

had to look it up. . . Touissant DuBois!!

Shockingly the thing that truly brings me bizarre joy in all of this post is that Ethan got a hair cut and it's even washed! This silly day play by Ethan proves one fundamental truth. That Guza's reign was illogical ugly & greasy and Cartini are scrubbing up GH to it's true sparkly soapy genius. Bravo for making me like Ethan! But I still now and forever hate Carly, although LW has divine hair ;)

What I found most ridiculous (among so much) was how Carly kept repeating to Bobbie and Jax about how she learned she can stand on her own. Um, what? Todd's been gone like two weeks and you're already throwing yourself back at Jax. She is so far from the idea of standing on her own, idek.

I like Ethan too, and I'm glad he wasn't killed. It's nice to have these little cameos here and there so different actors can participate in the 50th anniversary.

@bethie, when you wrote "BillyDeeWilliams" as all one word, I wondered if you were referencing a sitcom (I can't remember which one)where someone was going to meet him and they kept shouting it excitedly as all one word, "BillyDeeWilliams!" At least that's what I thought of and I always think that whenever I see or hear his name :-).

It seems like RC & FV like to put in little references here and there for people to catch, so the DuBois might be intentional. I know they like to put in OLTL references which I don't get, but they seem to like to do a little treasure hunt for the viewers.

Even though Helena was shot through the heart, I think she's gonna be like Jerry and just never die (that guy is like Rasputin, you can shoot him and throw in in an icy river and he never dies).

I'm not a Brenda OR Carly fan so I have no horse in the race, but I hate that Carly was right yesterday! Can't wait for the ball.

I forgot to give a shout-out to Mac and Mr. Marbles! I think it's hilarious.

@JanetB, It might be me remembering something that I don't consciously remember, but I just always call him BillyDeeWilliams (no stop)!! He's just not a "Billy", ya know? He's BillyDeeWilliams!

@bethie and Janet B. You both got me thinking and I realized that there was another memorable African American character with the Dubois surname; one Benson Dubois of Soap and later Benson played by the wonderful Robert Guillaume. As a late 70's/early 80's child,both these men were the bomb for me. I doubt we'll see either actor on GH anytime soon but it would be nice for Felix to get some family :)

I think I'm of a dissenting opinion since I absolutely love Sabrina. But knowing Robin is still alive is killing me...what is Jerry Jax doing with her and when is she going to come back?! And I don't want Sabrina to get hurt. If this was about creating drama for Robin's return I would rather have Britt have her heart broken in the process (but I even feel a little bit bad for Britt knowing who her mom is...)


enough capitals. bring on the nurse's ball.

What I love about all these appearances is that it makes it feel like a real community. People move and visit, people get divorced and cross paths again, people show up that we haven't seen for years to attend events like weddings and funerals and galas.

Kinda reminds me of old school ATWT. Douglas Marland was great about bringing back departed characters / actors when it actually made sense for the story, whether it just be for the holidays or for a particular plot point. Just because they were gone, doesn't mean you wouldn't see them again.

Hey Janet B you're thinking of The Jeffersons when Florence the maid met Billy Dee Williams.

I like Sabrina, just not with Patrick. When they kissed there was zero spark. I was all "Oooo, it's so romantic!...aaaannnnndd wow, that was boring." If Robin had never been in the picture it might work, but Sabrina is so juvenile and wrapped up in Patrick like she has no life, and Robin was so NOT THAT. It just doesn't make sense that Patrick would be with someone so vanilla - no matter how kind and sweet she is - after someone so extraordinary.

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