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April 26, 2013


If you've ever spent any time browsing the B&B posts on here, y'all probably know by now how much I irrationally love it when they end episodes with those super-cheesy juxtapositions of characters longing for each other across space and time or whatever.

And those corny oft-repeated flashback montages to airy music are no different. Brooke and Bill flew in a balloon together! She cried in his arms when Stephanie died! And, most importantly, there was that one time she called him "Stallion" and HE ACTUALLY NEIGHED.

So as you can imagine, yesterday was Good Times for Weezie because they did both in one episode. And we got the full concluding zooming-in juxtaposed LOVAHS shot:



So romantic! Isn't it sad that these two soulmates can't be together?!

I seriously can't even figure out what we're supposed to be rooting for here. What's this whole "they're totally in love and meant for each other!" thing all of a sudden? Or is this supposed to be a legitimate triangle? Look, I have no idea, but I am cracking up a lot and I won't complain about that. I look forward to them getting busted. (I say that now, but this being B&B there's a good chance they'll get busted, get yelled at for two episodes, and then get forgiven immediately and everything will go back to normal. Because maybe Bill will fake-stab himself in the heart with his little bitty Spencer sword again?)

Meanwhile, Linsey Godfrey is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses to watch on this show. How did they find such a fun, spunky, hilarious little actress and go overboard making her look bland and lifeless for almost a full year before re-inventing her character into someone that's actually entertaining? More Caroline Spencer, please! I don't care that her whole new personality is totally implausible (though maybe it happened when Bill sent her flyin' off that balcony?), I only care that she's a blast to watch.


I'm loving the Caroline/Rick/Maya storyline only because it's the only fresh material this show has going for it. Between Bill/Brooke flashbacks, Steffy/Liam flashbacks, Hope/Liam flashbacks, this show generates what 10 minutes of new material a week? Remember when Bill and Steffy were a thing before he decided that Liam would make a much better fit? How many heart attacks can Katie have before Bill realizes that he needs to stop acting like a jerk? Like you, Louise, I'm not sure who I'm supposed to root for exactly. Right now, I'm rooting for Katie and Dani to fall in love or for Nick to come back and take Katie over to Jackie M.

The only thing that makes this a legitimate triangle is Heather Tom's acting.

Somehow I think Weezie's going to be going "Damn, damn, damn!" sometime this week if the fallout from this leads to what a lot of us are expecting/dreading...

(Hey, you left yourself wide open for it. :P )

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