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April 29, 2013

The Second Life to Live

Okay, this is just surreal. It might be the ridiculous amounts of coffee, but my hands are a little shaky as I sit down to type this out and I actually clicked on the "One Life to Live" category for this post and it wasn't about anticipation and it wasn't about OLTL characters on another show, but about today's new episode.

Today's new episode!

There's so much to say and it's nearly impossible not just to offer up a blow-by-blow account with lots of squealing and every single frame screencapped, but that would be silly so let's just dive into a few major points. Like this one: speaking of blow-by-blow, here's my favorite "no more network censors!" moment....




Love it. Love it!

And another thing I'm super-psyched about right off the bat? Somebody's finally realized that Melissa Archer is insanely hot and dressing her like it. Those of you who were with me here for the last couple years of the ABC version of the show might recall how annoyed I'd get when they mysteriously made her frumpy so often when the woman is just lightning hot. Someone realized!

Natty in her skivvies

Cutter and nat in credits

Nat lookin' all hot and stuff

And oh yeah, I'm pretty much already a hardcore Natalie/Cutter 'shipper. That was fast!


Lord they were hot.

The cold open was fabulous. Just fabulous. In fact, the episode quite specifically followed the exact structure of the ABC's version series finale, starting with a shot of The Banner just outside Llanfair's front door....

The banner

The vikster picks up the paper

....and, of course, ending with a big Victor "reveal."


So we've already got some intrigue in the works as he's clearly not just hanging out doing okay and making himself known.

And can we talk about the tinkly piano music at the beginning playing the melody of the old Peabo Bryson theme song? I'll give you tomorrow! AND THEY WILL BECAUSE THERE WILL BE ANOTHER NEW EPISODE TOMORROW. Holy crap, y'all.

Let's just take a joyful moment here....

Tea's not doing so well


Liam's so big now!

Bo will be his bro's best man

Dorian rockin' it

Viki and clint, happy and in looooooove

I don't even know how to handle this right now, y'all. It's just so damn LOVELY.

Oh, uh, there's a new Destiny.

Here's why she was cast, i suppose

So that happened.

Wait, no, I'm going to stay positive because I am so happy! I did really like the new Matthew (I adore Eddie Alderson and there's just no replacing him, but hey, he wasn't available and I'm willing to accept a re-invention of the role if the actor is good, and Rob Gorrie certainly seems to be thus far!)

Oh right, and these two shared a screen again. In Llanview!

Todd and blair

Lookin' at his lady love

Oh those two

They certainly did not miss a beat. All that history and love and hate and all of it, right there right away.

I'm emotionally exhausted right now. I am also really effing tired. That's an early premiere! Obviously I'm not going to get up to watch it every morning at 5am, but it's cool that it's now something I can watch while I'm getting ready for work on weekday mornings. And I think the running time is more than enough for the content! I'm hoping as we move forward, we get to linger in scenes a little longer. I assume they just had to cram everyone into that first episode to give us little snippets on everyone's status (David mentioning Roxy made me very happy and hopeful, by the way!). And mercy, I hope not every episode is at the club. Techno music seriously makes my stomach hurt. I forgive everything today, but I'm well aware that would start to drive me crazy in the future if every scene is underscored with that club music.

Well, this whole silly "employment" thing precludes me from just sitting here going on and on about OLTL all day long, which is really all I want to do. How am I supposed to concentrate on anything else? Alas, it's sort of mandatory. So what did everyone else think? Does it still feel surreal to you guys? I can hardly believe it. I can't wait to dive into more story the rest of this week. And I'm just ridiculously giddy-happy for the cast and crew right now.

I wonder if I can cram AMC in before I leave my house. Can't wait, can't wait!


Our show is back, baby! 


And we're back!

CRAZY chemistry between Natalie and Cutter today. Although there was also a charged moment between Cutter and Rama earlier in the episode. An embarrassment of riches for Mr. Wentworth!

Great premiere.

Yes it's BACK! I loved that the opening credits showed that it's Todd and Blair forever, or at least that they will always be hot like fire together. Vicki vs Dorian part 1 million. That is MY show, and I will root for Dorian till my dying day. Clint and Bo are reconciled. Nora and Bo are worried about Matthew who is taking care of Danni because Tea's too upset about losing the baby. Cutter and Nat are going to be great. Maybe she can finally get someone who loves her first, as opposed to dumping her for the next damsel in distress. I'm willing to give Destiny a shot. At least they did a good job of pointing out that being a teenaged mother is hard having the father in the picture, although I'll be surprised if Nora isn't hovering at least. All in All YAY!

All I can say is "Thank you Prospect Park"! I hope this is successful beyond their wildest dreams. Giving the credit to the fans at the end was EPIC. By looking at their product, they sure seem like they're soap fans as much as we all are, and it's not just lip service. Such a refreshing change from the past. The production values are amazing, the exterior shots were like nothing on daytime and the sheer numbers of extras in the club scenes! Can't wait for more Todd&Blair, Nat&Cutter, David&Dorian, and Viki&Dorian. Also, how great is it we don't have to wait for the Vic reveal?? My one complaint? It ended too soon! :) It's just so great to see our Llanview "family" again!

I can already tell the new Matthew is just going to be annoying and whiny and I'm not digging it. And I miss Shenelle Edmonds as Destiny already, even though the new one is ok I guess. I miss Jess and Roxy and Rex and Gigi though, and I guess I can't complain too much because at least it's back!

Most people lose baby weight after giving birth; apparently, Destiny gained baby height.

The open on the Banner on Llanfair's front porch almost made me tear up. And then when I saw the headline, I did scream.

And I didn't even recognize Melissa Archer's body at the beginning after it being covered for so long. Also, I'm pretty sure I'd watch Natalie and Cutter dance for a couple minutes every single day if they ever need to pad episodes.

Speaking of, though the techno music may have given you a headache, as somebody who doesn't suffer the same malady, the club music was SO much better than soap opera club music normally is. Yay for taking advantage of Internet licensing! (I also like music like that a lot more when I'm not sober, so this may be me being punch-drunk talking.)

I'm not sure it's actually "good" acting, but OxyDani is definitely an improvement on the character. I never thought she'd have my favorite line of the episode but her delivery of "Your dad does Oxy?" was fucking priceless. And her trying to hide behind the edge of a couch from Tea was, maybe, the most realistic portrayal of 'addict stupidity' I've ever seen on a soap.

OMG! OMG! OMG! It's really back!!!!!


"I never thought she'd have my favorite line of the episode but her delivery of "Your dad does Oxy?" was fucking priceless."

LOL agreed, Kelley Missal's line delivery was perfection there.

I thought it was sooo good. Were some people 'spoiled' on the Victor reveal? I wasn't at all, so I was so happy and surprised to see him.

Basically, I thought the whole thing was so well done...much better than I had expected. I really hope people are watching, because this show deserves to survive!

I almost don't even have the words! Our shows are back!!!! :D

I really, REALLY enjoyed OLTL today. Such a great way to kick things off. This show is going to ROCK again.

Part of me can't quite believe it. Like, there's going to be another new episode tomorrow! And the next day! YAY!

I'm in the same boat. I just took a break and watched OLTL and AMC at work and now I'm so giddy I can't concentrate!

I was sooooo happy to see everyone, new and old....including Natalie! I mean, when has THAT ever happened? Melissa Archer is gorgeous, as is Kassie and Florencia. Llanfair looks like Llanfair, which made me weepy. David's quirkiness and Dorian's hats and peace signs were sorely missed. Bo, Nora, and Clint...with Clint being nice to them and all three of them smiling together. Love it. Viki looks beautiful and happy. Shelter looks and feels like a real nightclub. Those were really nice scenes.

Dani is a hot mess and I love it! Cutter is as handsome as ever. I'm liking the nuMatthew and Jeffrey. Destiny is...there. I can deal with that b/c I'm just so freaking happy right now.

And yes, I did want to cry upon seeing OLTL crediting their fans instead of themselves. They're back, baby!!!

The crazy chemistry of Todd and Blair was RAMPANT. Thanks Prospect Park, Kassie and Roger and the rest of the cast for a job amazingly done! Cannot wait to tune in tomorrow.

Ok, maybe it's just me but I think the whole blow-job shot was so unnecessary and annoying. Please do not continue to fill precious OLTL moments with that garbage...can we please spend time with the actual characters more rather than watching randos go down on each other? Thank you.

Ok, For the character I was most excited to see...I was REALLY hoping for Victor to return and I was surprised that they brought him in so soon! So that was awesome.

I really, really, really loved Gigi and Rex and I'm sad that they're not back.

and Um, Destiny? I liked the other one's sass and curves. It's good to see women of all shapes and sizes and not just skinny girls in short tight skirts.

But I'm probably making some enemies here with my dissenting opinions, so I'll just stop for now :) Happy to see OLTL. Maybe ABC will grow a brain and pick up OLTL and AMC again. Does it work like that? Am I just being hopeful?

Oh also, Nigel.

I love him.

My sister totally has Natalie's robe! She got it (and the whole set) from my Mom for her bridal shower. It's gorgeous and I love that Natalie had it.

The 'We Give Credit To Our Fans' at the end just warmed the cockles of my heart.

I am so excited about everything. Everything was wonderful. EVERYTHING. But, of course, for me... above all else: TODD AND BLAIR!!


I am almost wordless. I wanted OLTL premiere to be good but IMO, this went beyond good! Right now, I can't criticize a single thing. The music didn't bother me - the "losing myself" playing while Dani stumbled around and Nat looked so lonely was spot on.

Standouts for me were Tea and Dani and the nursery scene. Well done. And helped to let the viewer understand why Dani is blunting her pain with Oxy. Melissa Archer scantily clad - so hot! Nat and Cutter - steamed up my screen. Liam - adorable.

Dorian, David, Viki, Clint and Bo and Nora were a sight for sore eyes. All of the actors looked much prettier and handsome and slimmer than they did on ABC.

The promos are so right - this ain't my grandma's soap. Loved it! Can hardly wait for more. Of course, Blair and Todd were awesome and Victor at the end -even though I knew he was returning for a while at least was the topper.

And giving closing credit to the fans was fabulous. I never thought PP would get this off the ground and they have not only done that but exceeded my expectations

I haven't watched yet but I agree with Ashlie...don't sex it up too too much. Honestly I am fine with the sex scenes shown on network tv...

Aww Natalie looks sad. She also looks super gorgeous in her undies. I LOVED the sexy dance between her and Cutter. Yowza, Insanely hot. Her scenes were my favorite.

I am so happy to see Viki, Dorian, Clint, David, Bo, Nora, Nigel, Todd, Blair, VICTOR!, etc.

The show is back, baby!

I was most looking forward to Natalie....and i never realized she was so hot. Loved her scenes. Her scenes with cutter were OMG HOT.

Did they age her kid? Shouldn't he still be a toddler?

I have tried not to be spoiled...so was Shocked to see Victor at the end. I screamed.

Are they going to bring Ted King back as Tomas? I hope so - i have loved him on everything he has ever been on.

I'm all choked up. Darn these tears!

Welcome back, OLTL.

Thanks to PP and all of the fans.

We love our "stories"!

As much as I have been living in perpetual fear that the OLTL & AMC revivals will make you completely forget about B&B and hence, I shall be deprived of your recaps, as a soap fan I am really, really happy that the shows are back, and really happy for AMC and OLTL fans (neither of which am I).

Aw, Ziyal, don't worry. Yet. I can't lie, OLTL is now my #1 priority but that doesn't mean B&B gets forgotten.

I re-watched this episode and really, the 3rd time was the best. It really was so well-crafted. My excitement has only increased since this morning's insane-o'clock viewing!

Has anyone else been watching over and over?

I'm really starting to think some (not all) of these soaps should have returned to the 30 minute format a long, long time ago.

I have watched over and over.. First I had to gush over how beautiful Nat is and that someone knows how to dress her, The I had to cry over seeing Viki and Clint as well as Bo and Nora, my TV parents.. and then I had to hold my breath during Tea's scene but it was understated and I didn't want to hit her..
oh and then there was this other couple who you know I was slightly excited to see.. It's not like I haven't spent the 19 years obsessing over them. RH and KDP have to give a clinic to other soap actors on how to improve on chemistry that has always been off the charts,
Oh and then the thank you card at the end. P
Pure class PP .. I loved my show and now I know it loves me back..

I think Todd and Blair are what's going to keep this show going. Little worried about AMC. Zach with someone new just isn't gonna work for me. If Todd and Blair are endgame I will keep on OLTL. I did love him with Carly on GH but that doesn't mean I forgot about Todd and Blair. Hopefully this works out. I wonder if they will recast McBain?

I was really impressed. It was really a big sad commentary on how much the production values already looked not only more lavishly paid for but more professionally done than the last ten or so years of the show's run on ABC.

Also - THANK GOD these shows can now be as explicit as *any* evening TV drama. Hopefully the execs at PP will keep up a more laissez faire attitude.

If they keep this up, I'm going to wish that my other soap DAYS would get cancelled so it will finally be freed from the deathgrip of Ken Corday and get picked up by PP or somebody like them.

Our people are back!!!!! I loved it!

OLTL is back and better than ever! I seriously got choked up during the first scene. Viki! Oh, how I've missed you.

On a totally shallow note, Cutter is hot, and the chemistry between him and Natalie was palpable. I also noticed a spark with Rama.

And Todd and Blair. Yeah, I'm biased. I love them, and the chemistry between them is as explosive as ever. From the opening montage to their first meeting in Shelter. I can't wait to see what happens between them and I hope Roger comes back to shoot for the second arc. I need some Todd and Blair!

Fucking fantastic. That's pretty much all I've got. The camera work and the sets are even better than they were on ABC-- not totally sure how that one happened, but I'm loving it.

Also, apparently having a baby does wonders for the female physique. Between Natalie and Destiny, I'm kind of convinced that pregnancy automatically makes you hot. Was that not the message I was supposed to get?

Oh, and how old is Dani? I couldn't really tell. But I'm already liking what they're doing with her character, cause I always thought ABC underused her. Plus, I like that they can swear now cause the idea of teenagers at a club getting hammered and NOT swearing is sort of ludicrous to me.


The show was GREAT. In every aspect. Wow wow WOW!
I'll admit that I was never a Natalie fan - and I take it all back. MA seems to FINALLY be in the hands of writers/directors who know what she's got. And man does she have it!
Vicki, Dorian, Clint, Bo, Nora - and NIGEL!!
And no Gigi or Rex there to fluck it up.
Todd, Blair, Tea.......my God how great!
And then Victor???!! Had no idea, none.
And I think I'm going to stay spoiler free from here on out.

So so so happy, teared up with that sign at the end "FOR OUR FANS"...I mean, who does that? I was expecting it to say some peoples names who gave money or something, but when i saw, TO OUR FANS in huge italic font, it seriously warmed the cockles of my heart!

Never thought much of Dani but after today I think she'll be a favorite-girls got chops and rocked every single scene. I love the cussing, lol. And Natalie and Cutter? yes. Worlds better than her and John, IMO. I am team Vickerman FOR LIFE and I was so psyched to see Nigel! Roxy & Alex? yes please! T&B - THANK YOU JEBUS!
SOOO STOKED ON THIS. Can't wait to watch err day, any time I want!

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