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April 28, 2013

Top Reasons NOT to Watch the New AMC and OLTL

Y'all, it's literally less than one day away.

Oh wait, I shouldn't watch. Here's a poll that I developed after combing the internet and finding the most popular reasons that people are not going to watch the revived All My Children and One Life to Live and I think you'll all agree that this is how we should live and think and we should totally not watch. Vote now on why you absolutely will not watch! Check your pick!

_ I refuse to pay to watch soaps, even though you absolutely can watch them for free.

_ I watched a 118-second promo video and I can already tell that THEY HATE THE FANS AND DON'T CARE ABOUT THE VETS!

_ I base all my viewing decisions on routine entertainment litigation and obviously Prospect Park is a super-evil production company and the first to ever sue a television network and therefore it is my moral obligation to refuse to watch a show that, actually, earns ABC money if I watch it.

_ Prospect Park told us we'd keep AMC and OLTL online and it would happen in January of 2012 and it didn't happen because they couldn't put the money together and that is just wrong and they are mean and cannot be trusted so I will not watch the shows that they literally brought back from the dead later than they had hoped.

_ Serial drama is just dead, forget it. The proof is in the pudding, which is something like 400 serial dramas currently on TV.

_ There are only four episodes a week. SACRILEGE. I'd rather have no soaps than a 20% reduction in story content!

_ I am sub-human and I do not like David Canary or Erika Slezak because, really, who would?

_ I do not have the internet, despite the fact that I am currently on the internet reading this dumb poll.

_ My favorite couple is not together, so obviously everyone hates me AND WANTS TO RUIN THE GENRE.

_ I do not like joy.

I may have had a little freakout the other day on Serial Drama's Facebook page about this. I'm going to get up SO EARLY tomorrow. To watch. For free. Because that's how it works. THAT IS HOW IT WORKS.




I can't even deal. I can't!


Wait you forgot -- the episodes are only 30 minutes long! So what if that's just a little bit shorter than what the "hour-long" episodes on ABC were WITHOUT THE COMMERCIALS! And forget that, you know, it's 30 minutes longer per day THAN THE NOTHING WE'VE HAD FOR MORE THAN A YEAR! They're like totally ripping us off man by giving us 5-7 minutes less of show per day for free!

Goodness, who knew soap Internet trolls and dummies were so prolific? Especially on Facebook, lol. No matter. I think it's truly just some people trying to cause trouble and annoy others (and, you know, ABC interns, hahaha). Anyone who truly wants to watch will and will figure it out, and I have a great feeling in terms of the potential success of both shows and PP overall.

On that note...ONE DAY LEFT!!!!! ONE DAY!!!!! I'm soooooo getting up early tomorrow to watch! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! :)

YES YES YES you ROCKED this POST! Thank you!

Me? I'm freakin' out. I can deal with my freakout by freaking out even more. I'm so excited for that first Todd and Viki conversation. And Blair and Todd and Todd and Tea...Wow, this is going to be great.

Louise, you'll be recapping and reviewing, right?



It's not that I've obsessively missed reading Serial Drama on a daily basis or anything because OLTL is the only soap I watch and you're my fave blog. I'm asking because I believe it would benefit Serial Drama to cover the resurrected OLTL.

This is not about my self needs or anything like that. I swear.

Birdie, there will be Serial Drama coverage of One Life to Live LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

Fear not!

Simply can't wait. One more day.

Louise, having your columns on OLTL again is some pretty sweet icing on the cake for me!

The grumps out there, I don't understand and I don't want to.

And as one said on a sitethatwillnotbenamed, they "can't find HULA anywhere on the internet" so how can they watch?? HULA? Really? After all this time there are still people who don't understand?

Whatever - tomorrow is going to be a GREAT day!

Oh, Louise, as ever, you've got it down.

The arguments against are ridiculous. I'm so freaking psyched for this I can barely stand myself.

My favorite discussion at various places is: who's going to be the big time cussers on the show?

For OLTL, come on... Blair, Todd, Tea, Natalie... those are easy choices. Todd will probably be the biggest REASON people swear.

Just loving the whole thing. TOMORROW!! It all comes back tomorrow!!

I know its no longer daytime but ANYTIME but I can't help it. I'm so setting my alarm clock.

I guess I am the only person that could care less that these two are coming back. I got over them being gone (was never a fan of AMC to begin with and have personal reasons for not wanting that one back), and have no plans to jump back in. Also, I am not the type to follow a show online. If it's not on TV I don't watch it. I hope you all enjoy them though! :)

Cant wait just one more day and the agony is OVER! I just took Hulu plus and probably will watch it in the early morning on my laptop again in the afternoon on my ipad and on the way home on my phone. I miss amc and oltl that much. I am an amc and oltlaholic LOL

I just want to know who was in charge of casting AJ Chandler??? That IS not the son of Babe and JR. Say what you want about Babe's skankitude but she was pretty and JR Chandler had Dixie's genes (not to mention he was hot in his own right...) So why does their kid look like a hoity toity brat that is gonna get a wedgie if he attends public OR private school???

Other than that??? I am good! Hello???? They have OPAL!!!!!

I think that watching online is really going to be fun. Pausing to listen and watch a great scene over and over and knowing it's just a click away and you know, free. What could be easier? I share Louise's joy at the return.

These shows deserve an audience-Prospect Park and the cast and crew have worked hard to bring them back.

So much time and effort by so many people have gone into this production, and I still can't really believe it's happening. It's just crazy to think that at this time tomorrow, I'll be watching AMC and OLTL :)
(Yeah, I know they're online at 5 AM, but I don't have class until 11 so the hell if I'm waking up that early!)

GAHHH SO EXCITED. But I'm still kicking myself for not realizing that the official premiere was LITERALLY like three blocks from my dorm last week. I mean, I was RIGHT THERE earlier that day. Arghhh. I will never be able to forgive myself for that.

So excited for this and not only by the show but by the actors excitement..

I agree with most of what you said. I plan on watching and am excited to see them. However, there is a reason people are reading this, because it isn't STREAMING through your phone and it's free to see it. To watch AMC on your phone you have to PAY for hulu plus or the iTunes download, not to mention the data usage you will use to stream them. I don't know about your plan, but for my daughters 3 gig's I'm shelling out $30 a month and I suspect streaming anything uses A lot. So unless you have internet at home and have a computer or laptop it is NOT FREE.
I do agree it is silly for people not to watch, because so and so isn't on. Just like it is silly to speculate on the stories based on what you knew them to be on ABC. This is a whole new ballgame and the only things that are the same is the name and some of the actors. Everything else is different.
I'm going to give these shows a chance and hopefully PP doesn't fail us as ABC did. Why anyone would stand up for the network that lied to us on a constant basis is beyond me. I'm glad ABC is being sued. I hope PP proves what idiots they really are and the idiots we as fans knew them to be.

I just signed up at Hula.com (yes, I'm a tad late!).

Anyway, I am stoked at seeing OLTL and may even check back into AMC after missing the last six years of that show.

I hope PP does very well, because at some point it would be nice to have some of the other cancelled soaps online.

Thank you thank you thank you!

If I had Internet access and you didn't make me pay to read your posts, I would totally be looking forward to your reviews!

This is a great post. I've spent years following soap boards listening to people moan and complain about awful and anti-fan their shows had become. Then they finally went away and everyone panicked and was devastated.

Then, by some miracle I still can't quite believe, we get our shows back. And it takes 3.2 MILLISECONDS before the complaining starts again. All before the shows even begin.

Enough already -- we have a lot to be grateful for. Let's just show our support and be happy we got the result we did.

Great rant, Louise. I swear, 86% of people on the Internet are too lazy to read, and rude to boot. For example:

Tweet: Watch One Life to Live on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes on April 29, 2013!

Response: Where do I watch it?!?! When does it comes on?!?! Tell me?!?!

re: kelly. Eric Nelsen (who plays the new AJ) has been called the breakout among the new cast in several reviews so it doesn't matter to me that they went with someone a little less ripped (and besides, we've got the nuPetey for that)!

I see you missed "my favorite character isn't back because they hate them!" (Even though they've moved on to other things, don't want to come back, or are physically dead, which, in real life, actually lasts).

But: I like joy! I like joy!

Cannot wait!!

Now, how do I watch it? It's free, right? (Just kidding! Signed up a month ago & have it in my queue!)

I'm so excited! It's already set up in my Hulu queue. I love PP for making this happen

Are you guys covering both shows?

But of course!

And then we have the "I've moved on" people who just have to say they've moved on. Like we care.

One more day until a brand new OLTL to discuss!

BTW, I wasn't an AMC watcher but I'm going to support the show. I hope they both do well. I truly believe this is the future of soaps. So many people now watch tv via online streaming, this type of venture was only a matter of time.

Loyalty to a corporation is something I will never get. Never mind that PP were within their rights to sue for breach of contract....people are sheep tbqh.

Loyalty to the corporation that trashed the shows and canceled them? Bitca, please!!!

The last time I watched AMC, Sarah Michelle Gellar played Kendall, but I'm totally checking out the new AMC, as well. I want both shows to succeed. I sincerely hope other departed soaps can be resurrected in this manner.

Louise, I'll be waiting for your studied analysis, your keen eye for detail, and your fangurly gushing over TnB. Not for me, you understand, but for the good of Serial Drama. My selfish needs are not a factor.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried today when I realized we're so close to our shows' rebirths. I know I'll cry more tomorrow. :)

I stopped watching AMC years ago, but stuck with OLTL through it all. I am not ashamed to say that tears were shed when I watched the last episode (okay, maybe the last few, but that speech Viki made about soaps and why we watch them...). And now... It is REALLY HAPPENING!!!! I'm even tuning back in to AMC just to support them... And signed up for Hulu plus. Funny because the only thing keeping me with my cable company was my soap, after it ended I cancelled cable and just watched TV online, so this is just all kinds of awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for your first blog, no pressure or anything, Louise!

@ Boes: Cracking up at your post cuz I saw HULA posts too! All they have to do is Google One Life to Live and they'll get there. It's funny - I was the last person I knew to get a computer in the '90s, and get email and all that, but to not even know how to USE THE INTERNET? How do they survive in the work world?

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