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May 01, 2013

'Tis The Season

Big week for soaps! There was that thing that happened on Monday, and today we have the Daytime Emmy nominations announcement.

Shall we take a look?


The Bold and the Beautiful                                CBS
Bradley P. Bell, Executive Producer
Rhonda Friedman, Edward J. Scott, Supervising Producers
Ronald W. Weaver, Senior Producer
MarkPinciotti, Coordinating Producer
Cynthia J. Popp, Colleen Bell, Casey Kasprzyk, Producers

Days of Our Lives                                                 NBC
Ken Corday, Executive Producer
Lisa de Cazotte, Greg Meng, Co-Executive Producers
Janet Drucker, Tim Stevens, Coordinating Producers
Albert Alarr, Producer

General Hospital                                                   ABC
Frank Valentini, Executive Producer
Mary-Kelly Weir, Michelle Henry, Mercer Barrows, Producers

One Life To Live                                                   ABC
Frank Valentini, Executive Producer
Suzanne Flynn, Senior Producer
Jackie Van Belle, Coordinating Producer
John Tumino, Leah Weber, Producers

The Young and the Restless                             CBS
Maria Arena Bell, Jill Farren Phelps, Executive Producers
Jay Gibson, Consulting Producer
Sally McDonald, John Fisher, Tony Morina, Supervising Producers



SUSAN FLANNERY, as Stephanie Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful                                           CBS

PEGGY MCCAY, as Caroline Brady
Days of our Lives                                                         NBC

MICHELLE STAFFORD, as Phyllis Summers Newman
The Young and the Restless                                          CBS

HEATHER TOM, as Katie Logan Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful                                           CBS



PETER BERGMAN, as Jack Abbott
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS

DOUG DAVIDSON, as Paul Williams
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS

MICHAEL MUHNEY, as Adam Newman
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS

JASON THOMPSON, as Patrick Drake
General Hospital                                                             ABC


General Hospital                                                            ABC

MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Chelsea Newman
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS

JESSICA COLLINS, as Avery Bailey Clark
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful                                              CBS

ARIANNE ZUCKER, as Nicole Walker
Days of our Lives                                                            NBC



BRADFORD ANDERSON, as Damien Spinelli
General Hospital                                                           ABC

JEFF BRANSON, as Ronan Malloy
The Young and the Restless                                           CBS

SCOTT CLIFTON, as Liam Cooper aka William Spencer III
The Bold and the Beautiful                                             CBS

BILLY MILLER, as Billy Abbott
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS


KRISTEN ALDERSON, as Starr Manning
General Hospital                                                            ABC

HUNTER KING, as Summer Newman
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful,                                            CBS

LINDSEY MORGAN, as Kristina Corinthos Davis
General Hospital                                                             ABC



MAX EHRICH, as Fenmore Baldwin
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS

BRYTON JAMES, as Devon Hamilton Winters
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS

Days of our Lives                                                            NBC

FREDDIE SMITH, as Sonny Kiriakis
Days of our Lives                                                            NBC


The Bold and the Beautiful                                              CBS
Michael Stich, Cynthia J. Popp, Deveney Kelly,
David Shaughnessy, Jennifer Howard, Directors
Catherine Sedwick, Clyde Kaplan, Jennifer Scott Christensen,
Steven A. Wacker, Associate Directors
Laura Yale, Douglas Hayden, Lisa Winthur-Huston, Stage Managers
Lori Staffier, Production Associate

Days of Our Lives                                                            NBC
Albert Alarr, Grant Johnson, Herbert Stein, Steven Williford, Directors
Keller Tina, Jenee Muyeau, Lugh Powers,
Michael Fiamingo, Joseph Lumer, Associate Directors
Stuart Howard, Fran DeSimone, Stage Managers
Sara Peterson, Holly Metts, Krista Cremidan,
Lucy Yalenian, Production Associates

General Hospital                                                             ABC
William Ludel, Larry Carpenter, Frank Valentini,
Phideaux Xavier, Scott McKinsey, Owen Renfroe, Directors
Peter Fillmore, Penny Pengra, Denise Van Cleave,
Christine Magarian Ucar, Paul Glass, Dave Macleod,
Christine Cooper, Associate Directors
Crystal Craft, Craig McManus, Stage Managers
Allison Reames, Production Associate

The Young and the Restless                                             CBS
Dean Lamont, Conal O’Brien, Mike Denney,
Sally McDonald, Noel Maxam, Directors
Chris, Mullen, Marc Beruti, Robbin Phillips, Associate Directors
Herbert Weaver Jr., Tom McDermott, Stage Managers
Erica Meyer, Nancy Ortenberg, Vanessa Noland, Production Associates


The Bold and the Beautiful                                              CBS
Bradley P. Bell, Head Writer
Kay Alden, Michael Minnis, Co-Head Writers
Patrick Mulcahey, Tracey Ann Kelly, Rex M. Best,
John F. Smith, Adam Dusevoir, Shannon Bradley,
Michele Val Jean, Writers

General Hospital                                                             ABC
Ron Carlivati, Head Writer
Shelly Altman, Jean Passanante, Chris Van Etten,
Anna Theresa Cascio, Breakdown Writers
Kate Hall, Elizabeth Page, Scott Sickles, Katherine Schock, Script Writers
Elizabeth Korte, Editor

One Life To Live                                                             ABC
Ron Carlivati, Head Writer
Lorraine Broderick, Breakdown Writer
Anna Cascio, Chris Van Etten, Associate Head Writers
Elizabeth Page, Jean Passanante, Melissa Salmons,
Scott Sickles, Courtney Simon, Script Writers
Daniel J. O'Connor, Breakdown Writer & Script Writer
Katherine Schock, Script Editor

The Young and the Restless                                             CBS
Maria Arena Bell, Josh Griffith, Head Writers
Scott Hamner, Hogan Sheffer, Co-Head Writers
Beth Milstein, Amanda Beall, Associate Writers
Brent Boyd, Script Editor

We'll get into all the design and technical awards later, but those are the "big" nominations. What are everyone's immediate thoughts? I'm totally ready to go all scorched-Earth regarding the absence of Finola Hughes on this list. That's pretty much my first response.

Also, how sweet! Best Show nominations are a participation award! Literally every eligible show got a nomination.

For me, there aren't as many "Are you freaking serious?" names on that list (uh, outside of a couple standouts in Younger Actress, but I will be nice for now) as there usually are, and I am over the moon that OLTL got a writing nomination that was very, very deserved.

What say you? Who or what was cruelly snubbed? Who or what made the cut and it makes no sense whatever and you're wondering who paid off whom?

Congratulations to all the nominees!


Jason Thompson killed me after Robin's death. Totally deserves that Emmy.

Kelly Monaco was snubbed. Pleased to see Julie Berman move up from "younger actress" to "supporting actress" in time for her final GH nomination, but I can't really think of what scenes she had this year that could garner an award. I am continually mystified by Bradford Anderson's yearly nominations.

I would have picked Haley Pullos for a nomination before KA or LM, although KA was great as a grieving mom.

I'm over the moon happy for Jason Thompson but I'm also ready to go sorched-Earth over Finola not being nommed.

Haley Pullos had to have submitted poorly.

There are some pleasant surprises on this list. I like OLTL‘s inclusion as Best Show. I LOVE that Kristen Alderson FINALLY got a nomination, although it doesn‘t really make up for her yearly snubs from the past when she really deserved the award.

Bryton James as Younger? Really still? Isn‘t he 30 by now? Lindsey Morgan? Um...she must be well liked. Scott Clifton in Supporting?? Who exactly did he support? Lol. He was on every freaking day and every other character became a prop to support his character‘s incessant whining and waffling.

Jessica Collins...hmmm...is she going to submit the dynamic scenes of her baking muffins? Peggy McKay as Lead? Maybe for the 4 episodes she was in. Peggy is awesome, but she is the epitome of a Supporting Actress.

Although I have never personally seen any real range or acting ability emit from Katherine Kelly Lang, she is popular and has carried her show for 26 years so I am happy to see she has gotten her first nomination!

It is always a treat to see Arianne Zucker in the running. She is always Emmy worthy even in small throwaway scenes. It would also be nice to see Doug Davidson take home the gold! He‘s long overdue AND he was phenomenal in 2012!

Now for some glaring omissions:
Finola Hughes, Stacy Haiduk, Kate Mansi, Renee Jones.

How embarrassing must it be for Days of Our Lives to not get a writing nod when the cut-and-paste macro from Bold and the Beautiful did?

Lindsay Morgan? LINDSAY MORGAN! Bwahahahahahahahaha! I would love to see her submission episode, LOL.

Eggplant, JMB submitted the scenes last year where Lulu told Luke about her drinking problem. Or drinking "problem". The scenes were very good.

Thrilled for JMB and JT. Happy for BA too. Not that dismayed at LM and KA because imo the category was slim pickings. I'm hoping they'll cancel each other out

I love Finola Hughes, but honestly I thought she was a bit too subdues in the episodes where Robin died. Like I could understand her being in shock at first but she never got a moment where you could see it really wreck her. So I wasn't surprised at the no nom.

Finola Hughes didn't submit the scenes where she found out about Robin. It was a longer reel than just this but this was part of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1VpRDA-wX0

She was incredible. And probably didn't get nominated because she doesn't do soap histrionics and plays things more subtley and honestly.

So, so thrilled my girl KKL finally got a nom! Happy for JMB too even though they are running against each other. Yay, KKL, yay!!

I love Michelle Stafford and am very glad she was nominated. I also think Jason Thompson's was absolutely deserved!

Kristen Alderson was great in Starr's greiving scenes so if those are what she submtiited it is unsurprising that she was nominated.

If Jason Thompson doesn't win there is no justice in this world.

Lindsey Morgan? Really? On what planet?

FH did every single scene re Robin's "death" with a tear in her voice and often in her eyes. She does more with one look than Michelle Stafford and her twitching and gasping has ever done in her entire acting career. FH plays her never-ending grief about Robin in so many scenes. It colors a lot of the scenes she does with Duke or Patrick or Emma. So, if they ever realize that "less is more," FH may finally get the notice her understated performances actually deserve. But when Lindsay Morgan gets a nomination for being tied to a chair and screeching, who really takes this seriously.

I am thrilled Lindsey Morgan was nominated considering she was let go from GH. I am very suprised by Kristin Aldersons nomination i didnt think she had a good year on GH at all. Best actress SUSAN FLANNERY has it in the bag with her death scenes but best actor is going to be hard. all four men had top notch story lines and did top notch work especially doug davidson on young and restless when he shot and killed his son. I just hope ABOVE HOPE that ONE LIFE TO LIVE WINS BEST DRAMA if for nothing else to stick it to ABC

I, too, laughed (in a horrified way) over Lindsay's nomination. Then I realized she could actually win like Natalia Livingston and Brittany Allen did. Then I cried.

Every year I am mystified as to what Bryton had to submit. And what the heck did Bradford submit?! One of his 87 scenes where he badgered Maxie or Matt?

It goes without saying that,Finola was robbed. I just have to assume that Kelly Sullivan didn't submit the scenes with Ewen when she detailed her rape. Because whether or not you like her, or that story, those scenes were amazing.

Oh,I'm so glad Michelle Stafford was nominated again for her awful "acting".

Yea for Katherine Kelly Lang! She was great with Susan Flannery!

How can we find out what scenes/episodes were submitted?

Go Jason Thompson! So excited for him. He really deserves the win this year.

Great for Jason Thompson. He did a wonderful job as grieving husband. This was a good year for Julie Berman too.

However, Lindsey Morgan cannot act her way out of a paper bag. She has one look. Guess it was authentic enough for her to get a nom. Glad she's leaving.

Jason Thompson deserves the Emmy. His scenes before Robin's funeral were heartbreaking. If he doesn't win it just proves the Emmy's are a joke.

Don't know why they bother with the Younger Actress/Actor category anymore. None of them except maybe Chandler Massey have material that would be considered Emmy worthy.

Really pulling for JT. INCREDIBLE scenes on the day of Robin's funeral. I still cry when I watch. He was saw raw and real.

While I'm super-thrilled to see OLTL garner Best Show and Best Writing nods, I can't believe none of the performers got a nomination. The show may have only been on 10 days or so but the actors still got better material in those 10 days than the cast of Y&R got all year.

LINDSEY MORGAN?? My only reaction is they must have needed four nominees and they only had four actresses that qualified. There is no other frickin' way her perpetual "bitch face" could possibly be nominated. I thought I disliked Kristen Alderson, but I'd rather see her win than LM.

I'm so happy for Jason Thompson and Katherine Kelly Lang. Both nominations are very deserved.

That Younger Actress catergory is a hot mess. Kristen Alderson may have been snubbed in the past (I think she should've been nominated years ago for Starr's pregnancy s/l), but she's been horrible on GH. And Lindsey Morgan??? No. I'm hoping Hunter King or JMW will take it home. Haley Pullos should've been on that list.

I think Finola should'be been nominated, b/c she did some pretty wonderful work. She and Jason T. slayed my soul with Robin's death. Other than her, I'm okay with the Lead Actress category. I mean, Kelly Sullivan could've been nominated, so...

Max Ehrich has been phenomenal as Fen. I really enjoy his work. I love that Ron & Co. are nominated for OLTL and GH. That's amazing.

@Dirk, I am so with you on the OLTL snub. They were ROBBED! Someone made a comment on Facebook that FV did something to prevent their qualifying. I don't know the ins and outs of it, but if so that's really rotten. Everyone was so good those last few episodes. I just feel verklempt.

But hey. OLTL 2.0! It's hard not to be happy when THAT happened :)

Re: The younger actresses: I didn't think KA did that well with the grief stuff, but it was better than any of the others, so...truly a category filled with the undeserving. Are there really only four young women in soaps? Are they required to have nominees in every category?

Oops, wasn't done. I don't watch Y&R so don't know anything about Hunter King. But there are some decent young actresses on Days. Better than LM, at any rate.

Erika Slezak deserved a nomination for her speech in the penultimate episode of One Life to Live. That is all.

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