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May 02, 2013

What Were They SUPPOSED To Believe?!

I mean Brooke really does always know when someone has LEFT HER WITH NO CHOICE

Today, she confessed to their mutual sister that she bumped uglies with Katie's husband (oh sorry to be so crass, they would refer to it as "made love" or "what they shared" because what could be more beautiful), and she justified it over and over and over again by explaining that FIVE MINUTES BEFORE, Katie had said the marriage was over and she totally meant it. Donna suspects that Katie was just angry but, no, Brooke knows that Katie meant what she said. It hasn't occurred to her quite yet that EVEN IF SHE'S RIGHT AND KATIE WAS DONE, you actually do not get to fuck your sister's husband five minutes after she announces she wants out. You actually do not. Even if said married sister is super-hard on her husband by being all judgmental and not having energy for sex when she's taking care of a newborn and not wanting her hubby to get wasted and, like, knock nieces off of balconies or whatevs. THERE IS LITERALLY NO CIRCUMSTANCE UNDER WHICH THIS BEHAVIOR IS OKAY. 

But Brooke doesn't get that, because she's "wired" wrong. (Lord do I hate it that Taylor's right!) Brooke is legitimately shocked and baffled that this is blowing up in her face. 

  Oh brookie brooke brooke

Donna makin' excuses for sis

(Does anyone else still get distracted after all these years in scenes between Katherine Kelley Lang and Jennifer Gareis by how much they totally really do look related?)

Elsehwere, Bill thinks he's just fantastic by re-committing to Katie despite all of the throwing himself at Brooke and the history of cheating. Oh and right, remember how he hates it when people walk out? Katie keeps walking out! HOW CAN SHE EXPECT HIM NOT TO SCREW HER BIG SISTER?!

And the show is just twisting the knife by having poor Katie constantly apologizing to Bill and Brooke about how horribly unfair she was, when she was completely right all along. 

Y'all already know how much I love it when the show ends with the cheesy juxtaposed images for lack of a better idea. 

Oh no brooke is totally coming between their false happiness!

So I was not disappointed today. It's like she's looking at them. So creepy!

(In other news, Terrible Caroline still remains the most entertaining person on the show to me. I love how these workaholic men who are close with their families and have insanely busy lives also have the bodies of men who spend a solid 20% if their lives at the gym. MARCUS SEE YOUR CHILD! I look forward to this benefit, how can it not be hilarious?)


I love Brooke. I don't know why but I do. I am blaming Bill for this asshattery. Yeah yeah, Brooke has issues and a history of stretching her ethics (and other body parts) when it comes to men but this! This is just beyond anything that she's done before.

Wait- she slept with Deacon. Well crap. Nevermind.

I hope this ends soon. I don't like not liking Brooke.

Louise, this recap CRACKED ME UP!! I haven't caught up with this week's episodes yet, but I have to say that I'm very happy with the pacing ... Brooke has already *confessed* to Donna?! That is pretty fast for soap secrets "no one must ever know."

The latest juxtaposition has got to be the best one so far. So uber creepy.

I also get distracted watching KKL & JG in scenes together, but it's more because I can't get over how good looking they both are! But your reason is just another one now :)

Marcus has a child? When did this happen?

Lisa, I am a total Brookie but I love this storyline because a) Brooke finally has a storyline, and secondly it's so damn soapy. I don't think Brooke will ever really be allowed to grow up (well, maybe the final episode), but this will give her great scenes with Katie, Hope, etc. in the future, so I'm taking what I can get. Plus, I not-so-secretly enjoy Brill. Poor Katie!

Ziyal- they do have smokin' chemistry but I like Katie and Heater Tom so much. It's hard for me to watch Brooke like this. But I'll always love her.

Miss Louise, your recaps crack me up. I look forward to them more than B&B!!!
I apologize to all the "Brookies", but I detest her, always have. I hope this all blows up in her face. But, of course it won't, and for some God forsaken reason, Katie will apologize...again...for Brooke being preggers with her own niece or nephew. Ugh.

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