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June 11, 2013

Red Letter Day, In Brief

A couple of very, very important things happened today.

First of all, Cutter loves him some Natalie. For real! He doesn't just want a piece of her anymore, he got all manner of concerned and jealous about her today! I dig it, y'all. I really do. Just a couple little glances told us everything we needed to know:



So jealous

He's got a real crush on her! A real one!

Oh yeah, and she also finally found out that John thinks she took out a restraining order against him and won't allow him to see Liam, so she's a couple steps closer to finding out about Clint's machinations. This bums me out, naturally, because I love Clint and Natalie's relationship -- they seem to understand one another more than anyone else in their family does. That said, soaps are about the journey and I'm sure after things blow up they'll find a way of putting themselves back together! What is this, optimism? What's happening to me?

And then you knew I just could resist screencapping the crap out of Todd leaping to cover Blair after a gunman took a shot at her.

Blair is having none of it

Gunman takes aim


Todd sure has quick reflexes!

Todd cuddles his lady love to save her

And down they go!

Too much cute!

So can he nurse her back to health in hiding now while they reconnect, in a role reversal from last time? Pretty please?

Because I would like that very much. I would like that very much indeed.


Man, when Todd covers Blair... he COVERS her. You barely see any of her at all!

I do like how Todd has basically claimed that stool at the club.

But, man, do I need Blair to stop being so naive about her business. She's better at this than that.

(Same with Viki, for that matter.)

Cutter has been Kissed by Fire is all I'm saying. Yeah, he's getting INTO Natty in a big way and I support this. Guys SHOULD be totally into Natty.

But you didn't even mention Matthew calling in David to be Party Crasher and David bringing Dorian which rose that to Art Level no question.

First of all, Dorian brought macarons from Paris as a gift (I want to invite her to dinner EVERY DAY if that's what she brings with her.)

"Dorian, can I take your... jacket?"
"Not on your life."

Dorian said that burnt part of the lasagna was full of carcinogens while Bo lived up to his Texas upbringing by saying that meant it was ready to eat.

And my absolute favorite line:

"Chips and dip... how rustic!"

I know I have heard some fans saying that T&B shouldn't reunite right away and Blair shouldn't forgive him but when I see them like that I get impatient.

I love the way Cutter looks at Nat.. Nobody has looked at her like that since Jared sniff.

I know PP has problems backstage but onscreen they are doing no wrong.

Prospect Park owns it. Totally.

Thank you!

Love love love Cutter and Natalie!

Josh Kelly really nailed that little moment of Cutter looking at Natalie, the concern and longing washing all over his face. I heart those two together so much. Stay away forever, John!

I never thought I could get into Cutter and Natalie but WOW, I cant help it. Melissa and Josh just have so much chemistry, you simply cant ignore it. I love them together. I am so glad that it's Cutter that's falling first here, nice change of pace for both characters.

Did you see the behind the camera post credits bonus yesterday? I usually tune out because I don't want to be spoiled but didn't and was amused. And then eventually freaked out because it just seemed like torture.

I'm loving watching Natalie be her hot hottie self. That girl is gorgeous and should be flaunting it. YAY! And Cutter IS looking at her like Jared - heck, he even kinda LOOKS LIKE Jared. DOUBLE YAY!

Totally hate that Viki put everything into that stupid fund. Come on, she's smarter than that!

Dorian and David were so fun this week :) I do want to know why Nora abandoned her Nightbird voice. Still, she and Bo were just as adorable as ever at the end of her radio show.

Rob Gorrie is impressing me - and so is Corbin Bleu. I've enjoyed every scene of theirs (OK, maybe not the beefcake photo shoot) - they're very real.

I could do without the bonus stuff - it's cutting into show time and I think they should save it for the Friday thing. I might actually watch that if they did.

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