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June 16, 2013

The 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards Live Blogging Extravaganza

It's "everybody's" "favorite" night: the night that the "world" "honors" the "best" in daytime televion while a "massive" audience watches at home. Yes, it's time once again for the Daytime Emmy Awards, which almost always turns into two hours of us making cartoonishly over-the-top confused faces at our televisions while former popstars and sitcom child actors perform in skits and thinly disguised commercials for tourist destinations. Also, the best actors and actresses on soaps sometimes walk away with awards and when they don't, we say angry things and swear a lot. Aren't you excited to spend the evening with us?


These hosts are horrid. None of these jokes are funny. It seems like they have no clue what they are doing. Its a gong show.

You had ONE job, Daytime Emmys, ONE GODDAMN JOB. #TeamJasonThompson4Ever

At work tonight and too many people on for me to see the discussion. I work in a call center and got to talk to Jeff Branson's mom one night and she was excited to go!

Aw, Spazzo47, that's so cute! There were some technological issues before, but hopefully the discussion is there for all to see now!

Tehre it is. Thanks Mallory! Or whoever teh computer gods are that make me feel like I'm there!

Louise and Mallory, Scott Clifton DOES deserve a better role and show. I still dream a dream that he comes back to "One Life to Live" and they finally tell the amazing Schulyer/Roxy story they should have back in 2010.

Alas, I don't think B&B will ever let him go.

Hold up, why was George Lucas at the Daytime Emmys?!?!

Jason Thompson was robbed. If that Emmy reel he submitted didn't get someone an Emmy I don't know what would. I miss the days when the Emmy's were at Radio City in NYC.

I can not believe he did not win!! This stinks b.c he has nothing yet to submit for next year unless Robin comes back. This Sabrina storyline is not going to get him anything......so mad!!

@C George Lucas was probably there for the Star Wars animated series that David Tennant won a daytime Emmy for.

Re: Jason Thompson, it's obvious they wouldn't recognize talent if it bit them on the a**.

JT did deserve it. KA made me cry. Miss Starr so much.

Jason Thompson is so overrated.

I bet sales of Robin Mead's CD double after the telecast.

I was so embarrassed by this show. HLN was the worst. Seriously next year, they should hand out the Emmys in the parking lot and call it a day. It would be a far sight better than what went on last night. Wayne Brady cutting the rest of his intro to the Monty Hall tribute and then they cut Monty Hall's clip package? No extended tribute to Jeanne Cooper? Robin Meade? Can the TV Guide Channel please pick up this show and have Lisa Rinna host it?

On one hand I am disappointed that I didn't even know this was on (way to promote, daytime emmy people), on the other, it seems I was spared a couple of terrible hours. Was this worse than the Vegas one from a year or two ago?

Even though I wasn't rooting for them (on account of their previous wins), JMBerman and HTom did produce some great television in their respective roles.

I had no idea who this Robin Meade person was so I googled her to get an idea of her voice.

OMG. Now I can never unhear or unsee her "singing" the national anthem with her cell phone in her hand. She sounds like her vocal cords are in her nose. This is SINGING? Oh, the horror.

KA won. That wasn't a nightmare. Oh man.

The broadcast was bad enough, then they have to go and ruin the entire show by handing out the first award to.....what's his name - the bad overactor Y&R guy...just WOW. What the serious f*ck??
Jason Thompson was totally, completely & utterly robbed. I don't give a rat's ass who he was up against....he won that Emmy hands down. I don't understand how anyone who watched his scenes after Robin died could not believe he deserves that award. His acting is as good as any Hollywood leading man on screen today (and better than many). Of course I never want him to leave GH, but it would serve the idiots in the daytime community right if he took off for the Big Screen and shouted a big "F-you" to them. Shame on you daytime, shame, shame, shame.
I honestly think they need to not bother televising these awards if they can't do better than that travesty on Sunday night.
However, if they are going to continue them...I think that the people who vote should be the fans! (Like the Soap Opera Digest Awards of years ago..they were great). The people who actually watch the shows....not the ones who go to lunch with their friend down the hall every day. Evidently based on some of the winners (you Y&R guy) these people have a raft of friends voting for them. I just can't come up with any other rational explanation.....ugh.

Louise where are the Bold recounts???? I miss them!,,,,!,,,,

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