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July 17, 2013

I'm Just Going To Leave This Here...

If I am reported missing in the near future and am found either semi-catatonic in my living room or wandering around the woods speaking like Nell from Nell (this scenario is highly unlikely because I think even in the midst of a psychotic break, I'd turn my nose up at doing something so rustic and outdoorsy, but just in case), please direct all concerned parties (parents, psychologists, police officers) to the following, because it will explain everything and will probably determine the best course of action for my medical treatment:

Franco thinks he is Jason. FRANCO thinks he is JASON. FRANCO THINKS HE IS JASON.

I mean, what can I even say besides "Sorry in advance for the all-caps rants I know are coming the longer this goes on"? I can scoff loudly and titter uncomfortably, but say? Besides "ACK!"? I can't.



Okay, I stopped watching GH, but are you really telling me that RH, who does great sardonic humor and just great humor in general thinks he's JASON the guy who wouldn't know a joke if it came up, introduced itself and then bit him on the ankle?

Aack! The one day I watch live and don't FF, it was this. I literally shuddered with disgust, it was so unbelievably awful. And hasn't that poor baby been through enough already? The only thing saving things for me is Britt (who I am liking more and more)/ Nik / Elizabeth. Really enjoying that.

Okay. You win. I officially hate the Franco storyline.

"You thought you were sick of Jason Morgan before?" Is a question I thought we were done asking.

I don't think he will be Jason. His head injury makes him thinks he is Jason. jmo

@LogopolisMike We've got Shaun doing his best Jason impersonation, and now we've got another iteration of Jason. Can someone kill it with fire, already?

I'm sorry, WHAT???

why??? is this awful storyline consuming so much of GH??? We all deserve better than this way better. I stopped watching and recording b/c I realized I didn't like any storyline anymore!!nor was I invested in any characters .... still love reading your take on the hot mess of GH

YouTube have the "Franco is Jason" scenes up - they clock in at a bit more than 5 minutes total. Watching them divorced from the rest of the show was bad enough but still better than having to watch the whole thing. But what a load of recycled carp. And worse, it's all recycled from OLTL.

We've got Silas calling Franco on his carp - just like McBain called Todd on his. And we have Franco pretending to be Todd, just like we had Todd, once upon a time, pretending to have DID like Vicki.

I guess we can be grateful that Ron C. didn't literally replay EVERY line from OLTL here, but it's still the same plot points, played by the same actors. Either Ron C. is too tired to write new stuff or he's really run the well dry. Either way, three day old fish smell better.

I really can't even begin to imagine why these things are happening, after the creative burst of energy GH had up to and including the anniversary shows. Now it's just....gone.

Even worse, ten bucks says that this whole thing about Franco thinking he's Jason is the big "get out of jail free" card for Franco. He totally has a brain tumor or something that'll be used to whitewash all his misdeeds.


The only saving grace for yesterday's show was watching Elizabeth start to lose it when she saw Britt with Nik. And listening to Britt give Liz a real heads up about Liz's unhappiness about her choice to see AJ. Which is completely true. Girl is lying to herself.

All of which led to the awesome Britt line about "was he talking to Nik?"

I hope Liz spends the next few months in Nik's business with Britt since he had no problem stalking her all over town, manipulating AJ about his connection to Liz, and being an overall, ass.

Here's hoping Brad blackmails Nik into a ONS!

This whole Franco has a brain tumor and therefore is not responsible for all the heinous things that he's done over the past several years is not a load of crock and is clearly being done so that Franco and Carly can then have a relationship. Didn't we see this storyline on another soap? All this twisting in knots just to keep Roger Howarth on the canvas.

I will be the only person who was like: This is AWESOME! Followed by: Franco is a much better Jason because he TALKS! He has MONOLOGUES! He's funny and shows EMOTION!

This is my jam! Especially with Leslie slipping on her doctor coat to spy for Laura? Monica and Tracy being awesome to one another?

Whatevs. Still better than the last year, IMO.

Yeah, I'm just waiting for this thing to look in the mirror and instead of Roger Howarth's face, it'll be Steve Burton's that will be in the reflection.

So stupid and so, so lame. Fool doesn't even question that his voice is different? Whatever.

I'm actually hoping for the hackneyed wakes up from neurosurgery a different man scenario. Let Franco die and be reborn Bobby Quartermaine. Then we can pretend that the character of Franco never existed, especially if Kiki is actually Silas's kid.

So glad I don't watch anymore...so glad I don't watch anymore...so glad I don't watch anymore...

The only thing that irritated me more than Franco as Jason and Kiki/Michael (sorry, MIKEY) was Olivia. I love how she's turned Connie into the bad guy after she went after her cousin's ex for the SECOND TIME, especially when Connie was still in love with him both times. It's somewhat understandable understandable first time because she was young and dumb, but come the f@$k on. I've never wanted to hit her more... and I always want to hit her.

I died. I quite simply died when Franco-as-Jason came down the stairs in Jason's black jacket. I haven't laughed that hard at anything on tv in ages. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't good laughter, it was "oh my god, tell me this isn't happening" laughter. That ridiculous blonde hair and ridiculous black jacket combined was just... well, Franco would say it was art.

The scene with the black jacket was utterly ridic, but if it means that RH will soon dye his hair back to its normal color and start wearing tight black t-shirts, I'm down like Downtown Julie Brown with this storyline.

I like LadyBug's idea of Brad blackmails Nik into a ONS, but only if AJ contracts Franco's Disease and thinks he is Brad. That's some pay per view, yo.

I would be so much more tolerant of this nonsense if they hadn't chosen it for themselves. It's not as though the show cast Roger Howarth in what was intended to be a short-term bad guy role and then decided to keep him around because he and the character had potential and were developing a following. I mean, that happened once, on OLTL, and the show built a terrific, years-long redemption arc, but sometimes soaps do shorter, sillier redemption storylines to make a bad guy viable. And I'll go with it, if the writing and the acting and the chemistry are all in place to justify it. But they didn't have to revive Franco. They could have written a whole new character for RH. They chose this and they keep making it worse, and knowing how good this writing team can be, knowing how good RH is, just makes it maddening.

That said, RH channeling Steve Burton as filtered through Franco's hero worship perceptions is kind of funny, if only the surrounding story weren't such a mess.

Anne -- you put that so well! And I decided tonight to adopts the attitude in your last paragraph.

Mallory -- I know we don't own you and your life doesn't revolve around this blog, but I was so hoping for some Monica/Leslie love.

And I'm just going to say for the millionth time that the Brad stuff is grossly offensive and GH better do a positive gay storyline soon. Felix should not be apologizing on behalf of gay men! He should be dating them! (I loathe Sabrina, but i really like Felix. He needs something else to do than propping S -- stat! Friendship with Michael a good start.)

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