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July 16, 2013

The Thing About OLTL Episode 40

SO MUCH LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON, Y'ALL. So much. Or evening or morning, depending on when you watch.

I spent much of tonight trying to get me and my dog away from the large congregation of skunks that have set up house right outside our building (this is Manhattan, people, what is GOING ON) so I really figured I either wouldn't ever make it back in to watch the episode or that my dog and I would spend most of the evening in a vat of tomato juice. (Which is totally OLTL-related because didn't Bo have to soak in tomato juice before his wedding to Nora?) Luckily, we made it through unscathed.

I do not think that Matthew Buchanan is going to make it through unscathed. Matty got laid and popped his internet girly's cherry, but damn! Young lady, nobody believes you that your first time was "incredible" and, quick tip, don't cry afterwards and then creepily watch the dude as he sleeps.

Uh oh

Stalker in the making!

Everybody's favorite tentpole pairing got in a little nookie themselves.

Bo and nora bein' so cute

But really. No on the tie-dye, Red!

Another redhead finally got some horizontal action. At last, at last!

Other heat

Now they better give us a little more than a tease of this scene. Our girl Nat hasn't gotten any play since January of 2012, really! And I hope they give this potential couple some real airtime to develop. So much about it reminds me of early Jared and Natalie, which was my favorite pairing for her by far (okay, I'll always have a soft spot for Cris and Nat, what can I say). She's allowed to let her bad-girl streak out around him without getting lectured! I like.

Well, that about wraps it up.

Oh wait! Was there another sexytime scene? Huh. I guess it wasn't anybody important.


I don't honestly have a lot to say about it because it was a perfect wordless scene and what can any of us really say that Kassie DePaiva and Roger Howarth didn't already tell us with the desperation and need with which they played this scene. So I'll let them talk:

The look

Ohhhhh the longing

And so it begins again

I just...

They can't even help it if they tried



Yep. Those two pretty much said it all.

I'm all floaty and dorking out, you guys.

And one more great supercouple of OLTL made the sweetest appearance in Episode 41.

Strasser and slezak what what

Our anchors, our grande dames, Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak.

Anyone else thinking how lucky we are that the show got to celebrate its 45th Anniversary with TOLN instead of ABC? Because you just know if it were ABC, they would've gotten nothing more than a "Happy 45th!" placard right before the three-second closing credits.

I hate to wrap it up so quickly because I'd love to gush like an idiot all night long, but I must rush off. I just couldn't wait one more moment without posting about it!


I need more Cutter/Natalie. Otherwise, I'm enjoying OLTL a lot, considering I never even watched it on ABC.

For me, Cutter and Natalie are the hottest couple on the show, which is why I'm flabbergasted.... Was that supposed to be their love scene? A kiss and a half-second roll on the floor? Why the hell wouldn't they choose to do a full on love scene for those two hotties?

Epic fail.

Yeah, Natalie and Cutter scenes definitely seem to be getting the short shrift.

I know it doesn't fit in with the "love in the afternoon" theme of this post, but notice must be paid to Kelley Missal's amazing performance during Dani's fight with Destiny. When she screamed about feeling so lonely she could kill herself? Wow.

All I see is Todd and Blair and Blair and Todd all entangled together. Words fail me.

You're right about Todd & Blair - they need no words! Their faces, particularly Roger's expressive face just says it all. They just love each other in their souls & their chem has not diminished in 20 years. I'm excited for their saga to go forward. ABC egos better not screw that up.

It was nice to see Love in the Afternoon. Well actually it was love in the morning. I got up at 2:38am to watch it when i tunes loaded it up. Now that dedication and the Todd and Blair scene I can't stop watching. I loved the whole show. I don't believe that was Michelle first time the Madonna like a virgin song kept playing during that scene and I was like yeah right. I bet she is the drug distributor or some creepy stalker. Internet girl might have 100 std so matt is not the brightest bulb on the block. Natalie and Cutter are hot but like you said need more time developing their relationship. Looking forward to more TOdd and Blair sexy time and the Todd and Jack confrontation that boy jack needs to learn some respect. Love this column Shelley

Todd and Blair: without speaking, so much was said. Her expressions, and his, just perfect. This supercouple has been around for 19 years, and whether some like it or not, they needed that time to be devoted to them on this show. Thank you OLTL.

I came here to complain about the lack of B&B posts, but OMG the Todd & Blair caps are so, so caliente....I'm so glad I clicked on the "read more". Do we know for how much longer RH will be on OLTL for this round?

Love in the Afternoon is the BEST!

As for the first thing, I literally had a dream that you had a new B&B post, so I went to reread it now, and imagine my disappointment when I realized it had been an actual dream!

Todd and Blair. Enough said.

C, Kelley Missal has really been shining lately but sometimes it's tough to really focus on that when her scene partners are often so awful. Laura Harrier is really... pretty.

Ziyal, it might be a while till you get what you want! I think I've seen something like one B&B episode in the past 6 weeks. Not sure when I'll have time to get back in there!

I'm normally totally rational. Few things get me excited and out of sorts. But Todd and Blair, you guys, they turn me into a total fangirl. And I'm ok with that. They were perfect. Now if the two of them would have a real conversation that lasted longer than 30 seconds I may pass out from all the excitement...

I freaking love Cutter and Natalie, didn't think I would. Their scenes are just too short and they aren't on together enough. Seriously One Life to Live, do something about this.

OLTL really needs a new Destiny, because she is the weakest actor in the Matt/Dani/Jeffrey group.

Love in the afternoon! Woo Hoo!

ITA with you Louise, C, and Deprived about Cutter and Natalie not being allowed to go ALL THE WAY with their sex scene in Episode 40, but I have a bit of another problem with the Cutter/Natalie scenes in that episode: how come Natalie didn't question Cutter about Dean Trayger, the drug dealer from Shelter (after she saw him previously in the previous episode in Episode 39 at her exercise class where she recognized him as the drug dealer who gave a stash of drugs to a club DJ before the blackout occurred at Shelter, and after Cutter lied to her about not having any illegal activities in the club) after Cutter arrived unannounced at her apartment, Louise? Does Natalie not know yet that Cutter knows that Dean is a drug dealer?

Hey Louise! Is it just me, was that the best show they've had so far? I floved the song at the end, it was so beautiful and haunting, especially with Todd and Blair scenes at the end! Their scene was so short, but so powerful.
Bo and Nora were being their cute and amazing selves. Just remember all the years we lost with ABCDumb! They still have their magic (like T&B), even when doing nothing.
No one is talking about Dorian and David, but their scenes were very great as well. I am not used to seeing D&D being played seriously and not for laughs, I almost forgot that they are real characters and not cartoons. This is the first time that I actually cared about those two as a couple. You can see the hurt in Dorian's eyes when David left.
Nat and Cutter are hot but way too short. I loved the Dani and Destiny fight but it kinda came out of no where. And yes, Laura Harrier is so pretty ;)

Seriously Louise, you live in Manhattan and you saw skunks? I've never in my life heard of skunks in the city. I need to start watching the news more often. Oh and yes to Cutter and Natalie. I never bought her and McBain for one moment.

Hey Louise! I sent you a message via FB to Serial Drama :)

Where are you guys? this is the same blog for a week.

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