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September 09, 2013

The Grief That Keeps On Grieving

The Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Tour of Angst and Anger continued today and there was angst and anger aplenty. To refresh your memory, because he lives in a constant state of enraged hysteria and it's getting increasingly difficult to keep track of what has caused him to scream loudly and scrunch his face up like a particularly expressive emoji ("My girlfriend's been murdered. Grrrr!" "The newspaper came late this morning. ARGH!"), this particular downward spiral was caused by Connie's murder, because Connie was obviously the great love of his life (I mean, he loved her so much he wasn't intent on banging her cousin like, minutes before she died!) and now she's dead and that just makes Sonny so sad and also rage-y and suicidal.



It makes him have whiny outbursts.

Sonny: You don't underSTAND!

Sonny: He begged me not to kill AJ. And because I'm his father, I didn't. But this is what I gotta do...[uncomfortable pause] ["I gotta do this, but when? When?!"]...now.
Olivia: To use the gun on yourself? No, Sonny. Look at me. Look at me!
Sonny, in a crabby tone one would expect of an overtired toddler: Whaaat?

And prone to violent hyperbole.

Sonny: AJ should be wiped OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!

I should note that Sonny then became ALL CAPS ENRAGED at the very mention of AJ's name later in this (painfully long and painfully loud. Dear god, can you imagine the amount of throat lozenges Lisa LoCicero must have needed after filming these scenes?! The screeching!) conversation, as though he hadn't been the person to bring him up in the first place.

Sonny: I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT AJ!!!!!! I'm tired. I'm tired! I don't want to do this anymore.

Sonny's grief also made him marry a ghost and tell Olivia about it. She was aghast (not because of the figment marriage, because who is a semi-psychic to judge, but because he's still talking about killing himself and apparently that would be a real drag for other people).

Sonny: I have to keep my word.
Olivia: Not like this.
Sonny: Yeah, yeah I do! I gotta go to her! We're husband and wife. I can't let her be alone.

It caused him to do some pretty spot-on, albeit unintentional, impressions of iconic movie characters.

Sonny, throaty and growly like Christian Bale's Batman: My children are grown.

Sonny, all hoarse like Vito Corleone: We were finally in a great plac. We were gonna be together! We were finally gonna get the shot we always wanted.

He had some moments of absolute clarity, punctuated by some pretty hilarious gestures and vocal inflections.

Sonny, with his hand resting casually on his face: You're not being FAIR. It's my CHOICE.

Sonny: I always...[...][...]you know what? I try to do the right thing. Bodyguards, bullet proof vests, bullet proof windows. I say to myself that I...uh...[...]that I'm doing the best I can to protect my family [hits himself in the chest repeatedly as if to remind Olivia that he's referring to his own family, as if that were ever in question because when the hell does Sonny ever concern himself with anything not directly related to him?]

Sonny: That's a lie! The truth is, I don't protect spit! I am what I am, I do what I do and people I care about pay the price [...][...][after, like, six full minutes of silence, Sonny finally unleashes and demolishes every glass and liquor bottle within reach]

Sonny: Olivia. Olivi--[the last syllable was, like, sung almost gleefully. It was mesmerizing and weird]--aaaaaaa. [Jazz hands] I'm not going to ask you again. [In a sing song voice] You need to get out of here now. 

As grief-y as Sonny's grief is, it isn't quite SO bad that he'd kill himself and his sons all gave him some terrible pep talk about how family sticks together and he banged the counter angrily a few times during their heartwarming (every letter in that word is dripping with sarcasm by the way) and he put his gun down and it was anti-climactic and seems to be just a way to put a little bit of distance between Connie's murder and his eventual tryst with Olivia, but I have to admit that I could not stop watching it. I fast-forwarded through most of the show just to get back to the Sonny/Olivia scenes because they were so horrifying and poorly done. It was hypnotic!


just love your blog... thanks for laugh..

ugh to sonny. why is AJ the loser of GH?? I love AJ-- he has a disease just like Sonny plus AJ does not order people's death as part of his job... I lost any respect and/or like for Sonny when he shot Dante in cold-blood.. can't forgive and forget...

If it hadn't been for the highly entertaining scenes at Windemere with Nik, Britt and Sabrina, I probably would have turned off the show today. You have to go back and watch them. Comedy gold.

I just can't with Sonny anymore. And at one point, when I think Sonny was supposed to look distraught and at the end of his rope, MB actually looked bored.

Is GH just a half-hour long now? I think it is. I swear I was watching and not at all fast-forwarding through every scene involving a certain character I can't stomach the sight of, and it sure went by fast.

MB should be bored by now, I know I am. He's been playing the same scenes for what, like 20 years? He never grows, matures, has an ounce of introspection about himself. No matter what happens, it is all about him, his pain, his angst...oh poor Sonny. People he loves keep paying for his sins, but then he never, ever changes his ways as a result. His pain is just self-indulgent rants that put all the attention on him, so who cares at this point...I dont. I am sick of him.

Best recap ever

i am so tired of Sonny. i think M.B. should take some time off. this is not the Sonny i remember . this Sonny is so cold hearted and that's to bad because i liked Sonny when he first show up in Port Charles. let Sonny be off the screen for a while .

I never watch Sonny scenes, so thanks for the hilarious recap. I think MB is a terrible actor now. He wasn't always -- I loved original S & B -- but he certainly is now. It is incomprehensible to me that people like him, but to each their own.

Britt is awesome, and I'm also really liking the AJ storyline -- SK has been terrific.

(Sonny contemplating suicide by gun after ex-girlfriend's shooting death, after like a billion previous shooting attempts.)

"We were finally gonna get the shot we always wanted (No pun intended)."

If only he had said that at the old coffee house!

Is that something dead on top of Sonny's head?

The baby having was HILARIOUS! Britt is my spirit animal!

@Neka "Britt is my spirit animal!"

I love you! Britt & AJ are my reasons for watching these days. I can't wait for AJ to be cleared. I will then proceed to imagine a fantasy world where Sonny will eat crow. In my fantasy Sonny apologizes for putting a gun to AJ's head and AJ is like "Yeah, I've decided to press charges for that." And then he goes off with Liz on one arm, Michael on the other, and not a backward glance between them. Alas, it will have to be a fantasy because Sonny never actually learns from his mistakes or has consequences for his actions.

Fast forward is a wonderful things.

Well thanks for the recaps.I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the past two days. Now if Sonny can't bring himself to pull the trigger, I WILL.
Maybe I will watch the dvr with Britt. I do not hate the character. I also like AJ . Sonny no thanks. Its always all about him. His pain, his life, his sorrow. His Deke beat me. I would like to give Deke a medal. Why can't tiic of this show realize Sonny is done stick a fork in him.Most of the time I can't understand what he is mumbling anyway. And I don't want to!

"that I'm doing the best I can to protect my family [hits himself in the chest..."

That's the international sign language symbol for one's family, you know....because that's where most people shoot their son.

OMG - your post made me think of the BEST Sonny dance ever. Sonny should have to, the next time he is talking about all the damage he has caused, do the Sonny dance:
Pull on your hair - to signify Brenda
Make exploding stomach gesture for Lily
Hit the side of your head while making labor faces for Carly
Hit the other side of your head for Michael
Pound your chest for Dante
Drop to the floor and hit your head for Kristina

Maybe make some barware throwing and sweeping gestures in between each?

It would be hysterical.

So glad I wasn't home to see this. I would have been ALL-CAPS enraged.

Ladybug, you beat me to the punch.I always think of that line from Woody Allen's Manhattan when I see a hair chapeau like that:

"It's like the toupee dropped on his head
from a window ledge as he was walking by"

Wow GH is getting bad. I literally cannot watch it anyone. To think that this passes as entertainment for some people (the writers)?

The problem with Sonny is that he never changes. When you have scenes like this it is only worth watching if it causes mature and long lasting growth in a character. Sonny never learns from these deaths. Never. When the acting is over the top? No I'm not going to watch this crap. It's as if Sonny is a 15 year old girl stuck in a middle aged man's body.

I wish Sonny would join his best friend Jason at the bottom of the harbor.

I was so happy when Cartini brought back AJ and finally it looked like they were going to have some balanced storytelling and AJ was going to have people in his life that loved him and maybe a hot love/hate storyline with Carly that echoed Alan and Monica's. But I stopped watching when I heard he was going to attack Connie, and now the rumors about Sean being fired and Sonny triumphant once again. I hope the rumors are wrong, but are they ever?

I couldn't stand watching those scenes of Sonny, full of self-pity and loathing, but doing nothing. All of a sudden Connie is his great love? Remember when Brenda was his great love? It's like TIIC have amnesia. Connie/Kate was shot twice while she was with Sonny. I always thought that Guza and JFP blew by not really developing the Kate/Coleman romance. They could have double-dated with Diane and Max!

I still hate the way people treat AJ. Monica walking out on him, and Michael getting mad because Diane wanted to blame Sonny for Connie's murder. AJ showed more compassion for Sonny when he learned of his attempted suicide than Sonny has ever shown AJ in the 20 years he's been on the show. The best thing for GH would be for MB to leave for about 6 months to a year and then come back.

Why would MB leave GH when he's been king of the hill for almost his entire run? He recently talked about not enough mob stories a few months ago, and now we're on a Sonny overload with barware to spare!

If SK were to be fired, I would quit. There is not a story on the table that would keep me on board. We finally have the Qs back and, even though there are other characters I like, any show that is going to piss on history like that is not the show for me. That's the reason I quit when Guza was writing and I will have no problem quitting again.

GH ratings are better since Jason died and AJ came back. Just saying.

For real, I don't know how anyone can stand this character OR this actor. His mumbling, stumbling cadence is maddening.

I haven't watched GH in awhile, but it's comforting to know that some things never change.

And by comforting, I mean infuriating.

I think if SK is let go I'll be gone as well.I don't want to go through another round of the Sonny show and none of the other characters are holding my interest except for AJ and Michael.

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