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October 15, 2013

As Much As I'll Miss The Formal Scarves...

Guys, there is no way for me to break this to you gently and trust me, I've spent the past few minutes seriously considering the best way to do it--"I really love the Essie ridge-filling base coat and speaking of ridges..."? "Funny that you brought Thorsten Kaye up--you didn't? Huh. I must have mishead you. But anyway, now that we're talking about him..." "You guys are always so bold and so beautiful. You know who else is bold and beautiful or will be soon, on The Bold and the Beautiful?"--because I was completely caught off guard when I saw the news with no warning. Like, I panicked at how weird it was. "Am I dreaming? Did I just fall asleep standing up and am now dreaming about my Facebook news feed? That's the lamest dream ever and also, what if I had hit my head on something while I slept-stood?" So I wanted to prevent that from happening to you but I can't, so I am just going to say it:

Thorsten Kaye is now playing the role of Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful.

TV Guide Magazine: This is wild! How did the deal fall into place?
When this came up with B&B I was very excited and didn't even care what the part was. I didn't know what kind of character Mr. Bell wanted me to do but he sounded so confident that he and I could work well together and do something interesting that I just bought into it. He's a great salesman! Then not more than 20 minutes before I got on the phone with you, I found out that I'm the new Ridge, who was a cornerstone of the show. [Laughs] So that's a whole other can of worms, isn't it? They needed someone to step up and I guess I'm the guy. I met Ronn a couple of times and he's a stunning man. And I got a face for radio! So I guess the viewers are in for a hell of a surprise! Maybe during his time away Ridge turned into an ugly European guy. [Laughs] You can't even say that he went and had plastic surgery — unless he went to Serbia for the procedure and now he wants his money back!


I know, right? Whaaaa? And WHAT?! And OMGWUT?! are the reactions that flew through the minds of you and everyone you know (or at least everyone you know who watches soap operas) (oh, and also "Ha!" because the above answer was just hilarious and wonderful). Let's hold hands and be confused together.


Put him with Katie, please? That'll make a couple of heads explode on the show.

I never realized how much I like Thorsten Kaye because even though this sounds like the worst idea ever, I also can't wait to see this play out.

I agree that I want to see it play out. It's Thorsten Kaye so this might actually be a great idea. I am curious about the accent. Will he attempt an American accent? Who cares it's Thorsten Kaye. He made AMC in its horrible McTavish days bearable.

"I must have mishead you."
I think it's an appropriate misspelling and you should keep it because as MelP said, heads are going to explode.

He's a chemistry machine (at least what I've seen of him, I missed the Patrick years on OLTL) as is KKL.

Wild. I'm just sitting here gaping at the news like a trout. So wild.

Does this extraordinarily attractive man think he seriously is not handsome enough to play Ridge? That he is not every bit as "stunning" as Ronn Moss?

Because I must disagree.

Major props for self-deprecation and showing a bit of humor about an awkward situation, and managing to show some respect to Ronn Moss, but still: no.

I cannot imagine why he wants to do this, but it might reinvigorate B&B.

Michael, I couldn't agree more! He is gorgeous AND, the man can ACT! I, for one, think it is an improvement.

Well, my sympathy up front to all the Thorsten Kaye fans - will he be able to keep a straight face in any scenes with wife Squinty and that reject from the 70's, 50 cent Bill?.

Sounds to me like the guy really needs the work, and it was either B&B or being the Fluffer for the Muppets. Oh,... wait,...that's the same thing! Anything to pay the bills.

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