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October 21, 2013

Best? Best. Best!

If you find yourself in a conversation with someone and they say "You know what was AMAZING?" and don't immediately follow up that introduction with "Robert Scorpio's face after Dr. Obrecht took their conversation to a TV-MA place" you should probably just end the conversation there, abruptly. Don't worry about feeling rude--if they aren't mentally replaying that interaction and laughing happily at the memory, they clearly don't have good taste in television. Or maybe they are sane. I don't know. What I DO know is that this was AMAZING:

Dr. Obrecht: He wants me to wear your face in his bed.
Robert: Fuck the whaaaat? 

Amazing? Amazing. Tristan Rogers, you are a delight.

Every single moment that Robert and Anna were onscreen together searching for their daughter brought me pure joy--all of the pistol whipping and interrogating and the look on Anna's face when she found Robin's computer with the picture of Emma and Patrick on it. Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers are just SO good together. I'd say that I'd pay to watch them read the phone book but that seems like it would be incredibly boring for them, but I will say that I'd pay an exorbitant amount of money to watch them just make funny faces at each other for my amusement. That came across as much creepier than I intended it to. Moving on...

The pure joy was almost enough to get me to pay less attention to the, let's say...more terrible parts of today's show. And I don't even mean Patrick proposing to Sabrina, which WAS terrible, but is the kind of terrible that serves a purpose and that purpose is setting up a ridiculous Disney princess wedding that will be interrupted by the arrival of a very much alive Robin. So I can deal with the terrible knowing that the awesome will soon follow (but, yeah, it was terrible. Not just the hollow way Patrick proposed--"I want you to be beside me for the rest of my life. Sabrina Santiago, will you marry me?" with absolutely zero vocal inflection. But also the weird way Sabrina cried, constantly yelping for air between sniffles). I mean terrible along the lines of "Nikolas discovers that his close friend Robin is actually ALIVE and is basically like, 'Oh, funny meeting you here. I thought you were dead. Anyway, BRITT!" and Lulu launching into the world's most ridiculous speech about Maxie's moral shortcomings.

Lulu: I know every lie Maxie's ever told. I know every scam she's ever tried to cover up. I know every single harmful, hurtful, possibly illegal thing and definitely immoral thing that Maxie's done. Once I tell what I know, no court would allow Maxie to raise a parakeet and they certainly won't award her custody.

Okay, I know this is a television show and that some amount of speechifying is expected, but really? People don't talk like that. Also, I cannot put into words my dread over the possibility of a custody battle; there are few things I trust this show to do more poorly than that. Also also, I cannot bear to hear the name Connie even one more time. It was hard enough when the first Connie was still alive (mostly because it was usually either Sonny barking her name or Olivia squawking her name. I think I still have semi-PTSD) and to hear it about a BABY is just absurd. Can't we just use terms of endearment instead?


Loved Robert and Anna and, of course, my girl Dr. O. Poor thing has been knocked out so many times the last few "days", she really needs an ice pack.

Nobody better than Robert Scorpio. LMAO today,why they don't keep Tristan Rogers permanently is beyond me.

Seriously you just read my mind... Come on Nikolas how many dead friends do you stumble upon (although this is a soap and does happen more often than not); Sabrina... Ugh down to the god awful puppy cry; and really lulu should just not speak! But on the other end I have come full circle on Britt & I enjoyed her scenes with Faison. Oh my Robert & Anna... How I have missed you!! I might be in the minority but Duke just doesn't hold a candle to Robert and Robert & Anna just deserve to be front & center and the anchor for all the unstable crazies in Port Charles!!

Agreed regarding Nikolas. I love his relationship with Robin and he was not NEARLY excited enough, in my opinion. There should have been way more hugs and tears.
Can the Scorpio/Devane reunion just happen already? I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! What a fabulous few days to be a GH fan.

Muahaahahaha! Sabrina will soon be down for the count!

The "vets" are doing their thing! Way to go Robert and Anna.

Faison is so sick and twisted.

I have always loved Anna with Robert! I thought I was in the minority on that one. They just have so much history, chemistry and of course Robin and Emma. It works for me. But I suppose this is just temporary, as most of the couples I like dont seem to end up together. Like Luke and Laura for instance!! I am liking Nik and Britt, though dont know how that will work with all the lies she told...but I have faint hope anyway. Hate the fact of Patrick proposing to the teenage bore. It is forced and way too soon for a grieving man to be marrying again. Guess that's the idea...he is trying too hard to leave Robin behind. It wont work of course, and that's good for us.

The look on Robert's face was priceless. Really, it's the only reasonable response to hearing something like that. Imagine being Anna, and hearing that. Enough to send shivers of revulsion down her spine.

The BEST, and I mean the BEST part of yesterday was, of course, RobertF'ng!Scorpio's face that Mallory has screencapped above, but the best line? Wakey! Wakey! by Robert.

After the last few of AWESOME Scorpio-ness, yesterday was a let down. ESPECIALLY the reunion between Nik and Robin. Nik was acting as if he couldn't be bothered with Robin, because, that's right, it was more IMPERATIVE, more important, that he go find Britt and her baby (which, it turns out, is not her baby), someone he's known for about 3 months. Sure, Robin, remain here in the lab, where you've been held hostage for nearly a year, and where' you'll be "safe", while I go look and leave you alone. Sure, NO ONE will come looking for you! Douche.

But like I posted on another board, I will SERIOUSLY cut a Bitch, if Jerry manages to get one/get the drop on Robert and Anna and lock them in the lab. Ron just sucks, as do his many hack writers.

I just have to ask... If Lulu knows all the evil shit that Maxie has done why in the HELL did she allow Maxie to be the surrogate? Wouldn't you think there's someone better out there than the girl that faked a pregnancy and stole pills to trap your brother??? Was Kate/Connie such a terrible boss that they were able to form this unbreakable bond? OH!! And Lulu stole Dylan and aborted his baby. (totally pro-choice but on a soap that should be a mortal sin.)

Thank you kelly, I was wondering if we're just supposed to forget all of the immoral, possibly illegal things that Lulu has done in her day, ilk lying on a federal adoption application for starters. Can this stupid baby s/l just stop now, please?

^^ *like* lying on a federal adoption application

(clearly I can't type this morning)

Sigh. You know, I really wish soap writers would realize when they don't have the tools to pull a story off and just let. it. go. Yes, it would have been interesting if GH had found an actress with the chemistry and acting chops to hang with Jason Thompson, but they have not (THEY HAVE NOT). But they seem determined to play out a "triangle", as if JT isn't going to light up like an effing Christmas tree when he is back in Kim McCullough's presence, making the story line with Sabrina seem even more pathetic.

I don't hate the character of Sabrina like so many others here and on other sites, but I do agree with Kat, the chemistry between her and Patrick is weak and the actress's skills aren't even on the same level with Jason Thompson's. Unlike Kim McC and Becky Herbst who are able to hold their own in scenes with him, as are Kirsten Storms and the actress who plays Epiphany. Surprisingly, I even found the exchanges between Patrick and Sam to have more chemistry.

On another note, I loved seeing Robert and Anna together in action. Loved it! I especially loved how Anna wanted to make sure she and Robert found Robin together And the way Robin's face lit up like she was still a little girl when she learned her parents did come looking for her was pure awesome. And yet given their history on the show as kickass, take-no-prisoners spies, I find it totally unbelievable that they could be outwitted by Jerry Jax. Seriously?!! Did someone at GH not do their homework?

As for Nik and Robin's reunion, the writers dropped the ball on that too. They have been friends for even longer than Nik and Liz. Robin helped him learn to speak again after being shot outside Luke's club and he carried her out of the Metro Court after Jerry shot her and forced Carly to "fix" her up. Plus she saved his life when Jerry poisoned him. There's so much history and friendship between them, there's no way he'd just leave her after discovering she's alive just so he could go chasing after Britt who he barely knows and who is still lying to him.

Ugh, Lulu. It is amazing that - considering the plain facts of the matter and how truly awful what Maxie did was - I have NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER for Lulu. I hate this story, I hate Lulu's smug hypocritical face, I hate the trashing of the Maxie/Lulu friendship and, yes, I hate the name Connie. UGH!

The opposite of ugh are my lovely Scorpios. Go Robert and Anna! Go Robin! Go Dr. O, you crazy jewel! And WTF to Nikolas' bizarre non-reaction to Robin being alive. I even LIKE Britt/Nik, but jeez.

I feel like the hostage situation is a complete retread of the Metro Court Hostage Crisis and the aftermath of that. They are dragging out Robin's full return for Patrina and Emma. I like Patrick and Sabrina but I have always and will always love Scrubs! I just want my Scrubs reunion.

Totally agree Dee (though the more I see Sabrina, the less I like her).

I'm going to stick up for Nik. I think he was totally gobsmacked to see Robin. He kept looking around the lab, not quite comprehending what was happening around him.

As for Jerry locking up Anna & Robert, he even said it. Their emotions interfered with their razor sharp instincts.

Can't wait to see how this unravels. But I NEED to see Robin see her parents, her husband and her daughter SOON>

I love how GH pimps out Sabrina as the best character ever. Even though she's pretty much a 14 year old stuck in an adult's body. It's really sad.

I have been on Lulu's side through this as I feel that Maxie is not mature enough to be a mother. I think that she thinks of the child as a doll that she can play with. I have never been a Maxie fan since the drug crap in 2006. I did love her friendship with Lulu. It humanized her. As she used various people, she never did that to Lulu after they became friends. Of course the writers had the destroy the only decent female friendship on this show.

I do agree that if Lulu is going to bring up Maxie's faults and failings, she needs to bring up her own. It took me even longer to like Lulu. It wasn't until 2010 that I found her even remotely likable. The situation with Dillon was disgusting. She was willing to destroy Dillon and Georgie because she had a crush on her stepbrother. I don't care but that's incest. I'm a pro choicer too but there was always something off about Lulu having an abortion. Maybe it was how the child was conceived but I certainly didn't feel much compassion for her.

Lastly I have to say that I find it very ridiculous that Maxie was even a surrogate in the first place. There is no way that would have happened. Not only for physical reasons but also mental. Aren't you supposed to have a psych evaluation? Plus it seems very inappropriate that a best friend of the biological mother would be allowed to be a surrogate. That's got to be some sort of ethnics violation. When I hear of surrogates in the news, the surrogate is usually in another state or even country! It's like a closed adoption.

Remember in the '80s, when crazy Grant Putnam kidnapped Anna, Duke re-joined the mob (and befriended Julian in the process) in order to help find her? I reaaaaallly hope they don't go down that path again, with Anna now missing. I can see a situation in which Derek/Julian offers to help find Anna in return for favors from Duke down the road. I'm a big Anna/Duke fan and don't want Duke-as-mobster revisited.

Also, you'd think that Anna and Robert would have cell phones on them and would just call for help. Oh details.

ALC, when Robin called Patrick on Jerry's cell phone, not only was the the battery low, but the signal strength was low as well. Still, you're right, an attempt should have been made at least. They still might.

For sure having Robert and Anna stuck in that lab for too long, is going to drive viewers to distraction. Timing this for sweeps is tricky. It would have worked better if all this were to happen closer to the end of October and into November, but I think the timing and duration of Kimberly McCullough's contact has handcuffed the PTB's hand to a certain extent.

^^^ Oops! That should be contract.

i do not .. do not understand why Robert didnt just shoot Jerry in the knee ... okay i get it .. we need to drag out this storyline a little longer ...

I'm ready for the custody battle! I can't stand Maxie or Lulu, so seeing them rip each other to shreds in court would be entertaining to me.

However, after Lulu's diatribe about evul Maxie, all Maxie and Spinelli would have to do is get Diane to tell the judge that they have to have the baby b/c Luke would just eventually run her over anyway. Case closed!

Tbh, I'd give that baby to the first person who promised to change her name.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed Sabrina's over the top reaction to that ridiculous and random proposal. Patrick didn't even seem like he was there. Also, I need him to not credit Elizabeth with that awfulness, b/c OMG that is absolutely not what she told him to do. Anyway, remember how that dvd had Robin telling Patrick to move on with Elizabeth specifically? Me, too.

Yeah, Nik was far more concerned about Britta than his good friend for years who has been presumed dead. And then he wanted to leave her in the lab. Touch, Lord!

I floved Robert's face when Obrecht spoke a little to freely. LOVE!

Lulu is currently the worst in my books. Can she pleasepleaseprettyplease stop saying "We have been waiting NINE LONG MONTHS for this baby! You can't just rip her away from her parents!"

*biggest eye roll of all time*

I've liked Sabrina, and I liked the idea of Patrick falling for the good girl - someone Robin would have liked. But the above comments are right - the actress can't hold her own in her scenes with Jason Thompson. He's such a great actor, and she's sweet and really pretty but there's next to zero chemistry.

but seriously, Lulu, shut up.

I nearly fell out of my chair when Dr. O slapped Faison up side the head and made his already wild hair flip around! The look he have her.. oh my! I have to wonder how much of their interactions are made up on the spot. I adore those two wacky evil doers!

Oh and Sabrina stinks. I guess I could go back and watch the weird crying since I fast forwarded through the entire scene.. but I won't.

One good thing about Nic trying to LEAVE Robin in a room she was locked up in for over a year with multiple baddies wandering around the island, Robin REFUSED to stay! Good girl Robin.

Because the Nik and Robin reunion is still bugging me, I started searching for old clips of their friendship on YouTube and found this gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OMzIo8G9Xw.

They were both so young and cute! (Hope it's okay to post Mallory.)

Maybe Nik will have a better reaction to her being alive once they all return to Wyndemere. I'm optimistic we'll get an awesome reunion with Robin, Patrick, Emma and her parents. Just wish they didn't have to drag out this storyline.

Had a little giggle yesterday with the mention of "Ryan's Bar" and Lucy Coe saying it's name was "Ryan's (I) Hope".

Now, I never watched "Ryan's Hope" but I remember the show being on when I was younger.

Anyone who watched it know if there was any connection to the mob in Ryan's Hope? Could it have been a base for the Jeromes?


I used to watch Ryan's Hope, and no, there has never been a connection to that soap and GH or the Jeromes. This is just Ron trying to connect the two, for who knows what reason. It's stupid.

I'm in the minority here, but I thought Nikolas was simply in shock that Robin is alive. He was looking around the lab like he expected to see Stefan return from the dead next. Hopefully we'll get a real reaction from him soon. To me it wasn't nearly as non-starting as Viki's lack of reaction to Victor's resurrection on the OLTL reboot.

I also disagree about Sabrina. I did NOT want that scene to happen, but I totally would be crying myself just like that if it were me getting a proposal! And I did think it was a sweet proposal - guess I'm just a sappy girly girl. I actually felt sorry for her because in spite of being mostly boring, she is a nice person who has a little sparky sass now and then, and her heart is going to be broken - I HOPE. It IS GOING TO BE BROKEN, RIGHT? I am afraid they're going to have Patrick torn between the two, at least for awhile. Or worse, they'll actually get married and then Robin will come back and he'll decide to stay with Sabrina until he finally realizes that Robin is the only woman for him.

("Sabrina." Did they think if they named her after the movie we'd somehow think she's Audrey Hepburn?)

ScorpiosRules, I actually enjoy the tie in of Ryan's Hope to GH. I didn't watch it every day, but did watch now and then long ago. I read that Ilene Kristen is a HUGE rumor to be coming to GH. Perhaps the one and only Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge Crane Coleridge will be visiting her daughter Ava in Port Chuck!

Is anyone else getting tired of Sabrina's pronounced enunciation of CarrrrrrrrrLos every time she says his name? I understand they are from Puerto Rico, but she doesn't have an accent any other time.

TyC is half asleep in most of his scenes. It explains Nikolas nonchalance.

Good Lord, they're bringing back Juan! WTF? You just know they will pair him up with Liz. Not even Becky's magical chemistry can save this.

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